Gauntlets of Ro  

Quest Started By:Description:
Time:15 hours
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Armour Set
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Oct 30 20:27:52 2000
Modified: Mon Jul 6 23:17:20 2020
1) You need to get the mold for the item. You do this by fetching the quest items and turning them in to the NPC who gives the item quest. You need to have an amiably faction to get these quests. If your faction is not high enough, they will request that you go to their guild and talk to someone there first before getting the quest. Faction is needed with the Temple of Marr in Freeport [Priests of Marr] to gedt the quest. If you are not given the quest outright, go ask Gygus Remnara at the Temple if you are an [honored
member] and if he answers yes you have good enough faction for the quest. Bring her the locket from Sentry Alechin of Qeynos [approx level 31. you can kill him or as a guard or werewolf (SK) and get it] and she will reward you with the mold for the Gauntlets.

2) Once you get the mold for an item, you need to talk to Lord Searfire, the Dwarven Smith in The Temple of Solusek Ro. He must consider you amiably before he will deal with you. He will then give you the Sol Cauldron and tell you how to do the next step, which is acquiring the ingredients to make the metal ronium. These are: Melatite (Dropped by MB and MC Clockworks in Solusek's Eye. You can also sometimes buy them from the Gnomes in Solusek's Eye since many players sell them if they find them), Two Bars of Enchanted Platinum, Mistmoore Granite (from Gargoyles in Mistmoore), the Sands of Ro (from sand giants) and Soil of Underfoot (Get from Priestess Ghalea in the Kaladim cleric's guild for 4 fairy dusts [need at least amiable faction for this]). Put them in the cauldron and hit the combine button and you will get a bar of ronium. You do not need the blacksmithing skill to combine these.

3) Once you get the ronium, you need to combine it with the mold in a forge to make your item. Any forge will do. You no longer need the blacksmithing skill for this.
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Turn in and quest dialogs
# Nov 27 2019 at 10:37 AM Rating: Excellent
123 posts
[Wed Nov 27 09:23:55 2019] You say, 'Hail, Sentry Joanna'

[Wed Nov 27 09:23:55 2019] Sentry Joanna says, 'Love and passion to you, my friend. Seek you the [Gauntlets of Ro]? If not, then I offer you the safety of this camp.'

[Wed Nov 27 09:23:57 2019] You say, 'Gauntlets of Ro'

[Wed Nov 27 09:23:57 2019] Sentry Joanna says, 'I will give you the mold, but first you will complete a task in the name of Erollisi Marr. My fellow Sentry, Alechin, was bitten by a wolf while he journeyed to Qeynos. He now turns into a werewolf at night, forced to kill innocent travelers. Go toward Qeynos. Release him from life and his curse and return his locket to me.'

And the turn in:

[Wed Nov 27 09:24:13 2019] Sentry Joanna says, 'Thank you my friend. It is good to see him free at last. I shall miss him. Here now is the mold of gauntlets as promised. Go and speak with Thomas for information about [Lord Searfire].'

[Wed Nov 27 09:24:13 2019] Your faction standing with Priests of Marr has been adjusted by 20.
[Wed Nov 27 09:24:13 2019] Your faction standing with The Freeport Militia has been adjusted by -2.
[Wed Nov 27 09:24:13 2019] Your faction standing with Knights of Truth has been adjusted by 3.
[Wed Nov 27 09:24:13 2019] You gain experience!
the NPC's
# Aug 08 2002 at 1:21 PM Rating: Default
every posting says what to do but none say who the NPC's r? Who do u turn this stuff into to get the dang molds????
A bar of Ronium
# May 11 2002 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
Is it lore? What about the cauldron? Is this something I can gather lots of and make my Greaves and my Bracer and Gaunts ect, at the same time? Any info would be appreciated - Ktalia

*Ktalia Kriegmacher* < Leaders of Justice >
Paladin on Bristlebane server

Edited, Sat May 11 23:38:03 2002
RE: A bar of Ronium
# May 14 2002 at 3:15 PM Rating: Default
Umm that is the cauldron is lore ronium is not.

Devones Atraities
lvl 40 Paladin
The Rathe
RE: A bar of Ronium
# May 14 2002 at 3:12 PM Rating: Default
Yes it is lore you can only have one at a time.

Devones Atraities
Lvl 40 paladin
The Rathe
# Feb 06 2002 at 2:16 PM Rating: Decent
Im a level 35 paladin an Drinal, non twinked, and was able to solo the Sentry today in his human form. I shouted in zone and found a druid to track him for 10pp. Seemed easy until he laid hands. I ended up laying hands too, but problably didnt need to. He turned just after i layed hands. Good Luck
# Jan 12 2002 at 2:04 AM Rating: Decent
"A locket" drops off he werewolf in Southern Karana.
RE: werewolf
# Feb 05 2002 at 11:06 AM Rating: Decent
Also drops from the sentry when he is in human form. Followed him around for 2 eqdays trying to get him to change forms. I got tired of waiting so I killed him and took the tiny faction hit. Hes not all that tough, in fact at 33 I soloed him without having to LOH. He does heal himself though.
Faction problems
# Nov 08 2001 at 2:58 PM Rating: Default
I'm level 29, and I have the locket, but can't get Joanna to talk to me. I know for a fact that all of my factions are wonderful (bone chips, diseased pelts, gnoll teeth, moonstones, etc., etc. - I've done all the faction raising quests)and all of the people at the pally camp still con indifferent to me. Is this because I'm only level 29? Do you have to be a certain level before they will give you the quest? Any help will be appreciated.
RE: Faction problems
# Jan 13 2002 at 12:23 PM Rating: Decent
Qeynos faction is Rodcet Nife or Temple of Life... This is for Temple of Marr (Freeport). Maybe that's the problem?
RO or just Wait?
# Aug 28 2001 at 1:55 PM Rating: Default
I am looking at this quest, and compared this to the Velium quest armor. Do this(these)quest(s) now, taking about one heck of a lot of time.

Let's recap - work faction, go to Rathe, SolE, Mistmoore, North Ro, West Commons, Kaladim, Lake Rathe, LFAY get Melatite, Enchanted Plat, Sands of Ro, Soil, Fairy Dust, Goblin Nets, Cauldrons, milk, cookies, sleep with five gnomes and you get a piece of armor.

Or spend that time leveling and making enough money to get to Velious, collect three items, and get better than Ro armor.

I would rather camp the Glacier bear for my Shaman 80 times in a row than do any of the RO quests. If Ro was the best armor available for a Paladin, then sure go for it.
RE: RO or just Wait?
# Oct 05 2001 at 1:47 PM Rating: Default
Lol so what are you going to be wearing while you're waiting for your velious armor? The old world quest armors are not meant to be the be all end all armors for a class; they're just nice mid-level stuff to wear. Even if you don't do the quests you might be likely to buy it until you get leveled up. (I do think the ro quests are the stinkiest ones of the old world armor though.)
RE: RO or just Wait?
# Mar 03 2002 at 4:16 AM Rating: Decent
402 posts
It does give Paladins a good posion resist stat which is VERY useful against Trak'anon. In fact I'm going to do the quest soon since I wish to be in Trak'anon raids on the Innoruuk server.

-Matthyas Lionheart
53 Paladin of the Sigils
# Jul 24 2001 at 9:34 AM Rating: Default
Giving Mojax milk is an extremely easy way to raise the faction with the Priests of Marr. However, you will take a faction hit with the Militia everytime. It doesn't seem to be that much (they glowered at me before and still do afterward) but it is something to be careful about.
# Jul 15 2001 at 8:39 AM Rating: Default
yes you get a faction hit, if you kill him in sentry form, at night he turns into a werewolf, when you kill him like this you lose werewolf faction (whatever that is) and no temple of life hit. Definately kill him at night, but if you kill him durrin the day, do a bunch of bandit sashes. I went from Scowling to kindly with them on 14 bags ( of course no one tells me not to kill brother nalin in NK =P ) Good Luck to anyone who undertakes these quests

Klongash Krackheads
40th Paladin of Brell Serilis
House Strategist for House Kenafin
Faction hits with Sentry Alechin
# Jul 13 2001 at 5:09 PM Rating: Default
Ok all i see in these posts are about faction with the Priests of Marr and thats fine but lets talk about another thing of the quest what faction hits do i get from killing Sentry Alechin if i even get faction hits i like to keep my faction up with most guild types and i am an ally to most in game and id like to keep it that way so please let me know the faction hits for killing Sentry Alechin. THANK YOU!

Qwark Blublood
Pally of lvl 42 just looking for info!
Pallys Only or Can Any Class do quest?
# Feb 24 2001 at 1:21 AM Rating: Default
Can Any Class Do this Quest?
RE: Pallys Only or Can Any Class do quest?
# Mar 02 2001 at 7:06 AM Rating: Default
Any class can do these quest, provided you have high enough faction for it.
# Feb 12 2001 at 3:54 PM Rating: Default
can any class do this quest?? please let me know.
about Sentry Alechim
# Jan 30 2001 at 12:37 PM Rating: Decent
I set out to SK for the first time not knowing what I would encounter at level 31. Most things conned green and indifferent. ( thank god ) I searched the entire zone for Alechin and even sent out some OOC's for anyone to let me know if he was on a ranger's tracking list or if anyone had seen him walk on by. Luckily after spending a couple hours at the Split Paw Spires gaining good loot and experience, someone shouted sighting Alechin headed south thru the camp I was at. I asked the aid of a level 33 warrior and we took him fairly easily. He did cast LOH once. I kept up with the Stun spells, of which he only resisted once. Hope this helps all.
NPC That gives Quest
# Jan 23 2001 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
who gives the quest . i see it says you must give HER the locket for the mold.??
Incurious Faction
# Dec 06 2000 at 5:04 PM Rating: Default
Don't worry about faction no more.

Buy yourself a few stacks of milk. Yes, milk.

Go to west Commonlands and find Mojax hanging around by the lake (on the shore by the inn, he sits next to this fisherman.) He's not always there but if he disappears he'll be back in a few short minutes.

Give him the milk. One milk at a time if you want, or up to four. This will boost your Priests of Marr faction.

For even more faction, when you give him the milk this rogue will appear and taunt him. Kill the rogue and you get more faction. He will continue to spawn with every milk you hand Mojax provided he isn't already spawned and his corpse isn't lying on the ground (so loot him with every kill).

It took me a stack and a half of milk to go from indifferent to amiable with the Priests of Marr, and I now have in my hot little hands the mold fo r the Gauntlets of Ro.

This is a very easy way to raise faction with Priests of Marr and so nobody should have to worry about their faction any more. Raise it to amiable and you're all set.

--Relbeek Einre
Brell Serilis
RE: Incurious Faction
# Mar 17 2001 at 2:37 PM Rating: Decent
This is an easy way, but there's more profitable ways to do it. I had to raise my priest of marr faction for the soulfire quest, and the best way I found was to kill bandits in the karanas and collect their sashes. Do that for a few hours till all your packs are full of sashes and take them to qeynos. There's a guy named Chesgard (or something like that) near the entrance to the paladin guild in S. Qeynos. He takes all the sashes and gives you like bronze weapons for them. And you also get pretty good faction with the clerics and paladins. And those weapons sell back for 1-2 plat per. Not too shabby to me.

Grimjrakar ver'Magnussen
Paladin of the Fourth Wall
Tarew Marr
Curious Faction II
# Oct 28 2000 at 1:04 AM Rating: Default
Oh, another thing. Gygus said I was an honored member before I handed in the locket the first time. Didn't seem to buy me much though. I've done all the other Ro quests and this is the last one and of course it has to be a pain (as if the RO quests aren't bad enough already). I just want to know if anyone has any info before trying the locket a second time.
RE: Curious Faction II
# Nov 07 2000 at 3:49 PM Rating: Default
Yesterday I found myself in an identical pickle. My faction was high enough to be called an honored member by Gygus, and to be given the quest by Joanna, but she stiffed me on the prize.

I'm in the process of trying to get the locket back from a GM and have reported this as a bug.

There are two factions in Freeport - priests and paladins. I am like you. I have great faction with the paladins and indifferent faction with the priests. The piranha quest raises both factions. I plan, if I get the locket back, to work my faction up to amiable before trying again.
RE: Curious Faction II
# Nov 16 2000 at 2:13 PM Rating: Default
Odd.... I was indiff to Joanna, and the first and only time I handed in the locket, she gave me the mold. Maybe I'm just lucky! hehe.
RE: Curious Faction II
# Nov 27 2000 at 12:47 PM Rating: Default
You can do it with indifferent faction. But it has to be sufficiently high indifferent faction. So who knows.
Curious Faction
# Oct 28 2000 at 1:00 AM Rating: Default
I found the gauntlet quest to pose a special problem. Sentry Joanna says to raise faction with the Priests of Marr if it's not high enough. After doing the piranha quest a number of times, my faction with some NPC's in the temple was amiably while others, including Gygus, was indifferent. When I went back to Joanna, she conned indif and gave me the quest. I gave her the locket and said my faction wasn't high enough. A GM gave me another locket, I did the piranha quest until I was kindly, yet Joanna is still indifferent. Any suggestions?
Can anyone help?
# Oct 12 2000 at 8:55 PM Rating: Default
Now if I read this right, that means there is a seperate quest to get the gauntlets mold. If so, where is the quest to get the mold? Can anyone help out on this?
faction with clerics of marr
# Oct 10 2000 at 12:14 AM Rating: Default
how do you increase faction with the clerics of marr? i read somewhere that you have to buy shark skin from the port authority and give it to a pally in the hall of truth. but the merchants at the port authority don't sell any shark skins
# Sep 18 2000 at 12:56 PM Rating: Default
As a Druid I con indifferent to Gygus, and was not an "honored member". I turned the locket anyway and was rewarded with a half bub of hell 35 xp.

Sad that Druids have no class armor quests of their own. So I kill all the rare spawns outdoors and complete the quests for the xp and to give the items to friends.
my pinion
# Sep 09 2000 at 9:08 PM Rating: Default
i beleve that the only worthless peice of ro are the bracers. the wis bonus from the helm makes it worth while if u are a higher lv but on the other hand the 10 save magic is nice at times.
#Anonymous, Posted: Sep 09 2000 at 9:06 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post)
# Aug 28 2000 at 5:05 AM Rating: Default
paladins need ac not wisdom...theyre tanks more likly...on small bit of wisdom is good
Pallies need wis now
# Aug 31 2000 at 1:48 PM Rating: Default
Because of the recent modification which gives hybrid classes just as much mana as pure wisdom casters, paladins can DEFINITELY use the increase in wisdom (and therefore mana), if anything so they'll have stuns to cast or to save the life of dying commrade when the cleric runs out of mana.
# Aug 17 2000 at 1:56 AM Rating: Decent
i think nearly anything is better better then my DRT!and i have a better stuff then the helm and the guantlets,but everything else sounds way better then bronze!besides the leggingd look cool.
#Anonymous, Posted: Jul 17 2000 at 2:16 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) It more gud.
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