The Warrens

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5 - 30

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Found through the City of Paineel, this is the home of the kobolds of Odus.

This zone is available during Velious on TLP servers.
Leader of the KoboldsKobold Water SourceOne of the More Popular Odus AttractionsThe Bat LordBat CavernThe Pit
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It's 2016!~
# May 28 2016 at 7:42 PM Rating: Decent
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It's May 2016...
Anyways, on progression server Ragefire, and this zone is really pimp xp. if you can invis over to the stoneburnt side bind. at around levl 12-14 you can kill at that zone line.

the mobs hit like wimps.
they have low hp.
you get dungeon xp bonus.
single pulls easy.
**** hits can zone out.
plus chance at some loot.. nothing impressive though.
when you start getting levels you can fight your ways to King and get a chance at hit stuff.
mean while the xp is best you can do.

Have fun!

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Missing mob
# Feb 10 2015 at 1:09 AM Rating: Excellent
1,738 posts
a filthy rat, presumably close in level to the other rats in the zone
On Progression servers
# Sep 17 2011 at 7:19 PM Rating: Decent
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On Progression servers this zone goes in with activation of Scars of Velious.
The Warrens
# Feb 28 2010 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
how do I get into The Warrens? the way in from Paineel is blocked with rocks.

I'll be very thankful if there are someone who will help me:)
# Mar 11 2009 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
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Sad to say, but when you are a lowbie char in your teen levels, or maybe even into your twenties, this is one of the funnest zones to go and mess around for a decent challenge, names that drop stuff, and what not in that level range. I remember when this zone first came out and wicker armor was huge on the eq market because of the color. This zone has pretty much any type of engagement, other than raid, that you would find in a typical higher end zone, including no drop loots from muggle and the king, even though they are horrible compared to today's standard. Like I said though, fun zone for the lowbie characters who are just starting the game to learn what they have coming in the later levels.
Hunting the Kitchen and the Prince Room
# Jun 04 2003 at 4:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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For those of you in your mid teens, the exp and loot in the Warrens is pretty decent. As an untwinked level 17 froglok Shaman with all but one piece of my newbie armor, I have soloed here and grouped with a Lvl 14 druid and warrior. When I have been buffed with focus and/or virtue to get my hp above 1000, the zone is an exp filled cakewalk if you are just a little wise in how you pick your fights.

I have been able to get almost one blue per kill in the Kitchen and half blues with the large, huge, pack elder, lesser shaman, and greater shaman kobolds that are beyond the small creek in the Prince room.

The key to the warrens is not panicing when you draw multiple NPCs. Normally, you can go down the corridor to the Kitchen area without drawing aggro until you make the right into the Kitchen entry room. Even at level 17, I will often draw the aggro of light blue howlers or sentinels. As a shaman, I use root to split the mobs. I cast til I root one, move to another corner, cast root on second mob, and move to third corner if needed and cast again. Once they are rooted, I slow and dot the first with poison and disease, dot the others (mana permitting), and then nuke and tank the first til it is dead. The other two will normally be down to 80% hp before I fight them. I have had very few times where all three broke the root at the same time so controlling the fight is relatively easy. The shaman cold nuke hits for 75 hp a pop and they go down in a hurry. If I have KEI on me, I can clear the room of all blues and still have 60m left to advance to the main kitchen room. If I don't have KEI, I will run back to the top to the zone after killing the blues and med up. DO NOT SIT DOWN to med in most spots in the Warrens...instant multiple attacks!!!

The main Kitchen room contains the foodmaster (closest to you) and the Smith. Pulling one will bring the other. (There will also be kobolds running a path to and from the kitchen, normally they are green cons and do not aggro unless you sit!) I recommend that one of the group root the Foodmaster to start the fight. The Smith will come, pull the smith to the back wall of the kitchen room by the shield and then root it. The two mobs are now split; I can slow, dot, dot, and then nuke or fight. If the root breaks on the Foodmaster, just reroot and move away to continue the fight. The drops were not of real importance to me (they have nerfed the ball peen hammer and the other items are Erudin quest related) but the exp was almost a blue per kill!

BTW, Kobolds are notoriously fast hitters and interupt alot of spells; dont panic..with two you can eventually get it off. Now if you draw three it gets a bit tougher to get off the root spells or slow spells; if uber buffed no problem..with normal buffs head for the zone. If you have sow, you can catch the first one in the train coming up that long hallway to the zone entrance and root it and now you are back to the two mob root splitting attack.

The Prince room is at the end of hallway past the right turn into the Kitchen enty area. You can tell you are there when you see the dirt floor ahead with a small creek and a pathway running over it. Right before you enter the dirt area, there are normally two kobolds on each side; most of the time at least one and possibly all four are light blue cons at level 15-17. You have to take care of them first. The best way is to drag then into the stone room immediately to the right as you touch the dirt floor. It is easy to miss! Normally there are no mobs in the room and no mobs path to the room so not only can you pull and fight here but you can SIT DOWN and med :)

Most of the mobs in the front part of the prince room were green to me through Lvl 17. This is where I bring my druid and warrior friends to hunt. I will pull for them since I am three levels higher. I run across the bridge and get to the right wall where the room takes a turn to the left. Normally there are pack elders, large kobolds, huge kobolds, and both lesser and greater shamans. Some are blue and green. Normally pulling one will bring at least one more; rarely two more will come. I pull them to the room, do the root split, let the warrior tank, the druid practice dots and nukes, while I slow, dot, and then nuke them to death if they beat on the warrior too much. Without KEI, have to preserve mana...with KEI it is no problem controlling a three mob pull.

Once you clear the entry way to the left room, enter the room on the wall closest to the creek. With your back to that wall, you are now in the main prince room facing the Prince and his mobs.
Since the Prince cons red to me and my friends are lower levels, I leave him alone. But I am able to pull the kobolds in front of him in pairs of two back to room. They give great exp and drop alot of 2pp to 5pp weapons that you can sell to vendors. Most of armor that drops is a bit heavy and I sell it also.

Hope this helps you in hunting with friends. In a later post, I will discuss hunting the Prison cells. We did it last night and it did not end well but we learned some lessons about the PIT and the pit fighters in that area.

Good hunting :) If you liked this post, please rate it accordingly!

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RE: Hunting the Kitchen and the Prince Room
# Aug 13 2004 at 5:30 PM Rating: Excellent
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I know this post is a year old, but if you ever come back to it i'd love to know how you can get Focus, Virtue and KEI to land on you at 17?
RE: Hunting the Kitchen and the Prince Room
# Sep 07 2005 at 2:02 PM Rating: Decent
further to the glitch I believe at the time he/she made the post that many spells where NOT level restricted..that was the result of a SOE patch...however many of the strategies and targets he outlined are valid to this date. the Warrens are a much overlooked zone for teen leveling particularly if you have a temp up and use the new potions soild in PoK for clarity healing and speed and no where near as crowded as PC, not to mention the great Erudite faction bonuses

RE: Hunting the Kitchen and the Prince Room
# Jul 25 2005 at 5:06 PM Rating: Decent
The group versions of KEI, Virtue and Focus used to be glitched.. if you targeted someone who was 45/46+ and in the same group as anyone below this level, the buffs would take hold on the lower level characters as well. This was fixed a year or two ago.
RE: Hunting the Kitchen and the Prince Room
# Nov 28 2009 at 12:23 AM Rating: Decent
Back when group buffs were new....

Yepp, once upon a time they were....

IF the target of the group buff was a valid recipient, everyone in the group would get it. Irreguardless of what their level was.

I can't recall for sure but, it's also in the dim recesses of memory that initially they may not have been level restricted.

For over a year after soe finally got around to making the buff check level restrictions on EVERY target in the field of effect, I could log on a toon that had KEI, and a couple other high end buffs.... well. high end for a level 2 toon. Also, at the time, KEI was THE high end mana regen effect.

So, go ahead, rage on about how it wasn't possible. Heck, it's a SOE game..... ANYTHING is possible. Today it's a feature, tomarrow it's an exploit. A few months later, it may be a feature again (campfires n guild standards come to mind).... OR it's simply broken (again).
# Apr 17 2003 at 3:40 PM Rating: Decent
The higher level areas of this zone are excellent places for loot for characters 15-25. Though little magical drops here, the bamboo weapons and armor are an excellent source of money for the amount of risk. THe nicest thing about the Warrens is that it is a warm-up for the Kobolds just outisde in Stoneburnt who are wonderful experience AND loot until you reach 28th level. In 4 hours time, I have pulled over 40pp in armor and weapons out of the Warrens and over 60pp an hour just outside in Stonebrunt. Take advantage of this underused zone and really cash in!
# Mar 02 2003 at 6:09 PM Rating: Decent
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Does one need a key to enter this zone? If so, where do you get it?
RE: key
# Mar 27 2003 at 4:09 PM Rating: Decent
No key needed. Just go into where the fountain is from the Paineel Newbie yard. The hallway nearest the door is the Warrens. The other is for the Hole.
I love this zone
# Feb 27 2003 at 4:40 PM Rating: Decent
I first went in here with my Necro at, IIRC, 10th. I am now there with my Shaman at 11. I stay in the entry area (a little left, and all the way right and several turns in)

As long as you keep the pathways cleared, it's easy to solo.

As a necro, I just let my pet do all the dirty work, while keeping an eye towards the door in case someone trains from deeper in.

As a shaman, I just keep my buffs, including SoW, up and go melee happy (unless I use a DD to pull, or decide to take on a yellow and lead off with a Tainted Breath)
This means I usually have plenty of mana left over, so if I see someone else taking a beating I can prop them up till they either win or realize it's time to take a stroll outside.

Loot is great for the level and low risk factor...I average 10 plat a trip, not counting plat from the Molar quest (for the Necro).
That's one of the main reasons I love this place...Good Loot + Low Risk = Happy Doohickey

As I go up in level, I have to go a little farther in to find XP, but I've so far been pretty succesfull in pulling low numbers of MOBs.
(Every once in a while, I accidentally overpull and have to zone after killing one or two of the half dozen clamoring on me).

When pulling from the water chamber or deeper down the tunnels, I run 'em back to past the zone. That way, if they decide to go for walkies, I have plenty of time to gank 'em before they can get help.
# Feb 27 2003 at 1:44 PM Rating: Decent
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In my opinion, the Warrens are not a very good place to solo. I was in there the other day with my 18 rngr and everytime I tried to kill ANYTHING I would get aggroed by everything in the whole zone. Ended up dying once because I didn't know the way out and zoning about 4 more times before I just gave up and left. If you go into the Warrens, don't expect to solo it.
# Feb 19 2003 at 10:57 PM Rating: Decent
trying to raise my heretics faction and i just thought of something... am i even KOS in paineel?

can anyone tell me if barbarian shamans are KOS here i want my hole key lol

if i AM KOS, about how many kobolds do i gotta kill to get to apprehensive
RE: faction
# Oct 06 2005 at 9:02 PM Rating: Decent
I'm sure Cazic-Thule worshippers are KOS to Mith Mar (I think that's the BAR SHM god) worshippers, so I'd con the Heretics in the newbie garden to see what your faction is.

Also, you need it to amiable before the skeleton guards will give you a key to the city.
Trivial Loot Code
# Aug 28 2002 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
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Can anyone confirm that the trivial loot code has been lifted from the Warrens on Rallos?
RE: Trivial Loot Code
# Oct 15 2002 at 11:21 PM Rating: Decent
Yes, the trivial loot code has been lifted from both the Warrens and Stonebrunt Mountains. This was confirmed when I queried a GM.

Third Hrothgar (Ranger)
Tooth Crypt (Shadow Knight)
# Jul 28 2002 at 6:12 PM Rating: Good
is the paineel enterance the only one? how di you get in if you are kos in paineel?
RE: enterance
# Aug 01 2002 at 1:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Get Sow, run like heck! Thats what my Wizzy does. If you enter the newbie area by going straight throught the opening, you probably will not attract the guards. I think there is an occasional wandering guard, so look out for him. But, even if you are spotted, you should be able to run to the warrens zone in time even if you don't have SoW.
RE: entrance
# Aug 28 2002 at 9:09 PM Rating: Excellent
You don't really have to get sow... the guards have a very small aggro range, so as Imake said, if you run right up the middle, you should be okay unless someone has trained some mobs to the guards and they are not at their stations.

The only other guy to worry about is Azzar Habib, an SK that hangs out in that area. If he's up in the tower, you're fine. If he's making rounds, you could be in trouble. Be prepared to turn tail and run right back out to Toxx if you're a lowbie and see "Azzar Habib begins to cast a spell..."

You will sometimes see a guy named Duriek Bloodpool stalking back and forth in front of the entrance. He in not on the Heretics faction, so being KOS with Heretics won't be a problem with him on that score. I don't know what faction he DOES belong to, but any character of mine that i've run by him has never gotten worse than "glowering" from him... and i've sent a Dwarven cleric of Brell and an Erudite paladin of Quellious past him without a problem.

When i was 16th level, i got almost immediately wasted by one of the guards that happened to be a bit out of position. However, i've never since had a problem with either Arjaizen or any of my alts, regardless of faction.

Edited, Thu Aug 29 10:10:38 2002
RE: entrance
# Apr 16 2003 at 3:19 PM Rating: Decent
Duriek Bloodpool is a turn in NPC for the SK Epic, like most Epic NPC's he is most likely on Beta Nuetral faction. You will never have a problem with him (unless you whack at him)

Love the Warrens BTW, killed Mugglewump twice last night.

Warrens Raid Guide
# Jul 25 2002 at 12:50 AM Rating: Excellent
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This is a Warrens Raid guide from a friend of mine, Aziq on Lanys T'vyl
Warrens Strategy

Lv 10-13 Camp Points

Either end of the entrance tunnel can be camped by a group, and both can be camped at the same time while keeping both parties busy. A puller can head down and find a mob, and drag it to the zone area, whereupon the mob can be ganged up on and killed. Having both ends camped - particularly the side that goes to the water chamber - will help keep runners from aggro-ing everything along its retreat path. For the group pulling from the area(s) above and around the water, a Root caster is essential, as the monsters have less tunnel to run down before finding some buddies. Caster pets have caused more than one train; a Magician's earth pet is a tremendous boon in this situation, however (for its innate Root casting).

FYI - anyone under 14 will aggro the lowbie kobolds trying to go to any of the camp points below. Expect to have to fight the whole way there to save the 13th and under folks who tag along with 14 and up folks.

LV 14-16 Camp Points

Down both sides, several opportunities exist:

Down the Prince's side, the "Door" room above the Pit Fighter 1 chamber provides as much action as you can stand. The Pit Fighters, the Training Kobolds, the Trainer, Jailer, and Packmaster are all behind the Door Room (the tunnels form a giant circle). Getting large melees going is frequent. A good healer and crowd control caster (Enchanter, or someone who can cast Root) will help keep the mobs manageable. You can pull as often as you have the HP and mana. The named kobolds aren't exactly fast spawns, but there are plenty of mobs that will be dark blue to you in these tunnels. The Frenzied Rat that is the Packmaster's placeholder spawns fast if he doesn't pop, himself. The Packmaster's rare drop Filth-Covered Boots are worth the wait, for characters this level who don't have magic boots to kick monsters with (WAR, RNG).

Also on the Prince's side, there is the Prince's chamber itself. And at this level, the second antechamber to his chamber. The double-archway antechamber has three dark blue kobolds (Pack Elder, Large, Frothing) positioned there, and frequently a Lesser or even a Greater Shaman. Without a healer, only the antechamber can be attempted; the nukers will go OOM pretty fast, and the kobolds respawn every 6 minutes or so. With a healer, you can advance to the Prince's chamber. There will be two equally big guards outside his archway that can be pulled independently of the Prince (and his two adjacent bodyguards). The Prince is a Lv18 SK who will HT the first person who attacks him. You can occasionally avoid this by pulling via bowshot from outside his HT radius. If you can't keep mana and HP at a high level, don't try to face him.

There is a side chamber on the way to the Prince from the Door room with the Foodmaster and Smithy. This is a sort of neutral ground; not enough hunting to support a group, but worthwhile drops (+3 INT banquet-sized food, Ye Olde Ball Peen Hammer). They could be pulled by either group if one or the other isn't seeing enough action.

Down on the King's side, there is the far side of the water room that has random spawns that will aggro, but the campable spots beyond are the Pit Fighter 2 chamber and the King's throneroom entrance. At Pit 2, you have a rather confined area with multiple spawns that can lead to a huge fracas if the aggro is allowed to spread to the whole room. There is generally one shaman spawn (but not always) and a number of blue kobolds near the door. On the left side of the chamber, there are two pit fighters and generally one or two more kobolds big enough to aggro you. A well-coordinated group with excellent crowd control can manage the room and attempt to break the spawn cycle. The nice thing about this room is: no roamers.

The entrance to the king's chamber is a more limited camp, but still challenging due to the number of caster mob spawns. There are usually two Lesser Shamen at the opening to the hall, which you will need to take out first. Along the entrance wall opposite them, there are three big kobolds (Large, Huge, or Greater Shaman). Once you get the chamber broken, med in the corner of the room (to the left as you face in, backs to the throneroom wall). The hallway has a ton of roamers and is too disruptive to med in. Roamers that enter the chamber should actually go right down the center of the room and enter the throneroom door. The roamers might even be high enough to give you XP, so pull them if you have the HP and mana to do so (Howlers and Sentries are frequent roamers here).

LV 17-20 Camp Points

At this level, there's still plenty to do:

The King's chamber is attainable, probably best assaulted by two groups who are unselfish in splitting up the foes available. The King's chamber has two groups of three high-level bodyguards to either side of the king, and each side has side-chambers with more equally strong mobs. For parties that run an average of my recommended level range, it is probably best to use a two-team approach. The King and the High Shaman spawn in the throneroom; the Warlord, and the Lorekeeper are in the the right-hand side chambers (if up; see WORDS OF WARNING below concerning these side-chambers).

Once the King's room is camped, a group can scoot through to the back passage toward Stonebrunt. Down there, there are two named 20s-level mobs that can be fought without adds (The Cave Bat Lord and the Mighty Bear Paw, the latter of which can double attack for 50). After dispatching them (or bypassing the Mighty Bear Paw), you can camp the Huntmaster chamber. He's in a room with about four or five relatively tough mobs (frequently including casters). On a six-minute spawn cycle, the non-named kobolds pop back up regularly enough. Between those and the guards between the Bat Lord and Bear Paw, there's plenty to do. Besides, you may hear some shouts for help from the King's chamber...

Finally, we have the hallway to the Muglwump's chamber. There are no places here safe from roamers who will sit-down aggro in a heartbeat. Along the hallway as you close on the Muglwump, there are numerous Kobold Outcasts. They're basically the highest-level, non-named kobolds in the dungeon and drop bronze/bamboo weapons frequently. There's enough that the hallway down in itself is a camp. The Muglwump was Indifferent to an Agnostic Rogue and a Ranger of Tunare, so he probably won't add even as you pull the ones from his chamber.

WORDS OF WARNING: there is a secret area behind the Muglwump's pool which ALSO has a pit trap entrance from the second chamber off the right side of the King's throneroom. These caves are full of Lv13-15 batlings who are (in my experience) about 75%/25% wizards/shamen, and seem to have an endless supply of DD spells. They took down a party of three 20plus characters, aggro'ing despite being green, green, green. Krode the Diviner (a SHM20 named kobold) spawns in the big chamber down there as well. This is a deathtrap if you fall down the pit side. It will take a massive, concerted effort to recover corpses if anyone is foolish enough to fall down the pit. You land in a room with about four of them, who immediately aggro, run down a hall pulling two more, pass the big room that will aggro six more, past the last guard, through the illusionary wall, and into the Muglwump's chamber (aggro'ing any Outcasts that are near or on the way out). Don't let this happen to you.

LV 20+

Really, there's not much that will give you XP down here. The high-level named kobolds down past the king, the King himself, Krode (hidden among the aforementioned Batlings), Bear Paw, Cave Bat Lord, and maybe one or two others, depending on how deep into the 20s you are. In other words, long spawns that are hardly worth your time. However, the fun part is fighting The Muglwump and impressing the lowbies. My regular team-up of three 20s (Rang25, Rog24, Monk21) can take him down with good teamwork. Admittedly, one of us had to zone out due to death aggro each time, but was able to return and get the XP share before Muggy died. The cool thing to do is to pull him to the zone entrance and kill him there so the newbies can loot the No Drop items on Muggy.

If you pull him all the way up to the entryway, the Muglwump will get "stuck" on the roof as he attempts to hop away when he's dying - no need for Snare/Root. Keep in mind that Muggy is a Lv25 mob who double-attacks for 50 and 75 points, regularly. Thus, whomever the assigned "shepherds" are for the Warrens side, it is their job to grab Muggy when he's up and gift the newbies. Muggy won't aggro any player groups along the way unless they take a swing at him, so the long pull is no big deal. Rangers near the King's chamber should shout when he's up (1 hour spawn rate) on Track, and the shepherds should check each item dropped to determine who needs to be /random-ing for it. The drops are pretty tight in class and race restrictions, so some of it might go unclaimed. There are two Erudite-only items, which I can see going unclaimed (one is CLR/PAl, one is SHD). I'll have my ERU PAL alt waiting, just in case...

~~ Aziq of Erudin
<Circle of Knowledge>
Lanys T'vyl
re: improsined
# Mar 21 2002 at 4:40 PM Rating: Decent
umm did you look that ss number up?
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 01 2002 at 10:42 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) The Warrens is scheduled to be raided on 9 March 2002 on the Bristlebane Server by the High Keepers of Odus. For more information, visit our guild website at . If you are interested in participation, send an email to the link provided on the website.
# Jan 27 2002 at 3:18 PM Rating: Decent
What level is good to goto the warrens?

Im a human ranger(non-twink if that matters)
RE: levels
# Feb 27 2002 at 6:55 AM Rating: Decent
You can go there at 6th if you are a slightly twinked melee or can bring a partner. Fight close to the zone. By 10th you will still be close enough to zone to train it when you bite of more than you chew. By 15th at the latest you should be out of The Warrens. (And Ally to your chosen Erudite faction. Molars rock.)
RE: levels
# Feb 26 2002 at 4:15 PM Rating: Decent
I started at level 12 and there were mostly greens right by entrance. This is nice because you can rest near entrance without getting jumped. Based on other players I have watched you can be very successful from level 8 onward. Lower than that and you will be zoning or dying a lot.
Don't want to wreck a secret...
# Jan 10 2002 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
I was in there yesterday (LVL 17 RNG) and I got my @$$ handed to me by pack elders sentinels and batlings. I was very fortunate to be helped by a LVL ONE cleric (who had a LVL 60 Monk LOL =D). I joined in a group with him/her (Cleric guy Monk Girl) and we proceed into the warrens (he/she had never been). As we went in to get my body, she wa killing things in one hit and it was great. I asked if she could whup the king for me. She did in about 3 hits for the king one for his pet, and the Shaman was chased and killed like the dog (Kobold?) he is. All the while I tell him about the "Trivial Loot Code" and he says it sucks, but he was enjoying himself. I decide to get the money from the higher ups and LO AND BEHOLD! I GET THE FRIGGIN CROWN ot FORLORN from the king and the Runed Bokken and Everlasting Flame from the Shaman!!! Needless to say I flipped! I dragged that poor guy EVERYWHERE! Kill this! Kill That! I got in WAY over my head and I died to the F*&%ING Batlings again! When I spawned the guy seemed P.O.'ed. If you are reading this now, I am really sorry for getting over my head! But, UBER thanks anyway!

So....bottom line:
Is the trivial loot code over? Is there a loop hole about group leaders? I didn't get exp, but who needs it? LOL =D Please let me know!

Wood Elf Ranger of the
17th Bullseye
Meth Marr PoE
RE: Don't want to wreck a secret...
# Feb 17 2002 at 4:17 PM Rating: Decent
45 posts
From what i heard, the TLC in the Warrens is now a thing of the past.
successful suicide mission LOL
# Dec 09 2001 at 4:55 AM Rating: Decent

I accomplished the amazing today. I have a regular group of friends that I usually group some of my lower alts with their lower alts and we'd been camping near the Stonebrunt zone to the Warrens. Getting there was frightening as invis kept breaking because there were so many of us trying to stumble our way to Stonebrunt and none of us had any idea. We were all in the 18-20 range at the time so the kobolds in the Warrens aggrod ferociously as we got deeper into the zone.

Anyhow, we'd been camping in Stonebrunt long enough to ding a level or two. Now my bard is lv 20 and SoL has been released. My connection from home has turned into a completely unreliable POS. BUT my usual group had all gated back and made their way to the moon. I'd already had my main, a lv 40 druid, port our monk friend out to Ro so she could group with my cleric in oasis. So basically I was the only one of my little family still left in Stonebrunt, except for a lower level Ranger who won't be able to log in till she gets a new puter capable of supporting EQ as it is now.

I shouted for a port to WC as Stonebrunt doesn't make it easy for you to sell or bank and if I was going to be on my own for a while, I'd rather be bound in Freeport than in Gfay. Of the 3 druids that miraculously happened to be in zone, none would answer my plea, even for mana song and 20pp.

I got bold. I wielded my minotaur's horn and zoned into the Warrens. I started singing invis and made sure it was sticking (all the recent bard song problems have kept me from playing my bard for a few days.) I conned the nearest kobold who now turned out to be indifferent as apposed to scowling and ready to attack. I noticed I happened to have sow left over from the last time I grouped and off I ran to the King's room which I found easily. The rest of the way I went in circles over and over, my skin and str buff had faded but sow stuck with me still and my song kept going. At last, something managed to break my invis and suddenly I had Kobold sentinels and other kobolds after me. I of course kept restarting invis to try to avoid further aggro as I stumbled my way around trying not to get hit. Lo and behold, I saw that open gate I'd been trying to find the whole time and I followed my nose to the zone. I think I took about 5hp damage in all of that, but I was alive and in Paineel.

My adventure continued all the way to Paludal in Luclin with about 6 crash to desktops in between but I made it out of Stonebrunt solo on bard song invis and that was just too cool :)
Odd bone necklace
# Nov 11 2001 at 4:43 PM Rating: Decent
I was walking around in the warrens when i got aggoed on by a kobald shaman well with my earth elm and my spells it went down fast and it dropped a odd bone necklace ive been asking everyone and no one knows what its for can anyone plz tell me

9th Circle Mage
Heirs of Wisdom
RE: Odd bone necklace
# Jan 22 2002 at 2:09 PM Rating: Excellent
These are for an update to the Kobold Shaman Paws quest. You need to get a bunch of the necklaces off the shamen in the Warrens (and perhaps Stonebrunt,) and combine them in a container you get from Leraena Shelyrak in the Quellious temple in Erudin. Not sure what the reward is, as I haven't finished it yet.

But I didn't get this until I had finished the Shaman Paws quest.
re Can I hunt?
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As a level 30 paladin i get exp off the huntmaster, batlord, mighty bear paw, mugglewump,and the King and High Shaman. Camping is slow as i have seen a rate of about an hour for all of them but the mugglewump. Be warned the shamans will heal any kobol and the bat lord if in range. (Havent seen them heal paw when i fight him.)
Can i hunt
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Can my lvl 29 Warrior camp the "bosses" in here?
RE: Can i hunt
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Some yes. Others no.

Mind you it is non-trivial loot now so i'll assume you mean any named creature.

Prince, Smith, Packmaster, Trainer, Food(master?), and pit fighters (their quasi bosses at times) Yes definetly.

Bear Paw/Huntsmaster/Cavebat Lord probably, depends on your class and equipment but very likely.

High Shaman yes but only if the King isn't up or he'll jump in.

King yes only if the high shaman isn't up and your a good class to solo a SK named mob with.

Mugglewump no. Or at least unlikely.

thats all the ones i can think of. Pretty sure lorekeeper is low enough for you, but be careful as he hang's out outside the king and high shaman.

Hope that helps.

(btw i wrote this assuming your either a soloing class or your well equipped, if lacking either all bets can be off)
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I was zoning into the warrens and was kicked out. I re-entered game and found my character in a small room with no exits. One wall had the numbers 716-882-32 on it. I cannot get out. Does anyone know what I should do?

Elliemac lvl 13 Warrior
RE: Imprisoned
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We experienced the same thing on Druzzil Ro and contacted a GM that was online to get out of there..

Good hunting
RE: Imprisoned
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thorough file check.
RE: Imprisoned
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RE: Imprisoned
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The same thing happend to me he said something like there was bad lag and i was stuck between zones and got sent here he let me out i thought it was weird becuase i could talk to everyone in the warrens
Wonderful Place
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Bear PawPelt
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I looted this from Bear Paw. EQ Atlas says its a rare drop but I can not find out what it is for. Can anyone help?
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