Azzar's Dreadful Hat  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Faction
Faction Required:
Heretics (Min: Amiable)
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Mar 19 21:45:04 2001
Modified: Sun Jun 26 18:07:20 2022
This quest begins with Azzar Habbib, a Heretic located in the observation area of Paineel overlooking the newbie grounds. It requires Amiable faction.

You say, 'Hail, Azzar Habbib'

Azzar Habbib says 'I'm not in any mood for conversation. My favorite hat was torn right from my head by a gigantic bat the other night and I am quite upset.'

Head to The Warrens and seek out cave bat lord (level 22, might appear as a kobold or a bat). It can be found past the King's Throne Room and is surrounded by giant cave bats. It drops Azzar's Dreadful Hat, a helm for Cazic Thule worshipers only. Take this item to Azzar Habbib.

Azzar Habbib gasps in astonishment and says 'You... You... found my hat! This is the most I can repay you but perhaps I can reward you further for some other tasks?'

Your faction standing with Heretics has been adjusted by 5.
Your faction standing with Deepwater Knights has been adjusted by -5.
Your faction standing with Gate Callers has been adjusted by -5.
Your faction standing with Craftkeepers has been adjusted by -5.
Your faction standing with Crimson Hands has been adjusted by -5.
You gain experience!
You have completed achievement: Paineel Quests - Azzar's Dreadful Hat

Black Lace Sash

Saying "What tasks?" leads into a second quest.
Submitted by: Turlo Lomon
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One missing piece of dialogue...
# Jun 07 2022 at 2:28 PM Rating: Good
98 posts
The write-up is missing just a little bit of dialogue:
You say, 'Hail, Azzar Habbib'
Azzar Habbib says, 'I'm not in any mood for conversation. My favorite hat was torn right from my head by a gigantic bat the other night and I am quite upset.'

You say, 'What hat?'
Azzar Habbib says, 'It is a marvelous cap sewn from the finest textiles and imbued with the divine power of our lord of fear, Cazic-Thule!'
# May 07 2015 at 2:48 PM Rating: Excellent
1,533 posts
[Thu May 07 16:45:35 2015] Azzar Habbib gasps in astonishment and says 'You... You... found my hat! This is the most I can repay you but perhaps I can reward you further for some other tasks?'
[Thu May 07 16:45:35 2015] Your faction standing with Heretics has been adjusted by 5.
[Thu May 07 16:45:35 2015] Your faction standing with Deepwater Knights has been adjusted by -5.
[Thu May 07 16:45:35 2015] Your faction standing with Gate Callers has been adjusted by -5.
[Thu May 07 16:45:35 2015] Your faction standing with Craftkeepers has been adjusted by -5.
[Thu May 07 16:45:35 2015] Your faction standing with Crimson Hands has been adjusted by -5.
[Thu May 07 16:45:35 2015] You gain experience!!
# Feb 10 2015 at 1:33 AM Rating: Excellent
1,738 posts
If your faction with the Heretics is too low, he will not give you the reward for this quest.

He will say: "What? This is not my hat! I don't want this rubbish!"

And he will give the hat back to you.

I got around this, as suggested by others here, by hiding myself and then turning it in.

Heretics +5
Deepwater Knights -5
Gate Callers -5
Craftkeepers -5
Crimson Hands -5
Faction with Heretics
# Mar 06 2004 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
My 59 (at the time) shammy was doing a quest to give my SK a quite nice weapon which was in SB Mtns. Unfortunately part of it (as it would be for an SK) required good faction with Heretics. So, on my way to SBM I ran through the Warrens with my pet up and killed EVERYTHING. From glaring to amiable (the faction I needed) took probably 6-8 times minimum. So expect a good solid 2 days killing there.
He can be charmed for turn in
# Sep 22 2003 at 1:45 AM Rating: Default
I just did the quest with my bard. Charmed him with the 27 charm song. Easy as pie.
# May 29 2003 at 6:32 PM Rating: Decent
the cavebat lord conned even to me at level 22
Do it as KOS
# Apr 17 2002 at 12:33 PM Rating: Default
30 posts
My Ranger was Kos against this guy and killed him several times (making faction worse)b4 I finally got it right. First of all he CANNOT see thru camo or invis. But I believe that his pet being undead, can. So his pet either has to con green to you or have a Paly cast Invis vs undead on you first. Second cast camo or invis on yourself. Walk in and go behind him, use sneak and hide, don't drop camp or invis. Hand him the hat, and walla you got the item. Then get the heck outta there. Now I am unsure if sneak or hide had anything to do with it, but it can't hurt. At first I dropped Camo and he started on me. What you cannot do is talk to him and get the 2nd quest since you cannot target him for that once you are invis. Good luck.
RE: Do it as KOS
# Mar 12 2003 at 9:11 AM Rating: Decent
sneak is the only thing out of those that did anything... cammo is irrelivent since it drops as soon as you start a trade with someone (even though the icon stays up, which is a glitch) hide pops when you start a trade too.... pets are always indifferent now until thier owner agros on you, so the invis vs undead is unnecessary (and impossible to have at the same time as cammo.... you can't have two invis spells on at the same time)
faction needed
# Dec 01 2001 at 8:28 AM Rating: Excellent
quest works with dubious

Claven Tormenta
Norrathian Peoples Front
I'm an Erudite Mage, Help!
# Sep 16 2001 at 3:51 AM Rating: Default
I'm an Erudite mage and have been killing Kobold in the Warrens to up my faction with Heretics(ca$h is great in Warrens)and I've gotten it to Dubious, will Azzar still give me his belt if I turn in the hat, or do I need to get it to apprehensive? Please tell me!
The Hat
# Sep 15 2001 at 4:34 PM Rating: Default
I was just wandering thourgh the Warrens and i see this Cave bat lord i thought he would be like a high lvl so i con him and hes blue so i figured i would take him he was extremly easy getting me for about 1 bub of health (im a 28 warrior) i looted and saw a hat i figured i would take it cause it was light...i looked it up and found thig quest and how easy the quest is. and the sash is a not bad item and goes for 200 so i figured i would get a lot of sashes....i got a couple of questions

Will Azzar take it if he con dubious?
What do you kill to get his faction up????


28th gnome warrior
Tallen Zek
RE: The Hat
# Sep 19 2001 at 6:30 AM Rating: Decent
Azzar will 'take' the hat but will also say, "I will not help the likes of you" while you con dubious. Kill kobolds in the Warrens to raise faction... a LOT of Kobolds (I'm currently on day 2 of kobold killing, started at glares threateningly).

Agonese 16 DE SK
Spawn Info
# Sep 04 2001 at 2:02 AM Rating: Default
I have camped and gotten the hat 3 times now to get sashes for myself and friends. This is my 2cp worth. The spawn appears to be very consistant in timing. Each spawn is 1 hr appart. Every 3rd spawn is the one that looks like the Large Kobold. This is the one that drops the hat, not the ones that look like a werebat. Each time I got the spawn, it was after someone got the hat (off the one that looks like Large Kobold). Two that look like werebats spawn, 1 per hour and then the third spawn is the one that drops the hat (Large Kobold). It did this consistently all three times I camped it. Hope this helps.

Emerald Circle of Chaos
Sale Value
# Aug 19 2001 at 8:32 AM Rating: Default
I agree that this is a nice item. Although it's good for INT casters, my monk wears one proudly. The INT is a nice addition for when he practices his Tailoring, and the other stats are good too. I have seen the lootrights for the hat go for 225pp ... I'd just kill the stupid bat.
# Jul 31 2001 at 2:20 AM Rating: Default
Do you think that a lvl 22 bard, and an 12 necromancer can take on this **** bat lord???
# May 25 2001 at 11:19 AM Rating: Default
ROFLMAO Anyone else know who the REAL Azar Habib is? (That's the real way to spell his name) He's an arabian singer! If you don't believe me watch this all the way through: EQ's weird like that...
# Dec 24 2002 at 10:53 PM Rating: Decent
Also check out Ringo the (cave)beatle in paladul Caverns
# Dec 24 2002 at 10:52 PM Rating: Decent
Also check out Ringo the (cave)beatle in paladul Caverns
# Jan 16 2002 at 3:02 PM Rating: Default
This is a must see if you have 5 minutes to spare. Need a good laugh check it out ROFLMAO
# Sep 03 2001 at 10:03 AM Rating: Default
LMFAO!! heh heh, so da is real Habib...funny latin people... duh, oh yeh, Hat-baby! lalalalalalalala! that is enuff conversing.. back to me cave.. weve having gnome to tonite, mmmmm....
# Jun 15 2001 at 1:29 AM Rating: Default
hehe that's awesome
great graphics too
I'll be singin that all night....Lalalalala...Aaaaahahahaha...Hatt baby
# Jul 23 2002 at 1:52 AM Rating: Default
Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala....ahahahahahahahahahahahah....ROFLMFAO...this is hillarious...did i spell it right?...o wayz...i wonder y the everquest producers chose this name...azzar habbib...azar habib...i also wonder how the everquest producers found that guy...thats funy...ima save that page nd listen to it all night =)
# Aug 07 2001 at 1:17 AM Rating: Default
ROFL that is the funniest thing ive ever seen in my life
# Apr 27 2001 at 11:18 PM Rating: Default
The Cave Bat Lord may con blue to a level 23, but he also cons blue to a level 32. Looks like a really ugly kobold and hits between 25- 45 damage on good hits.
Maddur - Zeb
# Apr 16 2001 at 8:40 AM Rating: Default
I did the quest last night. He had no problem dealing with me and I was only dubious.
How Rare?
# Apr 16 2001 at 4:40 AM Rating: Decent
Is it just me extremely unlucky or is anyone else finding it hard to get this hat? I've litterally killed this thing 30 times and not gotten it a single time.

A Little Quest Info
# Mar 22 2001 at 10:36 AM Rating: Good
This is a nice little quest imho. There really aren't too many no drop waist items that give intelligence that a pure caster can wear, especially obtainable at this level. I have killed the Cave Bat Lord a few times and so far the hat seems to drop about one in every four times. The hat is a lore and no drop item, but luckily Azzar is not very far outside of Warrens to complete the quest. He is in the little observatory that overlooks the Paineel newbie zone. One time I found him on the roof of the observatory and another time inside of it. Since my faction with Azzar was not very good (not KOS mind you) I did the quest by going invisible and handing him the hat. When you go invisible your faction is always indifferent (assuming they don't see thru invis). I got the belt!
RE: A Little Quest Info
# Dec 05 2002 at 5:35 PM Rating: Decent
748 posts
Um, this waist item is NOT no drop. (The hat you turn in to get it is, but not the waist item Azar gives you.)

Edited, Thu Dec 5 17:12:42 2002
RE: A Little Quest Info
# Mar 23 2001 at 10:55 AM Rating: Good
Okay, a little update to my previous statement that going invisible might help you do this quest. I went back an checked again and Azzar DOES see thru invis, so that is not going to help with this quest. My faction with Azzar is apprehensive, and the quest worked for me (Erudite Wizard). Also, the Cave Bat Lord appears to currently be on a one hour re-spawn timer after you kill it.
RE: A Little Quest Info
# Feb 11 2002 at 2:14 PM Rating: Default
Maybe something has been changed, and its strange so many posts on this board are contradictory, so maybe it has. But, I just did the quest, it was very easy I might add, and Azzar was 'glares threateningly', so I put on invis, and he was indifferent. Gave the hat to him, and got the belt. Hope it works for you.

Zaendol Tohvars
High Elf Wizard of the 30th season
Drinal Server
RE: A Little Quest Info
# Mar 27 2002 at 10:29 PM Rating: Good
85 posts
Ok, I killed the bat guy and he dropped the hat, first try.

So, I invised myself and went to find Azzar. He conned indifferent, and I figured I had a good shot. Gave him the hat and he ATTACKED me. Barely got my gate off!

What gives with this guy?

26 High Elf Wiz
RE: A Little Quest Info
# Jul 23 2002 at 2:02 AM Rating: Decent
ok this is a erudite pally nd i got the hat cuz mai friend killed the bat lord for mee =) waiz...azzar habbib cons me dubious. i then went invisible then he conned me indifferently. i gave the hat to him when i was not invisible and i was dubious...i got the belt! then i went invisible and into the warrens to get another hat...took me a looooooong time...i finally got it after 2 real hours...i was with a 12 erudite cleric... so after i got the hat mai invisible was running out and i thought i would make i hurried and gave azzar habbib the hat and i was invisible...then all of a sudden the invisibility went off and i didnt get the hat and all of a sudden his pet attacked me...i started running back to the warrens to zone but then guard menkenbur and heridon (how ever u spell it) started chasing me...i zoned. i went back out and they were still there...i went into the warrens and waited about 5 minutes...they were gone. i went back to check on the guards then they conned dubious and didnt attack me. i then went to azzar habbib and conned him and it was all ok...WTF was up with that?...i think u have to stay invisible or not b invisible when u give him the hat...i think i scared/startled him when i turned hope mai story helps
Other tasks
# Mar 21 2001 at 2:20 PM Rating: Default
after you complete quest he says:
Thats all i can give you now, but i can reward you for futher blablabla...
if you say to him:
What other tasks?
he will ask you to bringh him:
Pelt of a feared beast, some gold thread and a imbued amber...
well pelt and amber i have no idea where to get, but i think i saw with another char the gold thing in a sewing merchant at Thurgadin!
if any1 have further info would be apreciated :)

RE: Other tasks
# Apr 03 2001 at 10:04 AM Rating: Default
The pelt is off of mighty bear paw
The imbued amber must be imbued by a shaman of Cazek Thule
The gold thread is bought off of sewing merchants.

The reward is a really sucky hat.

I mean it is way worse than the belt.

Just do the belt quest over and over =)

The cave bat lord seems to drop it 1 in 5 times.

Factions Reversed
# Mar 19 2001 at 7:18 PM Rating: Excellent
Your faction standing with Heretics got better
Your faction standing with DeepwaterKnights got worse
Your faction standing with GateCallers got worse
Your faction standing with Craftkeepers got worse
Your faction standing with CrimsonHands got worse

Turlo Lomon
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