The Spirit of Garzicor  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Faction
  • Loot
  • Tradeskill
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Scars of Velious
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Fri Aug 3 20:48:59 2001
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Note that you must have MAX Ally faction to start this quest or very close to it.

Oglard says 'Greetings young Wood Elf. Very few of your kind has ever seen the halls you know walk through. You must have provided a great service to our kin for them to allow you passage into this inner sanctum. We welcome you to our ancient home.

You say, 'thank you'

Oglard says 'Might, wisdom, and manners? Quite a surprise to see all of these traits in one of the younger races. I am impressed. I see you are a noble creature, one who would treat another creature of nobility with respect.......... 'Oglards eyes suddenly begin to shine with a magical, golden, light. He looks down upon you as if in judgement and asks, 'Tell me Keyno , have you done battle with dragons?'

You say, 'yes I have done battle with the dragon'

*note* Saying, "no I have not done battle with the dragons" will result in this. Olard's eye begin you gleam even brighter, then quickly fade, a frown left apon the wurm's face. Hmm... I see. Thank you for your information. Good luck in your travels.

You faction standing with the ClawsofVeeshan got worse.

Oglard 's eyes slowly begin to lose the golden light that flared earlier. He then studies you carefully before saying 'There are many Dragons on this world that do not share our beliefs. If you have done battle with dragons and have lived, then you may be able to help us.

You say, 'how may i help you?'

Oglard says 'When a Dragon dies, his spirit leaves his corporeal body and joins Veeshan
among the stars. It is our greatest desire, to be without desire, at the time of our death. Even in preperation for battle, we accept that we may die and strive to be empty of desire so that our spirits do not cling to this world when our end has come. For some, however, this is not the case

You say, 'who are the ones that this is not the case?'

Oglard says 'When a Dragon dies, and his heart is filled with desire, his spirit will remain here in the filth of this world. The greatest torment is to transcend one's body, and still be confined to this world. Like being trapped within a cell with a single locked door, having the key to unlock it and escape, yet having no hands to use the key. This has befallen one of our comrades.

You say, 'what comrade has this befallen?'

Oglard says 'And therein lies our plight. Our fellow Dragon now suffers eternally in unlife, between worlds. We hear his pained howls when we sleep, unable to aid our fallen comrade. He turned his back on us centuries ago, and joined the Ring of Scale. In response to this we erased his name and bloodline, along with the others who left, from our memories and books. He is still Dragon though, and does not deserve the fate he's been dealt. Without his name, we are helpless.

You say, 'what is his name?'

Oglard says 'Unfortunately our libraries have no record of him. We know of his death from 2 sources only. Our Lord Yelinak was the first to hear his tormented howling. Then the rest of us slowly began to hear him as well. A chosen few left our home to find his corpse if possible. We were surprised to find he had died here on this continent. Apparently he had returned to us, which pains us even more.

You say, 'where has he returned?'

Oglard says 'His body was found in the Eastern Wastes, spears of Krom Zek make
protruding from his side and chest.' The wurm pauses for a moment to sigh heavily. He continues, sorrow on his voice, 'We believe......we hope, one of the sentient races witnessed his murder. Chances are slim to nil. But perhaps one of those.....Caldoin? Or something? Found him and recorded his name. Will you investigate this for us Keyno ?

You say, 'yes I will investigate this for you'

Oglard says 'We are greatful for your service to us. We know you have little interest in
our affairs, yet you risk your life to aid us. Once you find his name, then perhaps we can find a way to release his restless spirit. If you do this, you will be rewarded an item of your choice from our hoard of treasure. Begin with.....whatever they call themselves. The Giants refer to them as iron pellets. Return to me proof of his name and he will be remembered.


Loremaster Sarl can be found In ThurgA at the Statue room across the way from the Icewell zone.

You say, 'name of a slain'

Loremaster Sarl says 'The name of Dragon you say? One that was slain? Hmmm, sounds interesting. Like I said, we've had little contact with Dragons, but I vaguely recall an ancient legend about a slain dragon and one of our people meeting. Follow me to the Library and we'll talk along the way.

Or if you say 'Can you tell me the name of a slain dragon'

Loremaster Sarl says, 'Dragons, ye say? Well, you might just be in luck. I'm the resident Lore Keeper on the subject of dragons, though we don't know very much about them as a community. We've had very little contact with the majestic beasts. Only the Bravest of our kin have ever found the guts to stand their ground when facing a Dragon, let alone speak with them. What are you looking for exactly?'

And so we start walking to the library.. he buffs everything he sees along the way...

Loremaster Sarl says 'There are only a few myths we've recorded havin to do with Dragons, many less legends. There's a story of an ancestor of the Dain ridin a 'Wurm' into battle against Giants. A Wurm be a lesser form of a Dragon, not able to use magic or fly, but still just as mean. There's another story, more recent, about a pair a Coldain that rampaged through the countryside along side a magical sea turtle, undoing evil and saving this and that. Heheh, more likely a drunken wive's tale.

Loremaster Sarl says 'Ye may not know this, but we didn't always make our home here in Thurgadin. Centuries ago we lived deep down in the ground, close to Brell. That was our first home after we became stranded on this chunk of ice. We lived there peacefully for a while, until the Giant kin found us. They drove us out, though we didn't leave without a fight. This statue coming up here is of a hero that sacrificed his life in that battle to bring a great cavern down on the heads of many o those giants.

Loremaster Sarl says 'I brung up our old home o Froststone because we had many books and tablets that were lost when we were forced to flee. We had a long history during our peaceful time there, much of it is lost to us now. Still, we were able to save a few slim volumes. I'm thinkin we may find yer answer in o those old recordings. We'll see.........Ahhh, here we are. Remember to keep yer voice down, it is a library ye know.

Loremaster Sarl says 'Ok, here we are. Let me see.' Sarl runs a finger along the book labels searching for a paticular volume...

Loremaster Sarl says 'Do ye know anythin about this dragon? Ye need his name right? Some o these older ones are organized in strange ways. I love me fore fathers, but they made some funny kinda rules. Do you know what color this dragon was?

And since I do not know the color of the dragon.. I start to name dragon colors. Red, Green, Blue,

You say, 'Black'

Loremaster Sarl says 'Excellent, I know what we're lookin fer now.

As soon as you say "Black" he will despawn and respawn in the library. So, if you know where the library is, simply ask him about the name of a slain dragon, and then say "Black." He will pop in the library. Just run over to him and hand him 50pp and he will give you the book.

Lorekeeper Sarl says 'Ah hah! Here it is! Let's see here..Yes, I remember now. This is
the story o Burdael. Ill lend ya the book, but it'll cost ya 50 platinum.


Gave the book to Historian Baenek in Frostone.

Historian Baenek says 'You found one of our lost tomes! A lost volume of the Book of Grudges, quite a find. Oh dear Brell! This evidence proves that the legend of Burdael is true! Thank you Metopious. And now I suppose you wish to meet his ghostly form. I have snesed him from time to time. I will call to him now. Go and wait for him in the lower halls. His spirit sometimes calls to me from where the fearsome Stalag Terrors lair. Be warry though, unlife may have twisted his mind beyond reason."

Your faction standing with the CitizensOfFroststone got better.

He(Burdael) spawned in the back corner of the stalagterror area, blue to 60 weilding a dwarven axe and with SK pet.. spoke phrases in an unknown tongue, but when repeatedly hailed, replied with exactly the same text, meaning its not a normally randomly scrambled language. the two bracketed words were "Yiond" which triggered more gibberish, and "furysve" which he didnt respond to. despawned at about 5 mins. I'm excellent in Dwarven, Dragon and Elder Dragon fyi, likely its just rantings of a madman, but Yiond was mysteriously capitallized, likely thats our next lead.

ok, so.. I waited an hour for the historian to respawn and killed the ghost, he dropped a sword, nothing special, but when ID'd..

IDs as : Remember, Garzicor.


Give the axe, Onyxbrand, to Oglard in Skyshrine. MAKE SURE you have an open inventory slot.

Oglard examines the axe closely. The Wurm's eyes widen as he makes out the name of Garzicor and immediately raises his head to the ceiling, letting out a howl of emotional pain. Your bones shake with the screach, an image of a man in the midst of a rain of his own child's blood comes to mind, the agony is so great. Out of breath, Oglard drops his head and focuses his attention back to you, barely able to hold himself up. He places an urn before you and says, 'You must find his corpse. Find his burial site and summon Garzicor's spirit by speaking your remembrance of him. Speak to him and find out all you can. Return to me with 2 pieces of his corpse combined in that urn. Help us Castrinas , you MUST!'

Your faction standing with ClawsofVeeshan got better.

Your faction standing with Yelinak got better.

Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse.

So, now I have an urn container, with 2 slots, guess we need to find where he died next.


I may have found what we've been looking for... I was runnign around DN saying, "Remember, Garzicor" when I sorta got a response. The spot is at (+1523, +1109) right past the door to the paebla area, right under a giant dragon skull in the wall, with bones all around. This spot makes perfect sense where his body was brought to.

I went down there to those bones shortly after the entrance to the Paebala area and said "Remember, Garzicor" a few times. Nothing seemed to happen, then suddenly a dialog started. It was a couple words at a time that went something like this:

Veeshan waits
Must have revenge
Kromzek Must die
Must spill blood
I am one but two
I am sorry

Yes... he really rambled like that. Short one liners. Mentioned Veeshan once or twice, Kromzek once, spilling blood once, home and revenge a lot. Each line had a couple second delay afterwards before the next. Then it just stopped.

As soon as the words "I am sorry" appear, 2 bags spawn on the ground at /loc +1546, 1102, -135, one dragon skin, and one dragon bone powder of some sort. Place them in the urn and combine them. Note it is recommended you do this with the urn, as the two pieces are TEMPORARY.


Give the combined urn to Oglard. He tells you to go give the urn to Eldriaks Fe'dhar. Note the urn you get back is NOT the same one as you gave to him.

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'Hmm? What's this? Oh! You are the High Elf who has been helping us with the nameless one. Well, not so nameless anymore. A part of Garzicor clings to this world, eager to wreak vengeance upon the giants who murdered him. We've decided a weapon must be constructed, and the restless spirit of Garzicor must be bound to it. You must be the one to construct this weapon. This dust must be used in the forging of the weapon's blade. Are you a master smith Torlan?

You say, 'no, I am not a master smith'

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'You must be the one to forge the weapon, Torlan . Go and learn the art of the smith. Return only when you are a master and tell me you are ready. I will then tell you what must be done.

You say, 'yes, I am a master smith'

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'Good. The weapon is extremely complicated to construct, your skills will be tested perhaps beyond your abilities. The weapon is known as a Naginata. You need not be proficient in its use to build it. The Naginata is constructed of four major parts. The shaft, the blade, the fittings, and the hilt, or tsuba. No ordinary materials can hope to bind the dragons spirit. Special materials must be found.

You say, 'how do I make the shaft'

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'The shaft must be strong enough to withstand the effects of the
spirit's presence, yet flexible enough to be wielded properly. Of the few dragons that returned to us from the Ring of Scale, some brough back knowledge of a type of wood that may be sufficient. It is known as bronzewood. One can find it amidst one of the forests on the continent of Kunark. I am sure it is being used by one of the sentient races there.

You say, 'how do I make the fittings'

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'The fittings are the most important part. The spirit itself will be held there partially. We'll discuss this later, when you have all the other pieces in your possesion.

You say, 'how do I make the hilt'

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'The tsuba is where most of the enchanment will lie. It must be
forged seperately of another ore created to be the bane of the dragon. It is called chronium and was developed by the Kromzek with the aid of their blood-thirsty @#%$. You must forge the ore into a plate and then find a craftsman with the skill to carve a detailed mandala of draconic binding into it. This mandala will hold arcane power and restrain the spirit from destroying the weapon.

You say, 'what chronium'

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'Chronium is a sacred ore used only by the higher ranked priests
of Rallos Zek. You may be able to find some in the city of the Kromzek, Kael Drakkel. Perhaps in one of their temples. Forging it into a plate is simple. Heat the ore in a forge and shape it with a Forging Hammer, then temper it with a Flask of Water.

You say, 'how do I make the blade'

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'The blade will be the most difficult piece for you to build. First of all, no mundane ore will do. Long ago, Veeshan sent a gift to us in the form of a meteor. This meteor holds the ore you must build the blade with. Once you have the ore, follow the instructions in this book and forge the blade. Don't forget, when melting the ore, use the bone dust I gave you.

You say, 'what a craftsman'

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'Since the mandala is so detailed, only a craftsman trained specifically in these matters will do. I'm sure you're a fine smith but an adventurer like yourself wouldn't have time to fully master the skill needed to create the tsuba. Find one whose entire life is the art of creating these types of weapons. The craftsman will need a sketch of the mandala as well as the plate of chronium.

You say, 'what mandala'

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'The type of mandala we need is a diagram laced with powerful arcane enchantment. You'll need to find a sketch of the correct mandala for the craftsman to go by as he carves it into the chronium plate. There is one place you may be able to find a sketch of a mandala powerful enough to bind Garzicor.

You say, 'where is the place?'

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'The ones that returned to us from the Ring of Scale told us of the Sarnak. These are hybrids of dragons and a sentient lizard race known as the Iksar. Whoever created them had to bind a dragon to his will or restrain it at some point. Perhaps this being or one of his brood still has a recording of the mandala. Once you have the Tsuba, Blade, and Shaft, return here and show them to me. I will then explain what must be done next.


Only a master smith may make the blade.

Once the ore is found, it must be broken into 2 portions with a forging hammer and a smithing chisel.

First you must form the core of the blade. Take one portion of the starmetal and apply the bone dust in the forge. Then, with a hammer and chisel, fold the block of ore. You must repeat this 5 times to homogenize the steel. After the 5th folk, take the hammer to the ore and shape the core into a curved blade.

Now for the skin of the blade. Apply the remaining bone dust to the last portion of starmetal. Fold this block of ore, as with the core, 10 times with the hammer and chisel. This will be the most difficult and time consuming steps. After the 10th fold block, apply the skin to the core with the hammer [and chisel]. The last step in the forging process is taking the whole blade and shaping it into a suitable naginata blade [by applying the hammer to the raw blade].

The last major step is the tempering of the blade. This includes a mixture of clay and water for the differential tempering process. Combine a small block of clay with a flask of water at the potter's wheel. Then take the clay and apply it to the blade at the wheel as well, leaving the edge of it exposed. Allow it to dry. The last step is to heat the clay covered blade in the forge, and then plunge it into a fluid to temper. In this case, a special fluid must be found. In the mountains of Kunark one can find a very caustic type of mist that freezes and collects at high altitudes. Find a portion of this ice and use it for the tempering. Good luck.

Be sure you put the forging hammer to the 'raw blade' one final time. Be careful though, this step was NOT TRIVIAL at 180. Then you can apply the clay.

For the clay part, I suggest getting your pottery up to 128, which is easily done in the better part of two hours in NFP. Just make unfired small bowls, mixing bowls, etc until you get to 128. You need not fire them to increase your skill.


Bronzewood: Found on a rare spawn giant, Carpenter Grundo, who spawns in the giant fort in BW. Simply kill the two mobs in the only hut where two giants spawn, and Carpenter Grundo will eventually pop. He does not hold the staff, but you loot it off his corpse.

Starmetal (meterorite ore): Found on Cliff golems in Overthere. Not too difficult, they require one group. Be sure you have a druid to kite around the Dragoons if they add.

Chronium ore: Found on Armor of Zek in kael, next to the Vindicator.

Mist that freezes: Found in Frontier mountains, at -260, -297 on the top of a mountain, called gray colored ice.

Mandala of Draconic Binding: Found in the east wing in the room with four alcoves, one farther in to the left on the coffin.

Forging the chromium ore into a plate is simple. Heat the ore in a forge and shape it with a Forging Hammer, then temper it with a Flask of Water. The chronium plate combine was trivial at 118 smithing, so was the INITIAL splitting of the ore. The folding of the core (5x) was not trivial, and I failed on the second fold at 118. The folding of the core and the blade are the most diffiuclt parts. Some folks have reported up to 9 attempts before finally succeeding in the blade.

The Kerran in the Warrens is a craftsperson named Koajin. He said that he needs a special set of tools and to bring them here along with a suitable plate of metal and a sketch of the tsuba's design, then he can construct the tsuba. The key phrase is "I need your help." The toolset is obtained from an innkeeper in Paineel named Taralani Rahnta. He tends a bar with some dancing skeletons playing instruments, and you need to hail him and give him 1000pp to get the toolset. However, the set is not LORE and not NO TRADE, so you can make a level 1 erudite and get the toolset easily.


Hand in the staff, blade, and tsuba to Eldriaks.

Eldriaks Fe'Dhar takes the staff, blade, and tsuba and looks them over. He says, 'Excellent craftsmanship. These will make a fine weapon. But one part remains to join all the pieces together. That is the fittings.' The wyvern then hands you the items back along with a vial of blood and says, 'This vial of blood will allow you to awaken Garzicor's spirit.

You say, 'How do I awaken garzicor's spirit?

Eldriaks Fe'Dhar says 'First you must awaken his spirit by speaking where you found his corpse. You must say exactly this: "You are one but two. Your vengeance shall find a home." Hopefully this will bring him to you. You must hurry and splash the vial of Kromzek blood upon his ghostly form. The taste of the blood will bring him fully into existence. You must then do battle with him. If you defeat him, you will have split his being which will be represented by two more shades. Give them each a flawless diamond. He will comply and choose these gems as a phylactery. Once you have the dual phylactery, you need only combine them with the assembled naginata in a forge to create the Ethereal Bladed Naginata. Bring me the weapon.


Say the phrase, an invisible spirit spawns (just see name).

Give the spirit the blood and a construct looking dragon will spawn (Garzicor's Remains) and attack. Pull this back up the ramp to before the bend, so any kos to CoV people are away from spawn point. Kill this, hits for 144 has an unmemorable AE, pretty weak.

Then Garzicor's Wrath spawns where the remains died and is agro. This is a translucent looking dragon. He hits for 350ish and has a very strong AE fear, but is not hard for anyone that does zlandicar.

Once he is dead, another translucent looking dragon will spawn on CoV faction at the original spot, where you said the phrase. Give that a flawless diamond to get magical blackened diamond back. There will be another translucent dragon just past it, deeper down the tunnel, give that one another flawless diamond and get another magical diamond back. Both returned diamonds are NO TRADE.

PART X - The Forge

Go to a forge and combine the two diamonds with the assembled naginata. The result is an Etheral Bladed Naginata (did not identify it). Trivial at < 160 smithing.

PART XI - Skyshrine

Give the Naginata to Eldriaks Fe`Dhar:

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'You have succeeded Iustus . Garzicor's spirit no longer calls to us from beyond. Now we ask that you do one more thing. You must wield this weapon against all giant kind to satiate Garzicor's thirst for vengeance. The Naginata has a special power against the Kromzek, they will fall easily before it. However, if you do not wish to, hand the weapon back to me and I'll give you an earring more worthy of a being of faith. If you are one of sorcerous powers, hand me the earring and Ill hand you a ring more suited to you.

Cast Identify on the naginata he gives back (which looks identical)

Item Lore: Eldriaks Verified Naginata.

Give naginata back to him:

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'Tis sad to see that the weapon will not be wielded by it's maker,
but here is your earring. Wear it well.

Give him the earring:

Eldriaks Fe`Dhar says 'So you prefer the ring? Very well, may it serve you well Iustus .

If you give him the ring he eats it and says nothing.

Need all dialogues (these are transcriptions), /loc of quest mobs, current faction hits, recipes and trivials, missing quest items.
Submitted by: Iustus
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Loremaster Sarl trigger phrase
# Nov 05 2020 at 3:56 PM Rating: Good
3 posts
I started this quest today and when I got to Loremaster Sarl the phrase listed above ('Can you tell me the name of a slain dragon') only gave me this response:
[Thu Nov 05 17:00:56 2020] Loremaster Sarl says, 'Dragons, ye say? Well, you might just be in luck. I'm the resident Lore Keeper on the subject of dragons, though we don't know very much about them as a community. We've had very little contact with the majestic beasts. Only the Bravest of our kin have ever found the guts to stand their ground when facing a Dragon, let alone speak with them. What are you looking for exactly?'

It seems anything with the word dragon gives that response but after trying a few different phrases I found one that worked:
[Thu Nov 05 22:37:30 2020] You say, 'name of a slain?'
[Thu Nov 05 22:37:31 2020] Loremaster Sarl says, 'The name of Dragon, you say? One that was slain? Hmmm, sounds interesting. Like I said, we've had little contact with Dragons, but I vaguely recall an ancient legend about a slain dragon and one of our people meeting. Follow me to the Library and we'll talk along the way.'
Remains spawn location.
# Nov 19 2017 at 7:49 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
The bag spawn location after the event is +1546, 1102, -135.
Remains spawn location.
# Nov 21 2017 at 9:45 AM Rating: Excellent
Hamedan wrote:
The bag spawn location after the event is +1546, 1102, -135.

Thanks, added.
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Do the spirits despawn on diamond turn-in?
# Apr 06 2017 at 3:13 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Near the end of this quest, when you turn in the flawless diamonds to the spirits... do they de-spawn on turn-in, or can multiple people complete this quest on the same Garzicor death?
Final combine trivial is wrong
# Mar 24 2012 at 11:20 AM Rating: Decent
It's somewhere less than 160 smithing.
# Jun 02 2010 at 11:05 PM Rating: Decent
169 posts
After working off and on with this quest over the course of many years I finally managed to complete it a few years ago. This is an awesome quest, very fun. There should be more like it.

# Jan 31 2009 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
I finally completed this quest after many years. It's nice to finally get the parts out of the bank.

Also, identifying the naginata before returning it to Eldriak shows:

Item Lore: Ethereal Bladed Naginata

Edited, Jan 31st 2009 4:50pm by thefunkmasterj
Khorvis Bloodstar
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Tough Combines
# May 13 2007 at 2:44 PM Rating: Decent
48 posts
I have failed combines on this quest three times in a row now.

First time was with BSing at 175 and the Geerlock 5% smithing mod.
Second time was with BSing at 180 with the 5% mod & Smithing Master 1 AA
Third time was with BSing at 185 with the 5% mod & Smithing Mastery 1 AA

I'm going to do this quest till I am blue in the face. I really like its storyline and I want the oppertunity to have a weapon most people don't have anymore or never bothered to get.

This is refering to folding the metal. Not the final combine. Have yet to do that.

Edited, May 18th 2007 4:32am by Shepard
Final Combie Trivial
# May 18 2007 at 12:52 AM Rating: Decent
48 posts
Just did the final combine. It was trival for me at 212 smithing. Somebody had mentioned that they're all trivial around 188 or so, which is possible.
# Jan 17 2007 at 3:35 PM Rating: Decent
After this morning's patch, the Ghostly Presence is once again spawning properly. Unfortunately, I didn't have the turn in items with me when I first spawned it, and it had despawned by the time I got back. It then wouldn't let me spawn it again, untill about 3 hours later. Garzicors Corpse and Garzicors Wraith were both easy solos for me, just have a lot of hp... So I'm now the proud owner of an Ethereal Bladed Naginata. Now in order to make it fit in with the lore better, they need to make it an evolving intelligent item with a ton of bane damage against giants.
The Spirit of Gazicor
# Jan 01 2007 at 11:57 AM Rating: Decent
Everything that is here is correct. I have been working on this quest for the better part of 2 years. I was not able to summon Garzicor for the Kromzek blood turn in. I petitioned it and was contacted in game by a GM. Here is the reply that i recieved after having a snapshot taken of my character.

The ethereal bladed naginata quest

Discussion Thread
Response (GM Haychan) - 12/31/2006 08:10 AM
Greetings Panthen,

Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment In Game Customer Service.
This is GM Haychan again. I have again checked for your issue in the game and I
have used the phrases but the Spirit of Garzicor did not spawn. We do not have
any known issue for this at the moment. However I have filed a bug report on
your behalf so that our Quality Assurance Team can investigate into it. Please
look for regular updates at forums located at for any updates
regarding this. I apologize that I was not able to resolve your issue. If you
have any other issues in future, please feel free to contact us again. Goodbye
for now and have a safe travels.

I recieved this response in less than 12 hours of being contacted. So I guess they didn't know there was a problem with it. I just hope it can be fixed soon. I would like to be the one who gets to post that it still works, maybe even get Panthen's picture posted here.
Final battle
# Sep 03 2005 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
Well, I went down to Dragon Necropolis with a couple friends to do the final battle. We got to the bones and prepped. I took off invis/lev and said "You are one but two. Your vengeance shall find a home." I said it many times. I ran all around the bones, on top of the bones, down the hall, and up the hall saying this. I said it in common, dragon, and elder dragon. So did my friends. I never saw an invisible spirit of any kind pop. Did this for at least 10 minutes. Does anyone know if this part is bugged or broken? I can't imagine that someone was there recently working on the quest to trip a reset timer of any sort.
Khorvis Bloodstar
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RE: Final battle
# Dec 15 2005 at 7:14 AM Rating: Decent
Well I poped him once before .. try standing under the dragon head with the glowing eyes , that and spell vengence like that :) you'll see the *******'s name hand him some blood ... and poofer there spawns good ole garz .. this quest i have yet to complete .. wiped twice on the final fight had to restart the whole BLOODY thing .. cepts the smithing skillups thank god lol .. well gl i am gunna be kill the SOB soon will post with and UPdate and a screenie of the Ethereal Bladed Naginata
An Epic Battle
# Feb 15 2005 at 8:42 AM Rating: Decent
I finished this quest at end of 2003 and it was the best quest I have ever done. I wish Sony would upgrade the reward so more people would have an incentive to do the quest. With all the expansions the task to reward ratio is way out of line as you can always get better weapons in other zones now. I still keep my sword and sometimes carry it with me as a badge of the accomplishment of this quest. It was far harder then my epic. The final battle with the spirit and all the adds was I believe the best battle of all my time on EQ.
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 11 2004 at 6:49 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) this quest sucks... cause for one.... theres nothing a bard can use that comes out of it.... errrrr
Tiny Beetle Trap near "Bones" in DN
# Dec 06 2003 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
Is there any way to go through this without setting of that trap?

I tried to go in alone while invis. I died.

I tried grouping with a friend - we killed everything from zone-in to that without a problem, but the sheer number of those beetles were too much and she died.

Next time I try this, I'm going to have to go down with a group .. seems like I'm wasting 5 other's time to do this.
RE: Tiny Beetle Trap near
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I tried this with a group of 5 yesterday, and it still didn't work. Then we thought that we'd run in after triggering the trap, but then we spawned a constrict that we were not ready for. We'll try it again in a few days with more people to see if we can't get this thing figured out. I'm running out of things that I can do without completing this step.
RE: Tiny Beetle Trap near
# Dec 20 2003 at 9:04 AM Rating: Decent
you can lev over the trap and be invis. most likely will activate on way out but who cares at that point. as for the construct, you just need to be careful not to touch the bones, that activates the construct.

Roglauk Foesplitter
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Additional info
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Found out a couple more things about the quest today. In Dragon Necropolis, when you get to the bones and say "Remember, Garzicor" it takes 1 minute and 35 seconds between phrases, and the nearby goos won't aggro you if you're in the corner. Also, the smithing combines for the blade were all trivial at 188.
# Oct 10 2003 at 7:59 AM Rating: Decent
Question: The top of the quest description says you must have MAX ally faction...Is there a difference between ally faction and "MAX" ally faction? I am ally, but how would I know if my ally faction is maxed?
RE: Faction
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After each faction hit, when you maxed ally, you receive a message like : Your faction with claws of veeshan cant go any bether.

Same with max KoS : Your faction with claws of veeshan cant go any worse.

Maybe not the correct words but it look like.
#REDACTED, Posted: Oct 02 2003 at 1:31 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) [b][/b] This quest is VERY FUN but also a very big pain in my *** yet i struggle on ( that and i hate GRUNMORE thanks thought i'd share :)
#REDACTED, Posted: Oct 02 2003 at 1:32 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Lil more info for ya'll WORK YER SMITHING WORK REAL GOOD WORK IT SO GOOD YER GF is jealous :)
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I turned in the book and didn't make it to the sk ghost in time since I didn't know just where he was. I waited an hour and a half for the dwarf, Historian Baenek, to respawn but he didn't.
RE: Historian
# Aug 09 2003 at 9:49 AM Rating: Decent
Is there a way to edit a post? Anyhow this is what happened, from a necro point of view. I bought two summoned weapons, a muzzle and belt for my pet. Third time around I waited with a tracker, and Historian definately took two hours to pop. I turned in the book and high tailed it to the ghost, over land this time. I cast Harmshield, thinking I could take the HT but I couldn't attack while invulnerable. I sent pet in. When Harmshield wore off, I slowed the ghost and his pet, Shadowbond my pet, and started dotting. I got the ghost's pet to come to me then rooted it. The lvl 46 druid with me said he healed my pet four times, but I think I could have done the fight without. My pet finished at 50% health, took about 3 minutes.
RE: Historian
# Aug 09 2003 at 4:32 AM Rating: Decent
correction: Second try, I went back later and found him in a different spot. More than likey he was there within an hour, I just expected him to be where I found him the first time. I did the turn-in, swam straight to the ghost (I can swim as fast as I can run), and sat to mem a few spells. The ghost despawned in front of me. He DOES NOT wait around for about 5 minutes.
Smithing Combines
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I had been reading extensively about the smithing combines on any thread that I could find. I have had all the pieces collected for about a month and was saving up for another major smithing run. The best info i could find was that it was all trivial at 178.

So I had a friend shaman buff me up, got a Kei and proceeded to start the sword combines. My smithing is at 183 from doing the prayer shawl quests.

I made the core and put that in the bank. Then on the first fold of the "skin" it fizzled and gone... sigh. I still have a spare starmetal in the bank.

I have redone the 1st four steps of the quest and am waiting on a 62 rogue friend of mine to come with to DN (to get the ground spawn) and see if he can disable the ground traps in the tunnel. Just planning for the future event when I bring a raid force through to battle the dragon wraith and remains.

Thoraz - 56th Paladin of Vazaelle
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Smithing and Final Battle
# May 26 2003 at 2:23 AM Rating: Decent

All combines trivial at 182 skill. However, I still failed a few times on smithing combines (breaking starmetal ore and folding blade skin) suggesting that some of the trivials may have been close to 182.

Final Battle:

Garzicor's Corpse (not Garzicor's Remains) is a weakling. Easily dispatched with one group (we actually had 7, and our avg level was about 61). Garzicor's Wraith however is a different story. My group got him down to 65 percent before we decided to evac. He has a weak dot, and a somewhat strong AE fear (Dragon Roar). We then regrouped with others (around 3 groups) and took him down. I'm not sure how long he will remain spawned. It took us about 15 minutes to regroup with others, so he will stay up at least that long. Neither of these two mobs dropped any loot (stingy dragon).
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Hey, I know the color is given in the walk-through, but has anyone figured out how to find out what color Garzicor was? I like to follow all of the lore that goes on with quests, and I just don't like guessing the color here.
RE: Color
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Ok, been a long time since this post but just incase anyone else reads this =)

The color of the dragon, Black, is given in the text by the dragon in Skyshrine where you start this quest.
Remains of Garzicor - Part IV
# May 05 2003 at 9:04 AM Rating: Decent
OK Finding the ground spawns was a little bit of a problem. The text above says;

"The spot is at (+1523, +1109) right past the door to the paebla area, right under a giant dragon skull in the wall, with bones all around."

When you zone into DN, the place is kidney shaped with a wall across the midsection with a foor and hallways, separating the two sides.

Nowhere on this main level can you get to a location of +1523, +1109.

In references and maps I have seen both upper and lower areas called the "paebla" so that word was not a help.

I found a reference at the Safehouse that talked about doors in the ground that lead to an undeground tunnel. The doors are in the ground and slanted.

So here is how i got there.

When zoning in to DN, Invis up and head around the left wall. Just before you get to the wall that divides the two halves, look to the middle and there is a structure in the ground that is slanted from the bottom to the top. If you stand at the bottom right side of this and click, one of the doors slides away and there is the tunnel into the ground!

Go into this tunnel.

Wham... "cold nukes" and "you have been dispelled"
Just down this ramp we ran into several traps that both nuked with cold for about 127hp and debuffed about 4 buffs every time. So we kept going down till the messages stopped.

A short way past the traps, there were bones laying on the ground of several dragons. It looks like they have been dragged there and dumped.

If you look up above those bones you will see a skull in the wall. Stand right below that skull and then say the words "Remember, Garzicor" Nothing will happen for about a minute, and then every minute thereafter the ghost will speak one line at a time;

Must go home
Need vengeance
Veeshan awaits
Kromzek must be made to pay
So tired
Time to go
Blood must be shed
Home !
Vengeance !
Home !
Vengeance !
I am one but two
I am sorry

Grounds spawns do appear at the last line. I scooped them up and ported out with my group at that point. The ground spawns are Lore, No Drop and No Rent, so combine them in the urn right away.

Thoraz - 55 Paladin of Vazaelle
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RE: Remains of Garzicor - Part IV
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Important - I had on Invis and Lev and didn't get any responses until I dropped both.

Sanien Illusionshaper
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Lanys T'Yvl
Ghost of Burdeal
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Last night I found a few friends online and so we went back and spawned the Ghost of Burdeal.

This time I brought, 54 Paladin, 49 Cleric, 52 druid, 55 Shaman, 55 Druid and 56 Druid.

After I had spawned the ghost by handing the book to the librarian, I went back to the stalag room, where the rest of the group was waiting. The ghost conned white to our 49 Cleric.

The shaman sent in her pet and her took the HT. I am not sure how much it was, but the pet's health went down 75 percent.

I then engaged the ghost of Burdeal in battle. This time I tanked it till 90 percent, then called in the nukes. The skeleton pet was dispensed with early.

I think we had a bit of overkill, but this time the ghost was doomed. Looted an ax called Onxybrand. Woot! Now to find a wizard to identify it.

Thoraz - 54 Paladin of Vazaelle
Celestial Navigators

Edited, Thu Apr 3 08:49:58 2003
RE: Ghost of Burdeal
# Apr 11 2003 at 12:28 AM Rating: Decent
Hey Thoraz

Have you made anymore progress on this quest? I have not done any of the turn ins as such. I have been collecting pieces for blade - starmetal ore, mandala of draconic binding (HS). Have you had any luck with the chromium or wood yet?

Anyone else have any hints or suggestions on this quest?


57 Warrior
RE: Ghost of Burdeal
# May 05 2003 at 9:14 AM Rating: Decent
Actually yes,

Our guild was doing our weekly Kael raid for faction a couple weeks ago. A guild had come through earlier and killed Vindi and so our guild decided to move in and clear the temple area of Kael which is past the Arena.

We cleared all the way into the temple and there where two "Armor of Zek" standing inside there. They were not harder than the Temple Guardians to take out. And I did get my Chromium Ore :). Another fellow in our guild got the other Chromium Ore.

So yes, progress is being made...slowly but surely. I have camped the Fort in Burning woods a few times, but the Carpenter has been a rare spawn and has not been seen. I will have to try camping the fort on a server reset and see if that makes a difference.

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The quest begins...
# Apr 02 2003 at 10:49 AM Rating: Decent
I started this quest yesterday.

First off, never having been to the quest area in Skyshrine, I want to mention how to get there. I did a tell in guild chat, but no one on at the time had been there. So off exploring we went.

Finding Oglard Smiley: confused
We zoned in from Cobalt Scar, myself 54 Paladin and my GF, a 52 Druid. With the new cartography maps we had a general idea of where we needed to go, but no idea of how to get there. The new maps at EqAtlas (which I use all the time) have no markings, so I found a set at EqMaps (Skyshrine3 date:10/10) which helped immensely.

First off, from the pool where you zone in, you head north. Turn left and go all the way thru till you find a series of hug ramps that take you to the Skyshrine Lower Level (Map 2). Go to location 4 on map2 from eqmaps, which is a teleporter to the maze. Once in the maze...hmm. That was interesting. I used my cartography map which had red lines on it for the paths to take. Seems there are porter and sliders all over the place in the maze. In the maze you need to get to the exit, which is a teleporter that takes you to the bottom level in the Skyshrine Tower.

Once in the tower, you have to go all the way up through lower, middlle towers to the top tower level. This top level floor is where you find Oglard. Do not take the teleporter from this top floor to the quest area, as that place is for the Armor quests. Oglard is before that teleporter.

Crystal Caverns - Ghost of Burdeal Smiley: mad
We went to Thurgadin and got the book. Headed off to Crystal Caverns. We went to the Stalag Terror room and cleared it first, so the green tentacles would not aggro during the upcoming battle. I then did the hand in to the Historian and spawned the ghost. Back to the Terror room we went and sure enough, Burdeal was there along with a skeleton pet.

The Ghost of Burdeal looks like a lot like Tolklor the dwarven ghost in unrest. He conned dark blu to me at level 54. The pet was green.

Now this is where things went terribly wrong. I had my undead spells loaded. I cast a couple of Expel Undead on him and then my druid friend cast Snare...or rather tried to... Her snare spell got her so much aggro, that I could not get it back. As a Paladin I pride myself on pulling MoBs and regaining aggro... but on this one... I could not get it back. I tried Rooting/Instill. The ghost breaks root in seconds. I tried stuns... nothing.

In short order, my druid friend was dead and I was alone with the ghost and his pet.

I tried spook on the pet, but it did not stay away for long. I used Lay on Hands on myself, but I just did not have enough. Before I died I had gotten the ghost down to 80 percent health.


Stats from Eqlog;
Ghost of Burdeal Damage taken:
non-melee - 959
melee - 2295

Ghost of Burdeal Damage Output;
bash - 220
slash - 5497
max - 140
min - 40

So considering I had the ghost at 80 percent health when I died... I figure he has about 12k HP.

My damage taken was straight melee. No spells, no HT. I will have to check my girlfriend's logs to see what she took.

I am already planning next time down to do battle with this ghost. I will bring a cleric along and perhaps a slower or nuker. I'll see who I have available. But this time... I am forwarned.

Thoraz - 54th Paladin of Vazaelle
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A pain
# Jan 30 2003 at 11:34 AM Rating: Default
The most difficult part of this quest is making the stupid blade skin. I have 184 smithing + geerlok and 255 INT, avatar'd each time by a shaman. Failed 3 times now making the stupid blade skin. Core is easy, havent failed on that. Last fime i failed i did make the 10th fold skin but I failed combining the core and the skin. It is so annoying to constantly ask people to help you kill cliff golems and ghosts in CC over and over again. I definately think they should add a focus effect to pitted iron ring to make it worth the trouble.

Edited, Thu Jan 30 11:07:59 2003
RE: A pain
# Feb 19 2003 at 1:53 AM Rating: Default
There is a forge in the bottom of Dalnir labelled "Always Works". Other posts say its a "never fail" forge. Any one high enough to be doing this quest should be able to get to it. I will be trying it in a few days and will post my results.

(edited in) Forget about using this forge. It does not except quest combines. My suggestion is to get your STR up with buffs before you try smithing the skin, cross your fingers and pray. It also helps to have lots of extra Star Metal and to have Burdael's Axe on all your alts so that getting getting more bone dust will be easier.

Edited, Mon Jun 23 13:37:30 2003
RE: A pain
# Mar 10 2003 at 1:15 PM Rating: Default
The forge always works, but only for certain combines I beleive, involving some quest or another, but not this one. Would be great if that did work but I'm pretty sure that you would get the 'doesn't combine in this container' message.
RE: A pain
# Dec 04 2004 at 5:31 AM Rating: Decent
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This forge is used for the Greenmist Sk weapon, don't know of any otehr combines you can do in it.

# Jan 21 2003 at 11:51 AM Rating: Default
Anyone know if someone can MQ the chromium plate to the kerran in the warrens if the other person turns in the sketch and kit? Wondering if that works.
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