Shaman Epic 1.5: Crafted Talisman of Fates  

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Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
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  • Epic
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Era:Omens of War
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
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If you have the Spear of Fate (epic 1.0) or have completed the pre-quest, find the Elder Spirit of Enlightenment in the Jade Tiger's Den on the second floor, first room on the left, at -255, -530.

You say, 'Hail, Elder Spirit of Enlightenment'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment eyes you with an ageless wisdom. 'Ah, your spirit shines brightly. Should I know you?'

You say, 'I am a shaman.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Ah, yes. You are not only a shaman, but one who has passed the tests of the heyokah. There are many problems that face us now and I grow weaker by the day. If you feel you are ready to bear a great burden and help all of those like us, including the immortals that charge our essence and consciousness, say [it is so].'

You say, 'It is so.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'To have you here, believing in us and our existence does give me warmth, but my length of time here and others like me may be at an end. The spirits are troubled and a darkness washes through our existence that we seem helpless to prevent. That is why I talk to you now -- to help us. Without the help of mortals, we may [blow away] with the winds.'

You say, 'Blow away?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'You have heard of the darkness in Taelosia that came from another place. You may have even seen the world that is overshadowed by the dark influence of Discord. That seeping ill that is not touchable by claw or paw has wormed its way into the [streams of the spirit world] and the more it does, the more we, and I weaken.'

You say, 'The streams of the spirit world?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Yes, it is true. I feel myself fading more with each turn of time. You are familiar with the ways of herbs and potions and you can aid me, should you [find the will]. With strength to keep me before you in the mortal realm, I can guide you so that you may aid us all. There is much to tell you that I will not reveal yet, lest you be tempted to take advantage -- which has happened before.'

You say, 'I will find the will'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Very well. You will not find this an easy task. There are several things you must do and other heyokah you must find that have helped us in the past. Where there is glitter upon the setting of Ro, you will find an agent of the spirits. In the deep waters where the megalodon is said to hunt, there is another. And where the wonders of nature rise in the dark, another ally awaits. Look for light in the denseness of entwined shadows. One will greet you with all you have learned. She is doing research in a bustling labyrinth of creatures and can educate you where I cannot. Tell them all of me and they will give you audience.'

Gather a raid and head to Lake Rathetear to the bottom left corner, past all the water and onto the small cove there. Find Kimm McShannel at location -935, +2260.

You say, 'Hail, Kimm McShannel'

You say, 'The elder spirit sent me.'

Kimm McShannel says 'Aye, well then. Watch yerself. Thar be a crazy fella over there. Been trying for days, I 'ave, to get 'im to make some sense about this megalodon creature 'e keeps prattling on about. I been a bit shy o' stepping in the lake to get some seaweed for the spirit's potion. Maybe you could go take a look. Somethin' usually comes by to snap 'em up when they grow, so ye may need to route around a tad out there. You think you are [up to it]?'

You say, 'I am up to it.'

Kimm McShannel says 'Very well, then, off you go in search of the seaweed.'

Head into the water. There you will find the Ancient Megalodon. Kill him and loot Lustrous Seaweed. A chest can spawn with additional loot.

Give the seaweed to Kimm McShannel:

Kimm McShannel says 'Well done! And ye got it off that great creature? Aye, it really exists. Guess that mad feller ain't so mad, now, is he? Ha! Well, we have a better chance at saving the spirit. Take this seaweed back. I've wrapped it for you. Now, get moving!'

Receive a Twine-wrapped Lustrous Seaweed. Now, head to Fungus Grove and find Lupot Nukla at location +642, +512.

You say, 'Hail, Lupot Nukla'

You say, 'The elder spirit of enlightenment sent me'

Lupot Nukla says 'Shhh! You'll scare them away, fool! Darnit! Do you have any idea at all how rare this fungus is? Any idea at all?'

You say, 'I have no idea.'

Lupot Nukla says 'No kidding. The way you ran up here like a herd of elephants was a dead giveaway. You make enough noise and this fungus disappears into thin air and then I have to wait for it to show itself again. Odd plant really, but very reactive, so keep it down. The spirit must have two pieces of this fungus for its potion and it only grows here. I'd like to see you prove your ability. If by a miracle you should collect two, come and speak to me.'

At this time two mushrooms will spawn towards the west, down the hill. You are looking for a large mushroom named Shuddering Fungus. He uncommonly drops Bleak Fungus (no drop). You need two of these. Sometimes another big one has spawned just to the south of the instant* (*no longer believed to be instant) respawn point.

Once you get both of them, hail Lupot Nukla again.

Lupot Nukla says 'Surprising. Didn't think you'd be up to the task and be able to muster the knowledge to figure it out. If you have both with you, hurry along. The spirit is in great need of the potion.'

Find Tikl Huk in the southeastern corner of the Twilight Sea (-1530, -1795).

You say, 'Hail Tikl Huk'

You say, 'The elder spirit sent me.'

Tikl Huk says 'Yous sent by spirit? Me surprised it send so quick. Me no time to get da shrub yets. Yous will needs to get three of dem. Da shrub only grow nearby in only few spots. Gib dem to me when yous nab dem.'

Location for the Twinkling Shrub (looks like a bag):
1) +110, -905 on land
2) +1380, -610 on land
3) +400, +945 underwater
4) -1495, -1210 underwater

Once you find three of them, give them to Tikl Huk.

Tikl Huk says 'Me proud! Now you must protect dat for da spirit. It need it badly. You be careful. Dere might be some baddies out dere dat may want to take dat from you. Spirit said dere are evils working against us. I hab tied da shrub for you so dat it don't get ruined.

Receive Tied Twinkling Shrubs.

Find Yoppa Greenthumb in Cobalt Scar inside the sunken ship at +355, +1055.

You say, 'The elder spirit sent me.'

Yoppa Greenthumb says 'Huh? Oh. Me see you help. Poor spirit. Me hope it okay. Only saw few days ago and it seem sad and sick. We make it better! Me hope yous okay wit' breathin' under here. Me be waiting for dat pesky fish to come back wit' my bark dat I got down here. You can help. In fact, you do it. He big nasty shark and me tired. If you wait, he come back for more. It probably still sniff me blood from dat last bite he took. You keep and take to spirit . . . Look out, dere it is and it got friends!'

Darting Shark swims at a ferocious speed toward its prey.
Feeder Shark swims at a ferocious speed toward its prey.
Gnashing Killer Shark rushes through the water to attack.

Loot the Brittle Burned Bark upon the shark's death and head to Shadeweaver's Thicket to see Wunshi Kashra at location -640, +370 (behind rock, inside caves).

You say, 'Hail, Wunshi Kashra'

You say, 'The elder spirit sent me'

Wunshi Kashra says 'Ah, another courageous alchemist after my own heart. I've been so worried and consumed by aiding the spirits that I'd forgotten how much time I'd spent here. Anyway, no matter. If you give me 1000 platinum pieces, I will give you the medicine bag you will need to work the potion for the spirit. I hate to ask for money, but this bag has cost me four times that to make. It's a long process that requires the magic of some very rare and expensive materials. We are dealing with wisps of consciousness, after all.'

Give Wunshi 1000pp and receive a Thatched Medicine Bag.

[Note: DO NOT COMBINE anything epic related in the bag before you have talked to Wilslik. If you do, then you will be bugged and have to do the entire quest all over (as of right now, he will not talk to you if you have combined the stuff in the bag without having talked to the NPC first).]

Wunshi Kashra says 'When you have all the pieces you need, you must find the great shaman who seeks greater knowledge of the spirit world. You will need his guidance with this task.'

Head to the Warrens to location +605, +225 to speak with Wilslik Gissu.

You say, 'Hail, Wilslik Gissu'

You say, 'The elder spirit sent me.'

Wilslik Gissu says 'Greetingsss fair sage. It would seem that you have come to aid the spirit who fades like each breath we let pass through our lips. There is not [much time] to dawdle. We must get to work right away. As an alchemist yourself, I will tell you what you must do. You must first make some separate combinations. Do not attempt to do this if you are not a master. You will most certainly fail. Ready for intruction?'

You say, 'There is not much time.'

Wilslik Gissu says 'How shall I put this in termsss you will understand? Two of the rare items of nature's bounty will join because they live in darkness. The others will join because they share love of light. You must use the medicine bag given to you by my old friend -- and entrepreneur -- Wunshi. When you've successfully worked with those, tell me you have completed the first step.'

Combine the two Bleak fungi with the Twine-wrapped Lustrous Seaweed in your Thatched Medicine Bag to create Shadowed Pulp. (This combine is no-fail, but requires a minimum Alchemy skill of 100.)

Now, combine the Brittle Burned Bark with the Tied Twinkling Shrubs to create Brittle Twigs (also a minimum Alchemy skill level of 100).

You say, 'I have completed the first step.'

Wilslik Gissu says 'Nicely done, friend. You have done good work. Now, give me both of those pieces and I will fashion what you need to return to the spirit.'

Give her the Shadowed Pulp and the Brittle Twigs.

Wilslik Gissu says 'Take these and return to the spirit!'

Receive a Distilled Potion of Endurance.

Go back to West Freeport and see the Elder Spirit; hand in the Distilled Potion of Endurance.

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment drinks the potion hastily and shudders. Its essence grows brighter and it's dull eyes begin to sparkle with renewed strength. 'You have bought me time -- time to explain how you may aid us all. The darkness of Discord seeps ever deeper into Norrath and the spirit world. Some of the most revered and oldest spirits known have turned to grim pursuits, becoming the [wasichu] -- those creatures you may remember from you time conversing with another great spirit.'

You say, 'What are the wasichu?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'The wasichu are those that turn their backs on serving the spirit world for its own sake. They hunger for their wn power. At greater risk now are the spirits of Wisdom and Patience. They have become weakened and their fading is eroding what you as shaman often rely upon. The Spirit of Might has lost its way altogether and has crossed over into the darkness of Discord in that other realm. It has veen mobing amongst the [dark creatures] there, using its influence to guide and move some beasts in strange ways.'

You say, 'What dark creatures?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'We must prepare a [ritual] that has not been performed in many, many years. We hope this one ritual will return the strenth of the failing spirits and restore the honor and humility of the Spirit of Might, but there is much preparation to be done. If you are prepared to take on this task, I will tell you what I know. This is no small endeavor, friend. Your mind and body and your strngth of spirit will be put to the test.'

You say, 'What ritual?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'The ritual we need to perform is an ancient one, called Ruchu, and it will require a lot of preparation and planning on our parts. To begin with, we need to call upon our allies for help. One thing we need is spirit talismans. In times past, the spirits bestowed very powerful talismans upon a few, but [great] heyokah. We are going to need some of them to perform this ritual as they contain some of the essence of the very beings we are tying to save.'

You say, 'Who are the great heyokah?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'One of them was a [wise] shaman who once walked the lands and gahered every morsel of wisfom his mind could consume in the ways of alchemy and magic. Even though he was a froglok, he was incrediby gifted. His name was Juktopp Gantroc. Though he was small in stature, his knoledge seemed and endless expanse.'

You say, 'Wise?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'We had [watched] him and were amazed by the depth and breadth of his knowledge and how he applied it to his arts. Over time, he began to learn things that we did not know or piece together ourselves, adding great value to the spirits and shaman everywhere.'

You say, 'You watched him?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Upon his death, which he made no attempts to prevent and he likely could have, he accepted the passage from the confines of flesh into the spirit world with great grace and dignity. Several of us spirits gathered that night and chose to appear to him and offer him a [rare gift]... a place among the everlasting spirits where he could share his knowledge and continue to learn.'

You say, 'Tell me more about this rare gift.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'The Spirit of Wisdom itself blessed a talisman and gave it to Juktopp, telling him of our offer. Needless to say, he was overwhelmed and overjoyed. To this day, he remains light as air and just as free in a planar realm of great beauty. You must find him and retrieve the talisman. Give him this potion whihc will sustain him while we prepare for Ruchu. There is [still more] you must do.'

Receive Potion of Sustenance.

You say, 'Still more?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'When the gods were still young and the ethereal planes were not much more than imagination, the Tribunal wished to create an infallible system of justice. They also wanted those who approached them to hear or plead their casr to have their resolve tested so the Tribunal's time would not be wasted. Thus, the Tribunal chose to create [trials of justice] so that Norrathians would be required to prove thier worth to have thier case heard.'

You say, 'Tell me more about the trials of justice.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'But it was not that simple. It did take some time to decide how the trials would be created so that they were fair and just and would provide a good test of strength and might. There was a high shaman of halas who followed th path lain by the Tribunal and lived his life according to law and justice. His name was [Veshtaq] MacDunahon.'

You say, 'Tell me more about Veshtaq.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Veshtaq's strict asherence to justice eventually earned the attention of the Tribunal and he was asked to ascend from the mortal realm to aid them in creating trials that would be suitable to place before Norathians wishing to approach the greatness of the Tribunal. Of course, Veshtaq obliged and [succeeded] in creating a series of trials that allowed Norrathians to prove thier worth.'

You say, 'He succeeded?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'When his work was done, Veshtaq suddenly realized that he had grown much olde and his time in the lane had weakened his ties with the natual spirits of the world. This [troubled] him greatly. He felt his life perhaps had come to no real meaning.'

You say, 'What troubled him?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Somehow, the Tribunal then became aware of Veshtaq's concerns and passed a judgment -- that Ceshtaq be granted a place among the trials he created, becoming immortal. With that judgment, the Tribunal had contacted one of the great spirits, that of Patience, and asked for a [meaningful way] for a shaman to become immortal.'

You say, 'What was the meaningful way for him to become immortal?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'For a shaman, a blessing of etenal life from any spirit is an honor, so a talisman was created by the Spirit of Patience to sustain Veshtaq for all time and he would be once again be rejoined with the spirit world. Now, Mwinda, it is up to you to retrieve the talisman. You may not simply ask for it. You will have to complete the ery tial he commands and defeat his essence. Do not fret. The Tribunal will sustain him in that plane so he may continue his work.'

Head to the Plane of Justice and complete the Trial of Torture, killing Punisher Veshtaq for the Blessed Talisman of Patience.

Next, head to Pegasus Island (aka Harvester Island) in the Plane of Sky (/loc +671, -878, 175.50). You'll need the Key of the Misplaced, the Key of Misfortune, and the Key of Beasts to get there. Find the Eternal Spirit (he roams) and give it the Potion of Sustenance. You receive a Blessed Talisman of Wisdom.

Eternal Spirit beams and looks at you with pride. 'Greetings, shaman. I am both glad to see you and somewhat sad. I know you are here to retrieve my talisman -- which is the reason for my weeping heart. I do understand the importance of taking it for the Ruchu. My heart does warm, though, at the sight of a shaman in pursuit of great things. I am envious. Here, take the talisman and protect it with your life. I should like to see it again after all has been set right.'

Return to the Elder Spirit of Enlightenment in West Freeport and give it the Talisman of Patience and Talisman of Wisdom.

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'This is a start. There is still much to do. While we have gotten the talismans from our allies, there are those that are not our friends -- the wasichu and worse -- who carry or have [stolen] items we need. They will not part with them willingly. This is where your strength and might will be put to the test . . . and your presence of mind. Are you certain you wish to go on?'

You say, 'Stolen?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Very well. You will need to return to Wunshi for more information. He will be able to lead you to some of what we need if you ask him. Return to me and tell me when your business with Wunshi is finished. I am too tired to continue.'

Return to Wunshi Kashra in Shadeweaver's Thicket.

You say, 'Hail, Wunshi Kashra'

Wunshi Kashra says 'I am glad to see you do all you can to aid the spirits. Their grasp on existence grows weaker every day and it breaks my heart. With you, though, we may stand a chance. Now, it is up to you to find two dark creatures that carry some treasures that we need and they will not be willing to part with them. First you must find a [gruesome being] whose goal is to steal spirits to make it stronger. It wears a ring that it obtained from an evil enchanter who used it to charm the very spirits of its prey. The [second beast] is just as foul.'

You say, 'What gruesome being?'

Wunshi Kashra says 'This creature is found far across the seas and exists between life and death. It is quite frightful to behold amongst its followers. Good luck to you, my friend. Return the ring to me and I will guide you further.'

You say, 'What second beast?'

Wunshi Kashra says 'The second creature is a strange and powerful beast that seeks to increase the number of its followers by overcoming them with intimidation. I am embarrassed to say that he had [stolen] a special gift from me -- a gift given to me by the elder spirits when I had proven my dedication and worth.'

You say, 'Stolen?'

Wunshi Kashra says 'The vermin that stole it now abuses it to gain control over spirits it wants to command. It is a peculiar beast that lives way up in the heavens on the moon. It is not often seen, so your timing must be right. Return its amulet to me when you obtain it. We will all be better off without this creature lurking about.'

Journey to the Crypt of Nadox and find Spiritseeker Nadox (/loc -395, -535 In altar room). Kill him to loot the Ring of the Undead Spiritcharmer.

[Note: Nadox is on a 3-day timer. However, if you do the quest in the correct order and have the appropriate bits, Spiritseeker Nadox will spawn when you zone in. If someone has recently killed Spiritseeker Nadox before you arrived, you will have to wait two hours before you can zone in again to trigger the spawn (that also counts for retries if you fail). Once you have completed this portion of the quest, you will not be able to trigger the spawn anymore.]

Head to the Umbral Plains and kill the Netherbian Swarmfiend (/loc -1113, -1169, -20.27) which has about 150k HP, triples for 1300, AE Rampage, AE Stun, 1500 DD, Slowable. Loot the Amulet of The Spiritist. A chest can spawn with additional loot.

Head back to Shadeweaver's Thicket and give Wunshi the Ring of the Undead Spiritcharmer and Amulet of the Spiritist.

Wunshi Kashra says 'Marvelous! You have come a long way, ______. I didn't have many doubts, but to see you return with this very rare and precious item is a joy. Now that we have this, we are yet another step closer to performing the Ruchu. I will keep this and deliver it. Thank you and stay strong, heyokah.'

Wunshi Kashra says 'I'll be! You have successfully put an end to that fiend. This amulet will be used by the spirits during Ruchu. Now this amulet which I had used so many times in the past will help the one who wears it during the ritual to bind itself to the consciousness of the spirits so that they can be called. Stay focused shaman.'

Return to the Elder Spirit of Enlightenment in West Freeport.

You say, 'My business with Wunshi is finished.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Is that so? I am both grateful and anxious. My sight into the spirit world grows darker with each hour. You have done well, but I am ever fearful that we are not moving quickly enough. You must use all of your skills for your next task. Return to Kimm McShannel and when you return to me, tell me that you have created the potion. Show her this bangle.'

Receive Gemmed Bangle of Enlightenment.

Go to Lake Rathetear and return to Kimm McShannel.

You say, 'Hail, Kimm McShannel'

Give her the Gemmed Bangle of Enlightenment.

Kimm McShannel says 'Aye, so ye have returned. We have much to do here, me friend. The first thing we must do is [break down] this bangle into its gems and metal. This here bangle was very carefully made. First, the gems were blessed by the spirits, then the metal itself as it was forged. Aye, we need to carefully separate them. The two gems were blessed by the spirits of Wisdom and Patience, and the metal was strengthened by the Spirit of Might. We will use these to call them back to us.'

You say, 'Break down?'

Kimm McShannel says 'As most things, the process is not a simple one and we'll need some ingredients for a special potion. You must retrieve four items, which should not prove difficult for a shaman of your stature. They are very specific and I can tell you more about the [skin], the [powder], the [tooth], and the [goo]. When you have all of these things, use my medicine bag to create this potion and return it to me.'

Receive Heyokah Medicine Bag.

You say, 'Tell me about the skin.'

Kimm McShannel says 'First, you must find your way to Kuua for part of the potion. There you will find a foul hound of flesh with no fur and fangs. We need a perfect specimen of some of its skin for our potion. Three should do nicely.'

You say, 'Tell me about the powder.'

Kimm McShannel says 'The powder is very unique and can be difficult to obtain -- many have died trying as it's a coveted magic. There is an undead fiend that uses this powder to turn many creatures and darken them. It is a beast in a sickly plane which makes it that much more challenging, of course. This powder is needed so that we can use a pinch of it to attract the Spirit of Might close enough to us to have it turn its back on the path of the wasichu.'

You say, 'Tell me about the tooth.'

Kimm McShannel says 'In suffocating lands, there are a few revenants with a marrow that we need. It's a rather unpleasant task and I'm sure they won't cooperate. You must find four of their teeth.'

You say, 'And the goo?'

Kimm McShannel says 'The goo is very special and will provide a strong acidic base for the agent we are creating. You will find it deep where the spirits groan and drift, where it seems even the walls howl in agony. There is only one creature that produces this goo that we use to separate gem from metal. It is very deep within that place. You should try to obtain two samples of goo.'

3 x Perfect Marked Ukun Skin: Ukun Gutfeaster (-1000, -1600, Dranik's Scar)
Corruption Powder: Elite Corrupted Knight (random /loc, Crypt of Decay)
4 x Revenant Tooth: a sun revenant (northwest corner, The Grey)
2 x Corrosive Goo: a pulsating bile (Charasis/Howling Stones)

Return to Lake Rathetear and combine the items in the Heyokah Medicine Bag: 3 x Perfect Marked Ukun Skin, Corruption Powder, 4 x Revenant Tooth, and 2 x Corrosive Goo. This creates Shaman's Precious Diffusing Agent, which you need to give to Kimm.

Kimm McShannel nods at you and reaches into her pocket and takes out the gemmed bangle and puts it on the ground. She takes the vial and slowly lets a few drops fall on the platinum. It seems to coil and bend and pulls itself into a small globe and the gems lazily fall onto the ground. 'Perfect,' Kimm says. Now, you must return the gems and platinum to the Spirit of Enlightenment. I've put it in a purse to keep them safe. You truly are beginning to surpass all of our expectations, Karacus.

Receive a Runed Purse of the McShannels and take it to the Elder Spirit in West Freeport.

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'I will have to pass these along as soon as my messenger gets here. I'm sure you understand that as each spirit loses strength, each of our abilities to keep a form in this tangible world becomes very difficult. We must find a way to sustain a physical presence here or the Ruchu will be in jeopardy. We will ask you to [take part] in the ceremony where our strength may fail us.'

You say, 'I will take part.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'We are still a long way from that, but I feel it is time to [acknowledge] you as a true shaman spirit that has earned the respect of many spirits of the world.'

You say, 'Acknowledge me.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'We, the spirits, have chosen to grant you a gift for all that you've done for us and what you still have left to do. It is just a sampling of the power you may obtain one day as you move forward as one of the heyokah. Guard it and use it well. Should you choose to continue your journey, tell me that you are [prepared to carry on] and save the spirits.'

You have gained 5 ability points!

You receive the Crafted Talisman of Fates, your epic 1.5.
Submitted by: Mwinda, with lots of information from Valsuvious (Crimson Tempest Guild of Maelin Starpyre
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Spiritseeker Nadox loc
# Apr 18 2021 at 1:51 PM Rating: Good
129 posts
Spiritseeker Nadox loc -395, -535
faction reset?
# Oct 11 2019 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
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after finishing 1.0 faction is reset too zero and elder wolf wont talk to me to start how do i reset faction? tricks have been nerfed cant repeat parts of 1.0 too raise so how do we?
PoSky Loc
# Jan 13 2017 at 3:46 PM Rating: Decent
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Netherbian Swarmfiend - Umbral Plains -1113, -1169, -20.27
PoSky Loc
# Jan 14 2017 at 8:19 AM Rating: Good
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Thanks, all locations added!
PoSky Loc
# Jan 13 2017 at 3:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Just to fill in the needed locations

The center of the "Pegasus" (A.K.A. Harvester Island) is Loc +671, -878, 175.50

"Eternal Spirit" does not have a location, he roams on this island.
PoSky Loc
# Jan 13 2017 at 3:25 PM Rating: Decent
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Crypt of Nadox - Spiritseeker Nadox - Loc: -697, 533, 26.25 (In alter room)
Eternal Spirit
# May 22 2016 at 12:54 PM Rating: Decent
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After getting to this step of my 1.5 and having to wait for respawns in plane of sky, I believe the mobs for the epics should be A.) Non attackable and B) Non aggro.

Unless they are supposed to be killed.

Edited, May 22nd 2016 12:18pm by Anduin
Shuddering Fungus
# Dec 27 2015 at 10:22 AM Rating: Excellent
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The description of the instant spawning of this NPC should be changed, as it is no longer has instant spawn place holders and could take hours of sitting at the 3 spawns waiting for the Shuddering Fungus to spawn, let alone drop the Bleak Fungus.
Shuddering Fungus
# Dec 30 2015 at 10:48 PM Rating: Excellent
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hubbledorf wrote:
The description of the instant spawning of this NPC should be changed, as it is no longer has instant spawn place holders and could take hours of sitting at the 3 spawns waiting for the Shuddering Fungus to spawn, let alone drop the Bleak Fungus.

Updated, thanks.
# Sep 13 2015 at 1:04 PM Rating: Good
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For any having trouble with the trial of torture bit: I found if my dps was too high, the prisoners will despawn. To prevent this, kill 3 out of a wave and leave the 4th up. The wraith doesnt seem to spawn, but as long as you leave one up, then kill it when the next wave spawns, you'll get to the name.
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Two Bleak Fungus, no more
# Apr 06 2015 at 12:33 PM Rating: Good
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I was having a problem with getting Lupot to chat with me after I got three bleak fungus, and after a while realized he will only speak with you if you have two, and two only. If you don't get his 2nd chat, you will have problems later on with npcs replying to you.
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Two Bleak Fungus, no more
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Vinman wrote:
I was having a problem with getting Lupot to chat with me after I got three bleak fungus, and after a while realized he will only speak with you if you have two, and two only. If you don't get his 2nd chat, you will have problems later on with npcs replying to you.

Thanks you VERY MUCH. I had the same problem. Deleted one and got Lupot to talk to me
Alchemy combine
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Combine the two Bleak fungi with the Twine-wrapped Lustrous Seaweed in your Thatched Medicine Bag to create Shadowed Pulp.

Now, combine the Brittle Burned Bark with the Tied Twinkling Shrubs to create Brittle Twigs.

100 Alchemy skill required. (I'm assuming no-fail, like the rest of the epic combines)
Kimm McShannel at the beginning of the quest
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Maybe someone already said this above and if so, my apologies.

I just started my 1.5 as level 100 Shaman and when I got to Kimm at Lake Rathetear, she would not respond to my hails. Someone at the very beginning said that they had to get rid of their pet. I did not have a pet but I was grouped with my dual-box warrior and both of them had the mercanaries up. I first got rid of the mercs but that did not help. After that I ungrouped and I was just on my own. Still no joy. I was thinking since this was supposed to be a "Raid" level event, I might need more real players. So far I only had two, my Shaman and Warrior.

Anyway, long story short, the hail never worked, but all I had to do was just go to next step and say: 'The Elder Spirit sent me' and Bob was my uncle :)

After that I got the conversation going and Ancient Megalodon spawned right outside in the flord. He only has about 500,000 HP and was absolute cake walk for level 100 shaman / warrior.
just finished 1.0
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This is more of a heads up. As stated, I just finished the 1.0 quest and went to talk to the Elder Spirit of Enlightenment. He had nothing to say. When I conned him, he showed as indifferent. So I decided to try the 1.5 prequest, found the Spirit in Ill Omen I conned him and he showed up as dubious. Tried talking to him and he also didnt want to speak with me.


I decided to try the Elder spirit one last time before heading to Ocean of Tears to start the 1.0 over again for faction grinding. To my surprise he decided to go ahead and talk to me. So apparently there was a glitch along the way.

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Just a couple things, protips I guess?

#1 You don't need to talk to Tikl, I found shrubs up on server reset, they're just never a 100% spawn, nor do they always spawn at the same place. I picked up two, waited 10-15 minutes, checked spots that were previously empty and they were up.

#2 You can turn in the 'tiny gem' from the first step in 1.0 epic to max ally, turn in tear and finish, this is sufficient (skipping everything) to start 1.5.

#3 Swarmfiends stun only hit the people in front of him, not on the rear. You can also pull him to almost anywhere and fade, fd, coth etc..he will sit there until re-agro'd.
Twinkling Shrubs
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The trick is to wait about 10 min after doing the hail to start looking.

The locations of the bags in this post were all there.
Twinkling Shrubs
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I had a lot of difficulty with this one. After asking the Shaman Channel ingame, a few have told me they quit on this part.

The only shrubs I found were underwater.
I was told the ones on land are hard to see, but after searching over an hour, I couldnt find them on land. I checked different /locs, I re-hailed the troll, and after an hour or so, I checked back next time. When I relogged, i hailed and checked the water /locs and found my last twinking shrub , cheer

And yes , you can use the same /loc shrub at turn-in
Ryanxp, Zek server
Twinkling Shrub
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Doing this quest this morning after sitting in the zone for about 15 minutes checking out the spawns it appears that only the ones underwater are currently working. the Loc's in the writeup are correct however. the ones in the thread did not work for me.
Pet ate my Potion
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i accidentally handed my potion of Sustenance to my pet instead of the enternal spirit on PoSky and now i cant even start over cause i tried to spawn the mob in lake rathetear and she wont respond to the dialogue. any ideas?
Twinkling shrub takes a while to spawn
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Takes about 5 minutes for the Twinkling Shrub to spawn after you go through the conversation with Tikl Hub.
Eternal Spirit
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The Eternal Spirit in the Plane of Sky is a wandering mob on the island. A pegasus model so there is no one /loc to plug into the walk through.
Wilslik Gissu /Loc
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What is Wilslik Gissu's /Loc? the one posted in walkthrough appears to be wrong. i go to it, look around and i see no NPC in the mountainous area or grass, as its where they meet Unless the poster meant maybe one or both to be negative instead of positive? appreciate the help in advance,

Wunshi Kashra in Shadeweaver's Thicket
# Jan 24 2011 at 12:41 AM Rating: Decent
Just wanted to let you know the Loc is way off. The Loc is: -608, +370 (inside tunnels) he's behind a rock.
ancient megalodon
# Dec 26 2010 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
I already did the 1.5 pretask but I'm still unable to spawn this guy. Can anyone tell me why not?
Can be completed start to finish by a level 60 shaman
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Just finished this on my level 60 shaman alt last night. Most of the items are pre-lootable before even starting as long as you don't do any turn-ins.

Pre-loot list includes:

Perfect Marked Ukun Skin
Corruption Powder
Revenant Tooth
Corrosive Goo
Ring of the Undead Spiritcharmer
Twinkling Shrubs

Once you are flagged to spawn the Ancient Megoladon, you can trigger the spawn without aggroing it at which point, you can head to shore, camp to a different toon, solo (or molo) the mob down, switch back to your shaman and loot the body (once loot restriction timer expires).

The shark encounter can be done in the same manner. Either have the phrase you say to the troll macroed or just have it ready to hit enter and have some cloudy potions with you for an instant invis. The moment you hit enter, click your potion to go invis, swim away, and then switch to a toon you can solo/molo the sharks on.

Also, the Trial of Torture is no longer bugged. Duoed it with a 85 cleric and her merc.

Now I just need to ding 65 so I can actually use the thing :P

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Perfect Marked Ukun Skin
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I can confirm that the Perfected Marked Ukun Skin also drops off the Ukun Slavehunter (about 20 min respawn timer) at loc -797, 799, 440 at the base of the ramp, so you can go between the Ukun Gutfeaster and the Slavehunter to make drops a little bit quicker.

Hope this helps.

Perfect Marked Ukun Skin
# Oct 19 2009 at 7:11 AM Rating: Decent
True. You can do a three spawn cycle. Start at the Domineering Ukun in bloodfields, run to the slavehunter, then to the gut feaster, then back to the Domineering and wait for respawn. Took me about 5 hours to get all three.
Picking back up
# May 19 2009 at 3:59 PM Rating: Decent
Is there any way to find out where you left off? I have been away from the game about 3 years and wonder how far I got through the Quest.
Picking back up
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Check your bank for the items that you have, otherwise, there is no way that I know of.
Master Artisan Kaepak Kampeador
twilight shrubs moved-new locs
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P 1209.3882, 1495.4816, -53.6307, 0, 0, 0, 2, newshrub
P 892.4026, -103.5405, -31.1916, 0, 0, 0, 2, newshrub
P 623.3618, -1377.6786, 17.9614, 0, 0, 0, 2, newshrub
P -937.4143, -402.9599, -79.2757, 0, 0, 0, 2, newshrub

twilight shrubs moved-new locs
# Nov 20 2016 at 3:28 AM Rating: Decent

Only found the 2 underwater in the locs given. All locs you've posted I've seen nothing. Frustrated after over 45 mins, I've since logged to try again next time. I continued coming back to the 2 land spawns, at the dock and at the mountain near the tunnel, and haven't seen either (even giving them ~10 minutes as posted). When I log back and can't find them at any of the 4 locs posted I'll repost again to try to seek additional help

Yet I see many, many finish this, so luck is definitely on my side!
Ryanxp, Zek server
twilight shrubs moved-new locs
# Oct 01 2012 at 9:26 AM Rating: Decent

i can only find 2 of the underwater shrubs

where are the ones on land

following the guide original locs found only 2

started useing these "new loc" found nothing !!
twilight shrubs moved-new locs
# Jun 01 2010 at 9:02 PM Rating: Decent
i can't seem to find the shrubs...i've ran to all the spots and nothing... i have found 2 at the spots in the walk thru but nothing else
Trial of Torture
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I think the Trial of Torture is bugged.

Does anyone know the Dialog that I need to run through with Mavuin in the bottom floor in order to get the preflag? Also what are the requirements for the Trial of Torture? I read somewhere that only a single group can enter.

I read somewhere that A group of two + a merc could get into trial.

I also read somewhere that the person who talks to the Tribunal will NOT get ported into the trial, which is hard seeing that the Shaman who needs this part, I believe needs to activate the trial

The Main Question Is:

What is the Dialog to Mavuin and The Tribunal and how many do you need in group in order to do it?

I have an 80 ranger with 25k hp, a cleric mercenary and a 73 shaman.

Imanota Cookid
(The Tribunal)
Trial of Torture
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Did Trial of Torture today. Boxed my 80 monk and my 70 Shaman np. Shaman did hailing and both were ported in, so I guess if there was a bug it's fixed now.
Trial of Torture
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I had this problem as well. I was flagged on both my ranger and my shaman but I could not get the trial of torture, at first. I tried logging out and back in, zoning out and back in, nothing worked the tribunal just kept telling me that there was someone else in there or that I had to wait or something. There was not anyone in there either time I tried this. Finally got bored and did the trial of haning for fun, man that is so much easier now days, and once I came out I hailed trial of torture guy and was ported into the trial. Not sure if it is because my toons are lvl 80 and 75 respectivly or what but after I did a different trial was aloud to do the torture one.
Shaman Healer
Pain and Glory - Vox
Trial of Torture
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As far as group requirements go, I did this 'solo' recently with just me, pet and tank merc. So the group was just me and merc.
Nexax 101 Barbarian Shaman, Stromm
Trial of Torture
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I just did the trial of torture today, it works fine.

The person who initiates the trial will be ported in. I can't say for certain, but I believe you do not need to mess with Mavuin to do the trial. The reason I can't say for certain is because my characters are old and went through this spiel on a different trial when PoP was new. The whole deal with Mavuin was for gaining access to the plane of storms and the plane of valor back in the day.

Just walk up to the appropriate hammer and say the trigger phrases:

I am prepared.

I am ready to begin the trial of torture.
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