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Rain of Fear



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100 - 100

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While the shards of fear were falling on Norrath, a significant shard landed in a remote part of The Grey. It was discovered by one of the undead Shissar stalkers who delivered it to a Shissar, Vyzh'dra. Vyzh'dra recognized the power of the shard immediately. He recognized the power of Cazic-Thule. Rather than embracing the power and being overwhelmed by it, this Shissar isolated the shard and began to work on a plan to regain their empire and free themselves from the prison they made for themselves in The Grey.

He encased the crystal in a magical container and has begun experimenting with siphoning off some of its power.

Not too long after this, a new city emerged in the middle of The Grey. It is a massive and pristine city reminiscent of ancient shissar architecture and designs, and outsiders seem confused as to how it came to be. No one has come out of the city since it arrived.


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Reasonable Necromancer solo kite spot
# Apr 04 2017 at 11:10 AM Rating: Good
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I stayed on the beach. Only one type of mob is KoS: a frustrated fisherman, but these can be snared and do not summon so I kite these as well. There is a named possible (Floppy Flick) that I have not tried to molo (yet). I did not get these close enough to "a tired fishman" to test if social, the animals do not assist.

Mostly I kite "a turtle" (which seems more resistant) and "a crocodile". Neither summons and they are not social with the any other mobs on the beach. They will assist others of the same type, but they have very small aggro range - they need to almost touch. So usually I clear one side of which ever animal seems more spread out, then clear that side of the other. Then move. If any of the "a frustrated fisherman" is up, I'll take that too.

At level 100 I was using a four spell lineup- I believe you could do this earlier, but you would need to cast more spells per mob.

AA Encroaching Darkness (snare)
AA Scent of Terris (adds magic debuff @100)
Pernicious Wounds Rk. II
Necrotizing Wounds Rk. II
Coruscating Shadow Rk. II
Blazing Shadow Rk. II
reapply AA snare (to ensure it runs through the Wounds procs)

Send pet (and Army, etc. as available) - fire and magic focus 48-70%, 26% duration - mob dead. Trying to get as many as possible going once I cast the full range of DoTs on each.

Loot is reasonable, after vendoring and /barter I expect 10k+ an hour.
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