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The Serpent's Spine Guide

A guide to progression, keying, flagging, and access within The Serpent's Spine expansion.

The Beginning

  • The Serpent's Spine expansion was announced on July 11, 2006, and went live on September 19, 2006.
  • The initial expansion announcement may be found here. The initial patch message may be found here.

What's Going On

  • After Venril Sathir's curse was released into the Nest and destroyed the dragon eggs, it was clear that the future of dragonkind was in danger.
  • Six dragon children of the Nest — Venesh the Greenblood; Draton'ra, Master of the Void; Keikolin, Bringer of Enlightenment; Mysaphar, Seeker of All; Atathus the Red Lord; and Osh`vir the Windspirit — got together and called themselves the Circle of the Crystalwing. They went against the wishes of their Elders and created a new race to protect against the growing threats. Through recruitment, coercion, and even kidnapping, the Circle created the Drakkin, a race of dragon-touched humans, and used the abandoned Ogre city of Nokk within the Serpent's Spine mountains to develop them.

What's New

  • A new playable race, the Drakkin
  • Level increase to 75
  • New stat: "SV CORRUPTION" (some NPCs' AE attacks are corruption-based, requiring a corruption cure)
  • While out of combat regen was initially introduced this expansion (citation needed), Progression servers now unlock this when Gates of Discord unlocks. For reference, the icons are described as follows:
    • Crossed Swords - You are currently in combat.
    • Hour Glass - You are recovering from combat and cannot rest yet. In addition to the hourglass, there is a timer bar beneath the endurance bar that will count down as you get closer to being rested.
    • Poison Drop - You are no longer in combat, but cannot rest because of a debuff that is affecting you. You must get rid of the debuff before you can rest. Certain debuffs now have a yellow border instead of a red one. These debuffs do not affect your ability to rest.
    • Void - The void is the default icon and indicates that you are not in-combat and you can rest at any time.
    • Energy Swirl - The energy swirl indicates that you are currently resting.


  • A list of zones in The Serpent's Spine may be found here.
  • A screenshot of the animated in-game map of the mountains of Serpent's Spine may be found here.

Travel to The Serpent's Spine

  • A portal stone to Crescent Reach in the neutral section of the Plane of Knowledge (just west of the Plane of Tranquility stone) will land you in a safe area of Blightfire Moors.
  • The Blightfire Moors may also be reached through Highpass Hold.
  • Wizards are able to port and translocate to Blightfire Moors, Sunderock Springs, and Icefall Glacier.
  • Druids are able to port and translocate to Blightfire Moors, Direwind Cliffs, and The Steppes.
  • One character per account recives Scepter of Draconic Calling ("/claim 10"). Its effect is a self-port to Crescent Reach reuseable after 72 minutes.
  • Goru'kar Mesa is a destination in the Guild Hall portal.

Spells in The Serpent's Spine

Most spells in this expansion are tiered. When you scribe a Rank II spell in your book, the Rank I spell will be overwritten; likewise for Rank III.

  • Rank II spells are dropped randomly throughout upper level zones (Ashengate, Frostcrypt, Direwind Cliffs, Valdeholm, Icefall Glacier, The Steppes and Sunderock), and are droppable.
  • The Magician summon spells are dropped by random mobs. They are tradeable.
  • Wizard portal spells are bought from Kulvinia Brightflame in Blightfire (-145, +575).

    Progression Through The Serpent's Spine

    Most areas in this expansion are open to everyone. In addition to the normal task system (where one task brings a reward), many tasks within the expansion are part of a series, with rewards coming after completing multiple tasks (the low level "Love in the Air" series, for example).

    Still, there are a few places and areas which require keys and flags:

    Ashengate Progression Line (Access Quest Entry Here)

    Frostcrypt Progression Line

    Quests to do While Progressing Through The Serpent's Spine

    • Charm of Lore
      • This quest involves the entire Serpent's Spine expansion, and involves collecting various artifacts from solo, group, and raid encounters in order to upgrade a charm received from Librarian Hemfar of Crescent Reach.
    • Wanderlust Guild Charm
      • Another quest involving the entire expansion is the Wanderlust Guild Charm series which begins with this task.
    • Bypass the Ashengate Guards
      • Unless you can feign death, fade, or SOS by them, the two Guardians of the Gate in the Direwind Cliffs will probably cause you some annoyance. Complete three relatively quick tasks beginning with this one to bypass them.
    • Warriors, Kings, and Heroes
    • Familiars for Everyone
      • Priests and Pure Casters can summon a familiar using the Direwolf Totem of Spirit obtained from this quest.
      • Hybrids and Pure Melees can summon a familiar using the Direwolf Totem of Battle obtained from this quest.
    • Many more tasks were added with the Serpent's Spine expansion. The list here is made up of the highlights. A complete list of TSS quests and tasks listed in the Allakhazam database can be found here (this is a premium-only link).

    Armor Sets in The Serpent's Spine

    • Kimem's Armor (Levels 20-30)
      • Kimem Saydel in Crescent Reach offers armor quests for chain, leather, plate, and silk classes These quests result in armor pieces which have in the neighborhood of 10-25hp/mana/end.
    • Tenish's Armor (Single Groupable; Levels 71-75)
      • Tenish in Crescent Reach offers armor quests for chain, leather, plate, and silk classes. These quests result in armor pieces which have in the neighborhood of 210-240hp/mana/end.
      • Each piece may be upgraded to include stat bonuses as well (chain, leather, plate, and silk respectively).
    • Terraxs's Armor (Raid Required; Level 75)
      • Terraxs in Crescent Reach also offers armor quests for chain, leather, plate, and silk classes. These quests result in armor pieces which have in the neighborhood of 450-475hp/mana/end.
      • Each piece may be upgraded to include stat bonuses as well (chain, leather, plate, and silk respectively).

Pick Zones

- Many Serpent's Spine, Buried Sea, and Secrets of Faydwer zones now have load balancing enabled. (Source)

They didn't give a list so not sure which zones can exactly be made into /picks.

What happens to corpses when new level increasing expansions unlock?

Per 4-19-2017 patch.

- Progression servers will now automatically wipe all corpses from the game when an expansion that includes a level increase is opened. This is not retroactive for already unlocked expansions on existing progression servers but will activate going forward on existing progression servers and for all applicable expansions on new progression servers.
- - This will happen when the following expansions unlock:
The Ruins of Kunark
The Planes of Power
Omens of War
The Serpent's Spine
Secrets of Faydwer
Seeds of Destruction
House of Thule
Veil of Alaris
Rain of Fear
The Darkened Sea and future expansions that include a level increase.

This change was made because people were corpse banking for a quick way of increasing their experience in the new expansion. They would kill themselves many times and then power level themselves while the corpse timer was running down, camping out between big pulls to stop the rez timer. Once the new expansion launched, they would rez all the corpses effectively gaining all the experience back and power leveling themselves.

When is keying/flagging no longer required for expansions?

The Serpent Spine Trials no longer needed for Anguish. Only signets are needed


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