a bixie imposter [ Enchanter Spells ]  

Spells: Enchanter

Uploaded July 24th, 2007

  • This mob spawns at +600, -1000.

Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 70
Expansion: Serpents Spine
NPC Added: 2006-09-22 20:25:54
NPC Last Updated: 2023-03-14 20:40:42

Goods sold (25):
icon Spell: Aegis of Alendar 767pp 4gp 7sp 2cp
icon Spell: Bewilderment 737pp 1gp 5sp 9cp
icon Spell: Brimstone Body 826pp 5sp 5cp
icon Spell: Coax 742pp 3gp 1sp 9cp
icon Spell: Color Collapse 809pp 1sp 7cp
icon Spell: Draconic Rune 685pp 4gp 3sp 6cp
icon Spell: Dreams of Veldyn 766pp 4gp 6sp 7cp
icon Spell: Dyn`leth's Whispers 865pp 1gp 6cp
icon Spell: Echo of Tashan 732pp 9gp 3sp 8cp
icon Spell: Ellowind's Animation 460pp 9gp 4sp 1cp
icon Spell: Fractured Consciousness 695pp 9gp 2sp 6cp
icon Spell: Hastening of Ellowind 849pp 5gp 9sp 2cp
icon Spell: Legion of Alendar 826pp 6gp 7cp
icon Spell: Polychromatic Assault 778pp 5gp 4sp 7cp
icon Spell: Polychromatic Rune 851pp 2gp 2sp 1cp
icon Spell: Quiet Mind 732pp 5gp 5sp 7cp
icon Spell: Rune of Ellowind 698pp 9gp 5sp 9cp
icon Spell: Seer's Intuition 773pp 8sp 5cp
icon Spell: Sorcerous Shield 703pp 4gp 7sp 3cp
icon Spell: Speed of Ellowind 740pp 6gp 5sp
icon Spell: Spinning into the Void 812pp 5gp 7sp 3cp
icon Spell: Thin Air 775pp 6sp 6cp
icon Spell: Voice of Intuition 851pp 5gp 3sp 6cp
icon Spell: Wake of Subdual 817pp 7gp 4sp 9cp
icon Spell: Ward of Bewilderment 854pp 1sp 2cp

Known Habitats:
  Stone Hive

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Targeting to open window
# Mar 14 2023 at 8:52 AM Rating: Excellent
102 posts
Tag the legs, this is a floating NPC, I have a key to target nearby NPC but targeting the legs works get it as target, if close enough it opens purchase window- Aprox loc is +600 by -1000. If you have lev on go over the hedges.
Hard to target ; not starring Seagal
# Aug 15 2011 at 11:01 PM Rating: Decent

This bixie imposter seemed untargetable -- hit F7 and it targeted her. Clicked like a mad man over her name and all over her body, finally brought up the merchant window.

Nymphs/bixies/etc all seem hard to interact with (looting corpses, etc).

Cost per level
# Aug 16 2008 at 2:15 AM Rating: Decent
Since the bixie is a little out of place, I wanted to know how much money to bring per level, so I resorted the list below.

Thank you Khabi for the original info, I just summed it up:

71 Spell: Draconic Rune- 227pp
71 Spell: Ellowind's Animation- 209pp
71 Spell: Fractured Consciousness- 218pp
71 Spell: Rune of Ellowind- 203pp
71 Spell: Sorcerous Shield- 204pp
Total cost for level 71 spells: 1061 pp

72 Spell: Bewilderment- 438pp
72 Spell: Coax- 361pp
72 Spell: Echo of Tashan- 358pp
72 Spell: Quiet Mind- 367pp
72 Spell: Speed of Ellowind- 390pp
Total cost for level 72 spells: 1914 pp

73 Spell: Aegis of Alendar- 592 pp
73 Spell: Dreams of Veldyn- 586pp
73 Spell: Polychromatic Assault- 674pp
73 Spell: Seer's Intuition- 608pp
73 Spell: Thin Air- 637pp
Total cost for level 73 spells: 3097 pp

74 Spell: Brimstone Body- 932pp
74 Spell: Color Collapse- 772pp
74 Spell: Legion of Alendar- 843pp
74 Spell: Spinning into the Void- 810pp
74 Spell: Wake of Subdual- 842pp
Total cost for level 74 spells: 4199 pp

75 Spell: Dyn`leth's Whispers- 1184pp
75 Spell: Hastening of Ellowind- 1163pp
75 Spell: Polychromatic Rune- 1122pp
75 Spell: Voice of Intuition- 1048pp
75 Spell: Ward of Bewilderment- 978pp
Total cost for level 75 spells: 5495 pp

Broken merchant
# Dec 24 2006 at 6:57 PM Rating: Decent
Went here today and bixie was not a merchant. Just a NPC. Hope they fix soon..

Broken merchant
# Apr 27 2007 at 3:15 AM Rating: Decent
They seem to have. I just went there this morning and she was a merchant. Was able to get my 71 spells, hehe.

EDIT: Going again for my 74 spells, I've realize that she won't sell you to if you are on a horse. You have to dismount to bring up her Merchant window.

Edited, May 29th 2007 5:08pm by AkkiMourningwillow
Spell Costs
# Nov 20 2006 at 12:08 PM Rating: Decent
Make sure to bring some PP with you...these aren't cheap, but aren't really expensive.

Spell: Aegis of Alendar- 592 pp
Spell: Bewilderment- 438pp
Spell: Brimstone Body- 932pp
Spell: Coax- 361pp
Spell: Color Collapse- 772pp
Spell: Draconic Rune- 227pp
Spell: Dreams of Veldyn- 586pp
Spell: Dyn`leth's Whispers- 1184pp
Spell: Echo of Tashan- 358pp
Spell: Ellowind's Animation- 209pp
Spell: Fractured Consciousness- 218pp
Spell: Hastening of Ellowind- 1163pp
Spell: Legion of Alendar- 843pp
Spell: Polychromatic Assault- 674pp
Spell: Polychromatic Rune- 1122pp
Spell: Quiet Mind- 367pp
Spell: Rune of Ellowind- 203pp
Spell: Seer's Intuition- 608pp
Spell: Sorcerous Shield- 204pp
Spell: Speed of Ellowind- 390pp
Spell: Spinning into the Void- 810pp
Spell: Thin Air- 637pp
Spell: Voice of Intuition- 1048pp
Spell: Wake of Subdual- 842pp
Spell: Ward of Bewilderment- 978pp

Hope this helps :)
# Sep 24 2006 at 7:26 PM Rating: Decent
134 posts
loc 583, -997 in the hedge on right side
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