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Large Softly glowing powersource = Plate
Large Faintly glowing = chain
Large Flickering = leather
Large Translucent = silk

Power-infused bits drop from the instances of Frostcrypt and Ashengate. The trash can be one grouped but you have to have some beef to pull it off as the mobs hit harder than the regular zones and have more hps. The drop rate on the bits is pretty crappy.
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you need second task - say more information to get next task for Silverfanged Mysaphar's from Terraxs after you finish the first. The upgrade is second task.
My take on the armor
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Ranger specific tasks, of which you can only have one active at the time:
Evergreen Coat
Evergreen Leggings
Evergreen Sleeves
Evergreen Gauntlets
Evergreen Boots
Evergreen Wristguard
Evergreen Coif

Task lines is:
Deliver x power infused x to Terraxs : Crescent Reach
??? (not confirmed, but I assume this will be: Deliver A Timeworn XXXX Mold to Terraxs)

The timeworn molds drops from names in TSS raid instances.

Power Infused Chain Link for chain class, swatch for silk class, hide for leather class and scrap metal for plate -- I assume.

Legs, chest: 4 power infused xxx
Arms, head: 3 power infused xxx
Hands, feet: 2 power infused xxx
Wrist: 1 power infused xxx

I assume these are examples for this armor, not confirmed though, but it is not unlikely that tier 1 is named for the class, tier 2 has added the name of one of the 6 ancestors of the drakkins:

Bard: Dreamponder: ?

Beastlord: ?: ?

Berserker: Battlelancer: Atathus's Battlelancer
Tier 2:

Cleric: Spiritmind: Mysaphar's Spiritmind
Tier 2:

Druid: Purevine: Venesh's Purevine
Tier 2:

Enchanter: ?: ?

Magician: ?: ?

Monk: Whisperwind: Osh'vir's Whisperwind
Tier 2:

Necromancer: Blackbone: ?

Paladin: ?: ?

Ranger: Evergreen: ?

Rogue: Deadkeeper: Draton'ra's Deadkeeper
Tier 2:

Shadow Knight: Shadowskin: Draton'ra's Shadowskin
Tier 2:

Shaman: Silverfanged: Mysaphar's Silverfanged
Tier 2:

Warrior: ?: ?

Wizard: Runestruck: ?

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My take on the armor
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Wizard: Keikolin's Runestruck XXX
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I spoke to him and get the text and response noted -- but no task.

In that I have not bothered to obtain the T1 armor and get it to T2 -- I assume you must have an item of T2 Armor before he will give you an actual task.

Can anyone confirm?

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I think, they are two independant quest givers ~ you do not have to complete Tenesh tasks to start and complete Terraxs tasks.
where to get ?
# Oct 14 2006 at 6:31 AM Rating: Decent
aye where to get a power infused swatch ?
any ideas ?
Tenish / Terraxs
# Oct 11 2006 at 8:16 PM Rating: Default
Does this guy give better armor quests for better armor then tenish, im assuming he does since its level 75 armor quests but just asking to make sure
Tenish / Terraxs
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Tenesh is groupable drop tasks and for +71, Terraxs is raid drop tasks and for +75, you can safely assume it is considerably better taken the hard content needed to kill.
anyone completed this?
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was woundering what armor he gives i have quest but i see you need Power Infused ______ _______ (chain link... metal scrap... etc etc)

a) where/how is this aquired
b) final reward?

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his location is neg 1395 neg 1922 next to the alchemy gotta take the elevator up.

You say, 'Hail, Terraxs'
Terraxs says 'Vasha, Fendiyenae. Have you come to me because you hunger for a [challenge]?'
You say, 'challenge'
Terraxs says 'Indeed! I have learned the secret of forming together armors of amazing power but only the strongest and most valiant should attempt to walk the [road] I can lead you down!'
You say, 'road'
Terraxs says 'Well not an actual road, no, of course not! I meant it more figuratively! I have discovered the forms of a [recipe] that I think may wish to explore with me, Fendiyenae!'
You say, 'recipe'
Terraxs says 'I have compared notes with my friend Tenish about the magical relics we have been coming across. We both have a theory about how to leverage the power lying dormant in these items but Tenish thinks too small for my taste. I have heard that the really powerful relics are closer to the [source] of the magic that has enchanted the relics we have found.'
You say, 'source'
Terraxs says 'I suppose I should say sources, not source. The peak our cousin Dyn`leth sits atop and the mighty giant enclave both appear to be focal points for incredible energy. If you would like to experiment with me, and if you and your companions are strong enough, then I can share with you my [thoughts] on the subject'
You say, 'thoughts'
Terraxs says 'Excellent Fendiyenae! Return to me when you have gathered these items and we will attempt to craft something fantastic together!'

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Thank you ))
NPC for lvl 75 armor quest =))
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hail him and follow the text and he will like tenish give you an armor quest that also can be upgraded =))

He is located by the alchemy vendors 1 floor up =))
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