Tenish's Leather Armor (Part 2)  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Armour Set
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Quests:
Era:Serpents Spine
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Fri Sep 22 17:05:22 2006
Modified: Tue Dec 5 05:21:04 2023
Upon finishing an armor piece task outlined here, you will receive this prompt:

Tenish says 'My theory was correct! This is fantastic! Now, friend, I must ask if you are prepared to go [further] with this experiment and see if we cannot, together, create something truly fantastic?'

You say, 'How further?'

Tenish says, 'Indeed _____! As you were able to prove that my theory was correct and we were able to harness the power of these ancient artifacts I am now confident enough to attempt the next natural step, to further empower this item! Here is a list of instructions on how we can procede.'

The following tasks become available, depending on your class (the name of the task is the piece of armor you will receive)

Earth-Emblazoned Leather Armwraps
Earth-Emblazoned Leather Boots
Earth-Emblazoned Leather Cowl
Earth-Emblazoned Leather Gloves
Earth-Emblazoned Leather Leggings
Earth-Emblazoned Leather Tunic
Earth-Emblazoned Leather Wristband

Bark-Inlaid Leather Armwraps
Bark-Inlaid Leather Boots
Bark-Inlaid Leather Cowl
Bark-Inlaid Leather Gloves
Bark-Inlaid Leather Leggings
Bark-Inlaid Leather Tunic
Bark-Inlaid Leather Wristband

Mist-Blessed Leather Armwraps
Mist-Blessed Leather Boots
Mist-Blessed Leather Cowl
Mist-Blessed Leather Gloves
Mist-Blessed Leather Leggings
Mist-Blessed Leather Tunic
Mist-Blessed Leather Wristband

Tenish believes that he can further increase the power of the item you previously created by adding in a powersource, a collector of magical energies. Tenish has been able to confirm that such items have been discovered in both the Vergalid Mines and the Giant City of Valdeholm.

Bring back the item you created and a powersource and deliver it to Tenish so that he can complete the final stage of your experiment.

Quest Steps:

1. Deliver 1 [Part 1 Armor Piece] to Tenish
2. Deliver 1 A Flickering Powersource to Tenish

A Flickering Powersource drops from various named mobs in Valdeholm and Vergalid Mines.

Hand in these two items to receive your upgraded armor, stat bonuses inclued.
Submitted by: Ashwith
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# Apr 28 2007 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
Eats yer augments so make sure ya remove em first..lost a fabled aug on this one.
# Dec 07 2006 at 8:59 AM Rating: Decent
67 posts
They have added click effect to the tier 2 breastplates. The paladin is the only one I have on my twink, must be lvl 75 to use. The paladin gets a click buff that stuns attackers
bark-inlaid leather wristguard
# Dec 05 2006 at 5:46 PM Rating: Decent
74 posts
bark-inlaid leather wristguard

Magic Item No Trade
Slot: Wrist
AC: 21
HP/Mana +215
Regen +2
Stun Resist +3%

recom 75 requried 71

WT 2.0 Size Medium

Class druid / race all

SLot 1; type 7

Mist Blessed Leather Wristguard
# Oct 18 2006 at 1:14 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
Mist Blessed Leather Wristguard

AC: +21 Str: +10 Dex: +10 Sta: +10 Agi: +10
HP: +215 End: +215
Fire Resist: +10 Disease Resist: +10 Cold Resist: +10 Magic Resist: +10
Attack: +15
Regeneration: +2
Damage Shield: +2
Combat Effects: +3
Recommended level of 75. Required level of 71.
Weight: 0.3 Size: MEDIUM
Classes: Monk
Races: All Races
Slot 1: Type 7
# Oct 14 2006 at 9:37 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
Softly glowing powersource for legs
Druid Gear
# Oct 11 2006 at 8:30 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
Ok here is the Druid gear.

90 Finla Druid
89 Dazerker Berserker
89 Lenelder Mage
# Oct 08 2006 at 9:20 PM Rating: Decent
Is Earth-Emblazoned for beastlords
# Oct 08 2006 at 10:14 PM Rating: Excellent
6,998 posts
renerian wrote:
Is Earth-Emblazoned for beastlords

Updated, thanks.
Base stats the same
# Oct 07 2006 at 8:05 AM Rating: Decent
Same stats at Tier one armor for Druid Inlaid Leather Tunic except:

+3 Regen
+4 Mana Regen
+3 Spell Shield
+20 Avoidance
+2 DoT Shielding

If you have ToB or better not worth the time imo
Translucent Powersourse
# Oct 06 2006 at 6:17 PM Rating: Decent
Translucent Powersourse is for 'Silk' armors. at least for the Cap
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