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This item can be used in tradeskills.
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Item Lore:Blue glowing diamond like gem
Item Type:Combinable
Merchant Value:166 pp 6 gp 6 sp 6 cp
Lucy Entry By:Valsuvious - Crimson Tempest
Item Updated By:Gidono
IC Last Updated:2022-01-18 18:27:24
Page Updated:Tue Jul 19th, 2022

Expansion: Depths of Darkhollow Depths of Darkhollow

Average Price: 500pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 65

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This item is found on creatures.

NPC Name
a bellikos disciple
a bellikos recruiter
a bellikos servant
a caustic ooze
a cliknar agent
a cliknar aphid farmer
a cliknar arcanist
a cliknar arduloid
a cliknar auxilioid
a cliknar battle drone
a cliknar centurion
a cliknar eucryptoid
a cliknar farm guard
a cliknar mage
a cliknar paragon
a cliknar patrol leader
a cliknar prelate
a cliknar prophet
a cliknar reguloid
a cliknar scout drone
a cliknar sentinel
a cliknar sentry
a cliknar skirmish drone
a cliknar sporali farmer
a cliknar tephuloid
a cliknar verguloid
a cliknar warmage
a coldain disciple
a coldain servant
a crystalkin disciple
a dwarf disciple
a dwarf servant
a gigyn disciple
a gigyn servant
a gnome disciple
a gnome servant
a lethal ooze
a mature aphid
a sandspinner juvenile
a sandspinner stalker
a sporali disciple
a sporali foodling
a sporali foodspawn
a sporali servant
a telmira disciple
a telmira servant
an aggressive sporali
an aphid drone
an aphid nymph

Brell's Rest
NPC Name
a burynai burrower
a burynai cenobite
a burynai curate
a burynai explorer
a burynai rockshaper
a burynai sapper
a dwarven combatant
a gnoll assassin
a gnoll brawler
a gnoll charger
a gnoll flamepaw
a gnoll guardian
a gnoll protector
a gnoll shaman
a gnoll soothsayer
a gnome combatant
a kobold champion
a kobold defender
a kobold guardian
a kobold hunter
a kobold shaman
a kobold spiritcaller
a kobold warder
a lavakin
a nestling
a spinebloom
a steam elemental

Brell's Temple
NPC Name
a beastly construct
a brawling construct
a clay elemental
a coldain champion
a coldain diviner
a coldain overseer
a feral construct
a fledgling gigyn
a gigyn destroyer
a gigyn guardian
a gigyn marauder
a gigyn myrmidon
a gigyn rager
a gigyn sentry
a glowing creation
a gnomish concealer
a gnomish convoker
a gnomish enigma
a gnomish overseer
a grinning arcanist
a grinning spellbinder
a howling construct
a menacing creation
a prismatic telmiran
a radiating creation
a telmiran allurist
a telmiran channeler
a telmiran convoker
a telmiran custodian
a telmiran enthraller
a telmiran summoner
a wary guardian

Caverns of the Lost
NPC Name
a reanimated zombie

NPC Name
a bellikos conniver
a bellikos curator
a bellikos deceiver
a bellikos harbinger
a bellikos matriarch
a bellikos reviler
a bellikos sermonizer
a failed creation
a firebug
a greken hatchling
a lava beetle
a lava brute
a lava mephit defector
a lava mephit traitor
a lithographer
a prison guard
a ravenous greken
a record keeper
a telmiran summoner
a telmiran worker
an advisor
an apexus brute
an apexus guard
an apexus scholar
an autarchian elementalist
an autarchian guard
an autarchian harrier
an autarchian healer
an autarchian pilgrim
an autarchian ravager
an autarchian rioter
an autarchian scavenger
an autarchian scrapper
an autarchian skirmisher
an autarchian soldier
an autarchian trooper
an immature greken

Cooling Chamber
NPC Name
a baleful banshee
a bellikos infiltrator
a chattering skeleton
a clattering skeleton
a cool goo
a cooling chamber attendant
a cooling chamber engineer
a cooling chamber worker
a creeping ghoul
a cursed elf
a cursed human
a drifting specter
a forlorn banshee
a frightful banshee
a hand of death
a haunting specter
a hulking zombie
a leering ghoul
a rock absorbing goo
a rock consumed goo
a rock consuming goo
a rock crunching goo
a rock destroyed goo
a rock destroying goo
a rock devouring goo
a rock dissolving goo
a shuffling zombie
a traitorous alchemist
a traitorous laborer
a traitorous worker
a wailing banshee
an undead lieutenant

Corathus Lair: The Mines
NPC Name
a basilisk
a corathus larva ravager
a corathus larva scrounger
a larva gorger
a slumbering basilisk
a wattled bat
an insectivorous bat
an mechtech rat digger
an mechtech rat scavenger

Coven of the Skinwalkers: Spies Like Them
NPC Name
a drachnid isangoma

Dreadspire Keep
NPC Name
a chirurgeon
a Deep Orc battlecaster
a Deep Orc brute
a Deep Orc diviner
a drachnid backslicer
a drachnid destroyer
a drachnid lifedrinker
a drachnid manslayer
a drachnid mindbender
a drachnid researcher
a drachnid ritualist
a drachnid spiritualist
a drachnid theurgist
a gargoyle
a grayfang bat
a guest of Dreadspire
a longfang bat
a resident of Dreadspire
a servant
a shadowmane hopeful
a shadowmane lorekeeper
a shadowmane mender
a shadowmane outcast
a shadowmane representative
a shadowmane researcher
a shadowmane rogue
a shadowmane sage
a shadowmane shaman
a shadowmane softpaw
a shadowmane steelclaw
a shadowmane warrior
a studious resident
a vampiric lorekeeper
a vampiric researcher
an aid to the Seneschal - Ragepaw
an orcish manservant
an underling

Dreadspire Keep: Demi-Plane of Blood
NPC Name
a barbed bone bonewalker
a distorted watcher
a frothing shadowmane
a maggot-ridden zombie
a rampaging bonewalker
a spiritleech bonewalker
a watchful gargoyle
an ascendant of blood
Sanguimanus the Redfang

Fungal Forest
NPC Name
a cliknar austra
a cliknar califo
a cliknar lasius
a cliknar mexica
a cliknar nigrisca
a cliknar scabri
a coherent growth
a coral snake
a deadspore
a deathspore
a fire beetle
a frog
a gigyn prole
a gigyn shielder
a ground snake
a large coral snake
a large death beetle
a large emerald beetle
a large emerald burrower
a large fire beetle
a large frog
a large ground snake
a large moss snake
a large orb weaver
a large recluse
a large rhino beetle
a large sapphire burrower
a large wasp spider
a large widow
a mephit ganger
a mephit tender
a moss snake
a motile moss
a recluse
a rhino beetle
a sapphire burrower
a Shrivstem guardian
a Shrivstem scout
a sporali firespore
a sporali fungalist
a sporali needleroot
a sporali rejuvenator
a sporali restorer
a sporali sneakroot
a sporali sparkspore
a sporali sporemaster
a sporali sporeweaver
a sporali stoutspore
a stout sporali
a telmira arcanist
a telmira devout
a telmira equarry
a telmira famulus
a telmira prole
a telmira wizard
a vigorous moss
a wandering greken
a wasp spider
a widow
an earthbound burrower
an emerald beetle
an emerald burrower
an orb weaver
motile earth
motile spore slime
vigorous earth
vigorous spore slime

Kernagir, the Shining City
NPC Name
a bartender
a bitter apprentice maker
a bitter cleanliness technician
a brewer
a brooding genati
a builder - gnomework
a chirurgeon
a city guard - kobold
a cleaner
a cleanliness technician
a coldain brewer
a conceited metalsmith - dwarf
a conceited metalsmith - gnomework
a contemptuous mystic
a craftsman - gnome
a crystalline sphere
a crystalline trichordont
a cynical fabricator - dwarf
a cynical heating supervisor
a designer
a despondent tinker - gnome
a despondent worker
a discontent fabricator
a disdainful advisor
a disdainful shaman
a disgruntled artisan
a distrustful guard - dwarf
a fabricator - dwarf
a fitful crystalline trichordont
a fuming master builder
a fuming mine supervisor
a genati
a genati worker
a gloomy inventor
a guard trainee
a guardian of Kernagir
a gygin worker
a healer
a heat engineer - gnomework
a heating supervisor
a jeweler
a machinist
a maker
a mason
a master builder - dwarf
a master builder - gnome
a master craftsman
a master healer
a master maker
a mechanic
a metalsmith - gnome
a mine supervisor
a miner
a mystic
a perturbed cleaner
a potter
a rude shopworker
a scornful work supervisor
a seneschal
a shaman
a shining city champion - dwarf
a shining city champion - gnome
a shopworker
a smith - gnome
a supercilious worker
a surly apprentice healer - gnome
a surly genati
a surly worker
a tinker - gnome
a wary guard - gnome
a work supervisor
a worker - gnomework
a worker - sessiloid
an accountant - gnomework
an accounts manager
an advisor
an agitated ice sculptor
an annoyed accounts manager
an apprentice architect
an apprentice healer - gnome
an apprentice maker
an arrogant craftsman - gnome
an arrogant guard trainee
an artificer - gnome
an assassin
an egotistical artificer - gnomework
an evil eye
an ice builder
an ice sculptor
an imperious crystalline sphere
an indifferent mason
an indignant healer - gnome
an indignant master maker
an indignant worker - gnomework
an inventor
an irate accountant - gnomework
an irritable miner
an unhappy builder - gnomework
an unhappy heat engineer - gnome

Lair of the Korlach: Taking Control
NPC Name
a witheran

Lichen Creep
NPC Name
a cliknar gatherer
a cliknar scout
a crazed mephit
a deranged mephit
a frightened sporali
a hungry sessiloid
a lava golem
a lava mephit guard
a lava mephit miner
a lava mephit ore carrier
a lava mephit worker
a lavaborn golem
a lost sporali
a magma golem
a rock golem guardian
a rock golem smasher
an autarchian dwarf
an autarchian gnome
Gnomish Rockomancer

Lodge of the Fang
NPC Name
an elite shadowmane guard

Nargilor Pits: Deserting the Ranks
NPC Name
a patroling thrall - Deserting the Ranks
a reanimated legionnaire
an accursed rogue
an illsalin war mage - Deserting the Ranks

Nargilor Pits: Emperor Draygun
NPC Name
an illsalin soldier
an illsalin war chaplain
an illsalin war mage

Nargilor Pits: Preemptive Strike
NPC Name
an accursed rogue

Pellucid Grotto
NPC Name
a cavernaut healer
a cavernaut scout
a cavernaut sentinel
a cavernaut thaumaturge
a cliknar centurion
a Cliknar Overseer
a cliknar raider
a cliknar seer
a cliknar soldier
a cliknar thoughtstealer
a crystalline discharger
a crystalline exterminator
a crystalline hulk
a crystalline matranont
a crystalline sphere
a crystalline trichordont
a crystallizer ooze
a grand sessiloid
a lava elemental
a magnite golem
a mineral ooze
a mithril elemental
a rock elemental
a sessiloid
a tunneler ooze
a vile ooze
an acidic ooze
an Adherent archean
an Adherent chondrian
an Adherent komatite
an Adherent lord
an Adherent magmite
an Adherent sentinel
an Autarchian komatite
an Autarchian lord
an Autarchian primalist
an ember elemental
an infernal ooze
Sidara the Beguiler

Prince's Manor: The Rage of Kelliad
NPC Name
a Royal Protector

Ruins of Illsalin
NPC Name
a Deep Orc
a drachnid hatchling
a drachnid spawn
A Forgotten Guardian
an Illsalin soldier

Shadow Spine
NPC Name
a lingering shadow

Sporali Caverns: Cavern Botany
NPC Name
a sporali defender
a sporali sporemaster

Stoneroot Falls
NPC Name
a Deep Orc
a drachnid
a drained shiliskin assassin
a Shadowmane elder naturalist
a Shadowmane elder nightwhisper
a Shadowmane elder pathwalker
a Shadowmane elder spirit guide
a Shadowmane naturalist
a Shadowmane nightwhisper
a Shadowmane pathwalker
a Shadowmane protector
a Shadowmane spirit guardian
a Stoneroot basilisk
a witheran
a witheran feeder
a witheran glider
a witheran gnasher
Drillak the Slayer

The Foundation
NPC Name
a baelorat
a bellikos subvert
a burynai burrower
a burynai cenobite
a burynai curate
a burynai explorer
a burynai rockshaper
a burynai sapper
a clay golem
a cliknar hunter
a cliknar scout
a cliknar soldier
a genati
a gnomish engineer
a gnomish tinkerer
a gnomish toiler
a large beetle
a large insect
a small beetle
a small insect
a sporali cultivator
a sporali harvester
a sporali sprawl
an adherent engineer
an adherent foreman
an adherent worker
an Autarchian bandit
an Autarchian brute
an Autarchian grunt
an Autarchian warrior
an odd looking beetle

The Foundation: The Search for Saunk
NPC Name
Shade of Cliknar warrior

The Hive
NPC Name
a consumed war chaplain
a cursed spellweaver
a decaying cadaver
a decaying elementalist
a decaying shiliskin soldier
a decrepit crusader
a decrepit mage
a Deep Orc augurer
a Deep Orc conjurer
a Deep Orc conscript
a Deep Orc spellflinger
a Deep Orc spiritist
a Deep Orc warrior
a desecrated knight
a drachnid arcanist
a drachnid assassin
a drachnid augurer
a drachnid battlemaster
a drachnid bonecaller
a drachnid champion
a drachnid chirurgeon
a drachnid construct
a drachnid corruptor
a drachnid cursewielder
a drachnid deceiver
a drachnid defiler
a drachnid enthraller
a drachnid flamekeeper
a drachnid hivereaver
a drachnid hivetender
a drachnid infiltrator
a drachnid inquisitor
a drachnid isangoma
a drachnid lookout
a drachnid magus
a drachnid mindspinner
a drachnid mundunugu
a drachnid mystic
a drachnid ritualist
a drachnid shadow walker
a drachnid soulstealer
a drachnid spellweaver
a drachnid summoner
a drachnid thoughtstealer
a drachnid warrior
a drachnid webmender
a drained gloomblade
a drained shiliskin husk
a drained shiliskin lifestealer
a drained shiliskin spellcrafter
a drained shiliskin templar
a fallen necromancer
a fallen summoner
a fallen warrior
a flayed sorcerer
a Hive assistant
a putrid zombie
a raised shiliskin chaplain
a raised shiliskin infiltrator
a reanimated charmcrafter
a reanimated drachnid
a reanimated shiliskin
a reanimated shiliskin summoner
a reanimated war mage
a rotting corruptor
a rotting husk
a shriveled shiliskin corpse
a skinwalker adept
a skinwalker agent
a skinwalker assassin
a skinwalker corpsefiend
a skinwalker illusionist
a skinwalker inquisitor
a skinwalker instructor
a skinwalker master
a skinwalker reaver
an animated flamecaster
an enchanted cadaver

The Hive: The Lost Notebook
NPC Name
a drachnid champion

The Hive: The Orb of Subversion
NPC Name
a drachnid arcanist
a drachnid augurer
a drachnid bonecaller
a drachnid champion
a drachnid chirurgeon
a drachnid construct
a drachnid cursewielder
a drachnid deceiver
a drachnid defiler
a drachnid enthraller
a drachnid hivereaver
a drachnid hivetender
a drachnid infiltrator
a drachnid inquisitor
a drachnid isangoma
a drachnid lookout
a drachnid magus
a drachnid mundunugu
a drachnid mystic
a drachnid soulstealer
a drachnid spellweaver
a drachnid summoner
a drachnid thoughtstealer
a drachnid warrior
a drachnid webmender

The Underquarry
NPC Name
a brass golem
a burynai archwizard
a burynai caveblade
a burynai mineblade
a burynai plotter
a burynai trickster
a burynai tunnelblade
a burynai welterwizard
a cliknar adept
a cliknar avenger
a cliknar battle drone
a cliknar eviscerator
a cliknar mine worker
a cliknar paragon
a cliknar prelate
a cliknar sergeant
a cliknar skirmish drone
a cliknar war drone
a cliknar warrior
a copper golem
a genati ancient
a genati archaean
a gold golem
a red gold golem
a sand genati
a silver golem
a Stonequarry engineer
a Stonequarry foreman
a surly genati
an iron golem
an Underquarry acolyte
an Underquarry arcanist
an Underquarry believer
an Underquarry devotee
an Underquarry engineer
an Underquarry follower
an Underquarry foreman
an Underquarry miner
an Underquarry prospector
an Underquarry spellsharp
an Underquarry stonecutter
an Underquarry stonerazer

Theater of Blood
NPC Name
Valik the Cruel

NPC Name
a corathus squirmer
a Creep basilisk
a Malgrin scout
a shiliskin sand caster
an Illsalin soldier
The Nightcrier

Volska's Husk
NPC Name
a bellikos overseer
a bellikos warden
a clockwork defender
a lava golem
a lava mephit brigand
a lava mephit scout
a sessiloid
a stone husk beetle
a stone husk burrower
a stone husk hunter
an Autarchian cultivator
an Autarchian engineer
an Autarchian gnoll
an Autarchian harvester
an Autarchian kobold
an Autarchian raider
an Autarchian Sentry
an Autarchian sprawl
an Autarchian worker
Bellikos Lecturer
Bryxyx Kyzox

Used in 4 recipes.
Recipe list - Premium only.

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# Jun 29 2007 at 4:21 PM Rating: Decent
also dropped in undershore off a malgrin scout
lot of drops
# Jun 23 2006 at 2:18 AM Rating: Decent
glowgems/rocks/stones dropped in CC instance
Whats it for ?
# May 17 2006 at 9:58 AM Rating: Decent
Whats it for ?
Drop Info
# Nov 26 2005 at 4:40 PM Rating: Decent
Had several of the different glowing stones/rock/gem drop at the werewolves in Stoneroot Falls
Cavern Botany (hard)
# Nov 09 2005 at 6:30 PM Rating: Decent
Had a couple drop from Sporali Caverns in Cavern Botany (Hard). One of the Sporali Defenders had one.
Drop Info
# Oct 17 2005 at 5:11 AM Rating: Decent
Had a Glowgem drop in an instanced Stoneroot Falls mission (Scouting the City, 68/2) from "a drachnid" today (17 Oct 05).

Not too terribly common, got 1 in about 50 drachnid kills combined between parts 1 and 2.
# Oct 02 2005 at 12:46 PM Rating: Decent
Dropped on a dracnid infiltrator in Living Larder

Edited, Sun Oct 2 14:04:10 2005
# Sep 17 2005 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
the narligtor pits off patrolling thrall
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