Death, Death, Death!  

Quest Started By:Description:
This Quest is Seasonal
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:Yes
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Time Limit:01:00:00
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Call of the Forsaken
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Jul 30 08:19:02 2014
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
This is a special event task meant for six players.

It is a monster mission that begins with a Coldain called "Tudasali, Emissary of Thurgadin" (click for map image) in the Great Divide. He is found at /loc -1050, -125, 25 (outside one of the guard towers just south of Thurgadin).

It will only be available on Live servers for a limited time.

You say, 'Hail, Tudasali, Emissary of Thurgadin'

Tudasali, Emissary of Thurgadin says 'So you are the one that has come to be tested. So be it. Let me know when you are prepared to [continue].'

You have been assigned the task 'Death, Death, Death!'.

Tudasali has asked you to test yourself against the enemies of his people. You have 40 minutes to defeat as many as you can, as fast as you can. We will be tracking your progress in the task list. Each time you anger one of the foes on your list, your timer will start counting. Keep that timer short and defeat as you can, and you will do well.

A monster mission window will pop up. You can select any of the 14 original classes (excludes Beastlord & Berserker). Gear they come with is Level 50 quality from its original era.

You have selected template: Classic _____.

You say, 'I wish to continue'

Tudasali, Emissary of Thurgadin says 'Your bravery serves you well!'

You have entered FFEvent - South Desert of Ro.

Task Steps

Slain bosses leave behind chests near Tudasali with items that may help you progress.

Kill the Ancient Cyclops 0/1 (South Ro)

Kill Cazel 0/1 (South Ro)

Kill Lord Nagafen 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)

Kill Lady Vox 0/1 (Permafrost Keep)

Kill a dracoliche 0/1 (Plane of Fear)

Kill Gorenaire 0/1 (Dreadlands)

Kill Trakanon 0/1 (Old Sebilis)

Kill Velketor the Sorcerer 0/1 (Velketor's Labyrinth)

Kill King Tormax 0/1 (Kael Drakkel)

Kill Phara Dar 0/1 (Veeshan's Peak)

Kill Derakor the Vindicator 0/1 (Kael Drakkel)

Kill Yelinak 0/1 (Skyshrine)

Vulak`Aerr 0/1 (Temple of Veeshan)

Kill the Sleeper's Warders 0/4 (Kerafyrm's Lair)

(Is this one step, or four separate steps?)

Kill the Statue of Rallos Zek 0/1 (Kael Drakkel)

Kill The Avatar of War 0/1 (Kael Drakkel)

Kill Doomshade 0/1 (Umbral Plains)

Kill Quarm 0/1 (Plane of Time)

Defeat the Coldain's armies as quickly as you can 0/2400 (ALL)

Let Tudasli know when you have [gone as far as possible] 0/1 (ALL)


First up is the Ancient Cyclops of South Ro which will be a relatively simple kill. Note that the task LOCKS upon its death.

an ancient cyclops has been slain by _____!
an ancient cyclops's corpse says 'Aaarrghh! My precious ring!'

Tudasali, Emissary of Thurgadin shouts 'Gratz! You have completed event 1 in _____ seconds!'

Next up is Cazel, in the same zone, followed by the others as ordered above.

This task works like the "Dragons, Dragons, Dragons" and "Giants, Giants, Giants" in that you'll zone from instance to instance where (most of the time) the only mobs that will be up are your targets.

"Tudasali, Emissary of Thurgadin" will spawn in each zone as you defeat the targets, and you'll use him to port to the next target.

The further you advance in the task, the more achievements you gain...

- Death, Death, Death!: Decimator
- Death, Death, Death!: Defeater
- Death, Death, Death!: Demolisher
- Death, Death, Death!: Destroyer
- Death, Death, Death!: Doombringer
- Death, Death, Death!: Deathdealer
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2022 D x3
# Aug 09 2022 at 7:42 PM Rating: Good
Couple more notes for that post.

Nullify magic worked on the root from the dracolich in fear so we didn't have to wait for it to fade.
Nullify magic worked on Gorenaire's icy slow spell.
Nullify magic did NOT work on Vulak's slow though, it just stripped buffs, even when the debuff was in first spot.

If Primal Stein of Moggok (spelling?) drops - it sounds strange but best run was the one where we gave it to the warrior to equip for the melee heal procs.

Enchanter needs to keep Berzerker's spirit and haste on tank and pets and melee.

Wait to buff until after the dracoliche - it's a waste of time because it will be debuffed. We buffed while we medded up after dracoliche/before Gorenaire.

Would love feedback if someone has suggestions (for next year since it ends tonight).
2022 D x3
# Aug 03 2022 at 7:11 PM Rating: Good
7 posts
We went in with Mage, Cleric, Ranger, Warrior, Monk and Enc.

Kill the Ancient Cyclops 0/1 (South Ro) - Sent one person to Cyclops and the rest go to Cazel spot (he cons grey even in Monster mission)
Kill Cazel 0/1 (South Ro)
Kill Lord Nagafen 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)
Kill Lady Vox 0/1 (Permafrost Keep)
Kill a dracoliche 0/1 (Plane of Fear)

Stopped here and medded to full - Gor will CH, also some weird light blue mummy roamers in the area to watch for. Also free up a buff slot (initial spot) so you can nullify the icy breath she casts and move to Trak more quickly.
Kill Gorenaire 0/1 (Dreadlands) - our Enc mana drained Gor so we could stop the CH. Stuns didn't seem to help or land.
Kill Trakanon 0/1 (Old Sebilis) - this fight was quick and easy, or ugly - he banishes, blinds and roots.
Kill Velketor the Sorcerer 0/1 (Velketor's Labyrinth) - easy fight
Kill King Tormax 0/1 (Kael Drakkel) - Run south from where you zone in - also super easy fight

Stopped here to med to full - Phara Dar also will CH. Our enc mana drained to prevent that once we engaged.
Kill Phara Dar 0/1 (Veeshan's Peak)
Kill Derakor the Vindicator 0/1 (Kael Drakkel) - Easy fight (North from where you zone in)
Kill Yelinak 0/1 (Skyshrine) - Lev was important here to keep from being flung, also pets get stuck on the lip of the doorway so you might need to kill them and recast once in the room.
Vulak`Aerr 0/1 (Temple of Veeshan) - Had tank run in, waited for the dragon's slow to be cast - and then the rest came in

This is as far as we've made it so far (we have another week or so this year). We followed a post on the EQ forums for this -
Kill the Sleeper's Warders 0/4 (Kerafyrm's Lair) - We got one warder down and ran out of time.

Stuns didn't land well on most of the stuff so water pet for mage seemed to work best. Enchanter mana drain for the healing mobs. Nullified magic on the mobs that had self buffs.

Tash landed on most, but malos and slow were resisted most of the time.

Tried to have everyone melee because... well the DPS can't hurt even if it's not alot.

Alot of it too is just luck on the drops. One run we had all bard/rogue stuff and it rotted. The run where we made it the farthest - our cleric, war and ranger and good items from the chests and we didn't have alot of stuff rot.

Hope this helps someone else!

Edited, Aug 8th 2022 7:13am by LaloruMoonmist

Edited, Aug 9th 2022 8:00pm by LaloruMoonmist
Almost beat it today
# Jul 02 2019 at 8:52 PM Rating: Good
83 posts
a group of 6 from <Primal Brood> On Test Server almost finished this today

had Quarm down to about 3% when time ran out and it booted us from the instance

Bugs: the AoW chest and NPC is High on the ledge and you need Levitate for it to save time b4 AoW dies

Edited, Jul 2nd 2019 8:53pm by Lessw
120 Wood Elf, Druid w/ 70,000+ AA on Test Server
Baking 395 M3 ---- Fletching 395 M3
Brewing 395 M3 ---- Pottery 395 M3
Jewelry 395 M3 ---- Smithing 377 M3
Tailoring 375 M3 ---- Research 395 M3
Fishing 265
Artisan's prize + Maxed Blooded Earring of Rallos Zek
Almost beat it today
# Jul 14 2019 at 9:39 PM Rating: Good
83 posts
team was : Monk*, Enchanter, Cleric, Ranger*, Bard*, Warrior*
beat it with the numbers 950/3600

all mobs through Quarm

13 mins Remaining at the end

got a 5 Day 12 hour Expedition lockout after beating it - "FFEvent - The Prison of the Forsaken" (Unknown Event)

Very Fun! very intense dash, kill, go go go! kind of mission

* = had the mask

- we saved a bunch of time this go, by keeping 1 toon inside Kael and ran to Vindi in Kael as the rest went to the next zone to kill PharaDar
- also saved time as we split up on the Warders and Pulling the Back left one to the zone in more less all at the same time
- also used the Levi trick in Kael after AoW.

Edited, Jul 14th 2019 9:44pm by Lessw

Edited, Jul 14th 2019 9:50pm by Lessw
120 Wood Elf, Druid w/ 70,000+ AA on Test Server
Baking 395 M3 ---- Fletching 395 M3
Brewing 395 M3 ---- Pottery 395 M3
Jewelry 395 M3 ---- Smithing 377 M3
Tailoring 375 M3 ---- Research 395 M3
Fishing 265
Artisan's prize + Maxed Blooded Earring of Rallos Zek
Almost beat it today
# Jul 25 2021 at 5:17 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
What are you reffering to with: Had the mask*?
July 2018 Patch
# Jul 19 2018 at 6:48 PM Rating: Excellent
- Death, Death, Death - Increased the time limit from 40 to 60 minutes.
- Death, Death, Death - Slain bosses leave behind chests near Tudasali with items that may help you progress.
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3 Peeps
# Aug 02 2014 at 1:05 AM Rating: Good
77 posts
Made it to Velektor with 3 people. Set up was mage, necro, and cleric. The strat was pretty much just spam pets at the mobs and let them do the work.
Kongfoo Phightin - 100 Monk of Erollisi Marr Server
(Box) Slowdem - 100 Shaman

# Jul 31 2014 at 4:17 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
The first two titles are acquired after killing the first three (cyclops, cazel, naggy) and the second three (vox, dracliche, gorenaire). The timer starts as soon as you get the task. The mobs are scaled down in power to be one groupable. We didn't really have a challenge until gorenaire and that wasn't difficult. Also, you are only able to choose one of each class. This task seems to be a combination of Dragons, Giants, and Old Man Mckenzie.
# Jul 31 2014 at 1:27 PM Rating: Default
48 posts
This is the first part of the task
Rneign the Defender of Ak'Anon
# Jul 30 2014 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Can confirm all of these up to Yelinak are right, my group ran out of time at Yelinak, but does anyone know the reward for doing this?
# Jul 31 2014 at 8:01 AM Rating: Decent
The reward is the titles from the event.

# Jul 30 2014 at 2:14 PM Rating: Excellent
49 posts
6 players in old school gear going up against Vulak? Is that even possible to win??
Mobs for 2013 SOE Live Version
# Jul 30 2014 at 10:38 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
<Eternal Sovereign> and I believe one other group beat Yelinak during SOE Live 2013. This was followed by Vulak, also beaten, and then the 4 warders in Sleepers Tomb (none beaten).

If I remember right, for the 2013 version the Mobs were:

1 - Ancient Cyclops
2 - Cazel
3 - Nagafen
4 - Vox
5 - dracoliche
6 - Gorenaire
7 - Trakanon
8 - Velketor
9 - Tormax
10 - Phara Dar
11 - Vindi
12 - Yelinak
13 - Vulak
14 - 4x Sleeper's Tomb Warders
15 - ??
16 - ??
17 - ??
18 - ??

Unsure if this is changed in the 2014 Version as I haven't tested it yet.

Edited, Jul 30th 2014 1:39pm by asiegman
Alsmack <Eternal Sovereign>
# Jul 30 2014 at 7:08 AM Rating: Decent
265 posts
#1 Ancient Cyclops - South Ro
#2 Cazel - South Ro
#3 Lord Nagafen - Nagafen's Lair (Achievement: Death, Death, Death!: Decimator)
#4 Lady Vox - The Permafrost Caverns
#5 a dracoliche - Plane of Fear
#6 Gorenaire - The Dreadlands (Achievement: Death, Death, Death!: Defeater)
#7 Trakanon - The Ruins of Sebilis

Edited, Jul 30th 2014 11:39am by Adani
# Jul 30 2014 at 7:32 AM Rating: Decent
10-Phara Dar
I personally dont see anyone getting past Yeli

Edited, Jul 31st 2014 3:43pm by RanndomUndead
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