an Obliteration soldier  


Minimum Level: 76
Maximum Level: 80
Expansion: Seeds of Destruction
NPC Added: 2008-10-27 22:36:32
NPC Last Updated: 2019-08-03 21:32:33
Known Loot:
icon Aderirse Bur
icon Alkalai Loam
icon Battle Fractured Diamond
icon Battle Hardened Diamond
icon Black Powder Pouch
icon Blue Diamond
icon Chronal Resonance Dust
icon Cloth Bolt
icon Cobalt Ore
icon Consigned Bite of the Shissar XIII
icon Consigned Bite of the Shissar XIV
icon Curzon
icon Dark Elf Parts
icon Diamond
icon Elven Blood
icon Exquisite Animal Pelt
icon Exquisite Marrow
icon Exquisite Silk
icon Exquisite Spinneret Fluid
icon Extruded Underfoot Diamond
icon Fine Steel Dagger
icon Fine Steel Great Staff
icon Fine Steel Jutte
icon Fine Steel Katana
icon Fine Steel Kusarigama
icon Fine Steel Long Sword
icon Fine Steel Morning Star
icon Fine Steel Naginata
icon Fine Steel Rapier
icon Fine Steel Scimitar
icon Fine Steel Short Sword
icon Fine Steel Spear
icon Fine Steel Tachi
icon Fine Steel Tanto
icon Fine Steel Tonfa
icon Fine Steel Two Handed Sword
icon Fine Steel Wakizashi
icon Fine Steel Warhammer
icon Fine Steel Yari
icon Flawless Animal Pelt
icon Flawless Silk
icon Flawless Spinneret Fluid
icon Harmonagate
icon Leather Roll
icon Lumber Plank
icon Medicinal Herbs
icon Natural Spices
icon Ogre Blood
icon Ogre Meat
icon Porous Loam
icon Prestidigitase
icon Purified Grade A Choresine Sample
icon Purified Grade A Gormar Venom
icon Purified Grade A Mamba Venom
icon Purified Grade A Nigriventer Venom
icon Purified Grade A Taipan Venom
icon Purified Grade B Choresine Sample
icon Purified Grade B Gormar Venom
icon Purified Grade B Mamba Venom
icon Purified Grade B Nigriventer Venom
icon Purified Grade B Taipan Venom
icon Quality Caladium
icon Quality Delphinium
icon Quality Laburnum
icon Quality Larkspur
icon Quality Muscimol
icon Quality Oleander
icon Quality Privet
icon Raw Amber Nihilite
icon Raw Crimson Nihilite
icon Raw Indigo Nihilite
icon Raw Shimmering Nihilite
icon Scale Ore
icon Soluble Loam
icon Song: Gorenaire's Chant of Frost Rk.II
icon Song: Severilous' Chant of Poison Rk.II
icon Spell: Aegis of Calrena Rk. II
icon Spell: Befuddle Rk. II
icon Spell: Befuddling Flash Rk. II
icon Spell: Dannal's Mending Rk. II
icon Spell: Devoted Purity Rk. II
icon Spell: Devout Force Rk. II
icon Spell: Devout Remedy Rk. II
icon Spell: Distract the Departed Rk. II
icon Spell: Docility Rk. II
icon Spell: Gallantry Rk. II
icon Spell: Halcyon Whisper Rk. II
icon Spell: Hushed Mind Rk. II
icon Spell: Malosenea Rk. II
icon Spell: Mark of the Crusader Rk. II
icon Spell: Polychaotic Assault Rk. II
icon Spell: Renewal of Cadwin Rk. II
icon Spell: Repel Corruption Rk. II
icon Spell: Ribbon Lightning Rk. II
icon Spell: Rune of Yozan Rk. II
icon Spell: Serene Harvest Rk. II
icon Spell: Symbol of Jeneca Rk. II
icon Spell: Unity of the Spirits Rk. II
icon Spell: Ward of Admonishment Rk. II
icon Spell: Yaulp X Rk. II
icon Staurolite
icon Steel Ingot
icon Sunshard Powder
icon Superb Animal Pelt
icon Superb Marrow
icon Superb Silk
icon Superior Caladium
icon Superior Delphinium
icon Superior Laburnum
icon Superior Larkspur
icon Superior Muscimol
icon Superior Oleander
icon Superior Privet
icon Taaffeite
icon Tantalum Ore
icon Titanium Ore
icon Uncut Alexandrite
icon Uncut Amethyst
icon Uncut Black Sapphire
icon Uncut Combine Star
icon Uncut Demantoid
icon Uncut Goshenite
icon Uncut Jacinth
icon Uncut Morganite
icon Uncut Rubellite
icon Urticaceae
icon Writing Ink

Known Habitats:
  Old Commonlands

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RE: Roaming packs
# Aug 25 2022 at 4:18 PM Rating: Good
93 posts
It might be a good idea to post where these roaming packs usually are! Not one Obliteration soldier has ever shown up on my track in Bloody Kithicor so I am uncertain if it's the right mob or area!
RE: Roaming packs
# Aug 25 2022 at 4:19 PM Rating: Good
93 posts
Apparently, I was reading a different quest! -_-
More info
# Dec 07 2009 at 2:38 AM Rating: Decent
64 posts
These don't really run all that fast. on a chain horse it was pretty easy to cast 2 spells on one and run a distance away and recast as you pick them off one by one.
# Nov 16 2008 at 8:54 AM Rating: Good
These can only be found in the roaming packs of 4-5 obliteration mobs. They are all linked, just like the roaming partys in fort mech (and as explained below they have identical rules / lack of rules).

This means though you can snare or root one (or two or four), the moment another mob in the party gets to a specific distance away - all movement reductions on your targeted mob vanish and they get blessed with runspeed8. You will get no wears off message, and the npc will still have your debuffs listed. They will essentially be immune to changes in runspeed from this point until they are killed by somebody. Additionally, because of the many objects in the zone (trees, brush, rocks) if one in this party gets briefly stuck and decides to warp to you - the rest of the party gets runspeed8 and immunity to runspeed changes and may warp to you as well due to their leash distance being tripped.

These targets are only reliable for groups that can handle 4-5 mobs at the same time.
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