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Scale Ore  

This item can be used in tradeskills.
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Item Lore:Ages of draconic scales, bone and blood pressed by the earth
Item Type:Combinable
Merchant Value:0 pp 1 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kamman[]
Item Updated By:Gidono
IC Last Updated:2022-11-27 19:16:57
Page Updated:Sun Dec 13th, 2020

Expansion: Dragons of Norrath Dragons of Norrath

Average Price: 25pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Global
Level to Attain: 55

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This item is found by foraging.


This item is found on creatures.

Accursed Nest
NPC Name
a Sandshift wizard

Accursed Nest: Lair of the Blackwing
NPC Name
a Sandshift guardian
a Sandshift mender
a Sandshift mystic
a Sandshift scout
a Sandshift wizard

Al'Kabor's Nightmare
NPC Name
a bixie drone
a bixie natureweaver
a black bear
a black wolf
a brownie bewitcher
a brownie forestwarden
a brownie nature caller
a brownie trickster
a crazed halfling
a Crushbone strategist
a Crushbone warrior
a decaying skeleton
a drachnid knight
a drachnid necromancer
a drachnid priest
a drachnid soldier
a drachnid sorcerer
a drolvarg
a drolvarg lieutenant
a drolvarg thief
a feral cockatrice
a freezing tentacle terror
a giant rat
a giant snake
a half elf guard
a half elf scout
a halfling bandit
a halfling guard
a halfling lookout
a high elf guard
a high elf sentry
a high elf wizard
a klaknak beetle
a klaknak guard
a lurid plaguebone
a minion of discord
a plaguebone skeleton
a polar bear
a Runnyeye raider
a Runnyeye thief
a snow orc scout
a snow orc warrior
a snow wolf
a wood elf druid
a wood elf ranger
a wood elf seer
a wood elf warden
a wooly mammoth
an angry mountain giant
an enraged mammoth
an ice bear
an ice boned skeleton
an ice giant
an ice goblin raider
an ice goblin scrapper
an ice goblin thief

Argath, Bastion of Illdaera
NPC Name
a Blade Guide of Erillion
a Blade Overseer of Erillion
a Blade Regulant of Erillion
a craet looter
a dark deathcaller
a dark mesmer
a dark spellrazer
a footsoldier of Erillion
a greedy looter
a hungry thief
a malevolent exhalation
a plated berserker
a plated juggernaut
a plated slaughterer
a steel cyclone
a steel hurricane
a wind archer
a wind tamer
an abandoned naeya
an Argathian defector
an Argathian spelltamer
an Argathian traitor
an Erillian soother
an exhalation
empowered blades
living blades
living steel
molten steel

NPC Name
a cinderback spider
a laborer

NPC Name
a bellikos disciple
a bellikos recruiter
a bellikos servant
a caustic ooze
a cliknar adept
a cliknar agent
a cliknar aphid farmer
a cliknar arcanist
a cliknar arduloid
a cliknar auxilioid
a cliknar battle drone
a cliknar centurion
a cliknar eucryptoid
a cliknar farm guard
a cliknar mage
a cliknar paragon
a cliknar patrol leader
a cliknar prelate
a cliknar prophet
a cliknar reguloid
a cliknar scout drone
a cliknar sentinel
a cliknar sentry
a cliknar skirmish drone
a cliknar sporali farmer
a cliknar tephuloid
a cliknar verguloid
a cliknar warmage
a coldain disciple
a coldain servant
a crystalkin disciple
a dwarf disciple
a dwarf servant
a gigyn disciple
a gigyn servant
a gnome disciple
a gnome servant
a lethal ooze
a mature aphid
a sandspinner juvenile
a sandspinner stalker
a sporali disciple
a sporali foodling
a sporali foodspawn
a sporali servant
a telmira disciple
a telmira servant
an aggressive sporali
an aphid drone
an aphid nymph

Arx Mentis
NPC Name
a bone worker
a bored indagatrix materia
a chef
a custodian
a fearful scavenger magicae
a frayed virga vitala
a jaded vicarum vitai
a libre vitala
a mason
a musician
a painter
a praetor ledalus
a praetor ledalus salus
a praetor noctis
a praetor noctis salus
a scavenger magicae
a sculptor
a spent praetor noctis
a steel worker
a tired praetor ledalus
a torn libre vitala
a vicarum vitai
a vicarum vitai salus
a virga vitala
a worn arc worker
an arc worker
an artist
an author
an ethicist
an herbalist
an indagator materia
an indagator materia salus
an indagator vitali
an indagator vitali salus
an indagatrix materia
an indagatrix materia salus
an indagatrix vitali
an indagatrix vitali salus
an irked indagator vitali

Beasts' Domain
NPC Name
a binaesa
a bloodthirsty wyvern
a braxi
a braxi fungus seeker
a braxi herbivore
a braxi junglerunner
a braxi leafleaper
a braxi swiftrunner
a colossal crocodile
a domain hunter
a ferocious goral
a fierce wyvern
a filthy ape
a giant binaesa
a goral hunter
a goral leafstalker
a goral predator
a goral scavenger
a grendlaen
a grendlaen pouncer
a grendlaen scent tracker
a hungry raptor
a lashtail crocodile
a loathsome ape
a monstrous wyvern
a naeya scavenger
a pensive prowler
a primeval crocodile
a prowler
a raging wyvern
a rampaging wyvern
a ravenous wyvern
a ripclaw raptor
a selyrah forestwalker
a selyrah leaper
a selyrah logleaper
a selyrah scavenger
a selyrah stalker
a selyrah treejumper
a sick braxi
a slithering binaesa
a stealthy grendlaen
a tainted ape
a terrible raptor
a vicious wyvern
a voracious raptor
a wyvern deathstalker
a wyvern preystalker
a wyvern scent tracker
an aggressive prowler
an ancient izon
an empowered ape
an empowered binaesa
an empowered crocodile
an empowered goral
an empowered grendlaen
an empowered izon
an empowered raptor
an empowered wyvern
an izon
an izon rootgrabber
an okiina vinethrasher
great dark ape

Blackburrow: Reinforced Blackburrow (Level 80 - HH)
NPC Name
a brown bear
a burly gnoll
a giant snake
a gnoll
a gnoll arcanist
a gnoll archer
a gnoll brewer
a gnoll commander
a gnoll guardsman
a gnoll pup
a gnoll shaman
a grizzly bear
a patrolling gnoll
a scrawny gnoll
an elite gnoll guard
Scout Malityn

Blackfeather Roost
NPC Name
a Queen`s guard

Bloody Kithicor
NPC Name
a barracuda
a bixie
a black wolf
a forest guardian
a forest ranger
a forest skirmisher
a giant spider
a grizzly bear
a kodiak bear
a shadow wolf
a tree snake
an Army of Light blademaster
an Army of Light champion
an Army of Light cleric
an Army of Light defender
an Army of Light disciple
an Army of Light enchanter
an Army of Light infiltrator
an Army of Light magician
an Army of Light naturalist
an Army of Light paladin
an Army of Light patroller
an Army of Light rogue
an Army of Light soldier
an Army of Light sorcerer
an Army of Light stormcaller
an Army of Light templar
an Army of Light windcaller
an Obliteration acolyte
an Obliteration agent
an Obliteration assassin
an Obliteration beastmaster
an Obliteration bruiser
an Obliteration conjurer
an Obliteration evoker
an Obliteration infiltrator
an Obliteration knight
an Obliteration lifestealer
an Obliteration nightblade
an Obliteration oracle
an Obliteration patroller
an Obliteration savagelord
an Obliteration sentinel
an Obliteration traitor
an Obliteration warlock
an Obliteration warlord
an Obliteration weaponmaster

Breeding Grounds
NPC Name
a chetari bruiser
a Chetari deathbender
a chetari defender
a Chetari hoarder
a Chetari scavenger
a Chetari seeker
a dracolich
a fearwing
a fearwing watcher
a flamewing
a flamewing defender
a flamewing guardian
a flamewing protector
a frostwing
a magma fiend
a magma guardian
a mature icewing
a phase spider
a scorched defender
a terrorwing
a Va`Ker guardian
a young ashwing
a young fearwing
a young flamewing
a young icewing
a young scalewing
an ancient dracolich
an ancient icewing
an elder ashwing
an elder fearwing
an elder flamewing
an elder icewing
an elder scalewing
an icewing

Brell's Rest
NPC Name
a burynai burrower
a burynai cenobite
a burynai curate
a burynai explorer
a burynai rockshaper
a burynai sapper
a gnoll assassin
a gnoll flamepaw
a gnoll guardian
a kobold champion
a kobold defender
a kobold guardian
a kobold hunter
a kobold shaman
a kobold spiritcaller
a kobold warder
a lavakin
a nestling
a steam elemental

Brell's Temple
NPC Name
a beastly construct
a brawling construct
a clay elemental
a coldain champion
a coldain diviner
a coldain overseer
a feral construct
a gigyn sentry
a glowing creation
a gnomish concealer
a gnomish convoker
a gnomish enigma
a gnomish overseer
a menacing creation
a radiating creation
a telmiran allurist
a telmiran channeler
a telmiran convoker
a telmiran custodian
a wary guardian

Brother Island
NPC Name
a bothered squawker
a clipping razorlatch
a forlorn wanderer
a furthick
a furthick charger
a furthick pounder
a hammerhead shark
a listless wanderer
a lost wanderer
a lumbering furthick
a lumbering razorlatch
a razorlatch pincer
a regretful wanderer
a ruffled squawker
a sea turtle
a siren aggressor
a siren seductress
a siren temptress
a siren willbender
a squawker
a tasselvine
a tasselvine mulcher
a vengeful wanderer
a voracious tasselvine
an angry furthick
an angry squawker
an eyepecker squawker
an orange razorlatch
an overgrown tasselvine

Caverns of Endless Song
NPC Name
a blazing evoker
a cyclone elemental
a fire elemental
a hornrock beetle
a razored temptress
a scarred hammerhead
a sea elemental
a seduced corsair
a seduced druid
a seduced marauder
a seduced pirate
a seduced raider
a seduced warden
a silenced enchantress
a silenced evoker
a silenced illusionist
a silenced siren
a silenced temptress
a silenced witch
a singing banshee
a skeletal acolyte
a skeletal evoker
a skeletal minion
a skeletal thrall
a skeletal wizard
a stone elemental
a vicious barracuda
a vicious bladefish
a vicious crocolisk
a vicious hammerhead
a vicious spineback
a wailing banshee
a water elemental
an adolescent spineback
an aged spineback
an air elemental
an earth elemental
an enamored evoker
an enamored warden
an enraged barracuda
an enraged bladefish
an enraged crocolisk
an enraged fungus
an enraged hammerhead
an enraged spineback
an enthralled acolyte
an enthralled corsair
an enthralled evoker
an enthralled pirate
an enthralled witch
an enticing banshee
an ocean elemental

Cazic-Thule: Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule (Level 80 - HH)
NPC Name
a hulking gorilla
a lifestealer mosquito
a lizard broodling
a lizard champion
a lizard crusader
a lizard defender
a lizard disciple
a lizard fanatic
a lizard guard
a lizard herald
a lizard judicator
a lizard justicar
a lizard page
a lizard probationer
a lizard proselyte
a lizard protector
a lizard ritualist
a lizard sentinel
a lizard warder
a lizard warrior
a lizard zealot
a silvered guard
an alligator

Chapterhouse of the Fallen
NPC Name
a brittle mummy
a corpse eating beetle
a defiled paladin of Marr
a diseased rat
a disgraced knight
a disgraced paladin of Marr
a dusty mummy
a failed experiment
a fallen knight
a filthy rat
a forgotten prisoner
a forlorn cleric of Marr
a gloomy shade
a gooey goo
a hissing basilisk
a hungry ghoul
a loathsome ghoul
a lost soul
a lost willow wisp
a lurking terror
a malcontent thrall
a mindless zombie
a misguided willow wisp
a mournful ghost
a necromancer apprentice
a necromancer initiate
a necromancer neophyte
a plague rat
a reanimated bodypart
a reanimated paladin
a revolting ghoul
a rotting paladin of Marr
a scavenging basilisk
a scavenging beetle
a shambling zombie
a smelly dung beetle
a stalag terror
a starving basilisk
a stoneskin basilisk
a voracious goo
a wandering ghost
a woeful shade
an afflicted shade
an ancient mummy
an apathetic zombie
an enraged willow wisp
an icy terror
an unchaste cleric of Marr
an undead cleric of Marr
an undead halfling
an undead servant
an unmotivated zombie

Chelsith Reborn
NPC Name
a bloodthirsty tiger
a browsing cook
a bruised slave
a burly slave
a calm matriarch
a charming slave
a cracked beetle
a crocodile
a cruel spellbinder
a dark diviner
a defeated gladiator
a devoted mistshaper
a diabolist
a dissipating elemental
a diviner
a docile slave
a dockworker
a downcast slave
a dutiful researcher
a farm slave
a flame arcanist
a flame golem
a frustrated fisherman
a grim manipulator
a groomed slave
a laboratory assistant
a lazy patroller
a lifeweaver
a loyal conscript
a merciless bonemender
a mindbender
a mistake
a mistshaper
a pale weaver
a quiet slave
a risen skeleton
a scheming noble
a shimmering beetle
a shissar champion
a shissar defender
a Shissar Enforcer
a shissar guard
a sickly slave
a slave trader
a spectator
a spiritspeaker
a sword tester
a tired fisherman
a trained scorpion
a tranquil meditator
a troubled seer
a turtle
a visionary pupil
a watchful tiger
a willbender
a willing sacrifice
a young shissar
an adept arcanist
an adept metalworker
an aggressive haggler
an agitated matriarch
an animated iksar
an anxious patroller
an apprentice metalworker
an ardent brawler
an arena patron
an audience member
an experimenter
an infected subject
an informant
an investigator
an overseer
an overworked slave

City of Dranik
NPC Name
a Dragorn guardian
a Dragorn thug
a kyv
a kyv heartpiercer
a noc darklurch
a noc flashblade
a noc fleshletter
an ikaav castigator
an ikaav deathbeckoner
an ikaav despiser
an ukun fleshhound

Combine Dredge
NPC Name
a barracuda
a captive swab
a crab
a Doomscale assassin
a Doomscale cult loyalist
a Doomscale cultist
a Doomscale deacon
a Doomscale enchanter
a Doomscale guard
a Doomscale guardian
a Doomscale mage
a Doomscale necromancer
a Doomscale priest
a Doomscale scout
a Doomscale shadow guard
a Doomscale shadow guardian
a Doomscale shaman
a Doomscale sorcerer
a Doomscale sorceress
a Doomscale spiritualist
a Doomscale thaumaturge
a Doomscale visionary
a Doomscale warlock
a Doomscale wizard
a Doomscale wrathforged
a fortis lapis operarius
a fractured regrua
a furtim perfidus
a great white shark
a hammerhead shark
a hateful Doomscale wrathforged
a lapis operarius
a pentinent Doomscale cultist
a perfidus
a piranha
a pius vicarum spiritus
a pius vicarum vitai
a potens elementaribus
a praetor ledalus
a praetor lucem
a praetor noctis
a regrua intruder
a regrua invader
a summus indagator materia
a summus indagator mortem
a summus indagator vitali
a summus indagator vocantem
a summus indagatrix materia
a summus indagatrix mortem
a summus indagatrix vitali
a summus indagatrix vocantem
a summus praetor ledalus
a summus praetor lucem
a summus praetor noctis
a supurbus praetor lucem
a supurbus praetor noctis
a swordfish
a thick-shelled crab
a timid indagator materia
a timid indagator mortem
a timid indagator vitali
a timid indagator vocantem
a timid indagatrix materia
a timid indagatrix mortem
a timid indagatrix vitali
a timid indagatrix vocantem
a vicarum spiritus
a vicarum vitai
a warleader follower
an abominatio elementaribus
an elementaribus
an inanimatum vicarum spiritus
an inanimatum vicarum vitai
an inconstans lapis operarius
an indagator materia
an indagator mortem
an indagator vitali
an indagator vocantem
an indagatrix materia
an indagatrix mortem
an indagatrix vitali
an indagatrix vocantem
an octopus

NPC Name
a bellikos conniver
a bellikos curator
a bellikos deceiver
a bellikos harbinger
a bellikos matriarch
a bellikos reviler
a bellikos sermonizer
a failed creation
a firebug
a greken hatchling
a lava beetle
a lava brute
a lava mephit defector
a lava mephit traitor
a lithographer
a prison guard
a ravenous greken
a record keeper
a telmiran summoner
a telmiran worker
an advisor
an apexus brute
an apexus guard
an apexus scholar
an autarchian elementalist
an autarchian guard
an autarchian harrier
an autarchian healer
an autarchian pilgrim
an autarchian ravager
an autarchian rioter
an autarchian scavenger
an autarchian scrapper
an autarchian skirmisher
an autarchian soldier
an autarchian trooper
an immature greken

Cooling Chamber
NPC Name
a baleful banshee
a bellikos infiltrator
a chattering skeleton
a clattering skeleton
a cool goo
a cooling chamber attendant
a cooling chamber engineer
a cooling chamber worker
a creeping ghoul
a cursed elf
a cursed human
a drifting specter
a forlorn banshee
a frightful banshee
a hand of death
a haunting specter
a hulking zombie
a leering ghoul
a rock absorbing goo
a rock consumed goo
a rock consuming goo
a rock crunching goo
a rock destroyed goo
a rock destroying goo
a rock devouring goo
a rock dissolving goo
a shuffling zombie
a traitorous alchemist
a traitorous laborer
a traitorous worker
a wailing banshee
an undead lieutenant

Crushbone (Level 90 - Hardcore Heritage)
NPC Name
a dwarven slave
a dwarven smith
an elven priest
an elven slave
orc centurion
orc emissary
orc legionnaire
orc oracle
orc pawn
orc slaver
orc taskmaster - HH Version
orc trainer
royal guard

Crystal Caverns, Fragment of Fear
NPC Name
a crystal crawler
a crystal glare lord
a crystal spiderling
a crystal webmaster
a crystal webspinner
a demented dwarf
a geonid
a hollow terror
a lazy orc
a pure terror
a regal crawler
a Ry`Gorr digger
a Ry`Gorr excavator
a Ry`Gorr guard
a Ry`Gorr messenger
a Ry`Gorr miner
a Ry`Gorr oracle
a Ry`Gorr overseer
a Ry`Gorr prospector
a Ry`Gorr scout
a Ry`Gorr shaman
a Ry`Gorr watchman
a spinechiller spider
a stalag terror
a tentacle terror
a tentacle tormentor
a velium crawler
an icy leech

Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened
NPC Name
a trapped elemental

Dead Hills: Into the Hills
NPC Name
an undead pirate

Degmar, the Lost Castle
NPC Name
a barkeep
a confused smith
a crazed digger
a crazed prisoner
a dedicated artisan
a Degmar ambusher
a Degmar citizen
a Degmar guard
a Degmar guardian
a Degmar resident
a determined digger
a dirty digger
a librarian
a prisoner
a server
a spectral apparition
a spectral furor
a spectral haunt
a spectral librarian
a spectral rager
a spectral reveler
a spectral wanderer
an angry prisoner
an angry spectral reveler

Direwind Cliffs
NPC Name
a Clan Direwind carrionmancer
a Clan Direwind initiate
a Clan Direwind plague bearer
a diseased griffon
a diseased wolf
a Gray Legion cleric
a mountain griffon
a nesting griffon
a pack hunter
a pack huntress

Dragonscale Hills
NPC Name
a minotaur spiritist
a minotaur weaponsmaster
an arcana slime
an earthen protector

Dreadspire Keep
NPC Name
a shadowmane warrior

Drunder, Fortress of Zek (Plane of Tactics)
NPC Name
a Gladiator
Diaku Elite Guard
Diaku Elite Sentry

East Wastes, Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening
NPC Name
a blizzard dervish
a coldain blacksmith
a coldain cook
a coldain hunter
a coldain lookout
a coldain marauder
a coldain missionary
a coldain skinner
a coldain warrior
a dire wolf
a fear shardling
a frost giant
a frost giant captain
a frost giant savage
a frost giant scout
a manticore
a mindless thrall
a nightmare
a Ry`Gorr centurion
a Ry`Gorr clan lookout
a Ry`Gorr clan scout
a Ry`Gorr legionnaire
a Ry`Gorr snow trooper
a samhain
a savage dire wolf
a snow bunny
a snow cougar
a snow dervish
a snow griffin
a spinechiller spider
a suspicious coldain
a suspicious frost giant
a suspicious Ry`Gorr
a tundra kodiak
a tundra mammoth
a walrus
a wooly mammoth
a wooly rhino
an Amygdalan knight
an Amygdalan warrior
an animated spell book
an elder snow griffin
an ulthork hunter
an ulthork man o war
an ulthork warrior
mystic of Ry`Gorr

Erillion, City of Bronze
NPC Name
a blacksmith
a bloodthirsty carnifex
a bored potter
a bureaucrat
a busy cook
a busy papyrus maker
a carnifex
a citizen
a cook
a cruel carnifex
a detailed record keeper
a diligent potter
a diseased oashim
a dour bureaucrat
a dull record keeper
a dutiful guard
a faithful citizen
a feral grendlaen
a forlorn prisoner
a government official
a guard - Erillion, City of Bronze
a magistrate
a merchant
a miserly government official
a mundane office worker
a potter
a prisoner
a prudent merchant
a record keeper - Erillion, City of Bronze
a resolute bureaucrat
a ruthless archon
a shrewd merchant
a solemn guard
a strangleweed
a tired cook
a tired papyrus maker
a wild braxi
a wild selyrah
a woeful prisoner
an apprentice blacksmith
an archon
an enthusiastic papyrus maker
an honest citizen
an imposing archon
an industrious blacksmith
an insipid government official
an irritated office worker
an office worker

Erudin Burning
NPC Name
a bone golem
a bone golem horror
a bone golem terrorizer
a bone golem tormentor
a book dervish
a burning book dervish
a burning tome dervish
a burning tome whirlwind
a dock rat
a fallen Deepwater Knight
a Heretic brute
a heretic commander
a Heretic death dabbler
a Heretic deathweaver
a Heretic fell blade
a Heretic fell blademaster
a Heretic fell vindicator
a Heretic fell warden
a heretic hierophant
a Heretic infiltrator - Erudite
a Heretic infiltrator - skeleton
a Heretic occultist dabbler
a Heretic pillager
a Heretic ravager
a ravenous dock rat
a skeleton sentinel
a skeleton sentry
a skeleton tunneler
a skeleton warrior
a Terris Thule apostle
a Terris Thule cultist
a tome dervish
an infiltrator pyromancer
an infiltrator sapper
Kanah the Heartslicer

Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind
NPC Name
a confused air elemental
an elemental doomseeker

Estate of Unrest: Greater Unrest (Level 80 - HH)
NPC Name
a barbed bone skeleton
a carrion ghoul
a dark terror
a death beetle
a dry bone skeleton
a dusty werebat
a festering hag
a ghoul
a greater dark bone
a greater skeleton
a jack o lantern
a large wisp
a lurking mummy
a skeletal monk
a tentacle terror
a werebat
dark boned skeleton
Khrix Fritchoff
mortuary fungus
tormented dead

Evantil, the Vile Oak
NPC Name
a bloated fungus man
a corrupted sapling
a diligent ant
a famished goral
a fear blossom
a fear howler
a fear howler patriarch
a fear howler scavenger
a fear raven
a fear tainted raven
a frightening fear blossom
a fruit hoarding ape
a fungling
a gathering ant
a gibbering fear breeder
a goral leafjumper
a hearty fungus man
a horrible vine maw
a hungry binaesa
a hungry fear blossom
a poisonous frog
a powerful fungus man
a ravenous goral
a robust fungus man
a scavenging raven
a slimy frog
a snapping vine maw
a soldier ant
a tainted sapling
a tree binaesa
a tree frog
a venomous ant larva
a vine maw
a wandering sapling
a wretched gatherer
a wretched hunter
a wretched scavenger
an ape lookout
an arboreal binaesa
an elder ape
living sap
oozing sap
vile sap

Fear Itself
NPC Name
a bitter gorgon
a boogeyman
a boogeyman lurker
a curious phoboplasm
a decrepit toad
a delirious boogeyman
a delirious fiend
a delirious samhain
a fearful nightmare
a fetid fiend
a frightfinger
a glarelord
a gorgon
a mindless bleeder
a nightmare
a phantasm
a phoboplasm
a putrid fiend
a samhain
a scareling
a shadowed bleeder
a shadowed fiend
a shadowed phantasm
a shadowed wraith
a shiverback
a small glarelord
a spinechiller spider
a spinechiller widow
a tentacle tormentor
a terror wraith
a thought bleeder
a turmoil toad
a vile tormentor
a weak shiverback
a wolf
a worry wraith
an amygdalan guard
an amygdalan knight
an amygdalan soldier
an amygdalan warrior
an anguished fiend
an enraged frightfinger
an enraged glarelord
an enraged scareling
an enraged shiverback
Shade of Cazic Thule

Feerrott, the Dream
NPC Name
a blackened spirit
a blighted gorilla
a bloodbathed skeleton
a bloodbone lich
a bloodbone skeleton
a bloodied skeleton
a bloody Tae Ew ritualist
a convivial gorilla
a corrupt orbweaver
a deadly viper
a decaying gorilla
a deceased traveler
a dedicated Tae Ew
a drowned explorer
a drybone skeleton
a fallen traveler
a flesh feeder
a frenzied feeder
a frenzied Tae Ew
a gorilla matron
a gorilla patriarch
a jungle crawler
a lingering revenant
a lingering spirit
a lizardman brute
a lizardman mystic
a lizardman patroller
a lizardman scrapper
a lizardman thug
a lizardman visionary
a lizardman watcher
a ravenous rotdog
a restless spirit
a rotdog scavenger
a sinuous adder
a slithering adder
a stalking crawler
a Tae Ew aggressor
a Tae Ew devotee
a Tae Ew disciple
a Tae Ew drudge
a Tae Ew enforcer
a Tae Ew exalter
a Tae Ew invoker
a Tae Ew ritualist
a Tae Ew scavenger
a Tae Ew worshiper
a tainted orbweaver
a tanglefang hunter
a tanglefang huntress
a tanglefang prowler
a tanglefang stalker
a toxic orbweaver
a venomous viper
a waterlogged explorer
a young gorilla
an agitated spirit
an angry gorilla patriarch
an awakened rotdog
an empowered fallen explorer

Field of Scale
NPC Name
a Burynai explorer
a chokidai elder
a chokidai tracker
a fiery guardian
a fiery skirmisher
a giant tree boa
a herald of Gauntas
a herald of Lorkis
a herald of Naskado
a herald of Slact
a large blackbird
a racnar ripper
a racnar tracker
a Sarnak conscript
a scaled wolf
a scaled wolf hunter
a scaled wolf stalker
a scorpion
a searing champion
a Sebilisian archer
a Sebilisian battlemaster
a Sebilisian bloodclaw
a Sebilisian bonecaster
a Sebilisian bonemaster
a Sebilisian bonetrooper
a Sebilisian commander
a Sebilisian crusader
a Sebilisian dragonhunter
a Sebilisian dragonstalker
a Sebilisian emissary
a Sebilisian guardian
a Sebilisian haruspex
a Sebilisian hierophant
a Sebilisian hunter
a Sebilisian ironfist
a Sebilisian lich
a Sebilisian messenger
a Sebilisian patrol leader
a Sebilisian scaleblade
a Sebilisian tracker - chokadai
a Sebilisian tracker - iksar
a Sebilisian trooper
a sokokar hatchling
an emerald champion
an emerald skirmisher
an escaped sarnak footman
an escaped sarnak oracle
an icy champion
an icy guardian
an icy skirmisher
an iksar alchemist
an Iksar Master
an obsidian champion
an obsidian skirmisher
Commander Koth

Fortress Mechanotus
NPC Name
a consecrant
a dedicant
a mender
a reaver
a siege specialist
a steamwork mechanic
a steamwork mender
a steamwork trooper
a Sticky Oil Ooze

Frontier Mountains [EoK]
NPC Name
Belligerent Biarn

Fungal Forest
NPC Name
a cliknar austra
a cliknar califo
a cliknar lasius
a cliknar mexica
a cliknar nigrisca
a cliknar scabri
a coherent growth
a coral snake
a deadspore
a deathspore
a fire beetle
a frog
a gigyn prole
a gigyn shielder
a ground snake
a large coral snake
a large death beetle
a large emerald beetle
a large emerald burrower
a large fire beetle
a large frog
a large ground snake
a large moss snake
a large orb weaver
a large rhino beetle
a large sapphire burrower
a large wasp spider
a large widow
a mephit ganger
a mephit tender
a moss snake
a motile moss
a recluse
a rhino beetle
a sapphire burrower
a Shrivstem guardian
a Shrivstem scout
a sporali firespore
a sporali fungalist
a sporali needleroot
a sporali rejuvenator
a sporali restorer
a sporali sneakroot
a sporali sparkspore
a sporali sporemaster
a sporali sporeweaver
a sporali stoutspore
a stout sporali
a telmira arcanist
a telmira devout
a telmira equarry
a telmira famulus
a telmira prole
a telmira wizard
a vigorous moss
a wandering greken
a wasp spider
a widow
an earthbound burrower
an emerald beetle
an emerald burrower
an orb weaver
motile earth
motile spore slime
vigorous earth
vigorous spore slime

Grelleth's Palace, Chateau of Filth
NPC Name
a Chateau bloodcaster
a Chateau defender
a Chateau gravedigger
a creature keeper
a grizzled tamed selyrah
a guard braxi
a guard goral
a guard selyrah
a junk golem
a junkcrafter scavenger
a kitchen assistant
a living filth creature
a palace beast handler
a palace decay priest
a palace filthcaster
a palace guard
a palace scout
a polluted bunny
a polluted water elemental
a pollution golem
a pollution monster
a rot shaman
an elite soldier

Gyrospire Beza
NPC Name
a gnome mage
a gnome shocktrooper
a gnome sneak

Heart of Fear: The Epicenter
NPC Name
a depraved samhain
a dire shiverback
a disembodied phantasm
a dread widow
a dreadful bat
a fearvenom spider
a forsaken banshee
a ghastly spectre
a gloom mephit
a harrowing visage
a hideous terrorfinger
a horrid hobgoblin
a howling wraith
a menacing phoboplasm
a newly formed amygdalan
a newly formed banshee
a newly formed black widow
a newly formed dark visage
a newly formed frightfinger
a newly formed gargoyle
a newly formed glarelord
a newly formed hobgoblin
a newly formed mephit
a newly formed nettling wraith
a newly formed phoboplasm
a newly formed samhain
a newly formed shiverback
a newly formed spectre
a newly formed spinechiller
a newly formed tentacle terror
a newly formed torment bat
a newly formed turmoil toad
a newly formed wraith
a primeval gargoyle
a tentacled tormentor
a tumultuous toad
a vile believer
a wretched nettling wraith
an amygdalan terror
an enraged banshee
an enraged bat
an enraged hobgoblin
an enraged mephit
an enraged nettling wraith
an enraged samhain
an enraged spectre
an enraged tentacle tormentor
an enraged widow
an oculus terrorlord

Heart of Fear: The Rebirth
NPC Name
a bedlam toad
a bloodthirsty shiverback
a chilling nettling wraith
a conniving harbinger
a fear hatchling
a forlorn banshee
a frightening phoboplasm
a glarelord
a grim harbinger
a horrible hobgoblin
a horrifying spectre
a horrifying visage
a lost harbinger
a lurking samhain
a misery mephit
a nefarious believer
a phantasm
a plague bat
a scheming harbinger
a soulsipper spider
a tentacle terror
a terrorfinger
a wailing wraith
a wicked believer
an abhorrent creeper
an amygdalan warrior
an ancient gargoyle
an enraged banshee
an enraged bat
an enraged creeper
an enraged harbinger
an enraged hobgoblin
an enraged nettling wraith
an enraged samhain
an enraged shiverback
an enraged spectre
an enraged terrorfinger

Heart of Fear: The Threshold
NPC Name
a crumbling gargoyle
a dark believer
a dark visage
a dreadful harbinger
a frightfinger
a ghastly spectre
a harbinger of Thule
a loathsome creeper
a malevolent harbinger
a mephit
a nettling wraith
a newly formed frightfinger
a newly formed glarelord
a newly formed mephit
a newly formed spectre
a newly formed tentacle terror
a phoboplasm
a samhain
a shiverback
a small glarelord
a sordid believer
a spinechiller spider
a spiteful harbinger
a tentacle tormentor
a torment bat
a tortured banshee
a turmoil toad
a worry wraith
an amygdalan guard
an enraged bat
an enraged believer
an enraged harbinger
an enraged hobgoblin
an enraged mephit
an enraged phoboplasm
an enraged samhain
an enraged spectre
an enraged tentacle tormentor
an enraged turmoil toad
an enraged wraith

Hills of Shade
NPC Name
a blood crow
a crypt guardian
a frenzied ancestor
a human raider
a risen ancestor
a rotcap feeder
a tomb shade
a tortured treant

House of Thule, Lower Floors
NPC Name
a beastling of horror
a beastling of rage
a beastling of rot
a beastling of the unknown
a bone golem
a dreadful bone golem
a fright guard
a fright spinner
a frightening skeleton
a frightful bone golem
a frightful skeleton
a horror guard
a nightmarish guard
a quaking haunt
a rotdog fearfinder
a rotdog fearsmeller
a rotdog fearsniffer
a rotdog fearstalker
a rotdog feartracker
a shivering haunt
a sleepeating cube
a sleeper cube
a terror guard
a terror spinner
a troublesome snake
a vile bone crafter
a worrisome snake

House of Thule, Upper Floors
NPC Name
a blood elemental
a bloodthirsty beast
a cheerless apparition
a drifting fog elemental
a dripping blood elemental
a filthy rotdog
a flowing fog elemental
a flying monkey
a frozen ooze
a funnelweb leaper
a funnelweb spider
a ghostly vision
a gibbering madman
a hateful fire elemental
a heartstinger scorpion
a horrible centipede
a hungry beast
a mournful soul
a nightmarish beast
a nightmarish centipede
a nightmarish guardian
a protective imp
a putrid rotdog
a raging beast
a soul devourer
a stalagmite terror
Agent of Morzad
an ember golem
an iceworn guardian
an icy ooze
Angry Galo Maric
Deceiver Abbit
Enraged Khalis
Morzad Agent
Morzad Aircaster
Morzad Earthcaster
Morzad Firecaster
Morzad Watercaster
Profane Fiend
Swindler Keega

Icefall Glacier
NPC Name
a dire wolf
a large mammoth
a wooly mammoth

Infected Paw (OoW / LDoN)
NPC Name
a fire elemental raider
a water elemental invader
a water elemental wavecrasher

Inktu`Ta, the Unmasked Chapel
NPC Name
a blighted exile
a clay monolith
a deathprophet
a doomsayer
a dying exile
a lingering doomchanter
a prophet of destruction

Kael Drakkel, The King's Madness
NPC Name
a cleric of Tallon Zek
a cleric of Vallon Zek
a cruel wurmling
a daemonic lorespawn
a domesticated direwolf
a Drakkel Dire Wolf
a Drakkel dire wolf pup
a drunken faerie
a fading dirge
a fey delerium
a fey uniter
a frost giant berserker
a frost giant commoner
a frost giant gladiator
a frost giant trainer
a frost giant wolf tamer
a giant soul eater
a grave conjurer
a guardian of war
a guardian of Zek
a hostile apparition
a kromzek sorcerer
a large commoner
a lesser storm giant noble
a penumbral coldain
a priest of Tallon Zek
a priest of Vallon Zek
a Protector of war
a Protector of Zek
a ritualist of Rallos Zek
a ritualist of Tallon Zek
a ritualist of Vallon Zek
a scalding mistdragon
a skeleton
a soul scavenger
a spectral dragonkin
a storm giant commoner
a storm giant gladiator
a storm giant noble
a storm giant of nobility
a Storm Giant warlord
a temple guardian
a thieving acolyte
a twisted prowler
a visiting noble
an angry commoner
an arena spectator
an extinct kedge
an umbral coldain
an unbalanced kromzek
an upright kromrif

Kaesora Hatchery
NPC Name
a corrupt defiler
a cryptic diviner
a cryptic prophet
a hateful oppressor
a hateful revenant
a sokokar
a stonefist cenobite
a stonefist master
a vault sentry
an imperial broodkeeper
an imperial construct
an imperial protector

Kaesora Library
NPC Name
a corrupt defiler
a corrupt heretic
a corrupt warlock
a cryptic diviner
a cryptic prophet
a cryptic soothsayer
a dark ritualist
a dark sentry
a hateful reaver
a hateful revenant
a librarian
a stone guardian
a stone sentinel
a stonefist cenobite
a stonefist disciple
a stonefist master
a vault custodian
a vault protector
a vault sentry
an Imperial scourge
an Imperial sentry

Katta Castrum
NPC Name
a Shissar shadowslither
a vortex of the deep
an essence of the deep

Katta Castrum: Deluge
NPC Name
a darkmud slave
a darkmud watcher
a flame whisperer
a fright funnel
a shissar arbiter
a shissar defiler
a shissar firetongue
a shissar flameweaver
a shissar necromancer
a shissar shadowslither
a shissar taskmaster
a shissar templar
a sun guardian
a vortex of the deep
an essence vortex

Kerafyrm's Lair (Sleeper's Tomb)
NPC Name
a watchful custodian

Kernagir, the Shining City
NPC Name
a bartender
a bitter apprentice maker
a bitter cleanliness technician
a brewer
a brooding genati
a builder - gnomework
a chirurgeon
a city guard - kobold
a cleaner
a cleanliness technician
a coldain brewer
a conceited metalsmith - dwarf
a conceited metalsmith - gnomework
a contemptuous mystic
a craftsman - gnome
a crystalline sphere
a crystalline trichordont
a cynical fabricator - dwarf
a cynical heating supervisor
a designer
a despondent tinker - gnome
a despondent worker
a discontent fabricator
a disdainful advisor
a disdainful shaman
a disgruntled artisan
a distrustful guard - dwarf
a fabricator - dwarf
a fitful crystalline trichordont
a fuming master builder
a fuming mine supervisor
a genati
a genati worker
a gloomy inventor
a guard trainee
a guardian of Kernagir
a gygin worker
a healer
a heat engineer - gnomework
a heating supervisor
a jeweler
a machinist
a maker
a mason
a master builder - dwarf
a master craftsman
a master healer
a master maker
a mechanic
a metalsmith - gnome
a mine supervisor
a miner
a mystic
a perturbed cleaner
a potter
a rude shopworker
a scornful work supervisor
a seneschal
a shaman
a shining city champion - gnome
a shopworker
a smith - gnome
a supercilious worker
a surly apprentice healer - gnome
a surly genati
a surly worker
a tinker - gnome
a wary guard - gnome
a work supervisor
a worker - gnomework
a worker - sessiloid
an accountant - gnomework
an accounts manager
an advisor
an agitated ice sculptor
an annoyed accounts manager
an apprentice architect
an apprentice healer - gnome
an apprentice maker
an arrogant craftsman - gnome
an arrogant guard trainee
an artificer - gnome
an assassin
an egotistical artificer - gnomework
an evil eye
an ice builder
an ice sculptor
an imperious crystalline sphere
an indifferent mason
an indignant healer - gnome
an indignant master maker
an indignant worker - gnomework
an inventor
an irate accountant - gnomework
an irritable miner
an unhappy builder - gnomework
an unhappy heat engineer - gnome

Kod'Taz, Broken Trial Grounds
NPC Name
a hynid
a noc bloodluster
a trusik idol
a trusik luminary
a trusik martyr
a trusik pioneer
a trusik soldier
a trusik voyager
a trusik wanderer
an aneuk darkdiviner
Forgotten Martyr

Korafax, Home of the Riders
NPC Name
a bazu pulverizer
a bloodthirsty feran
a discordling mangler
a discordling ravager
a huvul lord
a kyv deathstalker
a kyv slayer
a lightning warrior galvanizer
a mastruq fleshrender
a mastruq paindrinker
a mindshear attendant
a noc bloodthirster
a noc ripper
a ra`tuk bonecleaver
a ra`tuk executioner
a ra`tuk skullsplitter
a vitrik corporifer
a vitrik liege
a vitrik portal slaver
an aneuk mindrender
an aneuk overfiend
an ikaav archon
an ikaav corrupter
an ikaav envenomer
an ixt commander
an ukun bloodsniffer
an ukun carnophage
an ukun thrasher

Korascian Warrens
NPC Name
a clay golem
a crystalline aetheront
a crystalline corrupter
a crystalline discharger
a crystalline exterminator
a crystalline sphere
a crystalline trichordont
a crystalline visceront
a Darkhammer miner
a Darkhammer paladin
a Darkhammer prospector
a Darkhammer rowdy
a Darkhammer runeholder
a Darkhammer stonemaster
a Darkhammer thane
a Disciple of Zek
a Korascian champion
a Korascian sentinel
a korascian sentinel
a Korascian thrall
a mithril golem
a moss spider
a Rallosian archer
a Rallosian artillery chief
a Rallosian boulder thrower
a Rallosian catapult loader
a Rallosian Dakkilon warrior
a Rallosian fodderling
a Rallosian guardsman
a Rallosian invader
a Rallosian lifetaker
a Rallosian marauder
a Rallosian messcook
a Rallosian provost
a Rallosian salvebringer
a Rallosian scout
a Rallosian shirker
a Rallosian shocktrooper
a Rallosian skirmisher
a Rallosian soldier
a Rallosian warbrute
a Rathecharmed scarab
a spinecutter basilisk
a Vekerchiki warrior
an earthen warden

Kurn's Stronghold
NPC Name
a greentail commander
a greentail slayer
a harried lieutenant
a harried researcher
a hateful oppressor
a malignant dread knight
a malignant reaver
a malignant revenant
a regimental diviner
a regimental prophet
a regimental soothsayer
a scaled guardian
a scaled sentinel
a scaled warder
a stone guardian
a stone sentinel
a tower guardian
a tower protector
a tower sentry
a venal defiler
a venal heretic
a venal warlock
an ironfist cenobite
an ironfist disciple
an ironfist master

Lavaspinner's Lair
NPC Name
a Delve drake
a reclusive lavaspinner
a stone dervish

NPC Name
a mountain giant brae

Lichen Creep
NPC Name
a cliknar gatherer
a cliknar scout
a crazed mephit
a deranged mephit
a frightened sporali
a hungry sessiloid
a lava golem
a lava mephit guard
a lava mephit miner
a lava mephit ore carrier
a lavaborn golem
a lost sporali
a magma golem
a rock golem guardian
a rock golem smasher
an autarchian dwarf
an autarchian gnome

Loping Plains
NPC Name
a Bloodmoon acolyte
a Bloodmoon assassin
a Bloodmoon brawler
a Bloodmoon guard
a Bloodmoon mystic
a Bloodmoon necromancer
a Bloodmoon rogue
a Bloodmoon shaman
a Bloodmoon warlock
a Bloodmoon warrior
a bottomfeeding imp
a cursed remnant
a cursed treant
a Drangol miner
a Drangol rogue
a Drangol shaman
a Drangol sifter
a Drangol warrior
a Drangol worker
a loping plains grizzly
a loping plains zombie
a minotaur excavator
a minotaur miner
a Mistwynd citizen
a Nightwalker bandit
a Nightwalker mystic
a Nightwalker sentry
a Nightwalker warrior
a plague-ridden Nightwalker
a shadowmane beastlord
a shadowmane berserker
a shadowmane brawler
a shadowmane bruiser
a shadowmane mystic
a shadowmane shaman
a shadowmane tamer
a shadowmane warlock
a skeleton cleric
a skeleton warrior
a skeleton wizard
a small pond hopper
a vampiric healer
a vampiric necromancer
a vampiric reaver
an unruly nightmare

Meldrath's Majestic Mansion
NPC Name
a mechanic - gnome
a steamwork trooper

Miragul's Nightmare
NPC Name
a darkbone golem
a darkshadow golem
a darkshadow mephit
a darkshadow raven
a feasting raven
a forgotten guardian
a mournful shade
a pool of darkness
a runic sentinel
a shadow mephit
a shadowed beast
a shadowed golem
a shadowy lurker
a silent shadow
a skyshadow raven
a sorrowful shade
a stalking shadow
an ancient guardian
an unseen foe
an unseen warrior

Morell's Castle
NPC Name
a candy hoarder
a crazed candy hoarder
a daydream
a decrepit confectioner
a devoted guard
a dream devourer
a dream drake
a dutiful defender
a forest guardian
a forest protector
a forest watcher
a gingerbread man
a gnarled hedgewalker
a hedgewalker
a helping hand
a hoofed diviner
a hoofed guardian
a hoofed protector
a marionette
a mutinous scallywag
a night terror
a rabbit
a rabid rabbit
a sandman
a sandman timekeeper
a scallywag diabolist
a scallywag marauder
a scallywag pillager
a scorned diabolist
a scorned marauder
a scorned pillager
a sea sorceress
a sea vamp
a seawitch
a serpent
a shelled defender
a shellscale diver
a shellscale guard
a shellscale guardian
a shellscale hunter
a shellscale occultist
a singing siren
a speckled hare
a spotted hare
a tangled hedgewalker
a vengeful diabolist
a vengeful marauder
a vengeful pillager
a water serpent
an enchanted mare
an enraged sandman
an ethereal defender
an idle hand
an ornate guard
Gaitius Cloden
Maiana the Chanteuse

Muramite Proving Grounds
NPC Name
a lightning warrior diodite
a lightning warrior staticfist
an elite ikaav binder
an elite ikaav captor
an elite ikaav detainer
an elite noc cleaver

Nagafen's Lair (Level 100 - Hardcore Heritage)
NPC Name
a fire giant magus
a fire giant warrior
a fire giant wizard
a greater kobold
a greater kobold shaman
a guano harvester
a kobold fighter
a kobold healer
a kobold noble
a kobold priest
a kobold royal
a lava beetle
a lava duct crawler
a lava guardian
a sonic bat
an enraged lava guardian
an imp protector

Nobles' Causeway
NPC Name
a battle-scarred bazu
a dragorn arch prelate

Oceangreen Hills
NPC Name
a decaying rager
a desiccated treeling
a gray wolf
a grizzly
a zombie bombardier
an infected bat
an infected gray wolf
an infected king snake

Oceangreen Village
NPC Name
a Bertoxxulian cultist
a skeleton

Old Blackburrow (SoD)
NPC Name
a burly gnoll
a burly guard
a direfang constrictor
a direfang serpent
a gnoll ravager
a gnoll shaman
a large direfang serpent
a Wrext Mal bloodreaper
a Wrext Mal painbringer
a Wrext Mal shaman
an enraged gnoll
an enraged gnoll berserker
an enraged gnoll brewmaster
an enraged gnoll butcher
an enraged gnoll commander
an enraged gnoll high commander
an enraged gnoll high shaman
an enraged gnoll mystic
an enraged gnoll reaver
an enraged gnoll slavemaster
an enraged gnoll slaver
an enraged gnoll thief
an enraged scrawny gnoll
an enraged snake handler

Old Bloodfields
NPC Name
a dragorn adjunct
a dragorn courier
a dragorn knight
a Dragorn muramite
a dragorn warrior
a kyv
a kyv heartpiercer
a kyv limbcutter
a noc darklurch
a noc flashblade
a noc fleshletter
a slavemaster
an ikaav castigator
an ikaav deathbeckoner
an ikaav despiser
an ukun fleshhound
an ukun guard
Commander Vthallyx

Old Commonlands
NPC Name
an Army of Light blademaster
an Army of Light defender
an Army of Light sorceror
an Army of Light stormcaller
an Army of Light templar
an Obliteration acolyte
an Obliteration assassin
an Obliteration conjurer
an Obliteration evoker
an Obliteration knight
an Obliteration lifestealer
an Obliteration nightblade
an Obliteration oracle
an Obliteration soldier
an Obliteration summoner
an Obliteration warlock
an Obliteration warlord
an Obliteration weaponmaster

Pellucid Grotto
NPC Name
a cavernaut healer
a cavernaut scout
a cavernaut sentinel
a cavernaut thaumaturge
a cliknar centurion
a Cliknar Overseer
a cliknar raider
a cliknar seer
a cliknar soldier
a cliknar thoughtstealer
a crystalline discharger
a crystalline exterminator
a crystalline hulk
a crystalline matranont
a crystalline sphere
a crystalline trichordont
a crystallizer ooze
a grand sessiloid
a lava elemental
a magnite golem
a mineral ooze
a mithril elemental
a rock elemental
a sessiloid
a tunneler ooze
a vile ooze
an acidic ooze
an Adherent archean
an Adherent chondrian
an Adherent komatite
an Adherent lord
an Adherent magmite
an Adherent sentinel
an Autarchian komatite
an Autarchian lord
an Autarchian primalist
an ember elemental
an infernal ooze

Permafrost Keep (Level 90 - Hardcore Heritage)
NPC Name
a dire pup
a dire wolf
a frigid terror
a giant polar bear
a goblin diviner
a goblin evoker
a goblin guard
a goblin mendicant
a goblin prelate
a goblin priest
a goblin royal guard
a goblin warlock
a goblin wizard
a goblin worker
a large dire wolf
a rabid wolf
a tiny ice goblin
a wooly spider
an elite goblin guard
an ice giant
an ice giant magus
an ice giant priest
an ice giant youth
an ice goblin
an icy terror
an injured polar bear
giant wooly spider

Pillars of Alra
NPC Name
a blistering shade
a brightshell s`ripla
a brilliant coalescence of light
a coalescence of light
a constructor acolyte
a constructor apprentice
a constructor host
a constructor keeper - Light
a constructor neophyte
a contemplative verdantguardian
a dark essencegazer
a dark horror
a darkshell s`ripla
a firmshell s`ripla
a focused attendant
a focused lightgazer
a focused lightward
a focused sorcerer
a focused ward
a goral lakrian
a goral ohritak
a goral sariak
a greater blistering shade
a greater life-essence
a greater manaward
a hall ward
a hardshell s`ripla
a lesser animation of earth
a lesser essence of nature
a life harvester
a life infuser
a life purifier
a lifetender
a light convertor
a light harvester
a light infuser
a light purifier
a lighttender
a lightward captain
a lightward guardian
a lightward novice
a lightward sentinel
a lightward squire
a lightward trainee
a lightward zealot
a lightwarder
a luminous sprite
a mana convertor
a mana harvester
a mana infuser
a mana purifier
a mana sprite
a manatender
a natureward acolyte
a natureward apprentice
a natureward host
a natureward initiate
a natureward keeper
a natureward meditator
a natureward seeker
a nightwell s`ripla
a pensive lightgazer
a pensive onlooker
a pensive scholar - Arcane
a pensive shadowcaster
a penumbral priest
a pure coalescence of light
a purist essencegazer
a quiet cataloger - Light
a quiet hopper
a quiet naturetender
a scholar of Anriella
a scholar of Erion
a scholar of Fal`Kaa
a scholar of Melretia
a seasoned channeller
a seasoned lightward
a selyrah cliffstalker
a selyrah cliffwalker
a selyrah plainsfeeder
a selyrah plainstrider
a shade convertor
a shade infuser
a shaded flame
a shaded horror
a shadeweaver acolyte
a shadeweaver apprentice
a shadeweaver initiate
a shadeweaver keeper
a shadeweaver neophyte
a shadow harvester
a shadow purifier
a shadow sprite
a shadowtender
a shadowward
a shadowward captain
a shadowward guardian
a shadowward sentinel
a shadowward squire
a shadowward trainee
a shadowward veteran
a silent bookkeeper - Arcane
a silent shadowcaster
a spirited conjuror
a spirited essence
a spirited focuser
a spirited lightward
a spirited verdantguardian
a stoic lightgazer
a stoic patron
a stoic shadowcaster
a stoic ward
a stoneflesh toad
a stoneskin hopper
a student of Anriella
a student of Erion
a student of Fal`Kaa
a student of Melretia
a s`ripla hatchling
a verdant animator
a verdant earthshaper
a verdant earthtender
a verdant naturewalker
a verdant sprite
a verdantguard captain
a verdantguard initiate
a verdantguard novice
a verdantguard reflector
a verdantguard squire
a verdantguard veteran
a verdantguard ward
a verdantguard warden
a verdantguardian
a voracious cauldronstalker
a vyrlak bloodfin
a vyrlak fry
a vyrlak spawnling
a ward of the arcane
a warm glow
a zealous augur
a zealous lightshaper
an amalgamation of earth
an animate guardian
an animate shrub
an animate ward
an animated life-essence
an animated manaward
an animated shadow
an antumbral priest
an arcane essencegazer
an arcane guardian
an arcane interceptor
an arcane ward
an arcward captain
an arcward guardian
an arcward sentinel
an arcward squire
an arcward trainee
an arcward veteran
an arcwarder
an ardent scholar - Nature
an attendant of Anriella
an attendant of Erion
an attendant of Fal`Kaa
an attendant of Melretia
an attendant of purity
an augmented zealot
an ayrlak fry
an ayrlak spawnling
an elder vyrlak
an empowered guardian
an empowered hopper
an empowered horror
an empowered manipulator
an empowered shadowweaver
an enthralled lightgazer
an enthralled shadowcaster
an enthralled spectator
an essence convertor
an essence director - Light
an essence extractor - Shadow
an essence keeper - Arcane
an essence lifegazer
an essence lifeshaper
an essence lifeward
an essence lifeweaver
an essence lightshaper
an essence lightward
an essence lightweaver
an essence manashaper
an essence manaward
an essence manaweaver
an essence of pure light
an essence of pure mana
an essence of pure shadow
an essence purifier - Light
an essence shadowshaper
an essence shadowward
an essence shadowweaver
an essence surveyor - Nature
an experienced focuser
an experienced lightshaper
an illuminary ward
an illuminator acolyte
an illuminator apprentice
an illuminator initiate
an illuminator neophyte
an infused guardian
an infused hopper
an infused horror
an infused okiina
an innocuous hopper
an introspective student - Shadow
an okiina lifewalker
an okiina mossbranch
an okiina mossroot
an okiina rotlier
an umbral priest
an ut`len flaremind
an ut`len hunter
an ut`len mindbreaker

Plane of Shadow
NPC Name
a bat
a corrupted Akhevan
a defender of Luclin
a gleaming seed beetle
a grinning gargoyle
a lady of shadows
a Liako gloomlord
a living essence of shadow
a mournful specter
a pile of shadow
a pool of darkness
a righteous spirit of light
a scavenging pile of shadow
a Senshali shadowblade
a servant of shadow
a shade beetle
a shadowed seed beetle
a shiny seed beetle
a storm of light and darkness
a vengeful spirit of darkness
a wandering soul
an Akhevan mercenary
an Akhevan vagabond
an ancient construct
an essence of xin va

Plane of War
NPC Name
a Diaku hopeful
a fallen evoker
a fallen warrior
a Gindan berserker
a Gindan carver
a Gindan champion
a Gindan reaver
a Gurrak soldier
a Gurrak spiritcaller
a Gurrak thrasher
a Hendin harbinger
a mindless miner
a miserable crusader
a Rulnavian coercer - Field of Strife
a Rulnavian fury
a Sheartooth marauder
a Sheartooth mender
a Sheartooth scout
a Tamrelian evoker
Diaku Redeemer

Prince's Manor: The Rage of Kelliad
NPC Name
a Royal Protector

Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve
NPC Name
a Bloodthirsty Moss Warlord

Rathe Council Chambers
NPC Name
a dirt covered frog
a gem studded champion
a living heap
a moss covered frog
a myrmidon of granite
a Rathe construct
a Rathe Council minion
a Rathe Council protector
a Rathe seedling tender
a Vekerchiki infiltrator
a Vekerchiki warlord
an aged Earth emissary

Relic, the Artifact City
NPC Name
a courtyard earth pile
an unyielding edifice

Resplendent Temple
NPC Name
a blob of filth
a colorful selyrah
a diseased braxi
a diseased goral
a diseased hopper
a diseased rat
a diseased selyrah
a filthy swinetor
a grazing braxi
a groundskeeper
a grove braxi
a grove goral
a grove hopper
a grove selyrah
a grove serpent
a hostile goral
a mosquito
a Nitore advisor
a Nitore apprentice
a Nitore cleanser
a Nitore elder
a Nitore enforcer
a Nitore guard
a Nitore idealist
a Nitore initiate
a Nitore liaison
a Nitore mender
a Nitore neophyte
a Nitore peacekeeper
a Nitore priest
a Nitore prober
a Nitore purger
a Nitore savant
a Nitore sorcerer
a Nitore watcher
a Piq`a deadraiser
a Piq`a diabolist
a Piq`a noble
a Piq`a soothsayer
a prisoner
a purified essence
a putrid swinetor
a rat
a roaming swinetor
a rotting corpse
a sloth cube
a soiled essence
a stray goral
a swinetor summoner
a swinetor youth
a tame goral
a temple servant
an albino serpent
an animated corpse
an armed guard
an Ulork diviner
an Ulork noble
an Ulork occultist
an Ulork vicar

Riftseekers' Sanctum
NPC Name
a commanded chimera
a companion chimera

Rubak Oseka, Temple of the Sea
NPC Name
a coral ophidian
a follower
a priest
a revered ophidian
a ringed ophidian
a servant
a templar
a worshipper
a zealot
an acolyte
an adherent
an altar attendant
an evangelizer
Cursed Water Elemental

Sanctum Somnium
NPC Name
a dark beast
a dark occultist
a dark occultist researcher
a dark ritualist
a dark ritualist expert
a deranged beggar
a dream phantom
a dream phantom illusion
a dream shade
a dream shade figment
a filthy rabid rat
a giant mosquito
a giant warrior
a giant warrior veteran
a goblin raider
a goblin raider captain
a head servant
a hungry scavanger beetle
a kobold skirmisher
a leprechaun
a mad beggar
a master guardian
a personal servant
a rabid rat
a royal archmage
a royal guard
a royal high priest
a royal knight
a royal knight errant
a royal mage
a royal priest
a scavanger beetle
a shadowy dark beast
a strange leprechaun
a tower guardian
a tower servant
a tower warden
a tower warden sergeant
an elite guardian
Morell`s Commander

Sarith, City of Tides
NPC Name
a great white shark
a grizzled war beast
a hammerhead shark
a hostage taker
a king crab
a large sea turtle
a large squid
a salt-water piranha
a Sarith guardsman
a Sarith guardsman veteran
a Sarith tidal guardian
a Sarith tidalmage
a Sarith tidalmage master
a Sarith tide priest
a war beast - goral
a war beast - selyrah
an Orator`s army archmage
an Orator`s Army assassin
an Orator`s army battlemage
an Orator`s Army beast master
an Orator`s army beast trainer
an Orator`s army bishop
an Orator`s army commander
an Orator`s army conscript
an Orator`s army dark mage
an Orator`s Army death knight
an Orator`s army lieutenant
an Orator`s Army life knight
an Orator`s Army nature mage
an Orator`s Army primal mage
an Orator`s Army ranger
an Orator`s army scout
an Orator`s army soldier
an Orator`s army strategist
an Orator`s army warpriest
an Oseka`s Chosen defender
an Oseka`s Chosen guardian

Sepulcher East
NPC Name
a beast
a beastling
a blade overseer of alsa thelara
a bladeguide of alsa thelara
a bloody ape
a breathing orchestration
a burrowing goral
a caretaker of Lunanyn
a cave selyrah
a champion of Kolos
a clot of light
a composted heap
a conqueror of Kolos
a crystallization of light
a dark magic caster
a dark magic wielder
a defender of Kolos
a didact of Ryken
a dirty ape
a farmer of Lunanyn
a fighting beast
a forgotten spirit
a furrier of Kolos
a gale of truth
a grasping heap
a groundswell of nature
a gust of sophistry
a hunter of Kolos
a hurricane of truth
a light magic caster
a light magic wielder
a living dialogue
a lurching izon
a lustrous serpent
a nature magic caster
a nature magic wielder
a philosopher of Ryken
a raging beast
a serpent
a shade of darkness
a shadow of darkness
a shambling izon
a snarling beast
a sophist of Ryken
a squirming heap
a subterranean goral
a subterranean selyrah
a tattered pile
a tender of Lunanyn
a thelasa of fertility
a tracker of Kolos
a trapper of Kolos
a warden of Lunanyn
a whirlwind of sophistry
a wizened thelasa
an academic of Ryken
an arcane denizen
an arcane magic caster
an arcane magic wielder
an archon of alsa thelara
an embodiment of arcanum
light magic caster
light magic wielder

Sepulcher of Order
NPC Name
a bead of light
a blade mentor of alsa thelara
a blade overseer of alsa thelara
a bladed ereth of order
a bladeguide of alsa thelara
a blind scavenger
a boastful tricrystal
a body of darkness
a bone amalgamation
a bone mass
a brooding selyrah
a brutalizer of alsa thelara
a calcified ser thal
a carnifex of alsa thelara
a carnivorous prowler
a carrier of arcanum
a commanding wind
a crystalline healer
a deceased thelasa
a defender of alsa thel
a dense mound
a denuded ser thal
a departed thelasa
a disfigured thelasa ser
a disgusting soul
a disintegrating ser alsa thel
a fertile mound
a fleshless ser thal
a flow of alsa thel
a forgotten spirit
a fortified tideshell
a gale liege
a gale servant
a gleaming stonewalker
a greensward walker
a greensward webstitcher
a guardian of alsa thel
a hardened tideshell
a loamy pile
a luminous stonewalker
a moss jumble
a mutated thel imbiber
a nesting goral
a penitent of Beloth
a petrified ser thal
a plated tideshell
a pool of alsa thel
a protector of alsa thel
a proud tricrystal
a ravenous raptor
a resplendent soul
a revenant of thelasa
a revolting nightmare
a rotflesh seeker
a savage raptor
a scavenging brute
a sea funnel
a ser alsa
a shouting element
a shroud of thelasa
a soul of darkness
a soul of nature
a spirit of nature
a starving raptor
a steel droplet
a steel hurricane
a steel mass
a steel tornado
a sub archon of alsa thelara
a sublime tricrystal
a swirling voice
a tarnished soul
a territorial goral
a thel eel
a thelara alsa ril of Alra
a tide creeper
a tide drain
a tide drifter
a torturer of alsa thelara
a transcendent adherent
a transfigured thel imbiber
a veil of thelasa
a vessel of arcanum
a vicious raptor
a visage of darkness
a vociferous element
a whirlwind of steel
a wind servant
a wizened thelasa
a zephyr of steel
Alra ser alsa
an Alra ser alsa
an alsa construct
an alsa thel embodiment
an alsa thel selyrah
an alsa thelara initiate
an alsa thelara worker
an apparition of thelasa
an arable mound
an arbiter ereth of order
an archon of alsa thelara
an armipotent ser alsa thel
an armored tideshell
an ascended ser alsa thel
an aspect of darkness
an engorged ser alsa thel
an enraptured ser alsa thel
an ereth of Alra
an ereth of law
an ereth of order
an herbivorous prowler
an imbued ser alsa thel
an infant eel
an infused alsa construct
an overgrown mound
blades of anger
carnifex of alsa thelara
ereth of Alra
living blades
thelara alsa ril of Alra

Sepulcher West
NPC Name
a beast of steel
a blade overseer of alsa thelara
a bladeguide of alsa thelara
a bone assembly
a bone bruiser
a cave great white
a cave hammerhead
a consumer of death
a filth eater
a forgotten spirit
a fouled warrior
a giant of steel
a high thelasa of Ladrys
a high thelasa of Oseka
a lost initiate
a myrmidon of Oseka
a noviate of Ladrys
a risen ser alsa
a ser alsa deceased
a ser alsa hadal
a ser alsa thel hadal
a servitor of the depths
a shard of Illdaera
a shard of purity
a sightless turtle
a soiled warrior
a splash of Illdaera
a steel breeze
a steel torrent
a subterranean kraken
a subterrestrial kraken
a sunken turtle
a thel eel
a thelasa of Ladrys
a tide creeper
a tide drifter
a warrior of Oseka
a wizened thelasa
a worshipper of decay
a worshipper of filth
an adherent of Ladrys
an alsa thelara champion
an alsa thelara conqueror
an alsa thelara legend
an alsa thelara nonpareil
an alsa thelara wind archer
an alsa thelara wind tamer
an archon of alsa thelara
an armored tideshell
an devotee of Ladrys
an infant eel
an initiate of Ladrys
an unblemished shard
ser alsa hadal
ser alsa thel hadal

Sewers of Nihilia, Purifying Plant
NPC Name
a congealed mass
a fading worker
a noc scout
a noc underling
a phantom earthshaper
a sludge lurker [Purifying Plant]
an ukun tracker

Shard's Landing
NPC Name
a blighted prowler
a blightshell scarab
a calculating overseer
a chillclaw wyvern
a citizen
a clickshell pest
a conscripted dredger
a conscripted edgecrafter
a conscripted excavator
a conscripted fighter
a conscripted gladiator
a conscripted ironshaper
a conscripted lifter
a conscripted miner
a conscripted smith
a conscripted tender
a coralspine goral
a corrupted coralspine
a corrupted devourer
a council advisor
a council judicator
a council overseer
a devout believer
a dire plainskeeper
a feeble devourer
a forsaken believer
a forsaken coordinator
a forsaken overseer
a forsaken speaker
a forsaken supervisor
a forsaken torchbearer
a frostcoat grazer
a frostcoat patriarch
a greater ivyscale
a greater slatescale
a kangon verdantbeak
a lesser blightshell
a lesser hoarder
a lesser plainskeeper
a naeya plainshound
a pious believer
a plainsdweller guardian
a plainsdweller wyvern
a ruthless overseer
a selyrah plainskeeper
a slatescale serpent
a slatescale slitherer
a soulless attendee
a stoic believer
a taskmaster
a venomshell pest
a venomshell scarab
a verdantbeak cub
a wild naeya
a worntooth cub
a worntooth grendlaen
a worntooth matron
a zealous believer
an arena sentry
an arena ward
an armory director
an armory foreman
an armory guard
an armory sentry
an armory ward
an elder naeya
an elder prowler
an enforcer
an icebeak matriarch
an icebeak pup
an iceclaw wyvern
an impassive clergyman
an ivyscale serpent
an ivyscale slitherer
an oashim hoarder
an umbraphyte cultivator
an umbraphyte tender

Solusek Ro's Tower
NPC Name
a protector of Ro

Steam Factory
NPC Name
a dedicant
a flamemaster
a master slaver
a shock reaver
a shock striker
a shock trooper - gnome
a shock trooper - minotaur
a steamwork shock trooper
a tinkerer

Stillmoon Temple
NPC Name
a Stillmoon laborer
Decrepit Guard

Sunderock Springs
NPC Name
a catapult engineer
a yellow ooze

Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver
NPC Name
a corrupted construct
an elite mastruq berserker
an elite mastruq crusher
an elite mastruq destroyer

Tempest Temple
NPC Name
a coral crawler
a coral serpent
a deepwalker naga
a hungry serpent
a lava spirit
a reef crab
a reef crawler
a reef walker
a sea goblin shaman
a sea goblin warrior
a sea naga evoker
a sea naga stormcaller
a small serpent
an air spirit
an enraged reef crawler
an enraged rocksnapper
an ocean serpent

Temple of Bertoxxulous
NPC Name
a grim sentinel
a plagued ritualist
a putrid lector
a putrid servant
a temple guardian

Temple of Droga [EoK]
NPC Name
a skittering briarweb spider

The Broodlands
NPC Name
a Broodlands leopard
a Dirtdigger assassin
a Dirtdigger champion
a Frostflake champion
a granite sentinel
a magma drakeling
a magma shatterer

The Buried Sea
NPC Name
a ringed sea snake
a sea snake
a Stormscape skyknight
a Sunstone reaver

The Forgotten Halls
NPC Name
a squeaking rat

The Foundation
NPC Name
a baelorat
a bellikos subvert
a burynai burrower
a burynai cenobite
a burynai curate
a burynai explorer
a burynai rockshaper
a burynai sapper
a cliknar hunter
a cliknar scout
a cliknar soldier
a genati
a gnomish engineer
a gnomish tinkerer
a gnomish toiler
a large beetle
a large insect
a small beetle
a small insect
a sporali cultivator
a sporali harvester
a sporali sprawl
an adherent engineer
an adherent foreman
an adherent worker
an Autarchian bandit
an Autarchian brute
an Autarchian grunt
an Autarchian warrior
an odd looking beetle

The Grounds
NPC Name
a bitter treant
a bixie guard
a bone crafter
a bone golem
a disgruntled aquadervish
a forlorn bone golem
a garden bixie
a living heap
a mad mulch cube
a mangy rotdog
a mulch cube
a peponnite
a petulant heap
a putrified peponnite
a rotdog
a servant of Thule
a souring treant
a thornfrog
a troublesome snake
a truculent wasp
a wasp
a wicked thornfrog
an aggressive snake
an aquadervish
an obedient servant

The Library
NPC Name
a corporeal scholar
a corporeal scholarly researcher
a curious custodian
a disoriented dreamer
a dusty codex
a dutiful librarian
a fascinated scholar
a languid poetry teacher
a library custodian
a library watcher
a listless librarian
a lonely librarian
a neglected tome
a preoccupied scholar
a rotdog
a wayward visitor
a weary assistant
an absorbed scholar
an ancient codex
an arcane researcher
an armored watcher
an enraged historian
an ethereal watcher
an idle artisan
an oblivious scholar
an obsessed scholar
an unusual codex
Assistant Librarian Vesrad

The Precipice of War
NPC Name
a noc flashblade

The Steppes
NPC Name
a burly hill giant

The Underquarry
NPC Name
a brass golem
a burynai archwizard
a burynai caveblade
a burynai mineblade
a burynai plotter
a burynai trickster
a cliknar adept
a cliknar avenger
a cliknar battle drone
a cliknar eviscerator
a cliknar paragon
a cliknar prelate
a cliknar sergeant
a cliknar skirmish drone
a cliknar war drone
a cliknar warrior
a copper golem
a genati ancient
a genati archaean
a gold golem
a silver golem
a Stonequarry engineer
a Stonequarry foreman
a surly genati
an iron golem
an Underquarry acolyte
an Underquarry arcanist
an Underquarry believer
an Underquarry devotee
an Underquarry engineer
an Underquarry follower
an Underquarry foreman
an Underquarry miner
an Underquarry prospector
an Underquarry spellsharp
an Underquarry stonecutter
an Underquarry stonerazer

The Well
NPC Name
a bold cave viper
a bold pit viper
a cave viper
a chaos scorpion
a dark scorpion
a dark spider
a deadly chaos scorpion
a deadly pit spider
a feldark scorpion
a feldark spider
a grown nayat
a mouth of insanity
a mud golem
a pit spider
a pit viper
a sludge golem
a young nayat
Fetid Spider
Raejic [Devourer of Souls]
The Adversary

Thuliasaur Island
NPC Name
a barracuda
a Bloodfeather avocet
a Bloodfeather egret
a Bloodfeather harrier
a Bloodfeather rook
a bloodtear Ebonwing
a caribe
a corricaux shade
a drogmor
a feral drogmor
a fierce tyrannosaurus
a glistenwing
a Kromtus fisherman
a Kromtus guard
a Kromtus heyokah
a Kromtus scout
a lumbering triceratops
a pest
a praetor shade
a rabbit
a raptor
a roaming saurek
a saurek hatchling
a soulsipper
a Thaell Ew advisor
a Thaell Ew apprentice
a Thaell Ew cook
a Thaell Ew defender
a Thaell Ew focuser
a Thaell Ew gatherer
a Thaell Ew hatchling
a Thaell Ew hunter
a Thaell Ew keeper
a Thaell Ew master smith
a Thaell Ew patron
a Thaell Ew resident
a Thaell Ew ritualist
a Thaell Ew smith
a Thaell Ew weaponskeeper
a tired Thaell Ew cook
a tortoise
a triceratops hatchling
a tyrannosaurus hatchling
a tyrannosaurus matriarch
a young glistenwing
a young raptor
a young tortoise
an angry barracuda
an ankylosaurus
an ankylosaurus hatchling
an Ebonwing chick
an Ebonwing guardian
an Ebonwing tender
an elder glistenwing
an elder Kromtus
an elder raptor
an impaler
an indagator shade
an indagatrix shade
an old triceratops

Tipt, Treacherous Crags
NPC Name
a coerced granite worker
a cragbeast hatchling
a feeble beludu shade
a flinty cragbeast
a hynid ravager
a kyv eyecollector
a kyv heartstriker
a mastruq decapitator
a mastruq warmedic
a mountain pooka
a noc sprayblood
a ra`tuk decimator
a shadowed stonemite
an aneuk ebonspirit
an aneuk fleshweaver
an ikaav fleshflare
an ikaav irelette
an ikaav psychagonist
an ukun deathfang

Tirranun's Delve
NPC Name
a Delve cleric
a Delve drake

NPC Name
a dreadrat
a giant death beetle
a goblin ambusher
a hulking warboar
a Rallosian barker
a Rallosian blade
a Rallosian bloodblade
a Rallosian bruiser
a Rallosian champion
a Rallosian darklancer
a Rallosian gladiator
a Rallosian mystic
a Rallosian namekeeper
a Rallosian seer
a Rallosian sentinel
a Rallosian slaver
a Rallosian slayer
a Rallosian tactician
a Rallosian trooper
a Rallosian warlord
a Rallosian warmaster
a Shivstalker thief
a Toskirakk ward sergeant

Tower of Rot
NPC Name
a bloated devourer
a crusader of life
a priestess of life
a starving devourer
a vicar of life
an acidic muck
an acrid muck
an archaic trilobite
an unseen hand

Toxxulia Forest
NPC Name
a cliknar invader

Txevu, Lair of the Elite
NPC Name
a fervid revenant
a kyv hunter
a mastruq battlebrute
a mastruq gladiator
a noc bloodluster
a noc brawler
a ravenous corpsefeeder
a ra`tuk bruiser
a ra`tuk rabidfury
an ancient hynid scavenger
an aneuk darkdiviner
an aneuk fleshthreader
an aneuk nervehammer
an enslaved destroyer
an enthralled deathbringer
an ikaav binder
an ikaav detainer
an ikaav ruiner
an ikaav willbreaker
an ukun deathfang
Bearer of Absorption
Bearer of Anger
Bearer of Haste
Bearer of Intensification
Bearer of Mending
Bearer of Nascency
Bearer of Projection
Bearer of Quickening
Bearer of Rage
Bearer of Reflection
Bearer of Resistance
Bearer of Shielding
Inquisitor Chiak Tansk
Inquisitor Lliev Kinth
Tiv Prayer Chanter
Vrex Invoker Akello
Vrex Invoker Jahzara
Vrex Invoker Kashka
Vrex Invoker Malik
Vrex Invoker Raziya

Uqua, the Ocean God Chantry
NPC Name
a construct of fury
a construct of rage
a destructive channeler
a disciple of destruction
a disciple of rage
a fury behemoth
a rage behemoth
a slighted spirit
a trusik anchorite
a trusik ascetic
a trusik ritualist
a trusik spiritmaster
a trusik stalker
a trusik summoner
an anchorite of destruction
an infuriated spirit
Guardian of Destruction

NPC Name
a butcher
a mammoth
a mature lakeskater

Valley of King Xorbb
NPC Name
a blackened eye
a bonepile golem
a bruiser minotaur
a clayborn muddite
a cloudburst cyclone
a cloudburst whirlwind
a clouded eye
a condemned skeleton
a core elemental
a corpsebinder goblin
a corpseflower sporali
a creekbottom muddite
a crystalfear golem
a crystalfear hydra
a currentfang snake
a darkbody golem
a darkflesh golem
a deadcrawler sporali
a deadeater crocodile
a deadfiend goblin
a deathraiser goblin
a decomposing mass
a deepwoods bear
a deepwoods snake
a direflame goblin
a farsighted eye
a fearbone skeleton
a fetid mass
a filthduct snake
a fleshburn mephit
a focused eye
a forest bear
a forest snake
a geosplint mephit
a gravelcrush whirlwind
a groundswell elemental
a guardian minotaur
a hungry goblin
a lifeshard hydra
a longfang rat
a magician`s eye
a minotaur architect
a minotaur cook
a moldgrown sporali
a multifacet hydra
a multiphasic crystal
a nightfear mephit
a noxious spill
a nullmind mephit
a pickslave goblin
a putrid mass
a rabid bear
a ritualtalker goblin
a riverfoam elemental
a runny eye
a scarred skeleton
a scholarly minotaur
a sedimentary muddite
a sewer rat
a shamanic goblin
a shamanic minotaur
a shardcraft golem
a shardcraft hydra
a sickwater crocodile
a stonegrind whirlwind
a stormrage whirlwind
a stream snake
a streamswell elemental
a subservient goblin
a tainted spill
a terror golem
a thickhide crocodile
a tunnel snake
a vigilant eye
a warrior minotaur
a watchman minotaur
a waterknight goblin
a wetbloom sporali
a workmaster goblin
a woundhealer goblin
an earthcrust elemental
an eskerdirt muddite
an evenflame goblin
an evilgaze eye
an executed skeleton
an icewarrior goblin
an infectious spill
an irritated eye
an omnifocus eye
an overseer minotaur

Valley of Lunanyn
NPC Name
a deadly huntsman
a dirty oashim
a farmer
a ferocious grendlaen
a foul reega
a grendlaen cub
a huntsman
a huntsman youngling
a mature oashim
a mischievous fire imp
a mosstrooper
a mutated oashim
a nefarious reega
a ranger
a savage grendlaen
a silent huntsman
a soldier
a tired farmer
a trooper
a vile reega
a wicked grendlaen
a wraith of Arelis
an Arcon
an Argathian traitor
an impaler
an oashim

Volska's Husk
NPC Name
a bellikos overseer
a clockwork defender
a lava golem
a lava mephit brigand
a lava mephit scout
a stone husk beetle
a stone husk burrower
a stone husk hunter
an Autarchian cultivator
an Autarchian engineer
an Autarchian gnoll
an Autarchian harvester
an Autarchian kobold
an Autarchian Sentry
an Autarchian sprawl
an Autarchian worker
Bellikos Lecturer
Bryxyx Kyzox

Vxed, the Crumbling Caverns
NPC Name
a coerced granite worker
a feeble beludu shade
a flinty cragbeast
a hynid ravager
a kyv eyecollector
a kyv heartstriker
a mastruq decapitator
a mastruq warmedic
a mountain pooka
a noc havocblade
a noc sprayblood
a ra`tuk decimator
a venomous stonemite
a weeping beludu mother
an aneuk ebonspirit
an aneuk fleshweaver
an arisen beludu
an ikaav detestor
an ikaav fleshflare
an ikaav irelette
an ikaav psychagonist
an ukun boneretriever
an ukun deathfang

Western Wastes
NPC Name
Sir Elmonious Falmont

Western Wastes (CoV)
NPC Name
a brood hatchling - CoV

Windsong Sanctuary
NPC Name
a breezerunner
a cloud leaper
a contaminated wind elemental
a filqua glider
a filqua winddrifter
a filqua windrider
a flowing wind elemental
a fluttering kangon
a haze jumper
a howling wind elemental
a melodious apparition
a mist bounder
a musical spirit
a muted brute
a polluted wind elemental
a silent guardian
a silent worshipper
a silentsong worshipper
a songful soul
a soundless devotee
a tempestuous wind elemental
a wind archer
a wind strider
an escaped swinetor prisoner
an unspeaking sentinel

Yxtta, Pulpit of Exiles
NPC Name
a bereaved scribe
a cornered animist
a crag beetle
a dark cavern spider
a granite guardian
a granite laborer
a malicious trusik
a mastruq battleborn
a mastruq essence eater
a ravenous cragbeast
an aneuk bloodwraith
an ikaav malignatist

Used in 1 recipe.
Recipe list - Premium only.

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Al'Kabor's Nightmare
Argath, Bastion of Illdaera
Arx Mentis
Beasts' Domain
Blackburrow: Reinforced Blackburrow (Level 80 - HH)
Blackfeather Roost
Bloody Kithicor
Breeding Grounds
Brell's Rest
Brell's Temple
Brother Island
Caverns of Endless Song
Cazic-Thule: Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule (Level 80 - HH)
Chapterhouse of the Fallen
Chelsith Reborn
Citadel of the Worldslayer
City of Dranik
Combine Dredge
Cooling Chamber
Crushbone (Level 90 - Hardcore Heritage)
Crystal Caverns, Fragment of Fear
Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened
Dead Hills: Into the Hills
Degmar, the Lost Castle
Direwind Cliffs
Dragonscale Hills
Dreadspire Keep
Drunder, Fortress of Zek (Plane of Tactics)
East Wastes, Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening
Erillion, City of Bronze
Erudin Burning
Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind
Estate of Unrest: Greater Unrest (Level 80 - HH)
Evantil, the Vile Oak
Fear Itself
Feerrott, the Dream
Field of Scale
Fortress Mechanotus
Frontier Mountains [EoK]
Fungal Forest
Grelleth's Palace, Chateau of Filth
Gyrospire Beza
Heart of Fear: The Epicenter
Heart of Fear: The Rebirth
Heart of Fear: The Threshold
Hills of Shade
House of Thule, Lower Floors
House of Thule, Upper Floors
Icefall Glacier
Infected Paw
Infected Paw (OoW / LDoN)
Inktu`Ta, the Unmasked Chapel
Kael Drakkel, The King's Madness
Kaesora Hatchery
Kaesora Library
Katta Castrum
Katta Castrum: Deluge
Kerafyrm's Lair (Sleeper's Tomb)
Kernagir, the Shining City
Kod'Taz, Broken Trial Grounds
Korafax, Home of the Riders
Korascian Warrens
Kurn's Stronghold
Lavaspinner's Lair
Lichen Creep
Loping Plains
Meldrath's Majestic Mansion
Miragul's Nightmare
Morell's Castle
Muramite Proving Grounds
Nagafen's Lair (Level 100 - Hardcore Heritage)
Nobles' Causeway
Oceangreen Hills
Oceangreen Village
Old Blackburrow (SoD)
Old Bloodfields
Old Commonlands
Pellucid Grotto
Permafrost Keep (Level 90 - Hardcore Heritage)
Pillars of Alra
Plane of Shadow
Plane of War
Prince's Manor: The Rage of Kelliad
Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve
Rathe Council Chambers
Relic, the Artifact City
Resplendent Temple
Riftseekers' Sanctum
Rubak Oseka, Temple of the Sea
Sanctum Somnium
Sarith, City of Tides
Sepulcher East
Sepulcher West
Sepulcher of Order
Sewers of Nihilia, Purifying Plant
Shard's Landing
Solusek Ro's Tower
Steam Factory
Stillmoon Temple
Sunderock Springs
Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver
Tempest Temple
Temple of Bertoxxulous
Temple of Droga [EoK]
The Broodlands
The Buried Sea
The Forgotten Halls
The Foundation
The Grounds
The Library
The Precipice of War
The Steppes
The Underquarry
The Well
Thuliasaur Island
Thundercrest Isles
Tipt, Treacherous Crags
Tower of Rot
Toxxulia Forest
Txevu, Lair of the Elite
Uqua, the Ocean God Chantry
Valley of King Xorbb
Valley of Lunanyn
Volska's Husk
Vxed, the Crumbling Caverns
Western Wastes
Western Wastes (CoV)
Windsong Sanctuary
Yxtta, Pulpit of Exiles

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drops with other mobs
# Mar 01 2014 at 12:29 PM Rating: Decent
8 posts
Also got to drop off a Battle-Scarred Bazu
Sells for waaay more than 25p
# Oct 18 2013 at 3:04 PM Rating: Good
127 posts
I'm selling these quite quickly at 75p. Drops of a zillion mobs, but most folks just use them as vendor trash. Will have to see what they make with this item, as it's hard to keep in stock in bazaar.
Sells for waaay more than 25p
# Dec 25 2013 at 1:01 AM Rating: Decent
51 posts
Scale Ore is used in any number of jewelry combines, for the high end trio line of mounts that add really good stats up to about level 80 or so. Beyond that, you can loot or quest better items. Honestly though, at level 10 - 55/60, if you dont have a full set of appropriate jewelry you are loosing out on thousands of free HP and Mana, let alone resists. Good fair price for jeweler is up to 50-75pp or so, above that its not worth the price for what you can sell the end item for.
Squeaking Rat
# Nov 10 2009 at 9:03 PM Rating: Decent
Dropped off a squeaking rat in Forgotten Halls.
EQ1: Gooshy:
EQ2: Gwenythe:
Also drops in Icefall
# Aug 28 2009 at 5:59 AM Rating: Decent
82 posts
Have been grinding in Icefall Glacier, since its a lvl 70 HZ right now, and have had a few of these drop off the Mammoths (Large, Wooly, Adult) - straight out from the zone in. Not often, mind you, but they do drop off them. Hope that helps.

Edited, Aug 28th 2009 10:01am by Athelu

Edited, Aug 28th 2009 10:02am by Athelu
Gwidre~113 Ashenhand of Quellious, Bunny Minion of Iratus Lepus, Xegony Server; Shawlweaver
Trideni~108 Spiritwalker of The Tribunal; Shawlweaver, Bunny Alt
Phedraa~105 Primal Elementalist of Rodcet Nife, Shawlweaver, Bunny Alt
Athelu~108 Farwarden of Tunare, Shawlweaver Aspirant, Bunny Alt
Lisselle~106 Enchantress of Veeshan, Bunny Alt
Macey~106 Druidess of Tunare, Bunny Alt
Trilenol~110 Cleric of Brell, Bunny Alt
Zellanna~96 Grand Occultist of Bertoxxulous, Bunny Alt
Dropped off a Protecter of Ro in Tower of Solesuk
# Jul 04 2009 at 11:38 PM Rating: Decent
123 posts
Title explains it all. We only got one in about 4 to 5 hours there.
Dropped off a tracker's dire wolf in Valdeholm
# Feb 15 2009 at 8:07 AM Rating: Decent
54 posts
Dropped off a master tracker's dire wolf in Valdeholm
Scale Ore
# Feb 14 2009 at 3:32 PM Rating: Decent
and we can add a dragorn champion in the Muramite Proving Grounds.
By Sentinel Siofet

A rather odd non-DoN spot if you ask me. Must have been picked up by a roamer.

Edited, Feb 14th 2009 3:34pm by morromid
# Feb 05 2009 at 3:06 AM Rating: Decent
811 posts
dropped of mature lakeskater in Valde
# Jan 28 2009 at 6:27 PM Rating: Decent
drops in dragon scale hills as well
# Jan 22 2009 at 12:22 PM Rating: Decent
26 posts
Dropped from "a flameweaver guardian" in The Accursed Nest
# Jan 23 2009 at 4:39 PM Rating: Decent
Dropped from icefall crawler today
Beza instances
# Jan 22 2009 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
I got a few to drop during a Gyrospire Beza: Scouting Gyrospire Beza instance.

Specifically off of the Steamwork shocktroopers and strikers!
Dirtdigger Assassin
# Apr 08 2008 at 8:58 AM Rating: Decent
92 posts
Got one off a Dirtdigger Assassin in Broodlands today. And yes the prices in bazaar have reached the level of SILLY! Last night 341 Scale ore from one trader offered for 5k !!! each! OY!
Scale Ore
# Mar 19 2008 at 10:46 AM Rating: Decent
Prices of 1-2K for this piece is ridiculous! The prismatic palladium bar once enchanted into a palladium bar, then combined with a mold to craft a piece of jewelry (example a palladium trio pendant) sells in the bazaar for only about 700-1000p. Why would you pay 1-2k for scale ore when you can't sell the jewelry it makes for more than 1k for each piece?

Someone for sure needs to get a life.
Change Rarity to RARE
# Feb 12 2008 at 11:14 PM Rating: Decent
222 posts
46 kills of Magman drakelings, shatterers, stone dervishes, and the basilisks at the Fire Stones and all I got was 1 sapphire, 1 ruby, 1 nest drake meat, and 3 of those symbols/coin that give you a quest but no scale ore.

As for foraging them. 2 scale ores in 4 hours for me with 200 skill and the foraging Machete.

And to top it off with Jewelry skill of 198 and a triv of 26 I FAILED 3 combines in a row.

Its ******** like this that keeps new players away!
Scale Ore
# Nov 19 2007 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
Is it still called Scale or, or did they change the name or recipe, cause on /buyer i dont see it listed at all and i never see it in bazaar anymore...
Scale Ore
# Dec 20 2007 at 11:59 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Yeah, it is still called this. But the new JC items and drive for the levelling of skills has increased supply and demand. So peeps selling it for crazy prices, but cannot blame them if someone is paying, LOL.
scale ore
# Nov 10 2007 at 8:05 AM Rating: Decent
Also dropped of a magma scatterer in The Broodlands

I found an easy camp in the Broodlands. After you zone in head west to the other side. there are 4 or 5 pillars and the Magma drakes fly around there. After you kill them wait for repops. A few dervishes come through the general area too.

It's busy place though with lots of creatures wandering in, so be prepared for adds, usually the Baslisks but some of the Goblin creatures too.

after clearing a few times, I did have 2 names pop of the Firefag,Flamfist,FireClaw type, I can't remember which 2 exactly. I had wandered off after clearing the area and they were there wheN I came back. They were no problem to my 72 Druid and his DC pet but I'm surprised seeing now that they're level 50.

It probably took an hour to get 4 drops of scale ore, and I think one was a forage.

Edited, Nov 12th 2007 12:43pm by morromid
Expert Jewelry Test
# Jun 09 2007 at 10:48 AM Rating: Good
3,128 posts
The expert Jewelry Test Quest has been changed and now required 4 Items that require Prismatic Palladium Bar. The Prismatic Palladium bar requires the scale ore to make.
drops in Thundercrest Isles
# Feb 28 2007 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
this dropped off a drake in TI
Dropped in Stillmoon
# Sep 07 2006 at 1:02 PM Rating: Decent
Dropped in stillmoon.Have killed hundereds of mobs there and first time i have seen it drop there.Must not be very common there.
# May 20 2006 at 1:16 AM Rating: Decent
Dropped off basilisk in Broodlands today.
Scale Ore
# Apr 25 2006 at 11:52 PM Rating: Default
The reason prices are so high for Scale Ore in Bazaar is because they are used to make Prismatic Palladium Bars for Jewelcraft (around 270+) Trivial

RE: Scale Ore
# Jun 01 2006 at 10:52 PM Rating: Decent
The trival for the Pristine Palladium Bar is 26. Also anything you make with the Palladium runs at the venders 9s 5c anyways even using the best gem you can find or just selling the bar.

Edited, Thu Jun 1 22:49:19 2006
# Oct 12 2005 at 7:01 AM Rating: Decent
what items can u make with it that justify the high price wanted in the bazaar ?
Thundercrest Too
# Sep 10 2005 at 6:42 PM Rating: Default
Foraged and dropped during Creator DoN
Criminy... >_<
# Sep 06 2005 at 7:47 PM Rating: Decent
I'm currently sitting in Lavaspinner's, foraging my little heart out. I've been here over six hours. I have 22 different items foraged (How the HELL can I get water, pineapples and moss in a bare cave of lava??) and not one scale ore. 'Ticked off' doesn't even BEGIN to cover it.
# May 28 2005 at 8:57 AM Rating: Decent
I just bought a bunch today on Maelin for 248pp ea. A bunch of people were selling them too, all around the same price. FYI
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