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The Artisan's Prize is the best augmentation available in EverQuest. It is the reward for a quest introduced in 2016. It has base stats at 1200 HP and can be upgraded up to 3000 HP through tradeskills.

This article offers extensive information about all that's required to obtain the best version.

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First you need to get those 3 items through quests :
- Earring of the Solstice
- Signet of the Arcane (caster) or Signet of Might (melee)
- Eron's Jewelry (caster) or Eron's Jewelry (melee)

Note : you need the actual 3 items, not just the achievements. If you destroyed one of those items, you'll have to do the quest again.
Note: you need the whole Planes of Power progression up to the Elemental Planes to get the Signet, even though access to those planes is automatically granted at higher levels.

Then you need to do The Artisan's Wares quest that requires collecting 16 ground spawns in 16 different zones. One of those is located in Maelin's room in the Plane of Innovation which requires someone with Quintessence of Elements in your group to be teleported to. A detailed walkthrough with many screenshots is avaiable on this blog page : EQ Artisan's Wares Mystery.

Getting the Artisan's Prize (base stats)

Go see Lebounde Ab Dolmen in Halas and say 'work' to get the task. You have to deliver 12 Artisan Seals then go through a few other steps in order to get your reward.

The Seals are tradeable, which means you are not required to make them yourself, only deliver them.

If you intend to make a Seal yourself, you need to have a skill of 300+ along with a max evolved trophy in that tradeskill :
- Denmother's Rolling Pin (Baking)
- Brewmaster's Mug (Brewing)
- Blacksmith's Adamantine Hammer (Blacksmithing)
- Fletcher's Arrow (Fletching)
- Intricate Jeweler Glass (Jewelcrafting)
- Clay Finger's Loop (Pottery)
- Mystical Bolt (Tailoring)

Before you make a Seal yourself, be sure to get the Supplies task, also available from Lebounde Al Dolmen by saying 'work'. Each task requires making 5 different items then delivering them to get the Seal as a reward.

Lebounde Al Dolmen roams in Halas, mostly in the eastern part. He's only up between 5 AM and 7 PM.

See the Artisan's Prize quest page for the next steps. Eventually you will be rewarded with the base version of the augmentation, which is already a pretty good reward.

Upgrading the Artisan's Prize (max stats)

The stats will get better as you get your TS skills over 300 (or 200 for Fishing). To obtain the maxed version, you need to gain a total of 420 points over 300 (or over 200 for Fishing) for the 9 tradeskills available to all players : Baking, Brewing, Blacksmithing, Fletching, Jewelcrafting, Pottery, Tailoring + Fishing and Research.

For example, getting to 350 Baking, Brewing, Blacksmithing, Fletching, Jewelcrafting, Pottery and Tailoring, 250 Fishing and "only" 320 Research would get you the max stats.

Since the base augmentation has 40% of its maximum stats and 420 TS points are required to maximize it, that means you get +1% on the stats for every 7 TS points you gain.

Progression to 350

Starting from 300, the only way to get new skill points is to LEARN recipes. Once you have learned a recipe, doing it over and over will not get you a single skill point.

What recipes count ?

Basically, any non-trivial, non-cultural recipe. More precisely, from Dzarn himself (he's a dev) :

For a recipe to count toward the progression the following has to be true:
- Its trivial is greater than 0 (not a no-fail recipe).
- It is not a recipe that is automatically known : You must either scribe the recipe from a book or successfully create it once.
- It is not a recipe that must be known in order to create the item : Some combines cannot be done until the recipe is scribed, such recipes do not count for progression.
- It is a recipe you can learn by successfully combining the items : Some combinations of items can be put together but don't teach you a recipe you can use, such combines do not count for progression.
- It is a recipe that is combined in a 'standard' container type : Recipes that require you to use a particular container do not count for progression; such as expendable containers or race specific forges.

The easy way to get a few skill points once at 300 is to buy and scribe any recipe books that you wouldn't have scribed yet. You can check this by right clicking the book on the vendor, look for a "Not scribed" green text. There are not many books, and they won't give you many skill points, but it's a start.

The real way to get skill points is to look for, then successfully make, any non-trivial, non-cultural recipe that you haven't made yet.

If you have done a lot of TS through the years, then you already have learned many recipes. Those are immediately taken into account once you reach 300, which means you could instantly get a few more skill points.

You need to unlock every 5 points of every TS cap by learning the associated AA. For example, Tailoring Mastery 4 unlocks the 305 cap, Tailoring Mastery 5 unlocks 310, etc.. Don't worry, all recipes that you have learned are remembered, which means if you have 310/310 and learn a new recipe, this will count towards reaching the 311 skill. Once you unlock the 315 cap, you might instantly get to 311+ if you have learned enough new recipes in the meantime.

How do I get my Artisan's Prize from 40% (base stats) to 100% power ?

- Reach 350 in the 7 main tradeskills
- Reach 350 in Spell Research
- Reach 250 in Fishing
- minus 30 skill points over 300, which means you reach the max when you are 30 points under the total skill points; for example you would reach the max with 350 everywhere and 220 in Fishing.

This means you need (9*50 - 30) = 420 skill points over 300 (or 200 for Fishing) to max your Artisan's Prize. Since that's a 60% increase in power over the base stats, you'll get 1% increase for every 7 skill points you get, all 9 TS included.

How fast will I gain skill points ?

First, this depends on the TS, some have a lot of recipes while others (Fishing, Brewing) have much less. Second, the progression is not strictly linear, but mostly. Here is a real exemple for Fishing from Dzarn :

To progress past 300 (or 200 in the case of fishing), there is an internal table of data that defines the following: SKILL - Bonus Points - Recipes you must know.
These additional skill points are not added to your tradeskill skill value until you have reached 300 (or 200 for fishing).
The real data example for fishing looks as follows for the first 5 points:
Fishing - 1 - 3
Fishing - 2 - 5
Fishing - 3 - 8
Once you have reached 200 fishing skill and gotten rank 1 of the new AA line, knowing a total of 3 recipes will allow you to have 201 skill. Learning two more recipes (a total of 5) will bring you to 202 skill, etc.

How do I know which recipes can help me get skill points ?

There's no easy way unfortunately. Best bet is to check sites like EQ Traders or Zam for recipes. For Zam, you'll need a Premium account, they have been made much more affordable recently. EQ Traders has a Recipes section with a Quick Trivial List for most tradeskills, it's a good start to get a pretty big list of recipes, then you can check in the TS container whether you already know a specific recipe by looking for its name. If you don't, then it's time to work on it !

Another great place to check is Adetia's Tradeskill Emporium, notably the spreadsheets that should prove very helpful !

As for the Freebie quests in Abysmal Sea and Crescent Reach, they offer a few recipes but you can't get the quests once your skill is too high. No worry, though, say "recipes" to the various NPCs and you will learn the recipes without even having to make them!

Abysmal Sea : say "recipes" to Ordin Wheasly (Baking), Yitimis Groglenog (Brewing), Snokin Breaksteel (Blacksmithing), Imildu Woodstreak (Fletching), Glirina Morningbloom (Jewelcrafting), Malkidiv U`Ycionuz (Pottery) and Tonlyei Lyhin (Tailoring).

Crescent Reach : say "recipes" to Baker Sanura (Baking), Brewer Mesi (Brewing), Smith Wamukota (Blacksmithing), Fletcher Fenuku (Fletching), Jeweler Chuma (Jewelcrafting), Potter Safiya (Pottery) and Tailor Nabirye (Tailoring).

Note that some recipes require hard to get ingredients, like Nest Dragon Meat (rare drop from a few old raids) or 4 lb. Saltwater Tuna that you can't fish anymore once you've reached the 200 skill (then you only fish 5 lb.+ Tunas), but you can start fishing on an alt, or ask for someone else with a low skill to fish it for you.

List of recipe books

This is a list of all tradeskill books with the "Scribe" button available in EverQuest. Most of these books are sold at multiple locations. Each book below is listed only once, so that you can easily check what books you have already scribed and which ones you haven't yet.

The books listed in grey do scribe recipes, but none of them counts towards the 350 skill, so you can skip them.

Scribe Zikett in Plane of Knowledge :

- Adventures in Woodworking (Fletching)
- Arms & Armor of Ethernere (Smithing)
- August ___ Cultural Crafting (Cultural)
- August Weapon Fletching (Fletching)
- August Weapon Smithing (Smithing)
- August Weapon Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Boundless Fletching Weapon Augments (Fletching)
- Boundless Jewelcraft Weapon Augments (Jewelcraft)
- Charged Ethernere Arrows (Fletching)
- Charms and Jewels (Jewelcraft)
- Cooking with Ethernere (Baking)
- Crystilla Ale's Recipes (Brewing)
- Drinks From Another World (Brewing)
- Enchanting Beverages (Brewing)
- Equipment of the Ethernere (Fletching, Smithing, Tailoring)
- Ethernere Portal Device Blueprints (Tinkering)
- Extradimensional Luggage: A Guide (Tailoring)
- Glorious ___ Cultural Smithing (Cultural Smithing)
- Glorious ___ Cultural Tailoring (Cultural Tailoring)
- Glorious Recurve Bow Diagrams (Fletching)
- Glorious Weapon Smithing (Smithing)
- Glorious Weapon Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Guide to Transcendent Bags (Tailoring)
- Improved Ethernere Seals (Pottery)
- Jewelry Essence Manipulation (Jewelcraft)
- Lost Alchemical Formulas (Alchemy)
- Magical Treats (Baking)
- Mana Powered Contraptions (Tinkering)
- Notes on Essence Tinctures (Alchemy)
- Numinous Weapon Augmenting (Jewelcraft)
- Peaceful Seas (Poison Making)
- Planar Scorched Weapon Ornament Sketches (Pottery)
- Poison Maker's Scrawl (Poison Making)
- Raid Elder Seals (Pottery)
- Regal ___ Cultural Smithing (Cultural Smithing)
- Regal ___ Cultural Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Regal Recurve Bow Diagrams (Fletching)
- Regal Weapon Smithing (Smithing)
- Regal Weapon Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Relic Replica II Weapon Ornament Sketches (Pottery)
- Relic Replica Weapon Ornament Sketches (Pottery)
- Repurposing the Past (Pottery)
- Research: Sortilege Sheets & Battle Diagrams (Research)
- Smithing Boundless Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Smithing Numinous Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Smithing Transcendent Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Solo Elder Seals (Pottery)
- Tailoring Boundless Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)
- Tailoring Numinous Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)
- Tailoring Transcendent Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)
- Tinkering Boundless Cultural Symbols (Tinkering)
- Tinkering Numinous Cultural Symbols (Tinkering)
- Tinkering Transcendent Cultural Symbols (Tinkering)
- Transcendent Weapon Augmenting (Jewelcraft)

Culturist Devari in Plane of Knowledge :

- Blessed Reaching Weapon Augmenting for Jewelers (Jewelcraft)
- Compendium of ___ Cultural Crafting (Cultural)
- Elaborate Gnomish Cultural Tinkering (Tinkering)
- Extravagant Charms (Pottery)
- Fletching of Blessed Reaching Weapon Augments (Fletching)
- Fletching of Eminent Reaching Weapon Augments (Fletching)
- Fletching of Exalted Reaching Weapon Augments (Fletching)
- Fletching of Revered Reaching Weapon Augments (Fletching)
- Fletching of Sacred Reaching Weapon Augments (Fletching)
- Fletching of Sublime Reaching Weapon Augments (Fletching)
- Fletching of Venerable Reaching Weapon Augments (Fletching)
- Glorious Charms (Pottery)
- Illustrious Reaching Weapon Augments for Fletchers (Fletching)
- Illustrious Reaching Weapon Augments for Jewelers (Jewelcraft)
- Intricate Gnomish Cultural Tinkering (Tinkering)
- More Seals of the Soloist (Pottery)
- Numinous Reaching Weapon Augments for Fletchers (Fletching)
- Numinous Reaching Weapon Augments for Jewelers (Jewelcraft)
- Ornate Gnomish Cultural Tinkering (Tinkering)
- Regal Charms (Pottery)
- Revered Reaching Weapon Augmenting for Jewelers (Jewelcraft)
- Sacred Reaching Weapon Augmenting for Jewelers (Jewelcraft)
- Seals of the Soloist (Pottery)
- Seals of the Soloist Dreamer - First Half (Pottery)
- Seals of the Soloist Dreamer - Second Half (Pottery)
- Simple Gnomish Cultural Tinkering (Tinkering)
- Simple ___ Cultural Smithing (Cultural Smithing)
- Simple ___ Cultural Tailoring (Cultural Tailoring)
- Smithed Armor Step XIV (Smithing)
- Smithed Armor Step XV (Smithing)
- Smithed Armor Step XVI (Smithing)
- Smithed Armor Step XVII (Smithing)
- Smithing Blessed Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Smithing Eminent Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Smithing Revered Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Smithing Sacred Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Soloist Ascension Seals - Book One (Pottery)
- Soloist Ascension Seals - Book Two (Pottery)
- Soloist Planar Seals - Book One (Pottery)
- Soloist Planar Seals - Book Two (Pottery)
- Stalwart Charms (Pottery)
- Sublime Reaching Weapon Augmenting for Jewelers (Jewelcraft)
- Tailored Armor Step XIV (Tailoring)
- Tailored Armor Step XV (Tailoring)
- Tailored Armor Step XVI (Tailoring)
- Tailored Armor Step XVII (Tailoring)
- Tailoring Blessed Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)
- Tailoring Eminent Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)
- Tailoring Revered Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)
- Tailoring Sacred Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)
- Tinkering Blessed Cultural Symbols (Tinkering)
- Tinkering Revered Cultural Symbols (Tinkering)
- Tinkering Eminent Cultural Symbols (Tinkering)
- Tinkering Sacred Cultural Symbols (Tinkering)
- Transcendent Reaching Weapon Augments - Fletchers (Fletching)
- Transcendent Reaching Weapon Augments - Jewelers (Jewelcraft)
- Venerable Reaching Weapon Augmenting for Jewelers (Jewelcraft)

Jeweler Nonny in Plane of Knowledge :

- Blessed Weapon Augmenting (Jewelcraft)
- Eminent Weapon Augmenting (Jewelcraft)
- Exalted Weapon Augmenting (Jewelcraft)
- Illustrious Weapon Augmenting by Jewelcrafting (Jewelcraft)
- Revered Weapon Augmenting (Jewelcraft)
- Sacred Weapon Augmenting (Jewelcraft)
- Sublime Weapon Augmenting (Jewelcraft)
- Venerable Weapon Augmenting (Jewelcraft)

Tailor Kujen in Plane of Knowledge

- Elaborate Weapon Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Elegant Weapon Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Extravagant Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Intricate Weapon Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Inured Weapon Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Ornate Weapon Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Simple Weapon Tailoring (Tailoring)
- Stalwart Weapon Tailoring (Tailoring)

Blacksmith Gerta in Plane of Knowledge

- Elaborate Weapon Smithing (Smithing)
- Elegant Weapon Smithing (Smithing)
- Extravagant Weapon Smithing (Smithing)
- Intricate Weapon Smithing (Smithing)
- Inured Weapon Smithing (Smithing)
- Ornate Weapon Smithing (Smithing)
- Simple Weapon Smithing (Smithing)
- Stalwart Weapon Smithing (Smithing)

a tradeskill armor historian in Plane of Knowledge

- Elaborate Charms (Pottery)
- Elegant Charms (Pottery)
- Extravagant Recurve Bow Diagrams (Fletching)
- Intricate Charms (Pottery)
- Ornate Charms (Pottery)
- Recurve Bow Diagrams (Fletching)
- Simple Charms (Pottery)
- The Basics of Smithed Armor
- Smithed Armor the Next Step
- Smithed Armor Step III
- Smithed Armor Step IV
- Smithed Armor Step V
- Smithed Armor Step VI
- Smithed Armor Step VII
- Smithed Armor Step VIII
- Smithed Armor Step IX
- Smithed Armor Step X
- Smithed Armor Step XI
- Smithed Armor Step XII
- Smithed Armor Step XIII
- The Basics of Tailored Armor
- Tailored Armor the Next Step
- Tailored Armor Step III
- Tailored Armor Step IV
- Tailored Armor Step V
- Tailored Armor Step VI
- Tailored Armor Step VII
- Tailored Armor Step VIII
- Tailored Armor Step IX
- Tailored Armor Step X
- Tailored Armor Step XI
- Tailored Armor Step XII
- Tailored Armor Step XIII

a cultural historian in Plane of Knowledge

- Extravagant ___ Cultural Smithing (Cultural Smithing)
- Extravagant ___ Cultural Tailoring (Cultural Tailoring)
- Smithing Illustrious Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Tailoring Illustrious Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)
- Tinkering Illustrious Cultural Symbols (Tinkering)

a cultural discoveries historian in Plane of Knowledge

- Elegant ___ Cultural Smithing (Cultural Smithing)
- Smithing Exalted Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Smithing Sublime Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Smithing Venerable Cultural Symbols (Smithing)
- Stalwart ___ Cultural Smithing (Cultural Smithing)
- Tailoring Exalted Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)
- Tailoring Sublime Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)
- Tailoring Venerable Cultural Symbols (Tailoring)

Useful Automated Vendor in Brell's Rest

- Black Acrylia Weapon Ornament Sketchbook (Pottery)
- Ceramic Weapon Ornament Sketchbook (Pottery)
- On Quivering (Fletching)

Garik Nogflop in Sunrise Hills

- Garik's Secrets of Bag Expansion (Tailoring)
- The Articles on Holding (Tailoring)

Armorer Xochtli in Thuliasaur Island

- Thaell Ew Ritual Armor (Baking, Brewing, Pottery, Smithing, Tailoring)
Note : if you can't buy the book by yourself (see the prerequisites), you can still ask someone else with enough faction to buy it for you since it's tradeable.

Dropped books :

- Bacon Soda Recipe (Brewing) : chest drop from the Frostfell task in Dragonscale Hills, Time for a Change.
- Simple Secrets of the Combine Hero (Tailoring, Smithing), random drop from Empires of Kunark mobs, does NOT count toward 350.
- Simple Work of the Sarnak Hero (Tailoring, Smithing), random drop from Ring of Scale mobs, does NOT count toward 350.

- EQ Traders
- EQ Artisan's Wares Mystery
- Adetia's Tradeskill Emporium
- EQRecipes


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