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Animal no Monster ?
# May 28 2010 at 12:06 PM Rating: Good
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After more faction work for my 68 druid came down to detect animals here and the spell locate animals suggest an animal. Will have to wait till 70 for the upgrade to charm up to level 65. (Mob is listed 60 - 64)

Will let everyone know.

Dadijob (Prexus) TA Rocks
2009 Agro
# Nov 21 2009 at 9:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Given the new faction benefit for this weekend max out the ring of scale faction in 4 hours and came over here with my 66 chanter. All factions, except this guy, were ally.

These guys are KOS and some can see even SOS as my 65 Rog can state.

Dadijob TA Rocks (Prexus)
Added loot for this creature
# Feb 13 2006 at 1:48 PM Rating: Decent
I have been farming these for teeth for a few days, the regular lava baslisks have a rare chance to drop:

Basilisk Bone Hammer

I've seen one in close to 400 kills.
# Jan 19 2005 at 5:41 PM Rating: Decent
I solo'd one of these. Near the end of the fight it cast Torrent of Veeshan. Very nasty DD/dot combo. They also drop Basilisk skin, a magic item. It's on the lucy database. No idea what it's used for, but it doesn't have the tradeskill label on it.

Edited, Wed Jan 19 19:23:43 2005
# Sep 14 2004 at 1:44 PM Rating: Decent
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I haven't found one that see's invis yet, but they are KOS no matter what your Faction. They don't give a faction hit and are decent EXP if you have a group. They don't drop any loot. I also don't think any of the dragons assist, either that or the dragon's have a low aggro radius.
Sithray <Juggernauts>
RE: Convirmed.
# Nov 03 2004 at 3:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Just another FYI to add, some basilisks CAN see through invis! I'm looking at two right now, with invis on, and one can see me, the other cannot. You have to be careful with these, even if you are ally faction with ROS.
Shroud of Stealth
# Sep 10 2004 at 10:48 AM Rating: Decent
Some of these *do* see thru SoS so be careful :P
# Aug 07 2004 at 6:15 AM Rating: Decent
I'm non KoS to VP and got waxed by these guys. They are not on RoS so be warned. So far, I have not found one that sees invis.
RE: ouch
# Aug 28 2004 at 4:56 AM Rating: Default
Confirm that, I eating an unrezzed death for these damn things now...

They are NOT snareable/rootable, BTW. Dont know about mez/slow.

Edited, Sat Aug 28 05:57:23 2004
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