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The Beginning:

EverQuest: Lost Dungeons of Norrath (also known as LDoN) is the sixth expansion pack for the EverQuest MMORPG. It was made available as a digital download in September 2003. However, purchasers of the retail box version were rewarded with an in-game item (a magic bag), starting Sony's trend to include in-game items as incentive to purchase retail copies of their expansions.

The initial expansion announcement may be found here. The initial patch message may be found here.

What's Going On:

Lost Dungeons of Norrath introduces broad-based instanced dungeons to Norrath, revolving around tales of the Wayfarers—an NPC adventuring organization. Players complete adventures for the Wayfarers in one of five different dungeon themes. Each dungeon theme has about ten different variations of the zone, and players can also chose the type and difficulty of their adventure. When the adventure is finished successfully, players are awarded Adventure Points which can be spent on items, spells, and "augments" at the Wayfarer camps.

Augments are introduced in Lost Dungeons of Norrath, and allow players to enhance existing items by adding an augment to them. Existing items in the game have generally only a single augment slot, so only one augment can be added. Items purchased at the Wayfarer camps occasionally have up to three slots available to augment.

In addition to group adventuring, the Wayfarer camps also offer raid content, in which multiple groups can challenge difficult high-end content.

What's New:

Introducing Augments and Slotted armor.
Each Wayfarer camp has several different instanced dungeons along a theme, each with normal and hard mode.
Raid variations for each theme.

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Single Boss Zones

Complete list of zones credited to Volunteer Admin Veludeus

  • Deepest Guk/Selephra Giztral (Southern Desert of Ro; -116.97, -289.24) (8 variations) - entrance located in Innothule Swamp or Upper Guk
    • Accursed Sanctuary
    • Ancient Aqueducts
    • Cauldron of Lost Souls
    • Chapel of the Witnesses
    • Drowning Crypt
    • Foreboding Prison
    • Mushroom Grove
    • Root Garden
  • Miragul's Menagerie/Teria Grinntli (Everfrost; 1881.96, -5038.80) (10 variations) - entrance located in Everfrost
    • Forgotten Wastes
    • Frosted Halls
    • Grand Library
    • Heart of the Menagerie
    • Hushed Banquet
    • Maw of the Menagerie
    • Morbid Laboratory
    • Silent Gallery
    • Spider Den
    • Theater of Imprisoned Horrors

  • Mistmoore Catacombs/Vual Stoutest (Butcherblock; -1120, -2500) (10 variations) - 2 entrances located in southwest of Lesser Faydark
    • Aisles of Blood
    • Asylum of Invoked Stone
    • Cesspits of Putrescence
    • Chambers of Eternal Affliction
    • Dreary Grotto
    • Forlorn Caverns
    • Halls of Sanguinary Rites
    • Infernal Sanctuary
    • Ritualistic Summoning Grounds
    • Sepulcher of the Damned

  • Rujarkian Hills/Barstre Songweaver (Commonlands; -1665, -110) (10 variations) - entrance located in Oasis Of Marr
    • Arena of Chance
    • Barracks of War
    • Blazing Forge
    • Bloodied Quarries
    • Drudge Hollows
    • Fortified Lair of the Taskmasters
    • Gladiator Pits
    • Halls of War
    • Hidden Vale
    • Wind Bridges

  • Takish-Hiz/Ruanya Windleaf (Northern Desert of Ro; 7445, -955) (10 variations) - entrance located in South Ro
    • Antiquated Palace
    • Balancing Chamber
    • Fading Temple
    • Prismatic Corridors
    • River of Recollection
    • Royal Observatory
    • Sandfall Corridors
    • Shifting Tower
    • Sunken Library
    • Sweeping Tides


Each camp has a magus who will translocate you between the various camps.

Breakdown of the zones

Group zones

Raid zones

Raids Quest
Deepest Guk: Ritualist of Hate Quest
Deepest Guk: The Curse Reborn Quest
Deepest Guk: The Rescue Quest
Miragul's Menagerie: Frozen Nightmare Quest
Miragul's Menagerie: Folly of Miragul's Ambition Quest
Miragul's Menagerie: Spider Den Quest
Mistmoore Catacombs: Scion Lair of Fury Quest
Mistmoore Catacombs: The Asylum of Invoked Stone Quest
Rujarkian Hills: Prison Break Quest
Rujarkian Hills: The Hidden Vale Quest
Rujarkian Hills: War March of Imal Ojun Quest
Takish-Hiz: Sunken Library Quest
Takish-Hiz: The Palace Grounds Quest
Takish-Hiz: Within the Compact Quest

Instances by Request Type

This section is partially complete, information gathered from various places.

Each map will only be offered in certain circumstances, this section attempts to capture that list.

NOTE: You will never be offered any of the last five instances you participated in, whether or not you won those instances. For example, if you were given the mission to kill Boss Z in takish_a, you will not be offered that exact instance again until you have accepted 5 other missions. You may be offered Boss Z in takish_c or Boss Y in takish_a, but not Boss Z in takish_a. It appears that "Hard" and "Normal" count as different instances, so you may be offered the same instance in Hard and Normal within 5 missions of each other.

Deepest Guk

Miragul's Menagerie

Mistmoore Catacombs

  • Asylum of Invoked Stone
    • Boss - Kuren K`sayen

Rujarkian Hills

  • Arena of Chance
    • Boss - Pyol Skinsear (also in Fortified Lair of the Taskmasters)
    • Boss - Elokoh the Trainer
    • Boss - Warmaster Skooru (also in Bloodied Quarries)
    • Kill Count - 54 (also Hidden Vale)
    • Collect - 24 Orc Bone Studs (Uppercase Orc)
    • Collect - 29 Clay Prayer Idols
  • Barracks of War
    • Boss - Dokolet of Rujark (also Fortified Lair)
    • Boss - Vokrek of Rujark (also Gladiator Pits)
    • Boss - Maotog One Tusk
  • Blazing Forge
    • Boss - Noyon Kteggen
  • Bloodied Quarries
    • Boss - Warmaster Skooru (also in Arena of Chance)
    • Boss - Ubril Vkelrel
  • Drudge Hollows
    • Boss - Tjumuen Ghendi
    • Kill Count - 53 (also Fortified Lair)
  • Fortified Lair of the Taskmasters
    • Boss - Pyol Skinsear (also in Arena of Chance)
    • Boss - Dokolet of Rujark (also Barracks of War)
    • Collect - 28 Goblin Teeth
    • Kill Count - 53 (also Drudge Hollows)
  • Gladiator Pits
    • Boss - Vokrek of Rujark (also Barracks of War)
    • Boss - Maotog One Tusk (also Barracks of War)
  • Halls of War
    • Boss - Xendren Marl
    • Collect - 30 Orc Bone Studs (Uppercase "Orc")
  • Hidden Vale
    • Boss - Orut Egne
    • Kill Count - 54 (also Arena of Chance)
    • Collect - 30 orc Bone Studs (lowercase "orc")
  • Wind Bridges
    • Boss - Urut Egne
    • Kill Count - 50

Takish Hiz

Progression through the Lost Dungeons of Norrath

At the beginning the player is given a small task which results in an augment called the Adventurer's Stone but with no stats.

After completing each mission the player is given adventure points to spend at the camps. Along with points each mission counts towards progression in the theme. After a certain number of mission NPCs at the camps might have conversation text explaining in some detail the story behind each theme. Triggering enough text can result in adding bonuses to the Adventurer's Stone. Each theme has a certain number of triggers so the adventurer has to complete a certain number of missions in all camps to result in full stats on the Adventurer's Stone.


Each camp contains an Adventure merchant which sells various augments, spells, and armor specific to that theme, as well as universal items. A listing of these items found here. While all AP points can be spent in any of the camps, each merchant will only sell items up to the minimum amount of points gained for that camp.


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