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Depths of Darkhollow

EverQuest: Depths of Darkhollow (also known as DoD) is the tenth expansion pack for EverQuest, released in September 2005. It features monster missions, spirit shrouds, evolving items, new missions, new creatures, new zones, new items and more. While certain aspects of this expansion can be enjoyed by characters of all levels, the new zones and missions are intended primarily for characters of level 45 and higher.

New Features


  • A list of Depths of Darkhollow zones may be found here.
  • The expansion added the following zones:



Notable Quests


The Ruins of KunarkThe Scars of VeliousThe Shadows of LuclinThe Planes of PowerThe Legacy of YkeshaLost Dungeons of NorrathGates of DiscordOmens of WarDragons of NorrathDepths of DarkhollowProphecy of RoThe Serpent's SpineThe Buried SeaSecrets of FaydwerSeeds of DestructionUnderfootHouse of ThuleVeil of AlarisRain of FearCall of the ForsakenThe Darkened SeaThe Broken MirrorEmpires of KunarkRing of ScaleThe Burning LandsTorment of VeliousClaws of Veeshan

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