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Omens of War

Omens of War Guide
A guide to progression, keying, flagging, and access within the Omens of War expansion.

Dragorn Castles Dranik Burial Grounds The Wall of Slaughter Home to the Riftseekers In the Halls of Anguish

The Beginning:

  • Omens of War was announced on May 6, 2004, and went live on September 14, 2004. The initial expansion announcement may be found here. The initial patch message may be found here.

Whats Going On:

  • The Wayfarers Brotherhood, in an effort to put an end to the tyranny of the muramites, worked with the Priests of Discord to open a portal into the realm of Discord. Although puzzled by the realm of chaos and unsure if the risks were worth it, the Wayfarers Brotherhood moved forward with their expedition into Kuua. Unlike the nihilites of Taelosia, the brotherhood was prepared for what lied ahead.
  • Kuua was once quite similar to Norrath. It is the home of the Dragorn. Carved from the heartiest of earth and stone by the great dragon, Dranik, the peaceful existence of these noble beings was shattered by the influence of Discord as shades of darkness grew over the continent, opening the door for the invading legion of Mata Muram.
  • Upon this dark taint on Kuua, all races began fighting one another -- wars which were responsible for the ashen sky which still, to this day, looms over the continent. By this point, the dragorn stopped their travels and fortified themselves within the walls of Dranik, fighting off all outsiders.
  • There is a number of Dragorn who were exiled from Dranik before and after the influence of Discord caused fighting among the race. The exiles are often on the outskirts of the city in the caves of Dranik's Scar or other outlying areas. They have attempted to organize and overthrow the High Council several times with no success. Some of them feel they were wrongly accused and wish to return home.
  • Some dragorn, most of the best fighters in the lands, were blackmailed or brainwashed into joining Mata Muram's legion.
  • How did this come about? Mata Muram made use of Bealu's planar creation, the Riftseekers, which were granted to him for travel between worlds and to seed Discord into as many realms as possible. Mata Muram is a slave trader who conquers large numbers of races, inducting the best fighters into his own legion and selling the rest to other worlds. He has since taken up residence in Anguish, the Fallen Palace, a massive structure hidden in the mountains of the northeast.

What's New:

  • Level cap increase from 65 to 70
  • New epic weapons to follow the Kunark Era's "1.0" epics
  • New task system for solo and group quests at all levels
  • Enhanced tribute system
  • Custom titles upon completion of specific tasks
  • New Models: Murkglider, Discordling, Girplan, Feran, Chimera, Bazu, Dragorn, Lightning Warrior, Pyrilen Riftseeker, Gelidran Riftseeker, Minotaur/Hanvar, Mata Muram


  • A list of Omens of War zones may be found here.
  • The in-game zone-connection map may be found here.

Travel to the Realm of Discord:

  • Speak with any Priest of Discord and tell him you wish to go to the realm of Discord. You will land in Dranik's Scar. To leave the continent, just tell one of the priests in Dranik's Scar that you wish to return.
  • Wizards and Druids are able to port to the Bloodfields and to the Wall of Slaughter. The Wall of Slaughter is also a destination in the guild hall portal.

A Breakdown of Zones:

  • With the exception of Anguish, all zones (both static and instanced) are accessible to everyone. They are:
    • Dranik's Scar (40th-55th level; entered here by speaking with any Priest of Discord)
    • Dranik's Hollows (45th-70th level; located in the eastern mountains of Dranik's Scar; instances offered by Grand Historian Gersh)
    • Harbringer's Spire (55th-65th level; a tower located in the northeastern boundary of Dranik's Scar)
    • The Bloodfields (50th-65th level; located through the castle walls in the northwestern section of Dranik's Scar)
    • Ruined City of Dranik (60th-70th level; entered through the north or northwestern section of the Bloodfields)
    • Catacombs of Dranik (60th-70th level; located in the Ruined City; instances offered by Grand Historian Rygua)
    • Sewers of Dranik (60th-70th level; located in the Ruined City; instances offered by Grand Historian Rygua)
    • Nobles' Causeway (55th-65th level; the castle entrance in the northern boundary of Dranik's Scar)
    • Wall of Slaughter (60th-70th level; entered through Nobles' Causeway)
    • Muramite Proving Grounds (65th-70th level; located in the southeastern section of the Wall of Slaughter)
    • Proving Grounds Group Trials (70th level; entered after speaking with a Projection NPC in the Muramite Proving Grounds)
    • Proving Grounds Raid Trials (70th level; entered after speaking with a Projection NPC in the Muramite Proving Grounds)
    • Riftseeker's Sanctum (70th-75th level; entered through the Muramite Proving Grounds)
    • Asylum of Anguish (70th-75th level; located in the northeastern section of the Wall of Slaughter; touch the door to begin the expedition)

Spells in Omens of War

Progression in Omens of War

Quests to do While Progressing Through the Omens of War

  • Dranik Loyalists
    • Dranik Loyalist faction figures into many quests within this expansion. You start off scowling with them. Check out the faction listing here for what quests to do and what NPCs to kill in order to raise your faction. Also on that page is a list of quests involving Dranik Loyalists (many with pretty decent rewards).

Armor Sets in the Omens of War

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