An Epic Request (Wizard)  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Loot
Success Lockout Timer: 20:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Quests:
Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sun Mar 17 11:57:23 2013
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
This task begins with Lady Carolline of Thex in Northern Felwithe. She is located at 0, -170 (on the balcony overlooking the entrance: you can use the Find Feature, CTRL+F, to get to her).

Initiating the Task

You say, 'Hail, Lady Carolline of Thex'

Lady Carolline of Thex smiles, trying to hide an obvious air of sadness, 'Greetings adventurer, such a lovely day isn't it?' The pained look on her face clearly gives away that something is [wrong].

You say, 'What's wrong?'

Lady Carolline of Thex says 'Wrong? Oh, nothing really. My beloved is off again on some [excursion] and has yet to return. I'm quite sure he will be fine though. How I miss our adventures together, the time we would spend exploring the hidden beauty of Norrath. We were especially fond of [Antonica].'

You say, 'Why were you fond of Antonica?'

Lady Carolline of Thex says 'A lovely land, despite the efforts of humans to ruin it...' The Koada`Dal's smile becomes more sincere. 'Lake Rathetear, oh the [stories] I could share of moonlit nights sitting on the docks. The noble aviaks keeping ardent guard over the sacred flame, the sunken towers and legend of the Megalodon...' She sighs and looks up to the sky.'

You say, 'What stories could you share?'

Lady Carolline of Thex blinks and looks back to you, her demeanor changing. 'Tell you what stranger, you come up with an [interesting tale] to distract me from my boredom, and I'll see if I can find something to [reward] you for your effort.'

You say, 'What reward would that be?'

Lady Carolline of Thex says 'Hmm, already pondering your riches before the effort of imagination? I suppose not many adventurers care to put any effort into their journeys these days.' The young high elf sighs. 'Anyway, what you will be rewarded with is something befitting a _____ such as yourself.'

You say, 'I have an interesting tale to tell'

Lady Carolline of Thex says, 'Something grand, truly epic and interesting! Just let me know when you've thought of a suitable story.'

You have been assigned the task 'An Epic Request'.

Be sure to carry your epic artifact with you!

Explore Locations

NOTE: There are 16 "explore" locations. Each location represents one class and, for that one class, will trigger an event. The other 15 classes only need to explore the location.

Explore the Stage of Baladric's Symphony 0/1 (Dreadlands)

Task Window Says: Baldric Slezaf's tale is the pursuance of impossible beauty -- a symphony to rival the works of Ayonae Ro.

/loc 780, 9690, 1070 (valley with the portals -- in a pyramid near Baldric Slezaf). For non-Bards, this is a simple location update. For Bards, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Valley of McArik's Reflection 0/1 (Lake of Ill Omen)

Task Window Says: Keras McArik stands stoic in a valley east of what was once Veksar.

/loc -225, -3535, 235 (near Keras McArik, due east of the center of the lake, near the zone boundary). For non-Berserkers, this is a simple location update. For Berserkers, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Depths Behind the Scaled Mystics 0/1 (East Cabilis)

Task Window Says: Beneath the Scaled Mystics' Temple lies a rather complex series of tunnels.

/loc 940, -450, -22 (in the halls under the Shadow Knight, Beastlord, and Shaman guild). For non-Enchanters, this is a simple location update. For Enchanters, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Outer Remnants of Torsis' Dark Mantle 0/1 (Emerald Jungle)

Task Window Says: Standing just outside the ruins of Torsis you can feel the intense spiritual void that caused the city's downfall.

/loc 295, -2000, -322 (at the entrance to City of Mist). For non-Shamans, this is a simple location update. For Shamans, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Oasis in a Deserted Sea 0/1 (Timorous Deep)

Task Window Says: In a sea of desolate islands stands one secluded, sacred paradise.

/loc -11550, -1710, 13 (in the walled isle where the Cleric 2.0 final battle is held and the triggered Faydedar is located). For non-Clerics, this is a simple location update. For Clerics, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Bloody, Forgotten Trail of Hate's First Knight 0/1 (North Ro)

Task Window Says: When Lhranc returned to Freeport to exact vengeance upon his brother, Glohnor, he took a particular trail into the city.

/loc 9625, 520, 25 (entrance to the Freeport Sewers in the very far northwest corner of the zone). For non-Shadow Knights, this is a simple location update. For Shadow Knights, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Orbital Children of Ro 0/1 (West Freeport)

Task Window Says: There are not many locations on Norrath where you can see Drinal, Luclin, Anbeal, Trorsmang, Cordon, and Ro all at once.

/loc -185, -940, 20 (a study hall in arcane tower, near entrance to Arcstone). For non-Wizards, this is a simple location update. For Wizards, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Plains of the Legendary Pegasus 0/1 (South Karana)

Task Window Says: Many people are amazed at the constructive feats of the Aviaks. How such noble but simple creatures were able to create such a majestic tower is still a mystery.

/loc -6745, 1065, 6 (Aviak's treehouse, just north of zone-in from Lake Rathetear). For non-Magicians, this is a simple location update. For Magicians, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Cusp of the Unkempt Border 0/1 (Jaggedpine Forest)

Task Window Says: The Hatchling River is perhaps the most recognizable boundary between the relative safety of the Jaggedpine and the forbidden jungle.

/loc 1000, -2120, -6 (near the broken zone line, east zone wall). For non-Druids, this is a simple location update. For Druids, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Crossroads of Taelosia and Antonica 0/1 (Nedaria's Landing)

Task Window Says: A small family of bears has taken residence in the caves where Nideno Eliagy hides.

/loc 1400, -450 (mouth of the bear caves in the northeast). For non-Rangers, this is a simple location update. For Rangers, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Forgotten Road of the Legendary Lich 0/1 (Everfrost Peaks)

Task Window Says: Many have searched to expose secrets of Miragul's Highway only to discover more questions than answers...

/loc 4730, -4150, -94 (underwater tunnels in the north-central part of the zone -- center room at the hidden portal, north wall). For non-Necromancers, this is a simple location update. For Necromancers, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore Fizzlethrope's Gallery 0/1 (Plane of Mischief)

Task Window Says: 'Seek the walls adorned with Fizzlethorpe's visage within a single chest sits atop a pedestal.'

/loc 20, -390, 125 (first room in the castle). For non-Rogues, this is a simple location update. For Rogues, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Sanctum of the Tortured God 0/1 (Acrylia Caverns)

Task Window Says: Legend has it that Khati Sha, first Vah Shir Beastlord, became the subject of a failed Ssraeshzaen experiment to bestow godhood among a mortal being.

This updates at the zone-in. For non-Beastlords, this is a simple location update. For Beastlords, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Site of the Ancient Games 0/1 (Butcherblock Mountains)

Task Window Says: Not far from Greater Faydark, tucked away in the hills, is an ancient stone board. Its origins remain a mystery...

/loc 700, -2350, 11 (at the chessboard north of the Greater Faydark zone). For non-Warriors, this is a simple location update. For Warriors, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Master's Worldly Keep 0/1 (Castle Mistmoore)

Task Window Says: Faydwer is not home to many beings called 'The Master'. So it should be no surprise that a trip to the castle of Mayong Mistmoore is in order.

This updates at the zone-in. For non-Paladins, this is a simple location update. For Paladins, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Explore the Ascended Home of Wun and Po 0/1 (Plane of Sky)

Task Window Says: Having ascended past their worldly existence, Wu and Po serve in the training grounds under the watchful eye of the Wyrm Queen.

This updates at the zone-in. For non-Monks, this is a simple location update. For Monks, this initiates an event (for class event details, see the next section in this writeup).

Recount your tale to Lady Carolline 0/1 (Northern Felwithe)

Hail her for the final update.

The Event

(Event details needed: Names of mobs and any items involved; emotes; mechanics; instanced zones, if any.)

Note: The event will usually require usage of your epic weapon, so have it on you at all times.


Rewards are 1 AA, plus:

Option #1: Epic 1.0 Ornament
Option #2: Epic 1.5 Ornament
Option #3: Epic 2.0 Ornament

This task is repeatable with a 20-hour lockout.
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for wiz...
# Dec 18 2021 at 3:18 AM Rating: Excellent
157 posts
when doing the 3 eEfreeti's, if you stand in middle of 3 wiz. .and make a hotkey to /tar Flame.. u spam that key. .when it picks up a target.. u can atol's shackle them. Then if u use a fast casting cold nuke, you can maybe get 2 nukes in on the target.
Other Rewards not currently listed are...
# Jul 30 2021 at 6:51 AM Rating: Good
2,596 posts
Staff of Phenomenal Power Ornamentation

Staff of Prismatic Power Ornament
Practice makes perfect
# Oct 25 2016 at 4:16 PM Rating: Decent
30 posts
Tried standing on the dome shaped, tan rock but kept missing one or two tenders. Finally wised up and stood farther away where I could see the tenders coming from any direction in time and the trial went MUCH smoother.

Other posters like to tell you how easy some of these tasks are/were. This one took a little practice to get right and certainly not the first time for this Wizard. Have some patience, you'll probably need a couple of practice sessions first.

Lenaddar Anatar of Povar
Lord of Wizardly Gifts
Don't use multiple wizards for this
# Jun 15 2016 at 5:54 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
If you are doing the whole quest chain with multiple wizzies, make sure you do this part solo as the quest reward only gives the flag for one wizard.

Also, only one wizard can snare the flame tender and damage the efreetis. If other wizards attempt to snare or root, it will be ineffective and give the message that the flame tender "shrugs off and continues to march unabated."

TLDR; Poor quest design. Wizards go solo for this bit.
# Mar 27 2013 at 8:03 AM Rating: Decent
can be done solo without any level problems as fights just need coordinating etc and real dd values of your casts have no use as in some other 2013 celebration quests.
# Mar 24 2013 at 12:56 AM Rating: Decent
260 posts
does this require a group to do or can it be done solo with a merc?
# Jul 02 2013 at 3:02 PM Rating: Default
147 posts
Easy solo. Just load a couple ice nukes and snare (or root works too) and know when to cast. Otherwise you're just there for the (lengthy) script to play out.
wiz event details
# Mar 20 2013 at 4:14 PM Rating: Good
You look up to see the delicately crafted model of the solar system. The heavenly bodies each in carefully set orbit around Ro. You see Norrath with its two children, the shadowy body of Luclin and the uninhabitable pale light of Drinal. Your concentration is interrupted by the sound of two raised voices...

A distinctly gnomish voice breaks the relative silence of the classroom, '... and it is for that very reason we call it the Tower of Arcane 'Science' my friend!'

A friendly but obviously disagreeing retort follows the Gnome's statement, 'How is it you deny the truth you see all around you? It's not as if we were born into an age of darkness. The avatars shape the world around us daily! Yet you would give no regard or thanks to all they have created for us, or even for your own birth!?'

a gnomish scholar says 'My thanks are owed and given to the father that sired me and the mother that nurtured me. Where you think your avatar was involved in that process is beyond my desire to question, my friend.'

The two figures enter the room, lighthearted laughter bellowing from them both. The human turns to you and speaks, 'Ah a fellow student of the arts, it is always a pleasure to see new faces in the classroom. Have you come to study before the great [fair] this eve?'

The gnome interjects, 'It promises to be the most interesting fair to date. Not that you have any chance of winning the grand [debate] tonight, Rodan!'

The human turns and smiles, 'I've the matter of truth on my side. There is little hope for your empty mechanics to win the minds of the people tonight.'

a gnomish scholar regards you indifferently -- You could probably win this fight.

a visiting seeker regards you indifferently -- You could probably win this fight.

You say, 'fair' to a visiting seeker

a visiting seeker says 'Surely you've heard of the great Arcane Fair? It is the single event that unifies the warring factions of this city and gives hope for real advancement... Or at least that is the ideal. It can often degrade into intellectual browbeating and conjuration contests. However, I have hope for this fair! I trust you will take the [time] to show up?'


You say, 'debate' to a gnomish scholar

a gnomish scholar says 'A magnificent event it shall be. I will be assisting the grand architect in the unveiling of his newest invention prior to the debate itself. I hope you will find the [time] to join us there?'

The Arcane Fair is now available to you.

You say, 'time'

a visiting seeker says 'Excellent, I shall watch for you at the gates!'


You have entered The Arcane Fair.

The city is filled with the sounds of jovial fairgoers. The clear skies overhead make for a beautifully lit night. The two arcanists wait patiently for Kubaba to arrive at the front gates.

Sirauc looks over to his companion and nods, 'We should be going, the festivities should be starting any moment now.'

Rodan nods and turns to you, 'Please enjoy the fair, friend. The festivities begin outside the Hall of Truth. Just be sure not to miss the unveiling, it promises to be most interesting.'

You hear the din of fireworks and the roar of applause echoing from all directions.

A loud voice booms over the din of the crowd, 'The Acadamy of Arcane Science would like to invite all citizens and visitors to the Hall of Truth for the unveiling of Architect Suladea's latest creation... Following that, the great debate will be held and the night shall conclude with a fireworks display by Sir Kandin Firepot.

You say, 'Hail, Sirauc'

Sirauc coughs, 'Sorry, I'm a bit nervous... The hall will be opening [any moment] now. Truth be told I'm only worried about the introduction tonight, always been intimidated speaking to crowds and all... Now debating, that'll be easy!'

You say, 'any moment'

Sirauc chuckles nervously, 'Well look at that, looks like you've got good timing!'

A loud voice booms over the din of the crowd, 'The Acadamy of Arcane Science would like to invite all citizens and visitors to the Hall of Truth for the unveiling of Architect Suladea's latest creation... Following that, the great debate will be held and the night shall conclude with a fireworks display by Sir Kandin Firepot.

------------before everyone goes in...

You say, 'Hail, Sirauc'

Sirauc says 'It looks like people are still making their way into the hall...' The Gnome fidgets nervously, the weight of his speech weighing on his mind.'

-----------when everyone is ready...

You say, 'Hail, Sirauc'

Sirauc smiles, 'Everything looks to be in order... Come to [wish me luck] in my introduction?'

You say, 'I wish you luck'

Sirauc nods as he takes a deep breath, 'Thank you... I feel ready now.'

The familiar voice of Sirauc strains against the sound of the crowd, 'Good evening dignitaries, visitors, citizens, friends and wayward theists. I have been given the rare honor of heralding tonight's unveiling. It is my privilege to introduce to you, Grand Architect Suladea...

The crowd quiets down as an impressively dressed figure steps through the doorway. The Architect offers his thanks to Sirauc before walking down the aisle to address the crowd.

The Architect stops, turns his head to survey the crowd and smiles before speaking.

Architect Suladea shouts 'For far too long have we suffered these dark ages, my friends. I survey the hopeful faces and see the reality of a brighter tomorrow at hand. We've seen the humble people of Ak`Anon construct magnificent and awesome creations. We hold audience with those who devote their lives to the perfection of evocation.'

Architect Suladea shouts 'We've seen the faithful priests of Faydwer give life to lush forests and intricately carved towers. Yet I claim we live in the age of darkness! We lack the clear definition of WHY all of this has been possible. Why is it that some are successful and others are doomed to live a life of dismal failure? ... Today, I shall make it clear, before any debate is necessary.'

Architect Suladea points upward, 'We see our world as shaped by the deities. Some have been blessed, or possibly cursed, in seeing the avatars of these great figures. Yet we are simply one small rock in the infinite cosmos of the Nameless. Is it our hubris that precludes us from realizing that we are not the center of existence?'

Architect Suladea smiles, 'No, perhaps it is time I demonstrate what study and work has afforded me. Sirauc, if you would be so kind as to activate the machine...'

The Gnome springs up and begins tinkering with one of the four pillars in the corner of the room.

The floor begins to glow as a gentle hum rings out through the halls.

Architect Suladea shouts 'Do not be alarmed my friends, the gentle song of machinery should be of no novelty or concern to those familiar with Gnomish constructs. How this creation differs from simple steamworks and basic portals is quite interesting though.'

Architect Suladea shouts 'Look above to the gentle light of Drinal, her simple reflection of Sol gives us these beautiful night skies. Look now at the power of Arcane Science! You men and women of blind faith may want to shield your eyes from the glaring embarrassment you may soon feel.''

The pillars hum loudly with the sound of mechanical grinding. Suddenly a great burst of light engulfs the hall!

Architect Suladea shouts 'My creation is a portal directly into our sun. With its power there is nothing out of our grasp. We can shape continents, breathe life into wastelands and power devices the likes of which our deities could have only dreamed of!'

The device begins to shake. A look of concern passes Suladea's face.

Architect Suladea shouts 'Alright Sirauc, you can shut the device off now.'

The Gnome begins tinkering with the device. A moment passes before he begins hitting it with a wrench.

The murmur of the crowd grows louder as concern spreads throughout the audience.

Architect Suladea shouts 'Sirauc?'

The tremors cease as the Gnome yells, 'I'm not sure what is wrong. All indicators show that the device is powered off!'

An ominous voice consumes city, 'Foolish Erudite. Have your studies blinded you so thoroughly that history now has no bearing on your thoughts!?'

The architect screams as his eyes glow a darkened-bloody red. The crowd grows panicked, an aura of fear begins spreading through the halls.

Solusek Ro shouts, 'You would dare to channel the light I afford your world and blaspheme my name as you do it? Minions, perhaps it is time we remind these insects why this land is no longer called Tunaria!'

The evening sky bursts into a cacophony of light. The worried wizards begin channeling rifts to evacuate the crowd. The last sound you hear before drawing away from this place is a great and horrible crash!


You have entered The Arcane Fair.

You regain your senses and awake to see great pillars of flame erupting into the sky. Cries of agony and despair ring out from all directions. The wounded are numerous and the dead outnumber them greatly.

Rodan turns to Sirauc, 'What now, Sirauc!? What has your science offered us now besides death? Our only hope is that Solusek will take pity upon his faithful. I must return and offer apologies for our hubris.'

Sirauc shakes his head, 'Your plan is empty suicide. No, we must close the portal to end this.'

The Architect stands quietly, staring into the sky with blackened eyes. He speaks softly, 'I must put an end to this...'

Both figures turn curiously to the Erudite and then to you. Sirauc speaks, 'Well adventurer, you appear to be no stranger to conflict. We could certainly use your [help].'

You say, 'Hail, Sirauc'

Sirauc says 'Will you [help], adventurer?'

You say, 'I will help'

Sirauc says 'Right, we shall return to the portal and close it off. The creatures of Ro are no doubt taking their rage out on our city as we speak, so keep your guard up!'

Eddard stands and looks toward Rodan, 'Your journey back to the heart of the city will not be easy. Righting this wrong will require the strength of sword and iron. I shall accompany you until we reach the Tower.'

Sirauc smiles, 'Thank you, good sir. Let us be off to reclaim our city. None shall stand in our way!'

Rodan recoils in horror as the gates of the city come into view. The once proud towers lay in ruin at the feet of Solusek's minions.

Sirauc looks on mournfully, 'We must press on. They may be strong, but we are unified!'

Eddard raises his weapon and points toward the giant as he lets loose an impassioned battle cry!

Sirauc shouts, 'We must exploit the beast's weakness to ice. If we time our attacks I believe we will be more successful!'

Targeted (NPC): Construct of Sol

Construct of Sol tries to hit Knight Champion Eddard, but misses!

-----------when two other arcanists hit...

The two arcanists begin conjuring auras of ice.

The arcanists prepare their attack!

The arcanists strike at the giant with pillars of frost!

-----------you can hit too...

You strike Construct of Sol by an ice nuke.

The power of your combined blast has weakened the beast significantly!

-----------when you strike other times...

The giant focuses your attack back at you! You have taken 3391 damage.

-----------if you fail to coordinate, or ice nuke; you fail to harm it...

The Construct of Sol raises its fists to the air and calls for the aid of a Phoenix!

The Phoenix erupts into a jet of flame before being reborn anew!

You are caught in the Phoenix's explosion! You have taken 13566 damage.

-----------not hard to kill though...

The great beast rears back and viciously strikes at Eddard's legs. The paladin's screams mask the sound of his snapping bones. The construct clutches its chest and smiles as its body falls to the ground, crushing the wounded knight.

Rodan yells, 'Eddard!!'

Rodan looks down upon Eddard, tears welling in his eyes...

Sirauc shakes his head and sighs, 'We must make our way to the tower to find any survivors. We'll need them if we are to make it back to the portal...'

Rodan kneels down and closes the fallen knight's eyes. He takes the blade from his hand and stands, a burning resolve beaming from his tearstained face.

Rodan growls angrily, 'It is time for us to take back our city!'

The sinister roar of Solusek shakes the city, 'Gralzix! Come greet these mortals!'

The wizards draw their weapons and look up in horror at Solusek's Harbinger.

A beam of light breaks through the sky and cuts into the earth ahead of you. It feels as if Norrath itself is shaking!

The fiend turns and drives its claws into the tower. The sound of crushing rock resonates out in all directions as the tower is pulled down.

The fiend laughs menacingly as he stares down at you, 'THE MASTER AWAITS!!! ... GO!'

The Architect speaks softly, 'If it means to kill us it would have done so already.'

Sirauc stares at the remains of the tower without expression. He speaks softly, as if to himself, '... All of those lives...'

Rodan begins walking forward, looking back to the party to speak, 'It would seem Solusek awaits us. However this may end, let us make haste to meet him...'

Gralzix, Harbinger of Doomfire laughs menacingly atop his perch.

Sirauc sighs, 'What sort of mad game is your god playing with us?'

The Architect recoils his hand quickly as he curses, 'Blasted flame! My future endeavors will all involve Coirnav's Reef!'

Rodan murmurs under his breath, 'I doubt we'll live to see another endeavor...'

Rodan turns to you, 'If you need rest, this will be our last chance. When you are [ready] I shall plead our case to Solusek.

-----------if you wait too long...

The Architect taps his foot impatiently, 'Well? Are we going to sit around until we burn to death or are we going to deactivate the portal!?'

-----------when you are ready...

You say, 'ready'

Rodan nods, 'Very well.'

Before Rodan speaks, a great flash overtakes the sky! Atop the hall now stands Solusek, a fiendish smile on his visage. He speaks, 'Architect! You are not the first to challenge my power, but for the sake of your race, I hope you are the last! ... Minions!'

Rodan shouts, 'Solusek! If this is the tribute you seek, we shall pay it! To battle!'

Targeted (NPC): Soul of Scry

Targeted (NPC): Soul of Stik

Targeted (NPC): Soul of Tyrn

Architect Suladea tries to crush Soul of Stik, but Soul of Stik is INVULNERABLE!

Sirauc tries to crush Soul of Tyrn, but Soul of Tyrn is INVULNERABLE!

Rodan tries to slash Soul of Scry, but Soul of Scry is INVULNERABLE!

Soul of Scry calls for the aid of Solusek's Flame!

Flame Incarnate arises from the fire and begins moving toward Soul of Scry.

Targeted (NPC): Flame Incarnate

You begin casting Atol's Unresistable Shackles.

The Incarnate of Flame lurches forward and falls to the ground, unable to reach its master.

Your target resisted the Atol's Unresistable Shackles spell.

The Flame Incarnate's spirit returns to the pyre. Soul of Scry is now vulnerable!

Targeted (NPC): Soul of Scry

-----------if you cast other than ice nukes...

This spell does not appear to be effective. Perhaps if you tried something more powerful...

-----------with an ice nuke...

The Efreeti roars furiously!

-----------that one gets down to 45% with 2 nukes and locked there...

-----------rinse and repeat that twice for each efreeti...

-----------if you fail to snare flame incarnate in time before it reaches efreeti you fail it and can do it again...

-----------when you succeed...

Soul of Tyrn flickers brightly before turning into a cloud of smoke.

Soul of Scry flickers brightly before turning into a cloud of smoke.

Soul of Stik falls to the ground, its smoldering body whispers, 'Brother...'

Soul of Stik died.

Gralzix, Harbinger of Doomfire roars furiously, 'YOU WILL NOT STOP US!'

Solusek's voice echoes over the city, 'Enough Gralzix! Return to Solteris, I shall deal with these mortals...'

The doors to the hall swing open.

The trio nods at one another before running to enter the hall.

Sirauc says, 'The portal is just ahead. I hope you know what to do, Suladea.'

Suladea nods, 'I shall cross through and generate a counter-portal on the other side. A simple enough task...'

Sirauc shakes his head, 'Rodan... It may take a man of faith to end this.'

Rodan turns to the onlooking avatar, 'Solusek, end this misery. I beseach you!'

The god stands silent.

Rodan glares into the eyes of the avatar and says, 'My lord, you've stripped our land of life, your minions have felled my oldest allies and incinerated my students. I come to you in reverent and earnest defeat, my allies concede. Please, just end this suffering!'

Rodan grits his teeth and quickly tosses a bolt of fire in the direction of his god.

A blinding flash shakes the hall. You look up to see the charred remains of Rodan littering the floor.

The avatar looks on silently as Suladea marches toward the portal.

Solusek nods as the Erudite passes through the gate into Solteris.

The air is still and the halls are quiet...

A violent scream erupts from the portal as a great Phoenix emerges. Clutched in its talons is the disembodied head of the Architect...

Targeted (NPC): Syirlax

Solusek laughs, 'I do hope you did not anticipate victory stemming from the old man's gracious suicide... Syirlax, I shall expect this fool's bones at the foot of my throne!'

In a flash the god is gone.

Syirlax rears back and smashes the arcane model of the universe before turnings its eyes to you.

As Syirlax prepares to attack, she begins to spasm. A dreadful screech shakes the room as the Phoenix's body contorts and falls to the ground, smashing the portal below.

Solusek Ro roars furiously as he returns to the hall, 'You mortals have proved to be an indomitable thorn in my side before. I will simply have to deal with you myself!'

As Solusek lifts his spear to deliver the deathblow to the city, he stops as if frozen. The skies dim to a cooler hue and a female voice speaks over the roar of the flames, 'Solusek... I cannot allow this to happen. I must set things back to how they were before you arrived here.'

Your task 'An Epic Request' has been updated.

Druzzil Ro looks upon Solusek, as a wave of sadness comes across her gentle face.

Druzzil Ro begins to chant an incantation; mana flows out from her body in all directions. Things begin moving slowly in reverse. You become dizzy from the experience and fall to your knees. As you look up the last thing you can see is Druzzil Ro smiling in your direction. She then waves her arms gracefully and points at you.

There is a brilliant flash and you find yourself displaced through time and space. For a moment you lose touch with yourself. As you wake, you find yourself back in the Tower of the Arcane Science, moments before talking to Rodan and Sirauc about the Arcane fair. Druzzil has preserved the timeline, and restored Freeport back to its..."normalcy".


You have entered West Freeport.
For Wizards, this initiates an event (for class event detail
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Shortly after you enter the space room in the West Freeport Arcane tower, two NPC's will path in - a gnomish scholar and a visiting seeker. They will say some text, then pause. Follow their dialogue and you will be given an instance, and zoned in.

When you zone into the instance you will see a path indicated by blue and green flags. Follow the path to the city entrance. Sirauc and Rodan will be waiting there, and will begin spamming text as soon as you arrive. Shortly after, they will begin walking away - follow them. They will stop in front of the Hall of Truth. Hail Sirauc and follow his dialogue, and the hall will open. Both NPC's will now path in, you should follow Sirauc.

When Sirauc stops, more NPC's will still be pathing in. You can keep hailing Sirauc until he gives you some dialogue. Follow the dialogue, and watch the scene unfold. After the script plays out, you will be ported into a new instance of West Freeport.

When you enter the new instance, Sirauc and Rodan will be standing in front of you. Hail one of them and follow their dialogue. They will begin to path to the entrance where you will be greeted with a scarey beast. There is a trick to beating the beast - you should use Cold type spells, and should coordinate with the two Wizard NPC's to cast. You should only cast when the NPC's have casted their Pillars of Frost spells, as this is the only time spells will damage the beast.

With the beast dead, the NPC's will begin pathing back to the Hall of Truth. Follow them, and enjoy the action along the way.

Once you are at the Hall of Truth entrance, med up. When you are ready to begin, tell Rodan you are 'ready'. 3 Efreetis will spawn, the NPC's with you will tank them. The Efreetis are invulnerable. A 'flame tender' will spawn randomly in one of the 4 corners and path towards one of the Efreetis. You must target him and cast a snare spell on him before he reaches them. After the snare spell has been cast upon him, he will fall to the ground. A short moment later, whatever Efreeti he was pathing to will become vulnerable for a short time. Cast Cold spells on the Efreeti with (Vulnerable) underneath it's name, until the (Vulnerable) tag goes away. Rinse and repeat this until all the Efreetis are dead.

Once all 3 Efreetis are dead, the doors to the Hall of Truth swing open. The 3 NPC's will rush inside - follow them and enjoy the script. When it's over, your quest will update and you'll be punted back to the space room in West Freeport.
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