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Raid Progression

Participating in Raids

The first time you complete any raid, you get an item called "Record of Tales". You MUST have this item with you when on a raid, otherwise you won't get credit for completing it.

Upon completing a raid, you need to equip and right-click this item. This gives it "experience". NOTE: You have to use the item in the zone in which you just completed the raid, and you must do so within 30 minutes of defeating the raid. (You'll see emotes reminding you to do so.)

Only 54 people can gain experience from a raid, and they must have participated in it (they'll need the lockout and likely need to be in the zone for the completion).

As the item gains experience, it evolves and gives you access to further tiers. For the purposes of participating in raids, you don't actually need kill credits for every event. You only need to have a certain number of kills in a tier to progress.

To gain access to higher raid tiers:

  • Access to Tier 2: Completion of 3 raids in Tier 1 (Argath)
  • Access to Tier 3: Completion of 9 raids in Tier 2 (Valley of Lunanyn; Sarith)
  • Access to Tier 4 (1st half): Completion of 13 raids in Tier 3 (Rubak Oseka; Beasts' Domain; Resplendent Temple)
  • Access to Tier 4 (Sepulcher): Completion of 3 raids in Tier 4 (1st half) (Windsong Sanctuary; Pillars of Alra; City of Bronze)

For example: To get flagged to participate in Tier 4 raid, you need credit for 13 raid kills in Tier 3. This means you could get your flag by completing the Rubak Oseka raid 13 times, without having even touched the "Beasts' Domain" or "Resplendent Temple" raids.

Requesting Raids

To request raids:

  • Your Record of Tales needs to be progressed as outlined above.
  • You must have completed all raids from the previous tier.
  • You must have completed the raid's specific pre-requisites (usually a partisan task arc and the missions).
  • You must have a minimum Alaran language skill level.

NOTE: Pre-requisite tasks and missions for specific events can be found in the task listing section of our progression guide. (They are the bolded tasks listed under each zone.)

The 85% Rule

The 85/15 rule applies to all Veil of Alaris raids. You can get into any raid as long as 85% of the raid's members are progressed to that point.

In addition, if you are unflagged, your Record of Tales will gain experience faster by completing higher Tier raids. Again, you don't need any specific raid completion credits. You only need an evolved "Record of Tales".

Checking Your Progress

At any time, you can use the Record of Tales to see what raids you've completed and what tiers you have access to.

Raid Armor: An Alternative

Every raid event, of course, spawns a chest at its end with loot. Sometimes, the RNG (random number generator) will be very unkind to you and cause long streaks in which you don't see a particular item you've been waiting for.

With Veil of Alaris, you don't necessarily have to rely on the RNG.

Three Raid Currencies

Each time a player participates in and completes a Tier 2 raid (Sarith; Valley of Lunanyn), they receive 10 Rebellion Chits (awarded to EVERY player present for the completion).

Each time a player participates in and completes a Tier 3 raid (Beasts' Domain; Resplendent Temple; Rubak Oseka), they receive 10 Diamond Coins (awarded to EVERY player present for the completion).

Each time a player participates in and completes a Tier 4 raid (Pillars of Alra; Windsong; Erillion; Sepulcher), they receive 10 Bronze Fiats (awarded to EVERY player present for the completion).

These three new currencies can used to buy raid gear (both visible and non-visible) from adventure merchants:

  • Tier 2: Riallion Cassand
    • Sarith: 70, -815, -6 -- inside the building in the city's dock area, northeast

  • Tier 3: Olgor the Finder
    • Resplendent Temple: 2350, -315, -200 -- just inside the eastern cave entrance

  • Tier 4: Sholano
    • Erillion, City of Bronze: 300, 1325, 2 -- outside the front gate

A tier's visible armor can be purchased as soon as you have enough currency to do so (the items are available without any pre-requisites). In addition, as soon as you complete an event, all items from that event become available to you for purchase.

The costs of these items scale with the number of raids in a tier.

NOTE: There is no such system for the Tier 1 (Argath) raid.

List of Raids

NOTE: The list here will fill in over time as entries are made into the Allakhazam database. See the quest entries for event details and loot information, the zone entries for the zone overview, and the bestiary entries for individual raid mob listings.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

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