Sepulcher Event #1: Two Faces, One Vision  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Event
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Veil of Alaris
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
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Sepulcher Raid Index

There are five Sepulcher raid events spread over three separate expeditions. This is an index of Sepulcher raid entries in our database.

Expedition Listings: #1 - West Sepulcher of Order | #2 - Sepulcher of Order Fallen | #3 - Sepulcher of Order Awakened
Zone Listings: Zone #1 (Events #1 & #2) - West | Zone #2 (Event #3) - Fallen | Zone #3 (Events #4 & #5) - Awakened
Bestiary Listings: Zone #1 (Events #1 & #2) - West | Zone #2 (Event #3) - Fallen | Zone #3 (Events #4 & #5) - Awakened
Event Listings: #1 (Two Faces) | #2 (Raising the Dead) | #3 (Fumerak) | #4 (Oratory) | #5 (Triune God)


This is the first event in the first Sepulcher of Order raid expedition: "West Sepulcher of Order"

It takes place in the circular room east of the zone-in point (where the Sentry Stone of Oseka is in the non-instanced zone). The mobs are live, so don't get too close to them until your raid is ready to engage.

- Phase 1:
--- When ready, aggro the mobs.
--- Kill the three mini nameds and engage The Will of Ladrys.
--- Beat The Will of Ladrys to 90% while following its back away / run away emotes.

- Phase 2:
--- Use the portal over to the Decay area and engage Sholoth the Decrepit.
--- DPS Sholoth the Decrepit to 80%.

- Phase 3:
--- Split the raid into two halves (each with tank groups, healers, DPS).
--- One half should stay in the Decay area while the other half should use the portal back to Ladrys.
--- Every 20 seconds, the "Mark of _____" debuff increases. When it becomes "Mark of _____ IV", everyone should portal over to the opposite side.
------ Failure to do this results in a death touch.
--- On Ladrys' side: Kill all monoliths as they spawn.
------ Each kill decreases Ladrys' health by 4%.
------ Failure to kill a monolith within a short time frame will cause Ladrys to regenerate by 2%.
--- On Sholoth's side: Kill only enough putrid spores to keep up with the other side's monolith kills.
------ Each kill decreases Sholoth's health by 4%.
------ There is no penalty for not killing a putrid spore.
--- Ladrys and Sholoth must be kept within 7% of each other.
------ For every tick they are out of balance, an add spawns on each side.
--- Get both Ladrys and Sholoth below 20% to progress the event.

- Phase 4:
--- This takes place in the original fight location. Anyone in Decay should portal over to Ladrys' area.
--- Kill The Will of Ladrys.
------ Avoid the stones that spawn around the area.
------ When below 10% health, Ladrys begins repeatedly casting an AE dispell.

Phase One

When ready, engage the four mobs. Off-tank The Will of Ladrys while you kill the three mini nameds.

You are not worthy to look upon me! Shield your face from my reflection!

Archon of Pestilence, Sentinel of Bone, and Spectre of Lost Souls each hit for a max ~20,000. They have relatively few hitpoints. None cast any spells.

The Will of Ladrys hits for a max ~28,000 and casts "Ray of Light" (a rear AE):

Ray of Light: Directional 500', Magic (-950)
1: Decrease HP when cast by 91000
2: Blindness (-1)

Ladrys has two emote-based death touches. The first emote:

The Will of Ladrys gathers ambient magic from the air around it. (seen by everyone)

This is a 9-second warning for the AE "Flash of Purity":

The Will of Ladrys discharges a massive burst of magical energy!

Flash of Purity: PB AE 50', Magic (-950)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 500000

Note: Everyone is susceptible to this spell, including the tank and pets. When the original emote goes off, Ladrys roots herself in place and stops summoning so that everyone can get out of range. She will un-root and resume summoning after the AE goes off.

The second emote:

The Will of Ladry turns towards _____, its eyes ablaze with fury! (seen by everyone; note the typo in game for "Ladrys")

If you are the target of this emote, you should run away from the named. Failure to do so results in a death touch.

NOTE: "a lost soul" spawns in place of anyone who dies during phase. These are stunnable and hit for a max ~15,000.

Once The Will of Ladrys reaches 90%, the event progresses:

The Will of Ladrys vanishes as a portal appears in a corner of the room.

Phase Two

Sholoth the Decrepit hits for a max ~28,000 and casts two spells: "Creeping Corrosion" and "Vortex of Decay" (each is accompanied by an emote as he casts it):

Sholoth the Decrepit says, in Alaran, 'I will destroy you from within! Those who ally with you must suffer the same!'

Creeping Corrosion: Single Target, (-950)
1: Cancel Magic (1)
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 13550 per tick (20' viral after 8 seconds)
3: Increase corruption counter by 60

Sholoth the Decrepit says, in Alaran, 'None can resist my will. Like moths to a flame or rats to the piper, all shall heed my call!'

Vortex of Decay: PB AE 200', Disease (-950)
1: Slow Push (-50)
2: Add effect: Corrosive Filth (26k DD + dispell)

Once Sholoth the Decrepit reaches 80% health, he despawns and you see:

The Will of Ladrys splits from Sholoth the Decrepit and returns to its resting place. Sholoth seems entranced in deep thought, unfazed by the division of essence.

Phase Three: Balancing the Nameds

Upon completion of the second phase, half the raid should use the portal to Ladrys' area (where you'll find "The Visage of Ladrys Light") while the other half should stay in Decay (where "The Mask of Sholoffs Blight" appears). Each half should have tanks, healers, and DPS ready to deal with potential adds.

These two mobs are permanently rooted in place and don't summon. They are, however, aggro and hit for a max ~25,000 if you get within their melee range.

"The Visage of Ladrys Light" doesn't cast any spells. "The Mask of Sholoffs Blight" casts "Spontaneous Combustion" on random targets (a DOT whose strength is determined by how much mana or endurance you have -- the more, the worse the DOT).

In Ladrys' area, non-aggro mobs called "a monolith of purity" (sentry stone model) appear around the room in sets of 3-4 at a time. They grow in size as long as they are left alive. Each time "a monolith of purity" is killed, the health of "The Visage of Ladrys Light" decreases by 4-5%. If "a monolith of purity" is allowed to grow too large (is left alive too long), it explodes, healing "The Visage of Ladrys Light" by 2%:

a monolith of purity crumbles releasing a burst of magical energy restoring life to The Visage of Ladrys' Light.

In the Decay area, non-aggro mobs called "a putrid spore" (cocoon model) appear around the room. Once they start spawning, they don't stop. These also grow in size as long as they are left alive. Each time "a putrid spore" is killed, the health of "The Mask of Sholoffs Blight" decreases by 4-5%. NOTE: Unlike the Ladrys area, the putrid spores do NOT heal the named when they explode, but they do cast "Corrosive Filth":

a putrid spore explodes in a spray of corrosive filth.

Corrosive Filth: Single Target, Disease (-950)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 26295
2: Cancel Magic (2)

The two nameds must be kept balanced in health (within 7% of each other). You will want to kill every monolith on Ladrys' side, and enough putrid spores to keep up with those monolith kills.

For every tick (6 seconds) that the nameds are outside 7% of each other, an add spawns in each room:

Wilting Servants begin to appear as the balance between Ladrys and Sholoth wavers.

"a wilting servant" spawns in Ladrys' room (95th level; stunnable; not mezzable or snareable). "a bone servant" spawns in the Decay area (96th level; not mezzable or snareable). These mobs hit for a max ~13,000.

Once the two nameds get below 20%, the final phase begins.

Phase Three: The Death Touches

Shortly after the third phase begins, everyone in the Decay area is hit with the debuff "Mark of Decay I" and everyone in the Ladrys area is hit with "Mark of Light I". Every 20 seconds, this debuff increases in strength (up to "Mark of _____ IV").

Decay Debuffs

1st: Mark of Decay I
- Cast shortly after the start of the third phase, and immediately on anyone who ports into the room or is newly rezzed
- Emote flashed on screen: "You have been marked by decay."
- Emote in text: "You have been marked by decay."

2nd: Mark of Decay II
- Cast 20 seconds after "Mark of Decay I" hits
- Emote flashed on screen: "The mark of decay begins to fester and ooze."
- Emote in text: "The mark of decay grows stronger."

3rd: Mark of Decay III
- Cast 20 seconds after "Mark of Decay II" hits
- Emote flashed on screen: "Blisters and boils erupt from your skin."
- Emote in text: "Blisters and boils erupt on your skin."

4th: Mark of Decay IV
- Cast 20 seconds after "Mark of Decay III" hits
- Emote flashed on screen: "Death and decay pulses through your entire body!"
- Emote in text: "Death and decay pulses all around your body."

If, 20 seconds after "Mark of Decay IV" hits you, you are still in the Decay area, you are death touched.

Light Debuffs

1st: Mark of Light I
- Cast shortly after the start of the third phase, and immediately on anyone who ports into the room or is newly rezzed
- Emote flashed on screen: "The mark of light appears on your body."
- Emote in text: "The Mark of Light appears on your body."

2nd: Mark of Light II
- Cast 20 seconds after "Mark of Light I" hits
- Emote flashed on screen: "The mark of light grows with increased intensity."
- Emote in text: "The mark appears much brighter now."

3rd: Mark of Light III
- Cast 20 seconds after "Mark of Light II" hits
- Emote flashed on screen: "The mark of light is almost blinding."
- Emote in text: "The mark of light grows blightly."

4th: Mark of Light IV
- Cast 20 seconds after "Mark of Light III" hits
- Emote flashed on screen: "Your entire body is bathed in a blinding white light!"
- Emote in text: "Your body is bathed in blinding light!"

If, 20 seconds after "Mark of Light IV" hits you, you are still in the Light area, you are death touched. You must portal over to Decay before this final timer runs out.

NOTE: The debuffs stay with you after you use the portals, so you can't (for example) port from Light into Decay, and then right back into Light. You have to wait out the debuffs to avoid the death touch.

Once the two nameds get below 20%, the final phase begins.

Phase Four: The Will of Ladrys

"The Will of Ladrys" spawns in the same room as the beginning of the encounter. Anyone left in Decay should use the portal over.

For this last 20%, The Will of Ladrys doesn't have any emotes, but starts using a mass dispell under 10% (no known way to avoid it and it's recast every few seconds).

Two dervishes ("Spark of Life" and "Shadow of Death") roam the perimeter of the room. Their spawn is indicated by this emote:

Clouds of light and dark energy coalesce into visible form.

Each of these dervishes have their own aura that gives you a debuff...

Spark of Life

A glowing white cloud of energy surrounds you.

Aura of Repentance: Single Target, Magic (-950)
1: Decrease Mana by 200 per tick (6 ticks)
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 200 per tick

Shadow of Death

A haunting dark shadow of energy envelops you.

Consumption of the Soul: Single Target, (-950)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 500 per tick (6 ticks)

If you get caught in the opposite mob's aura while you have the other's debuff on you, you are inflicted with "Convergence":

Convergence: Single Target, Chromatic (-950)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 80000 to 106000 (random)

In addition to the dervishes, you'll see nameless wooden totems appear randomly around the room. These cast "Spontaneous Combustion" on players near them. This is a mana and endurance drain, but also drains hitpoints based on how much mana or endurance you have. The more mana or endurance you have, the worse the DOT effect is. (The effect is similar to the named "Paleodontis" in Sepulcher of Order, if you've encountered that mob.)

Kill "The Will of Ladrys" (while avoiding the above two types of adds as best you can) to win the event.

The Will of Ladrys has been slain by _____!
Your faction standing with Order of Radiance got worse.
Your faction standing with Seekers of Splendor got worse.
Your faction standing with Devotees of Decay got better.

"a pristine chest" spawns nearby with loot.


NOTE: In addition to chest loot, everyone in the zone receives 10x "Bronze Fiat" (used as an alternative way obtain raid drops, from Sholano just north of the city's entrance.

Chest loot consists of 2 armor pieces (first list) + 2-4 other items (second list) + 4 spells (third list) + 0-1 Shifting Sphere of Veiled Ascension (cultural aug).

Ostentatious Armwraps of Ryken
Ostentatious Footwraps of Ryken
Ostentatious Handwraps of Ryken
Ostentatious Headdress of Ryken
Ostentatious Legwraps of Ryken
Ostentatious Stole of Ryken
Ostentatious Wristwraps of Ryken (see this guide for information about putting together VOA armor)

Dancer's Mask of Celebration
Deft Dancer's Cape of Beauty
Earring of Faithful Glory
Glittering Jewel of Perfection
Glory, Badge of Resplendence
Immaculous, Bore of Purity
Pride, Wave of Resplendence
Ring of Tamed Glory
Selvari, Reflection of Beauty
Temple Protector's Ring of Purity

Median Alaran Periapt
Greater Alaran Periapt
Glowing Alaran Periapt

If this is the first Veil of Alaris raid completion you're a part of, you also receive a "Record of Tales" (used to track your raid flags).
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