Raid Expedition: King of the Beasts  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Expedition
Alaran Language:73
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Veil of Alaris
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Thu Dec 15 18:03:51 2011
Modified: Tue Dec 5 05:21:04 2023
Veil of Alaris Information & Guides: An Overview | Group Progression & Task List | Raid Progression | Visible Armor

This raid expedition begins with Kalda Treg in the Beasts' Domain, located at 315, 2800, 10 (far northwestern part of the zone).

Pre-requisites for requesting the task:
- Completion of "Beasts for the Stew"
- Completion of "A Question of Integrity"
- Completion of "Message of Faith"
- Completion of group mission: "Pups of War"
- Completion of group mission: "King of the Beasts"
- Completion of Valley of Lunanyn raid: "The Herald of Oratory"
- Completion of Sarith raid: "The Defeat of Prexus"
- Minimum skill level in Alaran: 73

Pre-requisites for participating in this raid:
- There are no task or language requirements.
- Your "Record of Tales" must be evolved to, at a minimum, its third level: "Record of Lore" (NOTE: See this raiding guide for information about VOA raid progression.)

You say, 'Hail, Kalda Treg'

Kalda Treg says, in Alaran, 'Do you know how this great land works? The Domain has a King. A King of Beasts. A King that takes power from the echo of Kolos in these lands. It takes a powerful creature to dethrone the current beast, and when it does it grows even stronger. However, the current King has reigned too long. And he drains the power of the Domain, rather than using it. We need your help to defeat him, as we are not capable alone. If you agree, there are two ways we can deal with this threat: a small [group] to attack by stealth, or a large group to [assault] the King directly.'

You say, 'We'll assault the King directly'

Without pre-requisites:

Kalda Treg says, in Alaran, 'It does not seem right at this moment. We need more time to prepare. Continue to assist Mea Treg, and then we can talk.'

With pre-requisites:

Kalda Treg says, in Alaran, 'I will gather a large force of hunters. It will be a great undertaking. Make certain to bring many friends. Let us know when you are [prepared].'

You say, 'I'm prepared!'

Kalda Treg says, in Alaran, 'To the hunt!'

You have entered Beasts' Domain.


- When ready, engage the King.
- Kill adds as they spawn.
- Kill the King.


The King of the Beasts is live (there is no trigger). It has a normal aggro range and does not see invisibility, nor are there any auras that will break invisibility. It is leashed to the hill area. It has a significant amount of hitpoints.

Once engaged, you have to kill it within a certain time frame (unknown timer, although there is a warning emote at around the 25-minute mark), or it powers up.

The King of the Beasts hits for a max ~35,000 (no rampage; no flurry). It casts a variety of spells (timing and target details are below spell data):

Call of the Domain: Single Target, Unresistable (-690)
1: Charm up to level 100

Entangling Domain Vines: Single Target, Magic (-910)
1: Root

King's Charge: PB AE 20', (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 70000

King's Quake: PB AE 100', (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 34000
2: Stun (0.30 sec)

King's Roar: PB AE 100', (0)
1: Inhibit Melee Attacks by (1%)
2: Silence

King's Slam: Single Target, (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 91000

King's Toss: Single Target, (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 75000

Magic of the Domain: Single Target, Unresistable (-650)
1: Increase Spell Damage by 0%
2: Limit: Combat Skills Allowed
3: Decrease AC by 300
4: Increase STR by 250
5: Increase DEX by 250
6: Increase ATK by 100
7: Increase Attack Speed by 35%
8: Decrease Hitpoints by 8500 per tick

The charm is cast on whoever is the King's target at the time. It's cast every 90 seconds.

"Entangling Domain Vines" is cast on a random target on the King's hatelist. This is cast every five seconds.

"King's Charge" is cast every 40 seconds, with rare multiple casts.

"King's Quake" is cast every 50 seconds.

"King's Roar" is cast every 1:10 (70 seconds).

"King's Slam" and "King's Toss" are cast randomly (anywhere from 45 seconds to a few minutes in between casts).

"Magic of the Domain" is cast every 1:10 (70 seconds).

Due to the nature of these timers, you'll sometimes get overlapping AEs which add up to significant damage spikes.


If the King is outside the range of the hill, he warps back to his spawn point (does not reset aggro or health):

The King of the Beasts has returned to the tree!

Midway through the event, you'll see this emote (no known effect):

Kalda shouts, 'The beast grows agitated! Be wary, or it will strike you so hard you will soar through the treetops!'

If you're running low on time, you'll see this:

Kalda shouts, 'The King must be killed soon! It is gathering too much power.'


Trash mobs surround the King's hill. They will not engage you unless you provoke them first.

While active, the King summons adds every three minutes as well as at health intervals of 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, and 0%.

Each add wave consists of 3x "a beast". These hit for a max ~21,000 and spawn wherever the King is located.

These adds don't cast anything. Depending on their model, some will be mezzable and some won't be. Some will be stunnable and some won't be.

If the adds aren't killed within a few minutes of their spawn, the King "consumes" them (they despawn) and regenerates health:

The King of the Beasts snaps up another beast and eats it whole!


Upon the King's death:

King of the Beasts has been slain by _____!
King of the Beasts's corpse has been vanquished!

The King of the Beasts has been slain. The balance of the Domain has been restored, and a new beast will become the King.

Any adds currently up will despawn.


NOTE: In addition to chest loot, everyone in the zone receives 10x "Diamond Coin" (used as an alternative way obtain raid drops, from Olgor the Finder in the eastern portion of Resplendent Temple's underground caves).

Chest loot consists of 2 armor pieces (first list) + 2 other items (second list) + 4 spells (third list) + 1 (Sputtering) Trophy of the Ravenous Beast + 0-1 Shifting Sphere of Veiled Ascension (cultural aug).

Stately Armwraps of Ladrys
Stately Footwraps of Ladrys
Stately Handwraps of Ladrys
Stately Headdress of Ladrys
Stately Legwraps of Ladrys
Stately Stole of Ladrys
Stately Wristwraps of Ladrys (see this guide for information about putting together VOA armor)

Beast Bone Blade
Beast Fur Shawl
Beast King's Claws
Beast King's Cloak
Beast King's Earring
Cape of Life's Domain
Domain Hunter's Knife
Eye of the Beast
Goral Teeth Necklace
Greatstaff of the Domain
Jewel of the Lost Priest
King's Hide Pauldrons
King's Hide Shield
Mark of the Beasts
Mask of the Beasts
Ornate Hunting Spear
Pendant of Kolos
Sash of Primal Domain
Shield of the Domain
Symbol of Kolos
Vine Covered Spike

Lesser Alaran Periapt
Median Alaran Periapt
Greater Alaran Periapt
Glowing Alaran Periapt

If this is the first Veil of Alaris raid completion you're a part of, you also receive a "Record of Tales" (used to track your raid flags).
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