Raid Expedition: The Herald of Oratory  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:95
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Expedition
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Veil of Alaris
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Modified: Sat Feb 22 02:51:31 2020
Veil of Alaris Information & Guides: An Overview | Group Progression & Task List | Raid Progression | Visible Armor

This raid expedition begins with Zarbak in the Valley of Lunanyn, located in the Rallosian camp in the northeastern part of the zone's lower section.

Pre-requisites for participating in this raid:
- There are no task or language requirements.
- Your "Record of Tales" must be evolved to, at a minimum, its second level: "Record of Stories" (NOTE: See this raiding guide for information about VOA raid progression.)

Pre-requisites for requesting this raid:
- Completion of "Raid and Recover"
- Completion of "The Assassination Game"
- Completion of "Uncharted Territory"
- Completion of "The Enemy of My Enemy"
- Completion of "The Memory Remains"
- Completion of the group mission "Into the Abyss"
- Completion of the group mission "The Herald of Oratory"
- Must be in possession of a "Record of Stories"
- Completion of Argath Raid: "Illdaera's Vengeance"
- Minimum skill level in Alaran: 70

You say, 'Hail, Zarbak'

Zarbak says 'You, _____! Let Zarbak feels the meats of your head! Yes, yes, good and thick! Perfect for knowings of the bashings and smashings! In the [army] of Zek you want to fight? Are you ready to [go]?'

You say, 'The army?'

Zarbak says 'Army of Zek is strong! With goblins and ogres, Zarbak says no need for weakling races. But Vallon says great [battle] is coming, need to fill valley with walls of sword and shield. So, you now in army of Zek!'

You say, 'What battle?'

Zarbak says 'Rumblings low shiver air on southern horizon. Mirage of sound lingers over enemy camp and hides goings and doings. Powerful voice bellows in strange tongue. Even Rallos concerned. Zarbak sees Rallos talking with Sol Ro, alliances forming, armies meeting as one. Zarbak thinks Rallos finds what he [seeks].'

You say, 'He seeks what?'

Zarbak says 'You have not much knowings as I thought! All gods have had much talking. Cazic is dead, his plane empty! Where fled his essence? An [island] appears, and Rallos says Zarbak and army must go.'

You say, 'An island?'

Zarbak says 'Now search we do, resting not until Rallos satisfied. No army thwarts us, not with big thick heads like you to think for our front lines! Do you bring with you [many] companions, or but a [few]?'

You say, 'Many'

Zarbak says 'Good. Your numbers will win the battle! [Go] and achieve victory!'

Arelis - The Herald of Oratory is now available to you.

You say, 'Let's go!'

Zarbak says 'Yes, yes, good!'

You have entered Valley of War.


- Loot the 51 marks from the "chest of the gods" and use them to buy and place defenders.
- Say "begin" to Zarbak to start the event.
- Loot more marks from the chests that drop from the invaders that die, and place more defenders.
- Once the Herald of Oratory comes in and her shield drops, DPS her.
- After being broken, her shield will regenerate after 60 seconds.
- Kill the Herald while fending off her charmed adds.

Differences between the Group version and Raid version:

- Herald casts "Lifestealing Gust" on random people (50 curse counters); leads to 120k DD if not cured.
- Herald's shield regenerates 60 seconds after it's destroyed.
- Every 20 seconds beginning at about 70%, the Herald charms defender NPCs 2-3 at a time (they hit for 20k).
- Every 20-30 seconds beginning at about 40%, the Herald calls for help from invader NPCs (kiteable).
- Later into the fight, the Herald will one-shot kill defender NPCs at random.
- Damage auras on the Herald and Erillion NPCs are larger (as low as 17k and up to 24k).


Zarbak gives you details about how the raid works:

You say, 'Hail, Zarbak'

Zarbak says 'These streaks of light do you see? Rallos Zek and Solusek Ro light the paths of the enemy as they march from the south! If the gods stay concentrated, Zarbak thinks we can know where to place [defenses]!'

NOTE: The "streaks of light" he refers to are the fast-moving wisps. These represent the soon-to-be paths the invaders will take (the wisp in the center of the valley below shows the path and end-point of the Herald of Oratory, the main mob in this event).

You say, 'Defenses?'

Zarbak says 'A thick, strong head have you, not like Zarbak! You must tell army where to defend. Keep enemy from reaching gods and distracting them. I will tell you [how].'

You say, 'How?'

Zarbak says 'Zek army don't trust outsider like you. They won't take orders unless you pay them. I put moneys in this chest. Take it and talk to quartermaster. He assigns you [troops] for moneys.'

You say, 'What about the troops?'

Zarbak says 'Stand where you want troops to stand, and call the ones you hired. They will hold strong at that spot. If they die, [pay] for more. [Fend off] the enemies, and kill the Herald of Oratory!'

You say, 'Pay for more?'

Zarbak says 'Rotten thieving enemies sneaked in camp at night and stole our moneys! Kill them and retrieve it! Pleased would be the quartermaster!'

You say, 'We'll fend off the enemies'

Zarbak says 'Speak with the quartermaster, and place your defenses. Once you do this, tell me you are ready to [begin]. If you believe you failed your task, you should [try again]. Don't even think to [leave] like a coward!'

Quartermaster Gelblat stands nearby:

You say, 'Hail, Quartermaster Gelblat'

Quartermaster Gelblat says 'How can I aid you in your defense?'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[1] Zek soldier ..... 2 Marks of the Gods'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[2] Zek archer ..... 4 Marks of the Gods'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[3] Sol Ro fire lord ..... 6 Marks of the Gods'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[4] Sol Ro dark smoker ..... 8 Marks of the Gods'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[5] Zek bruiser ..... 7 Marks of the Gods'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[6] Sol Ro soother ..... 1 Marks of the Gods'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[7] Sol Ro ash breather ..... 9 Marks of the Gods'

Quartermaster Gelblat says 'Would you like [details]?'

You say, 'I'd like details'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[1] a Zek soldier: HP - Medium. Damage - Low. Attack Speed - Medium. Range - Medium.'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[2] a Zek archer: HP - Low. Damage - Very Low. Attack Speed - High. Range - Very High.'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[3] a Sol Ro fire lord: HP - Medium. Damage - High. Attack Speed - Low. Range - High.'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[4] a Sol Ro dark smoker: HP - Medium. Damage - Medium. Attack Speed - High. Range - Medium.'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[5] a Zek bruiser: HP - High. Damage - Very High. Attack Speed - Low. Range - Medium.'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[6] a Sol Ro soother: HP - Very Low. Healing - Medium. Healing Speed - High. Range - Very Low.'

Quartermaster Gelblat says '[7] a Sol Ro ash breather: HP - Low. Slowing - Low. Slowing Speed - Very Low. Range - Very Low.'

A chest called "chest of the gods" is found by the zone-in and contains numerous "Marks of the Gods". You can use the marks to purchase defenders from the Quartermaster. Simply say the number of the defender type you'd like to use:

You say, '7'

Quartermaster Gelblat says 'You have chosen well!'

You receive an item which you can right-click to summon that defender type. The defender will be permanently rooted in place and will defend its position according to the type as listed above.

While it's optional whether you place defenders to protect the gods (depending on your raid's DPS), you MUST place enough damage defenders at the Herald of Oratory's location.

Place the defenders as you wish and then say "begin" to Zarbak to initiate the event:

You say, 'We're ready to begin'

Zarbak shouts 'Everyone to their positions! The enemy will be upon us quickly!'

Lower your weapons and surrender! You will be taken under control of Erillion, unharmed!

Rallos Zek says 'Mortals, you must destroy the Herald! It commands these hordes. If you kill it, its army will retreat.'

Solusek Ro says 'Position our troops around the Herald. With concentrated effort, the troops can destroy the Herald's shield and render it vulnerable.'

The full power of Erillion will bear down upon those who threaten to sunder our unification!

As Erillion forces reach the gods, you'll see emotes like this:

an Erillian footsoldier reaches the gods and drops their concentration to 190 of 200.

If it reaches zero from 200, the task resets:

You have failed to defend Rallos Zek and Solusek Ro.

Any time a defender kills an invader (or if the invader reaches the gods), a chest spawns in the invader's place. Loot the chest for more Marks and use those to buy and place additional defenders.

Soon after the event has been started, the Herald of Oratory makes her way into the valley and positions herself in about the center area. Once she's positioned, you'll see this emote:

You interfere with an internal matter. What happens in our land concerns you not.

Once the defenders have done enough collective damage to her, her shield will be destroyed:

Herald of Oratory's shield has been destroyed.

At this point, you can move in and DPS her.

NOTE: Unlike in the group mission, her shield will regenerate 60 seconds after being destroyed (complete with damage aura and all). If the defenders you placed near her are still alive, they will destroy the shield again. If you have none up, you'll have to back all players out of combat to make room for more placements.

The Herald of Oratory

The Herald of Oratory at her final point is at /loc 146, -13. She hits for a max ~24,000 (no rampage; no flurry). She has approximately 80-90 million hitpoints, is permanently rooted, summons after 98%, and casts "Lifestealing Gust" on random targets:

Lifestealing Gust: Single Target, Magic (-910)
1: Decrease HP when cast by 40000
2: Silence
3: Amnesia (Silence vs Melee Effect)
4: Increase Curse Counter by 50
5: Trigger Effect: Lifestealing Gust on Fade

"Lifestealing Gust" (a 70k self-DD) triggers if this isn't cured.

Beginning at around 70% health, she'll start charming ("whispers into the ear of _____") random defender NPCs that you've placed. She'll charm 1-3 at a time, every 20 seconds.

Beginning at around 40% health, she'll start calling for the aid of invader NPCs ("an Erillion _____"). She'll call them in 1-3 at a time, every 20 seconds. (Her defender charms still continue.)

These adds hit for a max ~21,000 and have a relatively small amount of hitpoints. Note that the invader NPCs she calls to aid her will still have full damage auras around them. These NPCs can be aggro'd and kited away.

Killing these adds has no bearing on the event's completion, so if you can, you can keep them kited while focusing DPS on the Herald. Alternatively, you can dedicate an add group to kill them as they spawn.

In addition to the above, she'll occasionally one-shot kill a random defender NPC.

Once the Herald is killed, all adds despawn:

Herald of Oratory has been slain by _____!
Herald of Oratory shouts 'My body's demise is not the end. The Orator shall decimate every one of you!'


NOTE: In addition to chest loot, everyone in the zone receives 10x "Rebellion Chit" (used as an alternative way obtain raid drops, from Riallion Cassand in the dock area of Sarith).

Chest loot consists of 4 armor pieces (first list) + 5 other items (second list) + 6 spells (third list) + 1 (Empowered) Trophy of War and Flame + 0-1 Shifting Sphere of Veiled Ascension (cultural aug) + 0-1 Scuffed Containers (fourth list):

Elegant Armwraps of Oseka
Elegant Footwraps of Oseka
Elegant Handwraps of Oseka
Elegant Headwraps of Oseka
Elegant Legwraps of Oseka
Elegant Stole of Oseka
Elegant Wristwraps of Oseka (see this guide for information about putting together VOA armor)

Circle of the Three
Cloak of the Lawkeeper
Conch of the Tides
Deroth, Enforcer
Glowing Bronze Key
Gorget of Attention
Jagged Bronze Belt
Judge's Veil
Lawkeeper's Bulwark
Lawkeeper's Earring
Lawkeeper's Gorget
Loop of the Clerk
Punisher's Cloak
Seltan, Blade of Beloth
Watcher's Ring
Worker's Waistbelt

Minor Alaran Periapt
Lesser Alaran Periapt
Median Alaran Periapt

Scuffed Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack
Scuffed Journeyman's Rucksack
Scuffed Traveler's Rucksack
Scuffed Weapon Crate of the Mercenary

If this is the first Veil of Alaris raid completion you're a part of, you also receive a "Record of Tales" (used to track your raid flags).
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Herald Location
# Feb 17 2020 at 7:26 PM Rating: Good
1 post
Location of Herald at her final point is is 146, -13
Raid Mechanics
# Feb 28 2012 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
224 posts
couple things to start with, this quest is almost exactly like the group quest. mobs have damage auras and walk straight to the 2 gods and the herald walks down into the pit eventually like normal. the concentration of the gods goes down every time a mob gets to the gods, and when the gods concentration reaches 0 the event resets. like it says at the top "Herald casts "Lifestealing Gust" on random people (50 curse counters); leads to 120k DD if not cured." its more a less a thing casted when your in melee range, and its very noticable when it is casted because its a GIGANTIC knockback, no joke. i went flying from the herald all the way to the ruins back away from the top of the crater hes in. anyway, from 100%-70% thats the only thing to contend with really besides shield emotes. the damage aura around the herald comes on again periodically after the troops you put down drop it (my raid uses 3 Zek Bruisers to drop the shield, and we have our clerics heal the bruisers until they drop the shield). i am unsure of the full emotes but i use the audio triggers "regenerates a portion of their shield" indicating that the heralds aura/shield is coming back up, meaning the raid should run away so they dont get damaged by the aura until the bruisers drop it again. my audio trigger for when the shield drops is "shield has been destroyed" signaling that the aura/shield has dropped and the herald is again safe to melee/attack. upon the herald reaching 70% it is correct that the herald begins charming NPCs that you have placed, my raid sets down as many "zek soothers" i believe their called as we can so that their the main charm targets as they have the lowest hp of all of the troop units that are optional to be placed. on occasion when your "zek bruiser"s die from lack of cleric healing or get charmed and have to be killed, it is required that the raid BACK OFF in order to reset the troops, this can be done when the heralds shield is up, but either way the bruisers do the most damage and have to be there in order for the heralds shield to drop. beginning at 40% it is again correct that the herald will begin charming mobs wandering to the gods with damage auras and force them to attack the raid, they have quite alot of hp and large damage auras, it is best like it says above to have knights kite these away from the raid, and pick up any further adds that may get charmed as their running. like mentioned in this post above zek and sol ro's concentration decreases with more adds that walk into them, once the herald reaches 40% she charms almost everything that comes, and so the gods concentration will stop decreasing. overall this event is a burn test, if you get the hearld to 40% to slowly, the gods will run out of concentration and it'll reset, if you dont kill the herald to the death fast enough, adds will overun and wipe the raid.
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