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Erbill Puffenstuff started out as a first character to Me, but soon became a heart-warming friend and the start of the whole family of ERB toons. My son plays now because of him and even though hes young and cant read well he trys the best he can. Erbill has many "ERB" brothers and sisters* . half step. adopted and mixed race family...(*just a few) in his family and enjoys marathon playing. He is always catching up with skills and trying to Taylor up to LEATHERFOOT HAVERSACKS, ( wish someone had told me about tayloring and halflings when i was YOUNG!!!) has been his most fun. He often Tradeskills & forages while fishing just to enjoy MULTI-TASKING Erbill in as many pastimes as possible at once! Since reaching 75 he goes back to BB, Pc, Kurns, etc and all the lowbie zones to help lowbies out with buffs so they can gain exp. "I HATE GNOLLS & GOBLINS!!!" I scream as i have to encounter all the lowest ones again and again. Started Keeping a AoE, or RAIN Spell up to deal with the peckerwoods EN MASS. I hope top complete all of my open tasks and quests , SOMEDAY ill quest out of my MIND, AS I seem to have soooo many started, hahaha. ERBILL loves being a Halfling Druid and even though he cant use ranged weapons, SNEAK and HIDE for HALFERS is awesome and has saved some lives from time to time,hard but fun. And the Quad Kiting WAS awesome SINCE the MOBS are soo much HIGHER and MORE HP...the old LIGHTENING spell i used in the 50's , just doesnt seem to do the job very fast( have snare & re-snareing probs due to time needed to quad!!!) If u like druids, and need help or want to mess with other toons, contact me and chat we can always exchange tips and tricks. With the new RK I/II/III spells and everyone in the class getting the RK I ones,, makes for an even playing field,,,Erbill just went over 470 aa's and is well on the way to anguish, 6 outta 7 sigs.,..and is approaching 10115 mana unbuffed and 11550 hp Raid-buffed a little disparigy, BUT im over 11K WITH ELUSHIR/DIRE(DRU) and DIRE(shammy).,,,LOL so the uberness arises! IM on CAZIC. and i expect a new merge with another server this fall..due to the collapsing player base......I feel it will be 1 server to hold what used to be 4!!! TSS MOLDS Rock,, the quests are awesome,, and TBS faction rocks , when ya get it...TBS Grops are hard to get still BUT PERSISTENCE in ACTIONS... LOL

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