Shaman Skull Quest No. 8  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Ruins of Kunark
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
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Entered: Wed Jun 12 20:53:00 2002
Modified: Sun Jul 21 00:06:24 2019
After handing in your Hierophant Cudgel and Skull box to Granix he gives you your 7th Cudgel and says, You have done well Cradossk. Perhaps you can help clear these troubling dreams from my tired aging mind. Commune with the spirits of our Ancestors and learn from them. Never forget that the ultimate power comes from knowledge. The ancients are privy to much knowledge that mortals will never see. Should you be granted enlightenment from our ancestors, share your knowledge with me so that we may use this knowledge for the benefit of our brethren. I will continue to study the [dreams] that [cloud] my mind.'

When you ask him "What dreams cloud your mind?" he replies, "I see much darkness...darkness and death. A void of life...the cold grip of death. An Ancient pact...with forces too terrible to describe...A great Leader...a fall, and a second coming. I see...a symbol ancient city...Kaesora. I would begin there young Mystic. The spirits of that fallen city may hold a key to our future. "

Go to the ruins outside Kaesora and you will see a new Shaman NPC there, Oracle Vauris. Hail him and he motions for silence. He points at the shifting sands below him without a word.

Go to Kaesora and kill Xalgoz. He spawns every 20 minutes or so in the Church there and is approximately lvl 48 or so. He's an easy kill for a couple lvl 50 plus. He drops a Shrunken Iksar Skull Necklace. Loot that and give it to Oracle Vauris.

Oracle Vauris takes the necklace from you without a word. He looks into your eyes for a moment. He seems to be searching for something. Apparently he finds whatever he was looking for as he pulls an empty bag from his belt. He takes the necklace and snaps the cord with his teeth allowing the skulls to fall into the bag. He looks you square in the eyes again and motions for you to put out your hand. You do so and almost immediately regret it. Vauris takes the knife from his belt and slices open your forearm allowing your blood to fall into the bag. He uses the cord to tie the bag and hands it back to you. 'You now share the mark of Rile, Cradossk. Your fates are intertwined.' He then gives you a Bag of Iksar Skull Dust.

Ask him, "What Rile?" and he replies, "Have you learned nothing in all your years of service to the hall of Terror? The skulls on that necklace were the bones of the traitorous Iksar who defiled Rile's Relics. Their final moments were spent in Charasis, destroyed by their own dark magics. Rile was the son of the most powerful and terrible [emperor] the Iksar have ever known. Not since the days of Ssrae... 'His voice trails off and his eyes glaze over a bit. You sense that Vauris has been touched by some unmentionable terror. '

If you ask him about Xalgoz, he replies, 'At last you see Cradossk. The one you speak of is indeed a servant of Rile's father. His presence on this world has disrupted the spirits of the ancients. This disruption must be put to an end. Slaying him will do little good unfortunately. We will have to make use of other powers to truly banish him from this world. If we are to do this we shall need a true relic of Rile, and the soul of his father. Only with these items can we hope to free Rile's soul from the void between death and life. But first there are others that serve the risen emperor that must be destroyed.'

Ask him "what others?" and he says, "The servants of the emperor wear many faces. One in particular is know to wear several himself. Of Serpents and Iksar is his current incarnation, a twisted vision of a dark union. Bring me his essence, for I will need a vessel to siphon the emperor's soul into. Bring me these 3 items along with the pouch of bone dust and we shall see what fate the ancients have chosen for us.'

The Changeling Essense drops from a Named Goblin in the Frontier Mountains by the name of Thuuga Dengible. He is about lvl 50 in strength and can be found on top of a rock near the Lake of Ill Omen Zone at -2100, -2400

Next you must kill a Named Froglok in the Froglok Village in the Swamp by the name of Kaggy Krup. He is of about the same level as Thuuga is. 3 or 4 50+ can take him. He is actually up in one of the buildings in the western part of the village. He drops 'Glowing Kunzar Amulet'

The 4th item you need is dropped by Venril Sathir in Karnor's Castle. There are two versions of Venril. One is much tougher than the other. Both drop the Blackened Iksar Bones which you need. These can be multi-quested so this may be a good way to get the item if you can't easily field a group to take down Venril.

Give Vauris the Changeling Essence, Bag of Iksar Skull Dust, Glowing Kunzar Amulet, and the Blackened Iksar Bones. Oracle Vauris says 'You have done well Skek. Now it is time for the true test of your clairvoyance. Only a true Scaled mystic will be able to put these spirits to rest. Be warned, these souls will not go quietly into the next world. They have strong ties to this land, and it is these ties we must break. Take them to the City of the Kunzar, the birthplace of the emperor. Only there will you be able to tear asunder the dark rituals that have twisted the souls of our ancient heroes. I will await you in that place Cradossk. " He gives you Iksar Relics NO DROP, LORE.

You now need to head into Charasis again with a decent force. At least a single group of 55 plus from all accounts. In teh South Wing you will find An Iksar Apparition. Give him the Iksar Relics. He immediately turns into Venril Sathir and 4 other mobs - an Arisen Disciple, Priest, Necromancer and Acolyte - aggro you. This battle can be fierce but this version of Venril is not the same as the one in KC thankfully. Venril Sathir drops a Skull of Rile. After you kill these mobs an amiable mob, the Spirit of Rile appears. Give him your Skyiron Cudgel of the Arisen and the Skull of Rile and you get the following message.

The spirit of Rile says 'Use your cudgel to unite my soul with my body Cradossk '

The spirit of Rile begins to shudder and shake, the bones fly from your hands to meet their rightful soul. The spirit and bones being to glow and meld into one another, forming a swirling mass of ethereal energy. Abani begins to mouth incantations in an unfamiliar tongue. Their voice rises ever higher as mystic energy surges through the room. Then, in a suddenly flash, the spirit and corpse disappear without a trace, leaving only Cradossk holding a Faintly glowing Cudgel in his hand.
Submitted by: Cradossk Trandoshan
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VS Version
# Oct 15 2020 at 4:50 PM Rating: Good
79 posts
So this is not as easy people make it seem if you are duo or trio. This particular VS spams Harm Touch at 822 points per shot plus he seemed to hit mid 200s regularly on a monk tank. I wasn't prepared for the HT spam, once the first one went out I started nuking on my cleric. My monk got to 45%/50% when I start my CH. He went from 40% to zero after 3 consecutive HTs. If you don't have a plate tank just keep your tank above 60% at all times and spam heal. VS doesn't have a lot of life he was going down fast. I split 3 of the 4 adds. Got 3 down, had one add plus VS and was able to bard mez it. Just wasn't prepared for HT spam. As such, I have the pleasure of farming all 4 items once again. Yuck.

Edited, Oct 15th 2020 5:52pm by YoduhAgnarr
Tips + Info
# Oct 07 2020 at 10:39 PM Rating: Excellent
56 posts
There is surprisingly very little info on An Iksar Apparition, so hopefully this helps:

An Iksar Apparition
  • Respawn time is around 6 hours, same as Kraggy in SoNH
  • Does not spawn in DZs but does in picks (pick threshold for HS is 25)
  • Park your group in the hallway right before the hidden passage and leave everyone but Shaman/Iksar-friendly puller in back. He's on Scaled Mystics faction and KOS to others.
  • You have about 2 minutes to clear the adds before VS actually goes aggro, everything is light blue to a 60

Easy encounter with a group of era-geared 60s. If you can kill 4 mobs at a time in South wing then you won't have any trouble, assuming you pull the adds before VS goes live. VS isn't much harder than a trash mob, either.

The Skull of Rile has a mask graphic, so don't confuse it with the melee-dps mask and give it to the wrong person!
Oracle Vauris is Vauris Sathir?
# Jul 03 2015 at 6:58 PM Rating: Good
159 posts
If you ask him " Who is Venril Sathir?" you get:

Oracle Vauris smiles coldly. So you have learned a thing or two about your ancestors, that is good. But what do you know of the present young mystic? A true Oracle's power is in his ability to entwine past present and future into a single entity. You have already encountered the emperor's servants, although you may not have know it. Show me that you have the clarity of mind to discern this riddle and we shall embark on a journey of enlightenment you and I.

I am wondering if this was meant for this quest or an additional quest later on. Technically it could be both. Plus there is the fact that the Weapon quest arcs from Cabilis are between 8-9 quests long, and this quest being number 8, shows that just maybe there was a better quest somewhere on kunark that hasn't been found. The Shaman quests didn't enter Chardok, Skyfire Mountains, or Chardok ( we ran though but did not require any drops from these places). Most if not all the others had something to do with at least Chardok ( monk, Necro, Maybe Warrior and SK, not counting Bst in this as that was added 2 expansions later).
Anyone have any answers, clues, or anything that could either put this to rest or open a new mystery?
Hope you enjoy (This recipe is a trademark by Nightmares Inc., all rights reserved.) :-D
The missing bits
# Feb 28 2011 at 1:31 AM Rating: Default
261 posts
Here is the missing text from the 8th cudgel script in Howling Stones. Interesting to note that consumed is spelled wrong. For anyone who hasn't finished this yet and is worried about messing things up.

Do clear the stage and any nearby halls of any wanderers. Do not fight Venril Sathir on the stage, instead pull the stuff there and kill the arisen spawns first and kill Venril Sathir after. Kill them all back in the alcove where the Iksar Apparition spawns. Rile's spirit should spawn on the stage and not get killed so that you can complete the turn in. Rile's spirit hit's weak and dies in one hit. No spirit no cudgel. You can watch the show from back in the alcove and maybe even safer in the tunnel behind but you won't be able to hear the scripted event.

[Sun Feb 27 03:54:21 2011] An Iksar Apparition regards you indifferently -- You could probably win this fight.
[Sun Feb 27 03:54:21 2011] An Iksar Apparition regards you indifferently -- You could probably win this fight.
[Sun Feb 27 03:54:34 2011] An Iksar Apparition says 'Relics...Sathir...'
[Sun Feb 27 03:54:35 2011] Shissma says, 'Hail, An Iksar Apparition'
[Sun Feb 27 03:54:45 2011] You gain party experience!!
[Sun Feb 27 03:54:57 2011] An Arisen Acolyte begins to cast a spell.
[Sun Feb 27 03:54:57 2011] An Arisen Disciple begins to cast a spell.
[Sun Feb 27 03:55:00 2011] Vauris Sathir throws the relics, shattering them against the cold stone floor. The charge of mana begins to pervade the air. You can hear the cackle of several Iksar echoing through the tunnels of Charasis.
[Sun Feb 27 03:55:00 2011] An Arisen Acolyte's hand is covered with a dull aura.
[Sun Feb 27 03:55:00 2011] An Arisen Disciple's hand is covered with a dull aura.
[Sun Feb 27 03:55:11 2011] Vauris Sathir's insane cackling turns to unholy wailing as his remains are ripped apart and joined with the swirling mass of bone and spirit that swirls over the platform.
[Sun Feb 27 03:55:16 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:55:35 2011] Shissma begins to cast a spell.
[Sun Feb 27 03:55:37 2011] Shissma fades a little.
[Sun Feb 27 03:55:57 2011] The tellurian rampart fades.
[Sun Feb 27 03:56:12 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:56:13 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:56:15 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:56:49 2011] An Arisen Disciple regards you indifferently -- You could probably win this fight.
[Sun Feb 27 03:56:49 2011] Your Shroud of Stealth keeps you hidden from watchful eyes.
[Sun Feb 27 03:57:01 2011] The Crypt Spectre begins to cast a spell.
[Sun Feb 27 03:57:48 2011] A Swirling Bone Mass vibrates chaotically. Two shapes begin to separate themselves from the maelstrom of energy until two whole skeletons are clearly visible.
[Sun Feb 27 03:57:51 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:57:58 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:00 2011] Rile Sathir cries out in agony
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:01 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:02 2011] Venril Sathir staggers as the spirits of the Ancients comsume them.
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:05 2011] Venril Sathir laughs as he turns Riles attack aside
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:06 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:08 2011] Rile Sathir falls to the ground, stunned momentarily
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:09 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:10 2011] Venril Sathir staggers as the spirits of the Ancients comsume them.
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:12 2011] Venril Sathir laughs as he turns Riles attack aside
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:14 2011] You no longer have a target.
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:20 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:24 2011] Rile Sathir cries out in agony
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:26 2011] Venril Sathir laughs as he turns Riles attack aside
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:27 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:28 2011] Rile Sathir falls to the ground, stunned momentarily
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:36 2011] Venril Sathir's maniacal cackle fills the halls. 'And so it ends child! Your torment will continue for all eternity!
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:37 2011] Rile Sathir's form is torn apart by the dark magics of Venril Sathir
[Sun Feb 27 03:58:39 2011] Taking a screenshot...
[Sun Feb 27 03:59:19 2011] You have moved and are no longer hidden!!
[Sun Feb 27 03:59:19 2011] Venril Sathir laughs at your pathetic form. 'The Gods can not hold me, how can you hope to!
lvl of risen mobs??
# May 07 2006 at 6:50 PM Rating: Decent
130 posts
OK..I can't find out what level the arisen mobs are (4 of them)...I'm thinking because this is an old school quest in Kunark, it can't be that difficult with a 66 shammy and 67 bst...any ideas?? TY!
lvl of risen mobs??
# Sep 02 2006 at 12:27 PM Rating: Decent
130 posts
Ok...finished this quest a few weeks ago...the arisen mobs con and dk. blue to a lvl 66...guess you can figure it out from there...we took them down, plus the main mob with three peeps (66 shammy, 66 bst, and a 70 bst)..took all of five minutes tops to clear them out. GL to those going after this was well worth the effort! ;-)
Watch the turn in
# Oct 01 2004 at 12:48 AM Rating: Decent
Ok if you have finnally gotten all the items needed for the turn in in Field of Bone, and recieve your Iksar Relics, and you have your group for Howling Stones amassed, just a word of warning . The iksar apperition is really Iksar , and he is on Cabalis Faction. If he is up and your group is near him , make double or triple sure that all that are with you are at least dubious, if the apperition aggros he will not take your relics. Don't do what I did and turn in the relics to him and forget to tell the group how close he was to us, and the cleric thought he would be slick and pacify the room . Well he was too close and the Iksar Apperition aggroed, took the relics and replied to me with I will not help a vile creature such as yourself. Just do turn in and make sure your group stays way back.
# Jun 20 2004 at 11:22 AM Rating: Decent
Ok to carify one thing.
None of the mobs who spawn for the Quest will move back, after you pulled them and FD.
You can't lull them, you can't FD split them, you need to deal with them all.
But Mez works fine.

We just made the fight with our Group.
Sk,Monk x 2, Shaman,Cleric,Enchanter all 62.

Non Iksar too
# Mar 10 2004 at 2:43 AM Rating: Decent
I completed this quest a while ago with a Barbarian Shaman who worships the Tribunal, did final encounter with a 2 Rangers, 2 Clerics, A Wizard, A Rogue and Myself. All 65, did it no problem although we did end up crashing the zone.

Teragar Winces
65 Prophet on Vazaelle
Script Runtime
# Feb 14 2004 at 11:37 AM Rating: Good
Tried this last night with a strategy that assumed a 12 minute script time as reported. The script didn't last 12 minutes; it might have lasted 90 seconds. This changes everything. If the script has been fixed so that there is no lag, you'll want to clear the mobs in the room with the dias where VS spawns before doing the turnin to An Iksar Apparition. Otherwise, you're going to have to get through all those mobs in the big room before your Shaman can do the turn-in and risk Rile despawning. Not only that, but you're going to get any other dark blue mobs in that room when you pull VS out to kill him. Clear that room, keep it clear.
VS Does not path back to spawn
# Jan 20 2004 at 10:39 AM Rating: Default
The SK pulled the arisen to the earthen tunnel enterance and VS came with it. The SK FD'ed and we waited for pathing to begin. All the arisen returned to there spot and VS stayed.

I read that, but I didn't plan around that and I failed.

I tried it recently with a group of 4. So long as the pulling goes well, it should be cake. I am a lvl65 rogue with just over 200aa's. The rest of the group was the shaman (65), cleric (65) and enchanter (64).

Really, none of the mobs, including VS hits very hard. The shaman coulda tanked it, so long as the pull went good. We planned on pacifaction pulling. Cleared the room in waves of 2 (think just 6 regular mobs total) to offset the respawn. Shaman does the hand in and I learned that none of the Arisen's or VS can be pacified even by pacifacation. All the Arisen's conned light blue to me, but no matter, they cannot be pacified. So, we decided to just pacify the few regular mobs that had respawned and do the pull and see how many Arisen's came with VS.

They all came. They all surrounded me and I was unable to move or even fight for about 20 seconds. Shaman casted Tigirs (AE slow) and that helped alot, but I think VS constantly cast a dispell AE and we didn't realize that in time. All the mobs can be mezzed as the chanter casted Word of Moral (AE mezz) and they all went to sleep for 6 seconds. But he wasn't fast enough with the 54 second mezz and two unslowed Arisen's pasted him fast ( think they finally harm touched?) and things quickly went downhill after that. We wiped.

I ran back to HS to CR. I go in tunnel and see VS just standing there all by himself. I realize he does not path back to spawn point. I realized, HE DOES NOT PATH BACK TO SPAWN POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize, we could have done this real easy just by stationing the kill point back farther in the tunnel and either me pulling VS to just inside of tunnel and then escaping, or even just sacraficing one of the players on the pull....that is if you don't have a feign death puller. I want to reiterate, VS does not path back to the stage. Where you pull him is where he stays. This makes it real easy, but you have to use it to your advantage. Just remember to pacify everything that you can, that you will get some Arisen's on pull and unless you have a ton of support, maybe the best thing to do is just let the puller die without anyone else agroing on pull so that every other mob will path back to thier spawn point as VS just stands there for you to simply kill solo. Honestly, I think just me and the shaman can kill VS in HS if it were only VS on the pull. But with all the confusion of adds, we wiped.

We tried to CR as fast as we could. We rebuffed and just got in first room of South Wing. I ran ahead to see if VS was still up, but he had despawned. :(

Oh well. It could have been a very simple and assured win, even with this small group. Hopefully someone else will make good from our mistake. Just remember, VS DOES NOT PATH BACK TO SPAWN!!
# Sep 07 2003 at 7:03 PM Rating: Decent
so let me get this right. skull quest 4 result is iksar only but skull quests after that can be used by Barbarian ? I would like to start this. Obviously i want the final component any tips on how to raise faction so i can get into east cabilis to start this quest ?

Mystic Feydonia
RE: faction
# Sep 15 2003 at 6:24 AM Rating: Decent
OK all versions can be used by any race that can be shaman. I've done this as a kitty shaman and am now working on the 7th. From what I understand, however, if you have a religion you may not be able to get the faction to do the quest. Naturally, I didn't have to worry about that. In fact I didn't worry with faction at all - I just used illusion iksar potions for the turn-ins.
Another Happy Shaman
# Jul 31 2003 at 6:52 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
Add another shaman to the list.

The final battle is a fairly tough fight. Not that the mobs are all that hard, but by the time the script finishes, pretty much everything has respawned.

Good tankage and crowd control were what made my attempt successful. Plus the 4 groups of people that came.... talk about a crowded tunnel ;)

- Snaqe
57 Iksar Shaman
Mithaniel Marr

Edited, Thu Jul 31 07:43:30 2003
# Jul 19 2003 at 7:23 AM Rating: Decent
Would the final turn in be MQ'able?
RE: MQ??
# Jul 29 2003 at 7:28 AM Rating: Excellent
8 posts
I'm not sure MQ'ing the final turn would make sense. Mostly because there are 2 items for the final turn in:
1. Your 7th Cudgel
2. The Skull of Rile that drops from the mini-VS you just killed.

So unless you can find someone willing to give up their 7th Cudgel for the MQ, then there's no need since the other item drops during the final battle.

- Snaqe
57 Iksar Shaman
Mithaniel Marr

Edited, Tue Jul 29 08:23:19 2003
RE: MQ??
# Aug 06 2003 at 2:50 AM Rating: Decent
Okay, thanks
Guess I didnt look at it like that.
The Final Fight
# Jun 19 2003 at 10:19 AM Rating: Excellent
I did the final fight last night. I am a Barbarian shaman on Xegony server and used max faction (indiffernt) with illusion of iksar potion (ally) to do turn-ins for all the cudgels. For this last fight I went over kill for no one I know has done this before. I had 2 65 wars, 1 65 cleric, 1 63 SK, 1 65 rogue(for unlocking doors), 1 65 druid, and me a 65 shaman. We easily made it down to the "an iksar apparition". All the people stayed back in the earthen tunnel around the corner while I went up and pulled the room. I pulled 2-3 at a time including roamers which were easy for the tanks to dispatch. There are a total of like 6-8 in the room. Then I turned in the "Iksar relic" to the "an Iksar apparition". The "an Iksar apparition" turns into a light blue ghost of VS. I then waited there for a while and he finally said one thing(did not write down what it was). After waiting some more he moved to the center platform against back wall (I backed up to into the earthen tunnel a little ways) and turned into a swirling mass of bone still named VS. At that time 4 arisens spawned. The four were targetable but VS was not. We waited some more and Rile appeared(in ghost form); they both were untargetable. It looked to be as if the two were fighting for quiet some time, like one hit each minute. After like 5-10 minutes rile was either killed or despawned. At that point VS became targetable. The SK pulled the arisen to the earthen tunnel enterance and VS came with it. The SK FD'ed and we waited for pathing to begin. All the arisen returned to there spot and VS stayed. I pulled VS with slow(it stuck first time with out malos) and was able to get him alone. He was a very easy fight and went down fairly quickly. Once he was dead the "spirit of rile" respawned behind the four arisen. We cleared the room of the four arisen and the respawn. Pulled the arisen 2 at a time. I then went up to rile made sure I was in Iksar illusion and hailed him. I gave him the "skull of rile" which was off of VS and my 7th cudgel and I received the 8th in return.

Over all this was an easy fight and could be done with half the people I brought. I hope this helps any or all of you shaman who put in the time to get this far. Best of luck to you all.

65th shaman

Edited, Thu Jun 19 10:44:46 2003
May 4,2003
# May 05 2003 at 1:56 PM Rating: Decent
Tried the final turn in today. I handed the relics to the Iksar Apparition in the south wing of charasis, and he turned into Vauris. then after a few moments the swirling mass of bones spawned on the "platform" with the 4 arisens in front of him. From an earlier post on this page, I began pulling the 4 arisens. The first three went down, but when I pulled the fourth (happened to be the Arisen Priest) Venril Sathir came with him. Problem was that Venril Sathir was untargettable, and proceeded to kill us. He was still untargettable after we killed the Arisen Priest, and before I died I noticed that the four arisens had spawned once again, this maybe 3 minutes after they spawned first. The skeleton was also on the platform, I assume was Vauris or Rile, I didn't have time to get a name. Trying again today, will wait for Venril to finish his script, and just deal with all four arisens and Venril at once. Hopefully that will work. On a happier note, the GM Admin, reimbursed my Iksar Relics, summoned our corpses to the zone-in in charasis, and gave us Customer Service Rezzes. However he was unsure if this was a bug or not, so not all GMs may do this.

Haolin Athemoon
RE: May 4,2003
# May 06 2003 at 2:06 PM Rating: Decent
Did the cudgel last night (May 5, 2003). I turned in my relics, everything spawned, an I just waited (for a long time, maybe 10-15 minutes) for the dialogue to finish. You will know the dialogue is finished when you can target Venril Sathir. I then pulled the Arisen on the far right when facing the platform, he brought one other arisen and Venril Sathir. Was a fairly easy fight, only problem is adds popping up, the room respawns even if the arisens are up. So cleared the room again, and then went up to the Spirit of Rile (ghost looking iksar guy), hailed him, then turned in Rile's Skull (looted off Venril) and my skyiron cudgel of the arisen. Recieved my new Skyiron Cudgel of the Ancients. Also a Dulled Kunzar Necklace (or something of that name) also dropped from Venril. 3ac 4 to all stats 3 to all saves I think.

Haolin Athemoon

Edited: Venril also has multiple Harm Touches which was a pain.

Edited, Tue May 6 14:27:45 2003
RE: May 4,2003
# Oct 16 2003 at 6:19 PM Rating: Decent
Did this a few weeks ago. The script didn't take 10-15 minutes, I'd be surprised if it took much more than 5. Just stay in the tunnel until VS spawns on the dais in the center of the room. Once he is targetable, pull away. The adds are no problem, I think 2 of the arisen came with him. They all dropped like a sack o' taters, so nbd.
So has anyone tried this lately?
# Apr 24 2003 at 2:50 PM Rating: Decent
Does anyone have any hard info on how the 8th quest has changed since the Apr. 23 patch? Is it just the final encounter that's changed (god I hope so) or is it revamped from start to finish?
RE: So has anyone tried this lately?
# May 04 2003 at 8:17 PM Rating: Decent
I did it 3 days ago, seemed EXACTLY the same as befor. We killed VS, and rile still despawned befor I could give him his skull and my cudgel... They may have made him non agro while he is talking to rile though, I kept my whole raid out of the room until he became targetable just in case so can't be sure.

54shaman Bristlebane
RE: So has anyone tried this lately?
# Apr 25 2003 at 6:16 PM Rating: Decent
Yeah so does anyone know what exactly they have changed with this quest? I just have the last battle in HS to do but not sure how many people i can get together and would like to know if its this step they've changed or what, thnx alot.
The final Battle
# Mar 30 2003 at 8:50 AM Rating: Decent
I get my Skyiron Cudgel of the Ancients 2 weeks ago, and i have to say one think .... the final battle is hard, cause the spirit of rile and the reduced version of vernil sathir cant be targeted the most of the battle and they agroo the other members of the party (not me cause i am an iksar shamy and got the faction). Vernil Sathir was hitting all the time the tank of my group and vernil cant be targeted cause he was speaking with spirit of rile (large conversation and funny history if you had time to read the text in the figth hehehe).
Other think ... we kill for 3 times

An Arisen Acolyte
An Arisen Disciple
An Arisen Necromancer
An Arisen Priest

so , save mana and have an enchanter with you :P .

And the last think: when we finally kill vernil and i loot the think to give to spirit of rile, i cant give it to him!!! the cause was that spirit of rile had agroo with all other members of the party. The thing we do, was that: we were fighting our way till zone out with spirit of rile hitting all the time the main tank (be sure you have a rogue with you :P ), when we arrive to the zo out and all mobs killed, all other members zone out, and i stay alone in charasis, near spirit of rile.After that i was able to give my old cudgel and the think i loot from vernil and get my new range item 8).

Note : we were 13 peeps and i dye 2 times (all around 60 - 62) ... the agroo think with other members of party is really nasty.

I hope that will help a litle if you wanna finish your quest :P

Kutufluix 61 shamy (45AAs)
Antonius Baile

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final step
# Mar 16 2003 at 1:35 AM Rating: Default
um... ok, and yes, where is the iksar apparition suppose to spawn? which wing?
RE: final step
# Mar 19 2003 at 2:03 AM Rating: Default
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On the map at here the script takes place in room #11 in the south wing. It is the room before the one with a return teleporter. There's a stage where Sathir and Rile stand.

The Iksar Apparation turn-in NPC is just before this room. He is on Cabilis Scaled Mystics faction, so no one should go near him until the quest is complete, or he'll agro on the softskins in your raiding party.
RE: final step
# Mar 16 2003 at 4:29 AM Rating: Default
alright! got into a group and scouted out the apparition. it's _up_, and in the south wing.
loc is approximately 560neg 75pos. when you
go into the south wing (rogue or with key from
west wing, as far as i know), go through the
painting (fall), turn left into the room there
(the rugs are traps there, careful), follow again
to the left. there'll be a room on the left at
the corner, then another room on the left after
the corner, and (i can't tell exactly from the
map and i didn't actually get there myself - i
found the apparition through a crack in the
wall by going a different way) i _think_ there's
a door or a secret door opposite that room.
as that path opens up into the main room, to
your right should be the apparition.
i hope to attempt this within a month or so,
but have to get a bunch of people in my guild
and fellow guilds their HS keys. if no better
information is posted by the time i get it, i'll
try to post something a bit more coherent,
detailed and simple. :)

heyokah Ishkandar Fireshackle, a.k.a. R
L52 scaled mystic, hierophant of Cabilis
officer of Song of the Raven on Povar
apparition up?
# Mar 16 2003 at 12:38 AM Rating: Default
crap! :( is the apparition back up yet? i haven't checked here in a while and am very sad to see he wasn't up on jan 30.

it's my last step, i'm so ready for this......
Barbarians... Rejoice!
# Mar 08 2003 at 4:19 PM Rating: Good
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At the time of this posting, I am a Barbarian Shaman of the 54th Circle on the Veeshan server. I worked my faction in Cabilis to max faction with everyone excepting the Necros. This has left my faction standing at Indifferent. I created a mule Iksar shaman to do the initial turn in of the petitioner’s cudgel and followed it up with the three skulls only to have them eaten by Hierophant Oxyn because my faction was not good enough. It does NOT matter what the original person’s faction is… Your faction HAS to be Amiable in order to do these quests.

I went back out and was fortunate enough to get the three skulls in about 45 minutes of hunting in the sewers. I then handed everything I had for the first 4 cudgels to my new Shaman mule, Cujilquestor (everything for the first 4 cudgel quests is tradable except for the Froglok Hex Doll). I then SOW’d, HOS’d and Invisied CQ and dragged him out to Warslik Woods. I proceeded to slay a Goblin Hextracer and had CQ loot the Froglok Hex Doll (my original doll was eaten by Zand, again due to faction issues). Took CQ to kill a giant where he immediately died and ended up in the field of bone and had him run through the first 4 cudgel quests on his own.

When it came time for the 5th cudgel I used an Ornate Velium Pendant and cast Alliance on Hierophant Zand. This brought my faction up to amiable, not only with Zand, but with everyone on Scaled Mystics faction in the zone. CQ handed in the 4th cudgel, and I followed up with the 2 skulls of Dai and Die Nozok, and I received the 5th cudgel!

From there I located Hierophant Dexl (he was a tough one for me to find… thank goodness for the new LoY maps! – for those searching him out he is through the western shimmering curtain, down to the bottom of the West Tower and in those rooms in the basement of the Temple of Terror). Here is where I received a shock… Dexl conned amiable, but when I went through the text with him he handed me the, “'You will only obtain that which you seek by assisting the wills of the Scaled Mystics.” line leaving me to believe my faction wasn’t good enough to proceed. Like a fool, I used another charge from my Ornate Velium Pendant and he still conned amiable, and still gave me the same message. Here I just closed my eyes and handed in the 5th cudgel and the 3 skulls anyway. Fortunately I was awarded the 6th cudgel! Using an Iksar Shaman mule and only a single shot of Alliance from the Ornate Velium Pendant, you can complete the first 6 cudgel quests as a Barbarian. Just make sure you have all the skulls necessary before you proceed.

I still need to collect the dusty skull and glowing skulls to go on with the 7th, as well as just a few items from the 8th. I will update as I complete these cudgels.

I hope this helps any Barbarians out there wanting to do these excellent quests!

The following is the text I had with Hierophant Dexl (I hate that I wasted that shot of alliance!)

Hierophant Dexl judges you amiably -- what would you like your tombstone to say?
You say, 'Hail, Hierophant Dexl'
Hierophant Dexl seems to be preoccupied. He is examining an egg. 'What?!! Who has [sent] you to me? Bah!! Away with you.' He ignores you and continues chanting.
You say, 'di nozok sent me'
Hierophant Dexl says 'You will only obtain that which you seek by assisting the wills of the Scaled Mystics.'
Hierophant Dexl judges you amiably -- what would you like your tombstone to say?

[Used another charge from my Ornate Velium Pendant (DOH!)]
Hierophant Dexl looks friendly.
Hierophant Dexl judges you amiably -- what would you like your tombstone to say?
You say, 'Hail, Hierophant Dexl'
Hierophant Dexl seems to be preoccupied. He is examining an egg. 'What?!! Who has [sent] you to me? Bah!! Away with you.' He ignores you and continues chanting.
You say, 'di nozok sent me'
Hierophant Dexl says 'You will only obtain that which you seek by assisting the wills of the Scaled Mystics.'

[Gritted my teeth, closed my eyes and handed the items in anyway]
You are no longer encumbered.
Hierophant Dexl begins to shudder and his eyes roll into his head. He speaks with a feminine voice. 'Within the hands of Hierophant Dexl shall be placed the three skulls of the Sisters of Scale and an iron cudgel of the Channeller. Then you shall have the cudgel of this lizard.'
Hierophant Dexl begins to shudder and his eyes roll into his head. He speaks with a feminine voice. 'Within the hands of Hierophant Dexl shall be placed the three skulls of the Sisters of Scale and an iron cudgel of the Channeller. Then you shall have the cudgel of this lizard.'
Hierophant Dexl begins to shudder and his eyes roll into his head. He speaks with a feminine voice. 'Within the hands of Hierophant Dexl shall be placed the three skulls of the Sisters of Scale and an iron cudgel of the Channeller. Then you shall have the cudgel of this lizard.'
Hierophant Dexl goes into a trance and speaks with the voice of an ancient. 'You have returned the skulls of the Sisters of Scale. For this you shall be rewarded. Take this hierophant's weapon. May you use it to smite the foes of our people.' Dexl comes out of the trance. 'What?!! Whew. Hey!! Where is my cudgel?'
Your faction standing with Scaled Mystics could not possibly get any better.
Your faction standing with Legion Of Cabilis could not possibly get any better.
You gain party experience!!
You receive 3 platinum from Hierophant Dexl.

[Heave a GREAT sigh of relief as I admire my new Iron Cudgel of the Hierophant]
Wulfgarin Dergeistdesmonds
RE: Barbarians... Rejoice!
# Mar 23 2003 at 2:46 AM Rating: Decent
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Just wanted to post an update on my progress in the Cudgel quests. Unfortunately due to RL concerns I have been unable to return to EQ for a while, but I have been doing some studying. It appears to me that the only folks you MUST be Amiable with are the Quest NPC’s that will award the cudgel to you. All the other NPC’s can apparently be dealt with at Indifferent. I am basing this hypothesis on a few observations that I have had:

1. While working on the third cudgel I handed in the Froglok Hex Doll to Hierophant Zand while Indifferent and he ate it. Hierophant Zand does not award the third cudgel, but he does award the fifth cudgel leading me to believe that Amiable is needed with him for any turn-ins.
2. While working on the sixth cudgel I was able to deal with the Coerced Channeler / Vagnar the Channeler, Atheling Plague / Clerk Doval and Klok Sargin / Bruiser Noz at Indifferent.
3. Though I have not verified it for myself pahreyia posted this on the seventh cudgel, “Just in case your shaman is a gimp and dies in HS with no cleric around when the Dusty Skull drops, have a rogue loot it, it can be MQ'd for the turnins to the Heirophant and Oracle using sneak/hide.” Which leads me to believe it can be done at Indifferent, since you are Indifferent to everyone using sneak/hide. Of course with Hierophant Granix being the one that awards the seventh cudgel it seems to me that he would have to be Amiable for the first turn-in of the dusty skull. But perhaps the first turn-in to Granix isn’t necessary? Something I cannot answer at this time.
4. Lastly, I do know that Oracle Vauris will accept the Shrunken Iksar Skull Necklace and return the Bag of Iksar Skull Dust at Indifferent as I tested this out before heading back into Kaesora to assist with a few HS keys. As far as the second turn-in to Vauris with the 4 items, I have yet to verify if Indifferent would be sufficient, though I am willing to bet it is.

If only the final turn-ins need be done at Amiable with each cudgel, then it should be possible for a Barbarian Shaman to complete all eight cudgels with judicious use of an Iksar Shaman mule and only 3 charges of Alliance from the Ornate Velium Pendant (perhaps only 2 charges if the first turn-in of the Dusty Skull to Granix is unnecessary). Just be sure to have all the needed items to complete the seventh cudgel before starting your quests:

1. Have your mule turn in the items for the first four cudgels (all items are droppable for the first four except for the Froglok Hex Doll).
2. Cast first Alliance and MQ the fifth cudgel.
3. Complete the sixth cudgel and turn in the Dusty Skull to Hierophant Granix while still under the influence of the first Alliance (if you do not zone, camp or quit you will remain Amiable to everyone on Mystic faction in Cabilis).
4. Go deal with Oracle Qulin and an Arisen Iksar, return to Granix and cast your second Alliance to complete the seventh cudgel (or if handing the dusty skull to Granix is unnecessary, deal with Qulin before MQing the fifth cudgel, and do the turn-in for the seventh cudgel under the first Alliance influence).
5. Complete all the necessary turn-ins for the eighth cudgel with Oracle Vauris and I am guessing with An Arisen Iksar Apparition and after killing Venril Sathir and his cohorts in HS, cast your final Alliance on the Spirit of Rile for your eighth cudgel turn-in.

I can only positively vouch for the parts I completed on my own as shown in these two posts. All other information has been gleaned from other posts or is guesswork on my part. If RL ever allows me to return to complete these quests I will post my findings. Sorry for the long-windedness, but hope this information is useful to a few folks out there.

*Edit=fixed a glaring spelling issue*

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Wulfgarin Dergeistdesmonds
Iksar apprition not there
# Jan 30 2003 at 12:45 AM Rating: Decent
Hey All...

Just wanted to mention that I went tonight to kill VS in HS to finally finish this thing off... I got there and the Iksar Apparition was not up... which is odd since he is always up. We stayed for 3 hours and nothing... we even killed Drusella in the mean time...

If anyone knows what is going on.. please post here

thank you

Jan 29th, 2003 on The Rathe

Edited, Thu Jan 30 00:17:05 2003
An Iksar Apparition
# Jan 12 2003 at 6:14 PM Rating: Decent
anyone know the loc or the round about area where i can find him
Spirit of Rile
# Sep 17 2002 at 12:48 PM Rating: Decent
At the end of this the spirit of Rile is reported to be 'amiable' is this amiable to the iksar shaman? Or amiable to the whole party there?

kaggy krup
# Sep 12 2002 at 1:44 AM Rating: Default
any hints on taking him down? levels/classes/amout of ppl needed? i've got the first 3 done, luckily, just kaggy left, but i have to finish cudgel 7 first. :)

- R
RE: kaggy krup
# Oct 09 2002 at 2:04 AM Rating: Default
ok, a little bit about kaggy. first off, he's level 55, not 50, and a few friends 50 + are not going to be able to take him out. a 59 nec friend of mine tried to help me and we had to gate quite quickly. he hits for 250, snares and summons. if anyone has more info about him and how to take him down, i'd very much appreciate it, as it's only him and the final HS fight that stand between me and my 8th cudgel, and i'm gettin itchy. :)

- R
RE: kaggy krup
# Oct 22 2002 at 4:51 PM Rating: Decent
Kaggy is indeed level 55...easy as cake with a group that can work well together..Took 3 people for my turn...58shaman, 57necro, and a 59 monk. Took us a while to get him to spawn..but less than a minute to kill.
RE: kaggy krup
# Dec 09 2002 at 8:06 PM Rating: Decent
i did hiim duel-boxing 60 war 60 shm, wasnt too bad, just keep tank healed and its cake.
RE: kaggy krup
# Feb 05 2004 at 11:48 AM Rating: Decent
ditto on the killing him dual boxing did with 61sk and 54? shammy at the time just beware of his dot i just set up shammy right of the edge so i didnt have to pull him far<dot is a snare/slow also> just pull him with a no damage spell and they wont summon
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