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Also known as the five towers of Teraaz, not much is known about the history of Kaesora.

Located beneath the Field of Bone, Kaesora was built during the rule of Rile Sathir and used as a citadel by Vampire Lord Chosooth. At some point in time, the inhabitants encountered a force strong enough to destroy them. Kaesora now lies mostly in ruins, haunted by those who fell in its confines.
One of the Five TowersThe LibraryBroken FloorXalgoz's ChurchGoing DownCrumbled HouseSpider PitLibrary Entrance
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Great solo spot
# Nov 15 2011 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
Came here with a beastlord and his cleric merc. LOVED it. The healing spiders were a pain since I couldn't stop the heal, but I learned pretty quick how to either avoid them or pull them solo and just outlast their mana.

Another reason to love the game, you can't just plow a zone for XP. You must learn your class and the zone mechanics to survive. You do this and the rewards are great.
A deathtrap. Avoid solo on classes without lots of stuns.
# Oct 18 2011 at 2:33 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
A deathtrap solo with a merc due to healing Strathebone Healer spiders. Avoid unless grouped with a class that can stun. What a waste of my time :-(
Changed the Level Range?
# Mar 14 2008 at 4:38 AM Rating: Decent
Just spent quite a bit of time here for the 8th skull cap quest. I'm a level 59 Necro so no problem everything is grey. A day ago I finally managed to get both of the no-rent books for the quest, after 3 weeks of camping the Tomb raider, and headed to the Library in Kaesora to speak to the Tortured Librian. After four or five repops on the place holder I dozed off. I wake up I'm dead! OOOOPS! No biggey but it does suck. So I rebuff and run back from PoK. When I get there everything is cool. I drop down to the next level, pass the spiders and then down to the lowest level. Stuffs grey but aggroes and BaF's so pet's taking things out. When I get to the court yard to the library there's this red iksar ghoast right at the entrance hall. WTH! I tried to look it up and there is no info on him. No problem. I cast invis to undead and creep up to scan the other mobs and they are all red as well. I fall asleep wake up and zone went from 20 levels below me to 20 above. I know it the aniversary but Keasora has never been fabled and nothing in that area is named or ever dropped anything special? I can't find any info on any of this.
Changed the Level Range?
# Mar 14 2008 at 5:45 AM Rating: Decent
I was in Kaesora tuesday to pick up the ground spawn in library for VP key quest and everything on tracking was gray, no problems. Went back Wednesday night and was killed very fast by dark blue to 80 mobs near library, went back thursday and checked again, lots of dark blue and light blue see invis mobs around library, no way to get past them to get to the spawn, and they hit around 1500 with full aas. What is going on here?
# Aug 18 2007 at 4:09 PM Rating: Decent
I went there not too long ago and was surprised to find that there are countless sudden drop-offs!!! I could fight what I could get to, but I want to go deeper in and actually be able to come out! Does anyone have any tips to safely navigate Kaesora?!?! Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated!
# Jul 10 2018 at 5:41 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
I was wondering about this too so I thought I'd share. You do have to jump down to get to the deeper bits but you can walk back out. The route isn't hard to find. Basically to get back out you are heading for the west side to drop into the first room.
Anyone been here recently?
# Mar 01 2006 at 4:15 PM Rating: Decent
65 posts
Has anyone been to Kaesora recently? I am a 34 pally with pretty decent gear and wondering when I might be able to solo here. Many years ago I was able to group here regularly so I have a little knowledge of the area. I wonder if SOE has made any changes here or any tips on soloing.
loc of xalgoz
# Mar 11 2005 at 4:43 AM Rating: Decent
the vampire for your charsis key quest is in the far east side of the zone, drop down a giant pit and go into a chuch like structure, he may not be up, but the ph is the guy on the alter (look above it and there is an arrow pointing down)
Death for Level 35
# Oct 18 2004 at 6:46 AM Rating: Decent
We took a party of 4 Level 35 in here and died withing minutes. The spider mobs are outrageous. The last thing I remember seeing was about 10 spiders climbing over each other to feed on our corpses. Of course EQ recommended this dungeon when we reach level 35 - another example of their sending folks in to die.
RE: Death for Level 35
# Oct 10 2005 at 8:29 AM Rating: Decent
435 posts
In my old guild there used to be regular groups in the zone in the mid-30s to mid-40s. Provided you know what you're doing it's kind of fun and fast XP... if you don't know what you're doing, OK, it's pretty lethal :).
30 necro?
# Aug 22 2004 at 4:22 AM Rating: Decent
Think a level 30 necro can exp in here? like camp the ent or something? Usually ent mobs to a dungeon tend to be a little easier. Just curious. After 3 years playing EQ. I just realized I have never been to this zone =/ .

Pustule 30 necro
Not too bad
# Jun 26 2004 at 5:01 PM Rating: Decent
35 posts
55 warrior, I went down and got a fang. Quite easy if you're a patient, careful player like me, there was only one time i had 2 mobs on me, one roamer wandered up while i was fighting a mob.
Go in with any form of levitate and you'll find it much easier. I paid a friendly mage to summon some levi rings for me. I slowly made my way down to the room with the broken floor and proceeded to the church. I had wanted to swing through the library and get one of those +6 WIS/INT books but I made a wrong turn, so i decided to just go straight down.
Of course with any dungeon boss mob he's well guarded, I had to kill the 2 mobs guarding the church entrance, and the 3 inside surrounding Xalgoz, all single pulled back behind the church no prob. The mobs in the nearby tube and on the platform in front of the church didn't aggro. As a side note, behind the church is a safe area to sit, no aggro.
Can't pull Xalgoz from outside as he is behind a small wall, can only see the top of his head. Casters might get the "You cannot see your target from here" message, so you probably have to just charge, which is fine if you clear the room first. Dropped one fang, the 2 hand sword, shrunken iksar skull necklace and something else can't remember, some quest item.
Was light blue to me at 55, i think he meleed for 107 tops, only cast a few spells which i resisted, but he had a damage shield which hurt more than anything. Engaged him with 75%, he got me down to 49% i think, I should have switched to my 2 hander but i was too lazy =)
Not a bad little adventure, took about an hour total, mobs often dropped 2-4pp and occasionally fine steel, sold the Blade of Xalgoz to a merchant for 33pp, also got a Mask of the Eight Eyes. I'm goin back for the book soon, might just have to stop by and check on Xalgoz, get some more fangs and MQ the key for guildies. Just remember to get a map and take your time!
# Feb 11 2004 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
I did this dungeon last weekend with a 55 paladin.It was a lot easier than I had expected , from what I had read.I do advise you definately have a very clear and concise map before going into this confusing dungeon.
# Feb 06 2003 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
Can someone please tell me how to get Xalgoz to spawn.
Bring a mage if you know one...
# Dec 20 2002 at 4:16 PM Rating: Excellent
202 posts
I posted my 2 cents on this zone on the Bestiary page for Kaesora, check it out if you want here.
Update Needed
# Aug 19 2002 at 3:21 PM Rating: Excellent
A group of us are planning to go into Kaesora. But since there are casters here I would like to hear any information about how the new NPC spell caster rules have affected this place. Dalnir is a great example of how a dungeon has changed with the new rules. I suspect Kaesora has also changed dramatically but any and all experiences will be appreciated.

Story at 11..........
*Trying* to get HS key
# Jul 09 2002 at 6:52 AM Rating: Decent
Myself, a 52 bard and my friend, a 47 ranger went to Kaesora the other day with the hopes of getting fangs. I admit we were extremly arogant about the whole thing. I didnt bother to get a map check out the level/class of any of the mobs there or anything because I thought it would be just like getting the prod invis in clear some lvl 25ish mobs and walse out. Unfourtunalty things when all wrong long story short we got split up and got the bejesus beat outta us. Good thing there was some nice guy down there 3 boxing a 52 cleric 40 something druid and 30 somethin wizzy to help us get in rez and evac out. So word to the wise if even if your high lvl beware of this dungeon!

Freepoet Merrymaker
Bard of the 52nd song
Veeshan Sever
RE: *Trying* to get HS key
# Dec 01 2003 at 4:57 AM Rating: Decent
I agree. The layout makes it very tough since there are so many pit traps to different parts of the dungeon. I went in with a 47 rogue, 49 shaman, and 47 ranger, and we just about bought it when 1 person fell down a trap. The rest of us jumped in to save him, but the trap had some kind of ledge, 2 ended up on the top level of the ledge and 1 on very bottom of the pit. Suddenly 4 mobs are on both groups. Now, we JUST walked in the place about 30 seconds ago and hadn't seen anything but empty hallway upto this point, so you can imagine we were a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, the shamy had stoicism and was able to keep up with the healing. Without that, I'm sure we would not have made it out.
RE: *Trying* to get HS key
# Oct 18 2004 at 6:49 AM Rating: Decent
LOL - imagine what this felt like to 4 level 35 folks who had the same experience.
# May 19 2002 at 8:35 AM Rating: Excellent
i'm just curious.....when, if ever, could a monk solo in here for exp?
Research notes?
# Mar 17 2002 at 10:06 AM Rating: Decent
I just got "research notes, part 2" here, and have looted part one in Dalnir. Does anyone know what the notes are for?
it must have changed
# Jan 25 2002 at 4:59 PM Rating: Default
everybody said that the spiders at the entrence can see through invis, well i have found that to be false, i play a lvl 44 necro on the povar server and went there last night, i was the only one in the dungeon but oh well, i made it to the library with no problems in things attacking me, when i got to the undead side of things i went invis vs undead, so just to give people heads up on the spiders seeing invis, that is false..

Lunzie Mispel
44 Necromancer
RE: it must have changed
# Sep 20 2002 at 1:21 PM Rating: Excellent
Sometimes the spiders do see invis and sometimes they dont, its never an 'always' or 'never' statement. Certain ones cast it on the others though, so there is always a chance any spider can see you.

Edited, Fri Sep 20 14:24:02 2002
RE: it must have changed
# Jun 18 2002 at 7:17 PM Rating: Decent
Library area is a ***** for pet classes... I don't know if its just my beastlord that has a problem, but every time i get to the last corner right before library my pet dies... if your a soloing class you better be aware of this or you'll be caught with your pants down (no pet)...
It seems the rest of the dungeon is well designed with pets in mind... and i don't know if mages/shamys have the same issue
RE: it must have changed
# Jun 18 2002 at 7:16 PM Rating: Decent
Word of advice, the frenzy sees invis. He spawns between the 2 other "normal" spiders in first room from dropdown. Just a little ways past the secret wall, you will need to switch from regular invis to invis vs. undead. If you know which see which in this place, you should be ok. Hope that helps, great place for exp, I don't know why people dont' come here to grind, its INSANE...
RE: it must have changed
# Apr 01 2002 at 11:27 AM Rating: Good

It's not entirely false. One type of spider does see through invis. It's either the Bristleweb, or Briarweb ones, but I can't remember which.

If you hop into the pit to the Runelord room, you'll find one of these in there. (Which of course strips your invis and then all the others attack also.)

If this is the route you're taking, the easiest way to handle it, is to hop down the pit and run through the Runelord room. Once clear of the room, you can FD in the hallway, which should be clear, barring the occaisional wandering Strathbone healer. (This assumes you're a necro, of course. But the rest of you are on your own. *Grin*) The spider that sees through invis invariably opens with a spell, which means that you're out of the way of the others, before your invisibility drops. Once your aggro is clear, you can get up, re-invis and be on your way.

I don't know exactly where the other spiders are, that see through invis, since if I take the long route, I always take my pet and just kill everything in the way...

Anyhow, hope this clarifies a little.


Some general info
# Nov 13 2001 at 6:07 PM Rating: Excellent
We have spent a lot of time down here and here is a edited post we had on our guild message board concerning this place. This is primarily geared towards getting to and holding the library, but much of it applies to the entire place.

One other thing. A well organized group of level 28 - 34's can move through 90% of the dungeon. It will be a challenge, but it can be done, even without an enchanter. Xalgoz and thr Runelord are the only two who probably can't be done by this group make up.

Here is the info....

It's one way and it's a LONG way back to the way out. This means if RUN! is called you don't try to get out (unless your a caster). Instead, you run to a "good dying point". That point is the place where you drop in. It is the ONLY place that can be gotten to without fighting stuff. So, if you can gate or feign, die there.

The FIRST things you fight are 3-4 spiders who can see through invis. They come as 1 pull. They cast and heal. They are a resonably tough kill with 6 armed and equipped characters. With everyone naked they are virtually impossible. So, I repeat, don't die behind them. And when you drop in, stay REAL close so as not to cause agro. (No peeking!)

Those of Evil alingnment will receive faction hits that will prevent you from being able to trade at the Outpost. Be aware of this. It may mean after Kaesora you wont be able to trade anywhere in Kunark.

There are healers down here as well as undead. So, stunning becomes important. Also, healers will assist from a distance so it is important to find them and either engage the healers or move the combat.

Pets are OK, as long as they are on a tight leash. Mobs in here are very close together in many places so, no one, pet or otherwise wanders around.

Respawn is 12-18 minutes. This is REALLY important as it is very easy to go from fighting 4 things to 8 because you have not moved or forgot to time the respawns. PULLERS! BE VERY AWARE OF THIS! IT IS THE NUMBER ONE KAESORA KILLER!

Combats are often with 3-6 things. This means diverse tactics and long fights. This also means exteneded down time between fights. Efficiency can be the difference between life and death. So everyone needs to talk to keep mana in balance and insure you are spending as little of it as you can.

Often a tough fight will still be won down here. More than half of the really bad fights I have seen in Kaesora were won by the party, not the Mobs. The result was often 50% or more party wipe out, but not complete. Keep this in mind. You probably should not run unless it is clearly going REALLY bad. It also means people may end up "sacraficing" themselves. Be smart if you get into that situation. Spend all your mana, all your skills, do everything you can to save the party if your going to go down. If someone drops everyone MAY need to change tactics. Be aware of this and be prepared to split mobs, take over healing, step up and take some damage. Again, once party members start dropping coordination is essential.

Lots of stuff down here casts mean spells. For pullers this means you may come back a bit "under the weather" and it may be best if you drop out of the fight for a bit so the cleric doesn't have to heal you until some decent agro is built up. For Clerics this means - buff your enchanter and keep an eye on him. (assuming you have one) If his mez doesn't stick he will get evaporated. He needs to be hit immediately with greater heal or he will drop. (Greater heal because while your casting it the second nuke will hit him. Light heal will barely cover the damage from 1 of those nukes and you can't win a "nuke vrs. heal" race in this situation.)

Things wander in. Everyone needs to be aware and anounce adds. The wanderers can be BIG trouble. If it's a healer and the enchanter doesn't see it, it's going to cause havoc.

Nukers, be ready to alternate incineration techniques. Burn down the healers, leave the tanks, etc...

Pullers/targeters. It is often best to leave the healers for last. The enchanter will get them mezzed and having them trying to cast heals on others helps keep them off the enchanter while he is getting them under control.

Some things just plain don't want to be mezzed down here! So, the enchanter may make a shout - "I can't control %T!". Be prepared to SWITCH TARGETS or SPLIT TARGETS should this happen.

Many spiders things have damage sheilds. Opening with a "strip" will help the cleric out tremendously.

Ziff Harbinger
Enchanter of the 31st Trick
Loyal Founding Member - House of Bastards
Guild Leader - Dusk Eternal
Ayonae Ro Server
My experiences in Kaesora, Part 2
# Oct 04 2001 at 3:43 PM Rating: Excellent
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My experiences in Kaesora
# Oct 04 2001 at 2:42 PM Rating: Excellent
Hey all, hope this helps some of you who've never been to this great place. There are some really good and informative posts here already. Very worth reading over if you wish to adventure in this place.

A couple things to note, This dungeon for the most part can be done with various party compositions. Unlike a lot of dungeons, you are not necessarily locked out of this one if you don't have an Enchanter or a Bard. In this case though, I wish to relate to experiences. One is with a group of four, (Bard 40, Cleric 40, Warrior 40, Ranger 40) and the other is with a group of two (Druid 45, Warrior 43

First thing to note is the maps to this place are still kind of confusing. When you enter, you will see two ways to go, both of them drop down. NOTE: Once you drop down, it is a long and mob filled trek to get back out. The drop down directly in front of you as you come in has two levels to it. If you levitate (or just run and jump forward) you will land on the second level. This level will allow you easy access ot the Frenzied room and beyond it, the library. If you drop down that second time however..you wind up in the Runelord's chamber. There will almost always be a healer there that can see invisible and there are four spawns in the room. Bad place to be if you have no chanter. NOTE: Corpse recoveries in this zone are HORRIBLE. Due to the nature of the dungeon. They regularly mix living, undead and mobs that can see invisible together. So unless you are a rogue, you will find corpse retrievel extreamly deadly. If instead you drop off the left passage way, you will find that it goes down one level only. Take a right and you'll be at the Frenzy room, much safer to take this route than to try and hop down and catch the second floor.

Now, after several tactics, I've found that the best method for both my groups was to basically fight their way all the way to the point they wished to camp. (We've taken frenzied room, runelord room and Library). Fighting your way down seems to be the best bet. At lvl 40, you will find that almost all the mobs are blue to you, with a few greens mixed in, no gambles or tombs.

Going to the Library:
Taking the library is pretty easy, for my group of 2 and my group of 4. Much easier in fact than taking the Runelord.

Start off by hitting the Frenzied room. when you enter the frenzied room there will be three spiders lined up against the back wall. The frenzied, if hes up will spawn in the center position. The little tad pole looking mobs can also spawn in these positions. My group of four decided to take these three. We found out that if you take the spawn on the far left, you will only aggie the middle one and can basically keep it down to only fighting two at once. Dont go far out into the room or you will aggie the third and be careful of backing your mob up into him. Our warrior had the tendancy to knock the mob back minute distances until he finally got within aggie range and the third one added. Things to note about this if you are using a bard. The area of effect mez song we get at low levels is useless here. At level 40 I could not mez a single mob on some of our bigger breaks. I just aggied them all on me and almost got wiped out. Instead, stick to your pixie strike (Mez) and your Bewitching Bravora (lvl 39 charm). These two work wonders, and you shouldnt need them very often, just on the initial breaks. Another note, you really need some kind of snare or root in this dungeon, even the undead like to run away and aggie others. If you have a wizzy on runner duty, fine otherwise a druid, ranger, necor or Sk can do the snare job. Make sure they get each one. Next up are the two spider behind the door that leads to the secret passage you need to travers. These two mobs are usually spiders. With our group of four 40's we took them straight up. Had the warrior aggie them, Let the ranger and warrior pummel away and the bard twist whatever buffs you prefer. I would suggest that at least one of the buffs you twist be your level 13 song, Purifying Rythyms. Gives you a poison, diseas and magic resistance buff, plus a little AC bonus. The reason being isnt the poison effect on the spiders..that's really negligable. tis the fact that the spiders can come in a couple flavors, Necromancers, shaman/cleric. The necromancers are by far the worst, You will want diseas and poison resist to increase your chances of resisting their DD and Dots. You will mainly want that Magic resistance because they will cast Fear2 and clinging darkness on you. If Fear2 hits one of your party members, they can be in very deep trouble and it will most likely end in a corpse recovery. So twist those res buffs!
the other songs you will want is charm/mez. Mez is mainly to interrupt the spiders castings more than for crowd control. Charm is just a nice bonus to save your healer a bit of mana.

Now, we've completed the Frenzied room and the 2 spiders behind the door. Walk on through that door and find the secret passage thats on the left wall. behind here you will go down a ramp, halfway down that ramp is a realtively safe place to med back up to full and recover if you need it. Once in a blue moon you will find a skelatal warder that wonders to that area, but he stops at the bottom and won't aggie you if your halfway up the ramp. Your other option with the spiders above was to invis and bypass them. As long as there is no healer present the spiders wont detect you. Down below you at the bottom of the ramp is a landing that opens up into a small room/cave. Inside are always 3 spawns. They will be mixed undead/living usually, sometimes they spawn all undead. In addition to this, there is a wanderer mob that roams the tunnels, usually a warder. Warders are your biggest problem as they are clerical and have a hefty heal spell (i'm thinking superior healing). They will turn the battle against you quickly if you dont neutralize them. For our group, we jumped warders above any other target. When they get right below half their life, the cast a heal. Our warrior timed his bash and our cleric tossed a nuke while the bard was back up interrupt with his mez song. Back to the room at hand. The lul series of spells will actually work here it seems, we lull'd/pulled safely and at worst got 2 at once. However our preferred tactic was to have the ranger root one to start the pull, then pick one of the two that come and beat it down quickly. The damage to our party was pretty low downtime, taking three at once of course increased the amount of downtime. After this room you will continue on down the corridor, taking any roamer you find. you will also encounter another room-like area, very small. This will contain 3 mobs as well, usually undead/living mixed. Take them the same way. Heal up/med after that, you have some time. I don't have my notes in front of me, but I believe the spawn cycle is on the order of 18 minutes. Plenty of time to rest. Continuing on from this room, the tunnel will open into a vast cavernous room. This is the library. Immediately to your right will be a single spawn, it can be a warder, minion or spectral guardian. Take it down as well. If you stand in the spot where that mob is and look forward you will see a staircase gradually leading to the "deck" type area that has a fountain on it. to the left of that staircase, in the very back will be another spawn (minion/warder/spectral). There is a spawn point just to the right of that staircase, on the "deck", it can be any of the normal types, but it seems to be a warder most often than not. Our group took out all those spawns singly and then camped by the fountain and pulled to it.
When you sit in front of the fountain and look forward you will see the entrance to the library. there are usually spawns in that open entrance area. there is a spawn point on the right corner and usually one wanders by and takes up residence in the middle. They may be pulled safely to your kill spot. Be aware that the pull path is a little tricky when they come to the fountain. It tends to come straight at you then path to the right near the stairs and walk along the bannister. Now with both those spawns out of the way, you'r library awaits. This is the tricky part..in the library will be two spawns and the possibility of a third. After you round that initial corner, the Library is a small room with crashed bookshelves on the floor, the two normal spawns pop there. The hallway continues on its right side and disappears around another corner to the left. If you follow it you will find that it opens up onto a back porch with another three spawns right there. An additional five more spawns are very nearby. Now, if there is a wanderer in that corrider and you try to pull from the library, be very careful. Watch that wanderer, if you back up and he turns around and runs out the back (As he is prone to do) you are going to have one MEGA train on your hands. This is what wiped out my Two person group a couple times till we figured it out. Always when pulling from the library, have your puller watch them close. If they path out the back, run forward and they will re-aquire you and come back. If that happens, take them right there in the library or you risk a train. The librarian, tortured librarian were not very difficult. They hit harder and more often than the other mobs you will have encountered, but they fell easily with little downtime on our part. Be warned that the failed crypt raider looks like a skeleton and is a caster. He almost wiped our party out before we discovered this. Make him your target if he is in the spawn mix. Once you've done this, you can med up and keep the library cleaned out. Do not attempt to pull from the back porch. Our group was doing great and wished some more exp, we had plenty of mana to spare once the spawn was broken. Our pull from the back wiped us out and cost us a half-day corpse recovery process. Here is why. To the right of the library is another area kind of like the left side of the stairs. There is a tunnel way that leads to a small house that has another named mob in it. On the right side of the stiars is a spawn of 4 mobs. When a wanderer comes down from that house, one of the mobs at that position, gives his up and becomes a wanderer, (almost always a warder!!!). He has a very large heal range and can actually heal the mobs you are fighting without aggying himself on you. to avoid this make sure you take all mobs that you pull to the fountain on the left side stairs. This will avoid that long range healing. But back to the point, when you pull from the back, those mobs will path around and get close enough to the spawns on the side to aggie them. NOTE: the side and back do not connect, they are physically separated by a barrier, but evidentally the mobs are close enough to aggie each other. Well, when the side aggies, one of them tries to get to you by going up that tunnel to the house, thereby pulling all of those mobs on you. very very ugly. If you think a runner has gotten away from you, or a pull mysteriously does not show up as expected. My advice is to get out of there PRONTO. I know you dont want to, but corpse recovery is a major pain in this dungeon.

Ok, last thing to note. As you are facing the library, to the right side is a narrow path around deck strip around the library, over the railing and below that strip is the four spawn on the right side that i mentioned earlier. A warder will spawn on this strip and will aggie through the library onto you and he will heal the mobs you are fighting from around the corner. You should also keep this spawn clean to hold the library. NOTE: to pull this warder, do NOT go after him. Getting on that path will be close enough to aggie all four of the spawns over the railing. If however you pull him with a snare or any other ranged spell, the mobs below will not aggy and you can safely dispose of the trouble maker.

wow, this got kinda long. I'll post my findings on the Runelord in a separate message. But to sum it up, both my 2 person and 4 person groups had no problems with this area once we understood how it works. Cost us many evacs and several deaths to figure it out, but since then we've had no problems. If taking those spawns is not enough, i would suggest going back up the tunnel and pulling that three spawn, you can do it safely without additional aggies. you can also attempt the four spawn on the rightside of the stairs, however fight them where they stand, dont pull or you risk a train.

Thanks all,
Tinywulf of Veeshan.

So there we were...
# Sep 10 2001 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
At the yawning mouth of Kaesora. Just the four of us...
Thayn Bloodraven, 43 Mage aka Fearless Leader
Aamok Tirebiter, 40 Cleric aka Bar Tender
Ryeux Lupine, 45 Druid... Village Idiot (and Evac)
Wryn, 45 Ranger Babe...*yowza*

We destroyed the Spectral Guardian at the entrance post haste and dropped down the shaft to the left... After dispatching some ill tempered arachnids, (Spider silks were dropped.) we proceeded to the Frenzied room and killed 2 rotations there, scoring a Cryptrobber's knife in the second round. Not much to sweat, but if you pull from the far end while standing in the hallway, you WILL agro what is behind the far door. FYI.

We passed through the door and killed the Ravener that was there... there was no apparent exit, but after consulting a map, we found the left hand wall to be fake and proceeded down the next ramp and sat at the bottom to med and heal up. (This is a safe place with only a wandering Guardian to disturb us... which he did, and we scored a dusty ransacker's pack.)

Notes on the next encounter: 2 visible mobs, one out of sight around a corner. Often these carry Fine Steel Great Staves, and they all fight like monks.. which is to say LOTS of damage output, low HP. Keep your tanks healed in the initial surge and you will win out fast.

Proceeding down to library level... 3 or 4 mobs encountered, all undead, and all dispatched easily. They are spaced well and no extra pulls were had.

Upon approach to the library, we carefully cleared out the front area and proceeded to the Fountain level in front of the entrance. Once there, the whole library aggro'd, about 4 mobs, including a librarian. These were dispatched and we entered the library proper.

In the next 4 hours we cleared the library consistantly and had 6 Librarians, 2 Failed Crypt Robbers and assorted trash pops...

We got a Kunzar Mantle, (No Drop 2 Wis, Dex, Agi and some AC) for lovely Wryn, a Sage's battle Staff, 4 Tomes a Spectral Mantle (Only good for twinking, 2 ac and some resists -yuck) a Spear of Mortification, and assorted other items.

NOTE ON MOBS: Do not count on single pulls, many mobs are concealed or just out of sight, but will aggro on otherwise simple pulls. The Skeletal minions are sometimes healers. This means while a single one will heal itself and be a nuisance, 3 or more spell disaster as some will heal the main while the main dishes out damage Monk style and hammers your tank. Damage Shields and DoTs are good to counter these and bringthem down faster. Tactic we used that was nice was also to begin a nuke (Or 2) when the Mob was at half that way when it is down to 1 bub and getting healed, you can nuke it into oblivion...

When we were done and bloated on Phat Lewt, we ported out to avoid the arduous trek to the top.

Bottom Line Here:

Illuminati of Light: 1
Kaesora Minions: 0

Just for Tome
# Sep 05 2001 at 9:21 AM Rating: Decent
Any thoughts on whether a 43 mage could sneak in, cut his way to the lidray, score a Spirit Tome and gate home? I'd really like to see about replacing the Black Tome with Silver Runes.

RE: Just for Tome
# Sep 14 2001 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
IMHO...unless you can handle multiple level 32-38 mobs, you had better gather up a group to go in here, remember also that you are likely to encounter healing and casting mobs. So, just my 2cp worth, but you're not gonna be able to sneak in and grab the tomb.

P.S. The healer spiders can see invis.
Can 51 pally solo here
# Aug 30 2001 at 7:00 PM Rating: Default
I was just wondering if a lv 51 pally could successfully fight his way to the libary and pull from the libary if he was carefull and used stun pulls. I want to get the book for my friend but dont know enough information about the place and my chances in it to embark on my mission yet.

Any advice would be very much appreciated:)
Is this a bring-your-own-group dungeon?
# Aug 30 2001 at 10:57 AM Rating: Default
Hi. I'm on Tarew Marr and would like to check this place out. Can anyone tell me if I will be able to find a pick-up group there or need to bring my own. Are there people there on other servers?
RE: Is this a bring-your-own-group dungeon?
# Jul 22 2002 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
People come here for two reasons... well maybe 3
1st Its a very kewl zone. I still enjoy coming here after seeing a lot of the game. I'd have to say this is my favorite dungeon to come and ***** around with alts at. Xalgoz is pretty kewl looking. The Sarnak Bob Marley lookin' Punk Rockin' Junk Shooter.

2nd You just can't beat the exp there from level 35ish up to 45ish. Really suprises me that it isn't a lot more popular because of this reason. Get a solid group and I can see you leveling twice after spending a few hours here (3 to 4).

3rd Higher levelers frequent this zone for the monk shackle quest, the Howling Stone Key quest, and the Veeshan's Peak key piece that spawns in the library.
RE: Is this a bring-your-own-group dungeon?
# Oct 28 2003 at 8:00 PM Rating: Decent
Another reason for coming here is that a part for an Iksar Shadowknight weapon drops here.

Edited, Tue Oct 28 21:33:57 2003
RE: Is this a bring-your-own-group dungeon?
# Sep 12 2001 at 8:32 AM Rating: Excellent
In 2 visits, totaling 8 hours each, I saw no more than one group at a time in here... those were mostly guild groups.

RE: Is this a bring-your-own-group dungeon?
# Sep 07 2001 at 3:46 PM Rating: Decent
Bring a group, its not realy a LFG kinda place as picking you up from the enterance is not trivial and fighting your way down to a camped group will mean your own death.

However its worth it :o)

Very fun dungeon if you like adventuring and taking a risk.

Triena Twobooks
53 Wanderer of Xev
"I dance the go-go, but i aint a port-*****-no"
RE: Is this a bring-your-own-group dungeon?
# Apr 01 2002 at 11:03 AM Rating: Decent
We were there for about 3 hrs yesterday, on Drinal, and we were the ONLY 3 in there the whole time.. So yea, you must bring own group..
# Aug 02 2001 at 12:39 AM Rating: Default
I've heard people shouting WTB Kaesora Coin, do you need a key to get in this zone?

RE: Key
# Aug 02 2001 at 9:40 AM Rating: Default
No key needed. Coin is for a bard quest.
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