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Quest info
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Have the full quest info for "Lair Unguarded" here.

Step 1: Touch the entrance to Thundercrest Isles

The zone line is in the center of the stone spires, at the west end of the Broodlands.

Step 2: Loot 1 Storm Statue
Step 3: Loot 1 Wing Statue
Step 4: Loot 1 Claw Statue

"Breath of Yar'Lir", a named dervish, drops the Storm Statue.
"Wings of Yar'Lir", a named drake, drops the Wing Statue.
"Claws of Yar'Lir", a named kirin, drops the Claw Statue.

These three mobs spawn randomly in the maze, most commonly at dead ends. All of them are initially indifferent, though they WILL assist if you pull mobs past them. They all summon, and have a max hit of about 950. (Note: Do -NOT- destroy these statues, as you need them later in the mission.)

Step 4: Kill 4 Storm Dampener

Plow trash through the north exit of the maze, and head all the way to where Yar'Lir would spawn. (north-east circular room.) In front of the room guarding the dampeners is a level 73 mob called "Storm Guardian." He is the toughest mob in the mission, but still not much harder than the three you fought earlier. He does NOT see invis, so if you really don't want to kill him, you can invis past.

Once you're in the circular room, kill the 4 Storm Dampeners, which are extremely weak (<8k HP, grey to you).

Step 5: Deliver 1 Storm Statue to Bianca Galbraith
Step 6: Deliver 1 Wing Statue to Bianca Galbraith
Step 7: Deliver 1 Claw Statue to Bianca Galbraith

Leave the instance and head back to Lavastorm. Turn in the four statues and you're done.

Now all we can do is wait and see what happens. Hopefully you've weakened her and given us a slight edge. Well done.

37 Radiant Crystals
Norrath Keeper's Token


Ah, yeah. So, some stuff about this mission:

The zone is very tight, and the maze has wanderers almost everywhere. It's advised that you're always watching your back, as they seem to sneak out of nowhere. None of the mobs in this mission except the nameds summon, and they all drop the same stuff as the uninstanced Thundercrest. Their level ranges are 68-70.

Some of the enemies include:

an Isle defender
an Isle enlightener
an Isle rejuvenator
an Isle custodian
an Isle stormguard
an Isle lorekeeper
a swirling dervish
a mud sentinel
a steel sentinel
an iron sentinel
a crag sentinel
a clay sentinel
a stone sentinel
a rock sentinel
Breath of Yar'Lir
Wings of Yar'Lir
Claws of Yar'Lir
Storm Guardian (level 73)
Storm Dampener (level 50, as far as I know.)

That's all.
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