Dark Reign

The following quests require Dark Reign faction

Quest Name Minimum Faction Required Maximum Faction Allowed
Dark Reign Preliminary: Blood Money Scowling Apprehensive
Dark Reign Preliminary: Meat for Stew Scowling Apprehensive
Dark Reign Preliminary: Taunting the Brood Scowling Apprehensive
Dark Reign Raid: Fanning the Flames Amiable
Dark Reign Raid: Kessdona's Perch Amiable
Dark Reign Raid: Reflections of Silver Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 1a: Blood of the Basilisk Indifferent
Dark Reign Tier 1a: Clearing the Path Indifferent
Dark Reign Tier 1a: The Burning Poison Indifferent
Dark Reign Tier 1b: Have Note Will Travel Indifferent
Dark Reign Tier 2a: Army of Stone Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 2a: Blood from Sand Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 2a: Reap the Kirin Mind Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 2b: Drake Eggs Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 2c: Calling Emoush Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 3a: Knowledge is Power Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 3a: Muddy the Waters Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 3a: Snowfoot Attack Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 3b: The Gilded Scroll Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 3b: Trial of Perseverance Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 3b: Volkara's Bite Amiable
Dark Reign Tier 4a: Goblin Dojo Kindly
Dark Reign Tier 4a: Guardian of the Sands Kindly
Dark Reign Tier 4b: An End to the Storms Kindly
Dark Reign Tier 5a: Rival Party Warmly
Dark Reign Tier 5a: The Curse of Ju`rek Warmly
Dark Reign Tier 5b: In the Shadows Warmly
Dark Reign: A Goblin's Escort Warmly
Dark Reign: Animated Statue Plans Apprehensive
Dark Reign: Behind Closed Doors Kindly
Dark Reign: Best Laid Plans Amiable
Dark Reign: Circle of Drakes Amiable
Dark Reign: Clues Kindly
Dark Reign: Death Comes Swiftly Indifferent
Dark Reign: Diseased Pumas Indifferent
Dark Reign: Diving for Lavarocks Indifferent
Dark Reign: Dragon's Egg Indifferent
Dark Reign: Forbin's Elixir Kindly
Dark Reign: Grounding the Drakes Apprehensive
Dark Reign: Halfling's Treasure Map Warmly
Dark Reign: Holy Hour Amiable
Dark Reign: Infested Amiable
Dark Reign: Lair Unguarded Kindly
Dark Reign: Lair of the Blackwing Apprehensive
Dark Reign: Lavaspinner Hunting Amiable
Dark Reign: Lavaspinner's Locals Apprehensive
Dark Reign: Lost Comrades Amiable
Dark Reign: Plunder the Hoard Warmly
Dark Reign: Rampaging Monolith Amiable
Dark Reign: Rivals
Dark Reign: Scales of Justice Kindly
Dark Reign: Scions of Thundercrest Indifferent
Dark Reign: Scrap Metal Apprehensive
Dark Reign: Signal Fires Warmly
Dark Reign: Simple Task Apprehensive
Dark Reign: Spider's Eye Indifferent
Dark Reign: Splitting the Storm Indifferent
Dark Reign: Storm Dragon Scales Amiable
Dark Reign: Storming the Goblin Temple Kindly
Dark Reign: Sudden Tremors Warmly
Dark Reign: Tea for Thy Master Kindly
Dark Reign: The Creator Amiable
Dark Reign: The Drake Menace Indifferent
Dark Reign: Throes of Contagion Apprehensive
Dark Reign: Tracking the Kirin Apprehensive
Dark Reign: Web of Lies Amiable

Zones in which you can raise the faction

Zones in which you can lower the faction

NPCs you can kill to raise the faction

Quests you can do to raise the faction

NPCs you kill to lower the faction

Quests you do to lower the faction

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