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Do you have to have that many people, or can it be done with less? It does say raid, but I know a few players that take raid mobs like they are nothing. Any response to this would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Question
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Anguish requires 6 people minimum in a group or raid to get an instance and keep it open. Only one person needs to enter and do all the work, but the other 5 will get the same lock out timers as the one doing the work. All of it can be soloed by particular people, with appropriate gear, level, and AAs.

Yther Ore.
Friar Bijou wrote:
Help me Obi-Wan Yther!!!
Event cleared with ten toons
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A ranger, two pallies, two shaman, a cleric, two enchanters, a druid, and a beastlord. I was three of them.
Event cleared with ten toons
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cleared it with 6. :)
Event cleared with ten toons
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ranger, shaman, and bard.
An alternate way to do this fight
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Okay, have 3 "sub-raids" set up in each cell, making sure that everyone in every group is in the same cell as their groupmates.
Have the tanks and the ramp tanks ready.
Make a group for the healers (have extra) for the south side tormentor, and put a bard in there to play resists, so they don't get the silence as much. Have almost all your dps BURN south down as fast as they can, and once that tormentor is dead, Jelvan will think that (as long as west and east are balanced) that it's still alive and everything is balanced and fine. Before the fight, designate what DPSers and healers will go to east and which ones will go to west. Burn them down evenly, just as if you were doing the event regularly, loot, and go kill Hanvar.
By the way, the warriors tanking east and west will have their defensives going in the beginning, of course, so this will help compensate the slight lack of healing, having more healers in South.
strat ...
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The one my guild use : -> AOE of tormentor is hate list so we fight the 3 tormentors in 3 diffrents cells (shown on all map normally, to be simple far away from each other...). Do not MIX GROUP between cell -> hate list if you heal/buff anyone in another cell you will get the aoe of the other cell. Else keep each tormentor life between 5% of each other .... try not to wipe (one aoe drain mana another stun a lot .... and be preopared to wipe a lot before getting the correct mix of class/resist for each cell which depends mostly of the composition of your guild. In case it was not obvious that is IMO the most difficult mb before omm (vishimtar included) before dod. We use invulnerable pal/sk to pull to the correct cell and be rampage tank (we have many knights) and our PAL use the DA proc hammer when they RT to save healer mana (drop in grieg if I remember correctly).
Strat? Anyone?
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Anyone have a strat on this event?

Every so often an message will go of....

Jelvan shouts "Here you go! This should help!"

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RE: Strat? Anyone?
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the object of this event is not just to kill all three tormentors at the same time, but also to keep the dps on all 3 mob at the same level the whole time... if one of the mobs has like 5% more or less hps than the other two, a nasty AE goes off. keep them close in health to each other and jelvan will cast the above AE.

as for the exact strat, i'll leave that to you and your guild. all the information you need to figure that out is on this site and lucy. expect to lose several times, as this is one of the most difficult events in the game right now.
RE: Strat? Anyone?
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Trivia: If you kill off one Tormentor and the other two are about the same health, Jelvan will begin to rune your Tanks again.

This happened when we somehow had extremely good dps south but west + east was sorta slow. So south died when west + east was on 10% and Mr Jelvan started "Here you go" again :)
Doubt that...
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Scepter ?
Posted @ Tue, Mar 8th 7:52 AM 2005
By: Tarindal

Drops some kind of scepter for the Tier 1 Leather Armor

No, he doesn't... he's not meant to be killed and I seriously doubt Tier 1 armor pieces would drop in the end zone of OoW =)

[sm][i]edit : This was supposed to be under Tarindal's post

Edited, Tue Mar 8 08:34:07 2005
Saraban Luvanir
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#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 08 2005 at 7:52 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Drops some kind of scepter for the Tier 1 Leather Armor
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