Raid Expedition: The Defense of Lendiniara  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Call of the Forsaken
Group Size:Raid
Min. # of Players:6
Max. # of Players:54
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Call of the Forsaken Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This raid expedition begins with Guard Hambert (click for map image) in the Ethernere Tainted West Karana (found in the same guard camp as Commander Galenth, due north of the dragon's pit).

Pre-Requisites for Requesting:
- Level 95
- Completed "Overcoming the Cataclysm"
- Completed "Not of this World"
- Completed "Answering the Call"
- Completed "The Doomscale Horde" (group mision)
- Completed "The Doomscale Horde" (raid event)

Pre-Requisites for Participating:
- Completed "The Doomscale Horde" (raid event)

Say "blood" to request the raid and "ready" to zone in.

You say, 'Hail, Guard Hambert'

Guard Hambert says 'Shhh... The commander will hear you! I know you fought along side Galenth against the Doomscale, but I worry he has become obsessed with this veiled dragon near the corruption. If Galenth knew what I had [done], I'd be dead by now.'

You say, 'What have you done?'

Guard Hambert says 'I couldn't help it. I had to get a look at this dragon for myself, and once I did, I felt compelled to speak to it. Please, you musn't tell the commander, I have a family to feed back in Qeynos, and he'd have my head if he knew I [spoke] to the Veiled Lady.'

You say, 'You spoke to it?'

Guard Hambert says 'I know I shouldn't have, but I didn't want to just follow orders and kill such a magnificent creature! What she told me goes against everything Galenth has said. He seems unwilling to listen to any discussion or planning that doesn't involve her death. I am just one man, but you, you have an army behind you! Perhaps Galenth would [listen] to you. I fear the end of Norrath as we know it if he cannot be convinced.'

You say, 'Listen to me?'

Guard Hambert says 'Would you be willing to [try] to talk sense into him? It could be the only way to stem the tide of [blood] being shed here. I have seen enough death and destruction for a lifetime in these short months.'

You say, 'There will be blood...'

Guard Hambert says 'Assemble your army, and when you feel [ready], make haste to the pit near the corruption, and perhaps you can convince Commander Galenth to end this folly. I do not fully understand why, but I cannot believe the dragon needs to die in order to save our lands.'

You say, 'Ready!'

You have entered Ethernere Tainted West Karana.


- Lady Lendiniara cannot die. If she does, the raid is lost.
--- Lady Lendiniara has a substantial amount of hitpoints and can be healed with player spells.

- Pull and kill the four aggro "a Qeynos guard" by Lieutnant Rolth (these mobs are splitable).

- Say "test" to Commander Galenth to begin the event.
--- Alternatively, you can say "quick death" to trigger all four kill targets at the same time.

- Kill Guard Vraymon.
--- Casts an AE slow spell (65 curse counters).

- Kill Guard Teclisin.
--- About every 30 seconds, spawns 3x "a burning prison" on random people (chain damage nukes on targeted player; kill these to free the player).

- Kill Lieutenant Rolth.
--- Casts damage AEs, including a knockback.
--- Spawns time-based adds: 4x "a Qeynos guard" about every 2 minutes.
--- If you kill him fast enough (and killed the initial guards before starting the event), you won't get any adds.

- Kill Commander Galenth.
--- Very hard hitter; casts random-target damage spells.

Triggering the Event

You say, 'Hail, Commander Galenth'

Commander Galenth says 'Stand aside, welp! I have a job to do and nobody, not even you will stand in my way. I suppose I should thank you for helping dispatch the Doomscale cult, but if you stand against me, you'll [die] like all the rest. My blade has tasted Dragon blood before. Your only hope for survival would be to tuck your tail, and [leave] now.'

You say, 'Die? Us?'

Commander Galenth says 'The only question is how. I would like to [test] the capabilities of my subordinates one at a time, but I would grant you a [quick death] if you prefer. The choice is yours, but the end will be the same, regardless.'

You say, 'Let's test them...'

Commander Galenth shouts 'Very well then! Guard Vraymon, end these traitor's lives, and be quick about it!'

Guard Vraymon shouts 'Your faith in me will be rewarded with dragon blood, Commander!'

Event Mechanics

Here, you need to keep Lady Lendiniara alive. She has a substantial amount of hitpoints and can be healed by player spells. She summons when under 98% health and is NOT perma-rooted.

Prior to the event, it's recommended you pull and kill 4x "a Qeynos guard" near Lieutenant Rolth's location. If you don't kill them now, you'll have to content with them mid-event. These mobs hit for a max ~37,000 and are splittable from one another.

To progress the event: One at a time, you'll have to kill Guard Vraymon, Guard Teclisin, Lieutenant Rolth, and Commander Galenth. Upon the death of one guard, the next one becomes active, up until Commander Galenth's death.

Upon activating, the guard wanders down from the hill top and paths toward Lady Lendiniara. If, at this time, any players get within the guard's aggro range, the guard forgets about Lady Lendiniara and attacks players instead. If, however, you leave the guard to path up to Lady Lendiniara, the guard attacks her and she attacks back. She is capable of holding aggro on the guard, provided no players are within the guard's melee range. This allows you to range DPS the guard while leaving Lady Lendiniara as your tank. While this tactic isn't recommended for the first three guards, it may prove useful to your raid for fighting Commander Galenth, as his melee abililites are exceptionally strong.

Guard Vraymon

Upon starting the event, Guard Vraymon activates.

Guard Vraymon hits for a max ~60,000 (no rampage; no flurry) and casts "Etherblade" (every 15 seconds) and "Cursed Ether" (every 35 seconds):

Etherblade: PB AE 50', Magic (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 67950

Cursed Ether: PB AE 200', (0)
1: Decrease Spell Haste by 40%
2: Limit: Minimum Mana Cost (10)
3: Decrease Attack Speed by 40%
4: Decrease Movement by 50%
5: Decrease Hitpoints by 9800 per tick
6: Increase Curse Counter by 65

When under 10% health, he emotes about growing in strength (nothing noticeable):

Guard Vraymon grows in power in a last ditch attempt to survive!

Kill Guard Vraymon to progress the event.

Guard Vraymon has been slain by _____!

Commander Galenth shouts 'A shame really. Vraymon was a dedicated soldier, and an exemplary guardian. Sad that his combat prowess did not match his loyalty. Teclisin, FRONT AND CENTER! May Qeynos' light guide your blade!'

Guard Teclisin shouts 'To arms! We dine on dragon flesh, tonight!'

Guard Teclisin

Guard Teclisin activates immediately after Guard Vraymon's death. He hits for a max ~60,000 (no rampage; no flurry) and casts "Soul Hammer" every 15 seconds:

Soul Hammer: Single Target, Magic (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 51310
2: Feign Death, 70% Success Rate

As long as Guard Teclisin is alive, approximately every 30 seconds, 3x "a burning prison" spawn on random players. These appear as large balls of lava and engulf the targeted player. While under one of these prisons, the player is rooted in place and chain-nuked with the spell "Etherburn":

Etherburn: Single Target, Unresistable (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 11220 to 14685 (random)

Burning prisons can be DPS'd by regular means, but may be rather resistant to caster spells. These only stay up for the duration of their debuff timer (about 30 seconds).

Kill Guard Teclisin to progress the event.

Guard Teclisin has been slain by _____!

Commander Galenth shouts 'The light of Teclisin has gone dark. Perhaps I should take care of this myself?'

Lieutenant Rolth shouts 'Stand fast, sir! My squad and I can handle this!'

Lieutenant Rolth

Lieutenant Rolth activates immediately after Guard Teclisin's death. He hits for a max ~60,000 (no rampage; no flurry) and casts "Groundswell" (every 15 seconds) and "Groundburst" (every 40 seconds):

Groundswell: PB AE 50', Magic (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 28900

Groundburst: Directional 30', (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 64200

He spawns time-based adds: 4x "a Qeynos guard" about every 2 minutes. These hit for a max ~37,000 and are immune to mez/stun. If you killed the Qeynos guards before beginning the event and then kill Lieutenant Rolth fast enough, you won't have to deal with any adds.

Kill Lieutenant Rolth to progress the event.

Lieutenant Rolth has been slain by _____!

Commander Galenth shouts 'It seems it falls to me. As great men have said, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Prepare yourselves, for death is upon you!'

Commander Galenth

Commander Galenth activates immediately after Lieutenant Rolth's death. He hits for a max ~90,000; single-target rampages; and AE rampages (mitigated). He does not flurry.

Every 15 seconds, he casts "Whirling Blade" on 5-10 random targets:

Whirling Blade: Single Target, (-950)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 44275

Every 35 seconds, he casts "Flurry of Daggers" on 5-10 random targets:

Flurry of Daggers: Single Target, (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 52500

Every 60 seconds, he AEs "Reaping":

Reaping: PB AE 100', (-950)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 67500
2: Lifetap (1000)

He has been known to cast the AE "Sorrow" (5-tick duration):

Sorrow: PB AE 100', Magic (-940)
1: Decrease STR by 1254 (L1) to 105670 (L105)
2: Decrease DEX by 1255 (L1) to 105775 (L105)
3: Decrease Chance to Hit by 50% with 1H Blunt

Kill Commander Galenth to complete the event:

Commander Galenth has been slain by _____!

Lady Lendiniara shouts 'Poor soul. He did not fully comprehend the forces at work here, and was too blinded by his conviction to listen to reason. Hopefully not all will be as single-minded. You have fought bravely. Take what you wish from the fallen, but know, this is far from over!'

Failure & Reset

The only known reset check is Lady Lendiniara's status (alive or dead). If she dies, the event immediately resets:

Lady Lendiniara has died. You have failed!


NOTE: In addition to chest loot, everyone in the zone receives 20x "Medal of Heroism" (used as an alternative way obtain raid drops, from Requisitioner Sheon (map image), the Tier 1 raid vendor in the northwestern Qeynos camp of the Ethernere Tainted West Karana).

Chest loot consists of 2 armor pieces (first list) + 2-3 items (second list) + 1-2 weapons (third list) + 4 "Captured Essence of Ethernere" (spell rune):

Bracer of Suppressed Ether

Finely Threaded Shawl
Glimmerflow Cape
Glimmering Cloak
Lionskin Frock
Nondescript Shoulder Wrap
Rune-Etched Wrap
Sable Mantle
Shawl of Redemption
Sturdy Mail Cape
Tattered Cloak

Defender's Brilliant Grey Targe
Lance of the Bloodfiend
Mace of Dire Straits
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Raid: Ethernere: The Defense of Lendiniara
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Soandso tells the guild, 'Captured Essence of Ethernere, Captured Essence of Ethernere, Captured Essence of Ethernere'
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