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Call of the Forsaken Challenger
Call of the Forsaken Champion
Call of the Forsaken Conqueror
Call of the Forsaken Explorer
Call of the Forsaken Master Scavenger
Call of the Forsaken Paragon
Call of the Forsaken Slayer
Call of the Forsaken Vanquisher
Master of the Call
The Gates of Ethernere


Accomplished Explorer of the Call
Argin-Hiz Traveler
Bixie Warfront Traveler
Greater Explorer of the Call
Lesser Explorer of the Call
Neriak - Fourth Gate Traveler
The Dead Hills Traveler
The Void Traveler
Tower of Rot Traveler
West Karana (Ethernere) Traveler


Adventurer of the Call (Group)
Adventurer of the Call (Raid)
Hero of the Call (Group)
Hero of the Call (Raid)
Legend of the Call (Group)
Legend of the Call (Raid)
Vindicator of the Call (Group)
Vindicator of the Call (Raid)


Accomplished Champion of the Call
Greater Champion of the Call
Legendary Champion of the Call
Lesser Champion of the Call
Mercenary of Argin-Hiz
Mercenary of Bixie Warfront
Mercenary of Bixie Warfront II
Mercenary of Neriak - Fourth Gate
Mercenary of Neriak - Fourth Gate II
Mercenary of The Dead Hills
Mercenary of Tower of Rot
Mercenary of West Karana (Ethernere)
Mercenary of West Karana (Ethernere)
Partisan of Argin-Hiz
Partisan of Bixie Warfront
Partisan of Neriak - Fourth Gate
Partisan of The Dead Hills
Partisan of Tower of Rot
Partisan of West Karana (Ethernere)


Accomplished Hero of the Call
Greater Hero of the Call
Hero of Argin-Hiz
Hero of Bixie Warfront
Hero of Neriak - Fourth Gate
Hero of Neriak - Fourth Gate II
Hero of The Dead Hills
Hero of The Dead Hills II
Hero of Tower of Rot
Hero of West Karana (Ethernere)
Hero of West Karana (Ethernere) II
Hero of West Karana (Ethernere) III
Legendary Hero of the Call
Lesser Hero of the Call


Accomplished Conqueror of the Call
Accomplished Vanquisher of the Call
Bad Breath
Bad Tactics
Bayle Bane
Conqueror of Argin-Hiz
Conqueror of Bixie Warfront
Conqueror of Bixie Warfront II
Conqueror of Neriak - Fourth Gate
Conqueror of Neriak - Fourth Gate II
Conqueror of The Dead Hills II
Conqueror of Tower of Rot
Conqueror of West Karana (Ethernere)
Conqueror of West Karana (Ethernere) II
Conqueror of West Karana (Ethernere) III
Cool Ashes
Deathless Deathmaster
Disease Ease
Drum Solo
Greater Conqueror of the Call
Greater Vanquisher of the Call
Honey Don't
I Didn't Like Him Anyway
I'll Bee Back
I'm a Bee Leaver
Imbalancing Act
In Defense of M'lady
Island Survivor
Keeper's Balance
Keeper's Imbalance
Killing All the Guards
Legendary Conqueror of the Call
Legendary Vanquisher of the Call
Lesser Conqueror of the Call
Lesser Vanquisher of the Call
No Help From My Friends
(Not) Into the Pit
Outlast, Outfight!
Pest Control
Relegating the Relics
Royalty Free
Shock Me Not
So Long Kavi
Spelling Bee
The Savior of Qeynos
Uncharmed, I'm Sure
Use Not My Cartilage
Vanquisher of Burn Out
Vanquisher of Hate Rising
Vanquisher of Houses of Thex
Vanquisher of Lord Kyle Bayle
Vanquisher of Pelzia's Plot
Vanquisher of Saving Jacyll
Vanquisher of the Defense of Lendiniara
Vanquisher of The Doomscale Horde
Vanquisher of The Journey Home
Vanquisher of The Legacy of Bayle
Vanquisher of Xulous Prime
With Friends Like You...


A Quick Death... For Them!
A Rotten Heart: Challenge of Toughness
A Timely Death
Accomplished Answerer
Accomplished Challenger of the Call
Accomplished Master of the Call
And Both Shall Fall
Battle Royal
Cool Ashes
Corpse Killer
Death Is Your Forte
Dodging Disease
Don't Touch the Relics
Greater Answerer
Greater Challenger of the Call
Greater Master of the Call
I Didn't Like Him Anyway (Group)
Jolt Me Not
Keeper's Balance (Group)
Keeper's Imbalance (Group)
Legendary Answerer
Legendary Challenger of the Call
Legendary Master of the Call
Lesser Answerer
Lesser Challenger of the Call
Lesser Master of the Call
Meaningless Reinforcements
Not Falling
Not In the Face!
One After the Other
Piecing Together History
Prompt Protection
Rings of Fire: Challenge of Toughness
Saving Jacyll: Challenge of Toughness
Savior of Bixie Warfront
Savior of Bixie Warfront II
Savior of Neriak - Fourth Gate
Savior of Neriak - Fourth Gate II
Savior of The Dead Hills
Savior of The Dead Hills II
Savior of Tower of Rot
Savior of West Karana (Ethernere)
Savior of West Karana (Ethernere) II
Savior of West Karana (Ethernere) III
Savior or Argin-Hiz
Sergeant Minor General
So Long Kavi (Group)
Standing Your Ground
Swift Rescue
Swing and a Miss
The Guardian of Qeynos
The Doomscale Horde: Challenge of Toughness
The Fall of Lord Bayle: Challenge of Toughness
The Hand of Doom
The Journey Home: Challenge of Toughness
The Legacy of Bayle: Challenge of Toughness
Use Not My Bones
With Friends Like You... (Group)


Adept Hunter of the Call
Expert Hunter of the Call
Hunter of Argin-Hiz
Hunter of Bixie Warfront
Hunter of Bixie Warfront II
Hunter of Neriak - Fourth Gate
Hunter of Neriak - Fourth Gate II
Hunter of The Dead Hills
Hunter of Tower of Rot
Hunter of West Karana (Ethernere)
Hunter of West Karana (Ethernere) II
Novice Hunter of the Call
Veteran Hunter of the Call


Acquired Armaments (Bixie Warfront)
Argin-Hiz Treasures (Argin-Hiz)
Bixie Hive Hodgepodge
Burning Bibelots
Dead Relics
Eager Entomology (Bixie Warfront)
Elddar Texts (Argin-Hiz)
Ethernere Remnants (The Western Plains of Karana)
Explorers' Relics (Tower of Rot)
Fiery Beauty (Argin-Hiz)
Fourth Gate Flora & Fauna (Neriak - Fourth Gate)
Geological Discoveries (The Western Plains of Karana)
Hearing the Call
Influence of the Ethernere (The Western Plains of Karana)
Kyle's Cadre (The Dead Hills)
Less Is More
Loathsome Leftovers (Bixie Warfront)
Look Into The Future
Makeshift Materials (Tower of Rot)
Matronymic Markers (Neriak - Fourth Gate)
Military Missives (Bixie Warfront)
Miniature Meals (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)
Miraculous Mixtures (Neriak - Fourth Gate)
Missing Mementos (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)
Neriak Book Club (Neriak - Fourth Gate)
Prolific Pollinators (Bixie Warfront)
Remnants of Flame (Argin-Hiz)
Remnants of the Unlucky (The Dead Hills)
Rotten Remains
Royal Weaponry (Neriak - Fourth Gate)
Scattered Civilization (The Western Plains of Karana)
Separate Ways
The Darklight Palace
The Plaguebringer's Chosen (The Dead Hills)
The Source of the Ethernere
The Spared (The Dead Hills)
Tools to Build a Tower (Tower of Rot)
Treasures of Neriak (Neriak - Fourth Gate)
Unnatural Life (Tower of Rot)
Worlds Apart


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