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Vaniki Information

Vaniki was announced on Thursday April 7th here.

This server will release on May 25th, 2022 at 12:00 PM PDT.

Vaniki is a level locked progression server that will be released at the Gates of Discord expansion with a level cap of 40.

See below for the unlock schedule.

  • Mangler XP Progression

  • Agents of Change Enabled

  • Pick Zones Enabled

  • Truebox Enabled
    • When Prophecy of Ro unlocks, True Box rules will be relaxed to allow for 3 clients per computer.
    • When The Buried Sea unlocks, True Box will be disabled.


Unlock Dates for Expansions

  • Expansions unlock at 2pm PST on the below dates. The in game /calendar should always have the dates of unlocks, should they ever change.

  • When expansions unlock on the same day, the first unlocks at approximately 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time, and each additional expansion approximately one hour after the previous.

Expansions Unlock Date Max Level Duration
Gates of Discord 2022-05-25 (Wed) 40 4 Weeks
2022-06-22 (Wed) 50 2 Weeks
2022-07-06 (Wed) 55 4 Weeks
OoW, DoN, DoD, PoR 2022-08-03 (Wed) 60 12 weeks
TSS, TBS 2022-10-26 (Wed) 65 12 weeks
Secrets of Faydwer 2023-01-19 (Thurs) 4PM CST 70 8 weeks
SoD, Underfoot 2023-03-16 (Thurs) 4PM CST 75 12 weeks
House of Thule 2023-06-08 (Thurs) 4PM CST 80 8 weeks
Veil of Alaris 2023-08-03 (Thurs) 4PM CST 85 8 weeks
RoF, CotF 2023-09-28 (Thurs) 4PM CST 90 12 weeks
TDS, TBM, EoK 2023-12-21 (Thurs) 4PM CST 95 12 weeks
RoS, TBL 2024-03-14 (Thurs) 4PM CST 100 12 weeks
ToV, CoV 2024-06-06 (Thurs) 4PM CST 105 12 weeks
Terror of Luclin 2024-08-29 (Thurs) 4PM CST 110 12 weeks
2024-11-21 (Thurs) 4PM CST 115 12 weeks
2025-02-13 (Thurs) 4PM CST 120 12 weeks

Challenge Reward Items

Beating bosses at certain levels in certain expansions rewards you special items. The below is copy and pasted directly off Darkpaws FAQ on Vaniki here with our own table formatting.

Level Current Expansion Goal Reward
40 Gates of Discord Cazic-Thule An item that grants low stat food at a click. This item has unlimited charges.
50 Gates of Discord Yelinak Teleport - Western Wastes (Scars of Velious)
55 Gates of Discord Cragbeast Queen Raid Currency (Choose a batch of currency from all raid currencies in the game at the time of this server’s launch. The amount is based on 2.5x the price of a breastplate item, or an equivalent high-value item.)
60 OoW/DoN/DoDh/PoR Riftseekers (King or Queen) Illusion: Vaniki
65 TSS/TBS Ashengate - Lethar An item that grants low stat drink at a click. This item has unlimited charges.
70 Secrets of Faydwer Meldrath's Mansion - Meldrath Teleport - Fortress Mechanotus
75 SoD/Underfoot Korafax - Pallorax the Soul Slayer Raid Currency (Choose)
80 House of Thule Fear Itself - Cazic's Final Stand Illusion: Gigyn
85 Veil of Alaris Resplendent Temple Removable Purity Augment (35)
90 Rain of Fear / Call of the Forsaken Shard's Landing Teleport - Epicenter
95 TDS/TBM/EoK Plane of Hate - Innoruuk Raid Currency (Choose)
100 RoS/TBL Balance of Power (Raid) Illusion: Gnomework (Leadbetter)
105 ToV/CoV Griklor the Restless An item that grants a shadowstep at a click. This item has unlimited charges.
110 Terror of Luclin Doomshade Teleport - Maiden's Eye (Terror of Luclin)
115 Future Expansions To be decided Raid Currency (Choose)

More rewards

What? Reward
Defeat Phinigel Autropos, Lady Vox, and Lord Nagafen by level 40 Title: the Valiant
Defeat Severilous, Gorenaire, Talendor, and Trakanon by level 50 Metamorph Wand - Trakaraptor
Defeat Emperor Ssraeshza by level 55 Metamorph Wand - Emperor Ssraeshza
Defeat Solusek Ro by level 55 Title: the Penultimate Element
Defeat Deepest Guk: The Curse Reborn (Raid) by level 55 Token of the Magus
Defeat Vishimtar the Fallen by level 60 Raid Currency
Defeat Sendaii, the Hive Queen by level 60 Metamorph Wand - Lava Spider
Defeat The Tolling of Dissonant Bells by level 60 White Skystrider Whistle
Defeat Mayong's Mistresses by level 65 Bright Bag of Collection
Defeat Fippy's Revenge by level 75 Title: the Relentless
Defeat The Doomscale Horde by level 90 Contract of the Nihil
Defeat Defense of the City by level 90 Bridle of the Tranquil Shriekpaw
Defeat Doorstep of War by level 95 Trinket of the Frontier Mountains
Defeat Fight Fire by level 100 Contract of the Phoenix
Defeat Tantor by level 105 Raid Currency

Is Boxing allowed?

Boxing is allowed, however you can only run 1 Everquest client per computer until Prophecy of Ro unlocks where you can run 3 clients per computer.

When The Buried Sea unlocks True Box is disabled.

Marketplace Items

Daybreak will have a limited store that will start with lower-tier consumables (potions & buffs), appearances, and bags and some mounts will unlock with Luclin. But marketplace offerings will not be too powerful for each expansion's era.


Vaniki will have all the normal Agent of Change instancing for each raid target.

Max raid size is 72 players per instance. 6 players minimum in order to request those instances.

Raid lockouts will be 2.5 days for requesting a raid instance and each boss killed will give a 6.5 day lockout. For example, Plane of Sky will give a 6.5 day lockout for each island cleared so if you kill a NPC from another island accidentally…6.5 days.


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