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Teek and Tormax Information

Teek and Tormax will be released on Wednesday May 22nd, 2024. Darkpaw's Info

  • Teek and Tormax are time locked progression servers with expansion unlocks on a 8 and 12 week release. They will release at the Ruins of Kunark expansion
    • Certain expansions will be bundled in with others. See below for the expansion unlock schedule
  • Focus effects are unavailable until Luclin is released on both servers
  • Teek will have Random Loot Enabled, Tormax will not
  • Teek will have Free Trade Enabled, Tormax will not
  • Agents of Change Enabled
  • Pick Zones Enabled
  • Truebox is enabled on server launch of both Teek and Tormax
    • When Omens of War unlocks, True Box rules will be relaxed to allow for 3 clients per computer on both servers
    • When The Buried Sea unlocks, True Box will be disabled on both servers


Speculated Unlock Dates for Expansions

  • Expansions unlock at 2pm PST, 3PM MST, 4pm CST, 5PM EST, 12AM CEST on the below dates.
    • The in game /calendar should always have the dates and times of the unlocks in your own time, should they ever change.
    • You can use this time convertor to convert a city or timezone to your own time.

Expansions Unlock Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Level
Ruins of Kunark 2024-05-22 (Wed) 4PM CST 60 12 Weeks
Scars of Velious 2024-08-15 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
Shadows of Luclin 2024-10-10 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
Planes of Power/LoY 2024-12-05 (Thurs) 4PM CST 65 12 weeks
Lost Dungeons of Norrath 2025-02-27 (Thurs) 4PM CST 4 weeks
Gates of Discord 2025-03-27 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
Omens of War/DoN 2025-05-22 (Thurs) 4PM CST 70 12 weeks
Depths of Darkhollow 2025-08-14 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
Prophecy of Ro 2025-10-09 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
The Serpent's Spine 2025-12-04 (Thurs) 4PM CST 75 12 weeks
The Buried Sea 2026-02-26 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
Secrets of Faydwer 2026-04-23 (Thurs) 4PM CST 80 12 weeks
Seeds of Destruction 2026-07-16 (Thurs) 4PM CST 85 12 weeks
Underfoot 2026-10-08 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
House of Thule 2026-12-03 (Thurs) 4PM CST 90 12 weeks
Veil of Alaris 2027-02-25 (Thurs) 4PM CST 95 12 weeks
Rain of Fear 2027-05-20 (Thurs) 4PM CST 100 12 weeks
Call of the Forsaken 2027-08-12 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
The Darkened Sea 2027-10-07 (Thurs) 4PM CST 105 12 weeks
The Broken Mirror 2027-12-30 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
Empires of Kunark 2028-02-24 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
Ring of Scale 2028-04-20 (Thurs) 4PM CST 110 12 weeks
The Burning Lands 2028-07-13 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
Torment of Velious 2028-10-08 (Thurs) 4PM CST 115 12 weeks
Claws of Veeshan 2028-11-30 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
Terror of Luclin 2029-01-25 (Thurs) 4PM CST 120 12 weeks
Night of Shadows 2029-04-19 (Thurs) 4PM CST 8 weeks
Laurion's Song 2029-06-14 (Thurs) 4PM CST 125 12 weeks

Is Boxing allowed?

Boxing is allowed, however you can only run 1 Everquest client per computer until Omens of War unlocks where you can run 3 clients per computer.

When The Buried Sea unlocks True Box is disabled.

Marketplace Items

Daybreak will have a limited store that will start with lower-tier consumables (potions & buffs), appearances, and bags and some mounts will unlock with Luclin. But marketplace offerings will not be too powerful for each expansion's era.


Teek and Tormax will have all the normal Agent of Change instancing for each raid target.

Max raid size is 72 players per instance. 6 players minimum in order to request those instances.

Raid lockouts will be 2.5 days for requesting a raid instance and each boss killed will give a 6.5 day lockout. For example, Plane of Sky will give a 6.5 day lockout for each island cleared so if you kill a NPC from another island accidentally.....6.5 days.


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