Sewers of Nihilia, Purifying Plant

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65 - 70

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This is the instanced zone involving the group expedition "Sewers of Nihilia, the Purifying Plant" (see this quest entry for expedition information).
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# Apr 20 2016 at 6:55 PM Rating: Decent
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How do you leave the zone once you're done with the quest??
Zone out of the Sewers
# Dec 26 2017 at 10:30 PM Rating: Decent
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just click on the broken gate on the west wall at zone in
# Sep 10 2006 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
How do you get to this zone. Doing a quest...
8 of 9 aged stonemites
# Oct 30 2004 at 2:28 AM Rating: Decent
Anyone have any clue what makes only 8 of the 9 aged stonemites spawn? I've done this trial twice to have that happen to me.
Graeme Faelban, 115 Barbarian Shaman, Erollisi Marr
<Phoenix Ascending>
# Sep 16 2004 at 4:43 AM Rating: Decent
Just thought I would give you all an account of the strategy we used to beat this first trial.

Group Composition:
65 Cleric (200 AA's)
65 Beastlord (150 AA's)
65 Druid (100 AA's)
65 Warrior (8200hp/1370ac,91 AA's)
65 Necro (100+ AA's)
65 Bard (unknown amount of AA's)

This group is 3 people two boxing (Clr/bst, Dru/War, Nec/Brd). A couple early morning deaths led to knowledge that allowed the group to invis/pacify all the way to Anshura then to the stonemite room without a single fight. I recommend using the Druid lev/group invis vs the bard lev/invis song. Sometimes we got spread out a bit while trying to run two characters each and the bard song kept dropping. Upon arrival in stonemite room we saw full pop. 9 stonemites in the center of the room. We hugged the left wall and set up on the pipe. Warrior against the wall with the casters and pets on pipe at the other end but still out of aggro range of stonemites.

After buffing up and medding to full, the warrior pulls the closest stonemite with an arrow using F8 to target. Stonemite starts hitting warrior from below and will not come up on the pipe. His rampage is hitting the casters and bard. Pets are hitting the stonemite but that is about all. Warrior goes down, bard and necro go down before we can blink, Druid pops exodus and saves himself and cleric. The druid and cleric lev up and head back down without any trouble at all. Get to the stonemite room and rez the fallen.

From here we decide to take the advice from the post of Bosruce and make our way up onto the ledge. From here we have no problems pulling the stonemites. Warrior pops with arrow right after a pre-HoT from the cleric. Stonemite warps up on the ledge easy as can be. These things hit pretty fast and the Beastlord only got slow to partial stick on a couple. We get to the 9th stonemite and decide to med up. After 9th dies the Ancient Stonemite pops. Warrior pops with arrow and we then have him on ledge. I have some disagreement with some of the post here because we thought he was a little tougher than the regular ones (hits for over 1300 and immune to slow). We had alot of push up on that ledge too. Beginning of fight, the cleric had about 80m with the druid having about 60m to help with patch heals and keeping the other members up and kickin'. We ended up taking him down but the necro had to pump the cleric some once she reached 40m. Druid was oom due to spot heals on group and nukes at the end. No deaths and all received our first flag for this trial.

Just know that you really don't have to fight anything else but the stonemites in this trial if you don't want to.

A spot healer and a decent tank that can take a good beating are highly recommended.

Good luck to you all.

Ronj Eremy (65 Druid) and Spankm Splizankm (65 Warrior)
Not Just For Full Groups
# Aug 27 2004 at 5:33 AM Rating: Excellent
Want some good AA exp? The Sewer Expedition/Trials are the way to go.

You do not need a full group to handle these MOBs either. Just realize that you will need a full group if you intend to pass the trial. But if you are bored and can only get a few people together, this might be the joint for you. "The Plant" is probably our favorite Sewer instance. Trash MOBs in here hit for a max of 1100 or so but can be easily single pulled in the zone in room.

Group as follows:

65 Cleric (180 AA)
65 Beastlord (130 AA)
65 Warrior (84 AA, 8239hps buffed)
65 Druid (93 AA)

I 2 box the Warrior/druid while my friend 2 boxes the Cleric/Beastlord. All characters have decent gear but no EP gear on any. The Cleric needs to be singled out and named because she has kept me alive for most of my EQ career. Huge shout out to a hell of a player Exarch Sunney Sideup on Emarr. Mad Skillz!

We usually just do the zone in room but have been in up to the room just before Ansharu with just our 4. My point to this post is to show people that you do not need to be from a big raiding guild to be able to enjoy these zones. Some of the items that drop are almost in line with EP drops too.

Key to getting good exp here is to make sure you just get singles. 2 of these MOBs is a little hard for our 4 to handle but we have done it before. So far I do not believe we have had any resists of Pacification. Warrior pulls with arrow to the safe corner to the left of the zone in. Beastlord slows, Cleric Ch's as necessary and the lowly druid just sits off to the side making sure Damage Shield stays up and nuking his *** off. So far we have got 2 Earring of the Moondancer drops and will keep going to get a couple Turepta Spine Ring.

Bottom line is the exp is great and you have a chance to get some sweet upgrades. The drops may be few and far between but when you get one, I am sure you will be just as hooked as we are.

Ronj Eremy (65 Druid) and Spankm Splizankm (65 Warrior) of Emarr.

Trial #1
# Jul 15 2004 at 1:06 PM Rating: Excellent
I did this trial for the first time last night with 65 cleric(me), 65 bard, 65 necro, 65 warrior(the tank), 65 shaman, and 65 sk. When we got to the end mob shaman died early on in the fight, so I was left chain complete healing every time CH
popped with no spot heals. Very exciting fight, and we managed to kill the boss =)

Here's a pretty good site about the trials

If you don't go back to hail Ansharu after killing the end mob do you not get your flag? We left the expedition after killing boss & did nothing else.

65 Archon

update -- I never went back to hail Ansharu, but I talked to the scribe near the high priest and he gave me my flag for trial 1 anyway = )

Edited, Wed Jul 21 05:53:56 2004
Requirements for doing first trial?
# Jul 11 2004 at 2:12 AM Rating: Decent
My guild is interested in trying this GoD trial, I was wondering how well equiped a group of 65s will have to be to complete this/do well. Is it necessary to be PoP/Elemental equiped/high AA to do this or can a solid group of moderately equiped/<100 AA players do this? How would this compare to say a Hard LDoN?

Also does anyone know a site that has more complete explanations/walkthroughs of GoD?


Edited, Sun Jul 11 03:15:12 2004
RE: Requirements for doing first trial?
# Jul 15 2004 at 1:05 AM Rating: Decent
509 posts
OK I have been with a group of guildies doing this for the last week. You need a good tank with at least 8k in hp's. That is a must. The golems are unslowable and thus it is hard to keep up with heals on a tank with less hp's. We have tried 7 times so far and we have made it to the end room but wiped. Aggro managment is a must here if a caster get's aggo then he's dead plain and simple. These mobs can hit for ober 1k and they hit fairly fast.

A Backup healer is really needed druid or cleric. You have no time to med before mobs start repoping. the repops will catch up to you on the hallway's as you are clearing rooms that have lots of mobs in them.

Repops and adds are the killer here. If your group wipes then you start over. The repops make it impossible to do a cr. We have a good group decently equipped but the main issue here is one little slip up and your finished and it takes hours to get thru this place.

Feel free to try but keep in mind that you are not gonna make it the first few time. You have to get used to this place but after you do you will know where most mobs are and where the roamers are at. This place is pretty much the same each time it is instanced so you can get used to where mobs are and where you can med and where you can invis past.

Edited, Thu Jul 15 02:07:26 2004
Temporary flags last longer than you may think :)
# Mar 10 2004 at 5:21 AM Rating: Decent
FYI, the temporary flags last for quite a while. I had beaten the first sewer with a group about 2 weeks ago, but when the druid in my group succor'd I got left behind. I didn't know anything about the scribe or the high priest, I only had gone to tank. Due to some RL stuff I had to log and I thought I lost temp flag in the process of doing so. Fast forward through 2 weeks of redoing trial one (good clerics are hard to find) I was group lead and went to go get the expedition. I had read else where on Alla's that you needed to hail the scribe as well. When I hailed the scribe I got my flag for the first sewer boss kill from days before!!
NPC to spawn trials
# Mar 03 2004 at 11:37 AM Rating: Decent
The NPC you hail to start the trials is Gamesh. Is an undead mob and should con indifferent to you. The xp in these trials are great. About 4% per kill. But be forewarned they hit very hard. Highest hit I had was 1288. A well balanced group is a must.

Mangard, Paladin
RE: NPC to spawn trials
# Mar 05 2004 at 2:00 PM Rating: Default
Actualy, you talk to Gamesh to get the xp version. You talk to High Priest to get trial and then to scribe to get your flag converted from a temperary one to a real one.
Barindu Trials 1-4
# Mar 01 2004 at 1:08 AM Rating: Excellent
36 posts
There are two ways to get to these instanced dungeons (trials one through four, five-six are in a different area). If you just want to go in and fool around you can hail an npc starting with "G" (dont recall name) thats at the south east corner outside of the Barindu pyramid. If you want to attempt them for success in the trial (and you might as well) you have first to hail the scribe and then the high priest in the large bldg a bit NE of the pyramid. The scribe is a preflag if you will for the priest.

On hailing the high priest your group leader will be given the expdition they're "ready" for. When I did this the first time I was given the first sewer, then later the crematory all without asking for any specific trial. If at some point you win a trial you were not 'ready' for you can get the backflag settled by asking the high priest "what issues". In a couple of the trials its a good idea to have one person only loot the collect xxx items, and have or make that person be the expedition leader as you reach where those items are used.

At that point you can enter the trial. For trials one through four the entry is inside the pyramid up the stairs and click on the hole. That room is a 'safe room' and should never be trained. It is also where your corpses will be sent after you all exit the expidition (ALT Z) should you wipe. In all of these four trials there is semi quick respawn and many things (elves, sludges, possibly more) will see invis.

How hard things hit varies by trial and location inside the dungeon, ranging from a low of about 500 to a high of about 1200 for junk mobs. EQ Toolbox now does have maps for trials one through six. There have been many drops, most from random mobs rather than nameds, generally 1-2 items per trial (2-6 hours to do them). Loot is as good on the whole as tier 3 pop nameds or better. Spell drops so far have been uncertain, and are not triggered by class (as in we've had to let things rot, they're all nodrop).

There's also a named turtle that dropped nice stuff in a side room past the npc to hail to get the final stonemites to spawn.
Summary of "Sewers of Nihilia - Purifying Plant" event
# Feb 24 2004 at 9:57 AM Rating: Decent
So here's my take on this, the sewers, which are the first instanced tier:

You run around Barindu, get the "High Priest" to send you along in. Once you're inside, you can basically walk the paths which hug the walls, and it becomes trivial to pull.

You get to Anshu, hail him, he says to kill like 8 stonemites in a room up the way. You carry on, and BOOM -- unslowable mob that hits hard as hell. You manage to pass most of these, kill them, or pacifiy (yes, that's right you can pacify) them.

Then you get to a hallway with 3 non-KOS stonemites along each wall. You can clear these (6 in total) to then enter the big room, otherwise they will assist the KOS stonemites in the room when you pull them out.

Alternatively, you can go right into the room, and pull to there, but the water is about neck-high, so a lot of running around = a lot of spells not hitting due to being under vs. over the water. Also, if you choose to go into the room, you have 8 stonemites relatively close by. I've seen a monk/bard duo pull doubles out, but they will still kick your ***.

Once you kill the stonemites, you're done! There is no time limit, either, but be warned -- the mobs respawn in this instanced dungeon!

edit: spelling mistakes =D

Edited, Tue Feb 24 09:57:33 2004
RE: Summary of
# Sep 13 2004 at 4:48 AM Rating: Decent
There is also the option of pulling from the pipes, of fighting from them. Has anyone tried it?
RE: Summary of
# Mar 09 2004 at 6:03 PM Rating: Decent
A good spot to pull to is the ledge that runs around the final room. A bard can single pull the aged stomemites up there where they can be easily dispatched.

When the boss-bug spawns, he zooms around the room in the water very fast. If you position yourselves on the ledge in the very western-most part, that's a safe-spot. You can CR to there if the boss wipes you out. Having a backup rezzer stay in the safespot during the boss fight is a nice contingency plan.
RE: Summary of
# Apr 28 2004 at 12:36 AM Rating: Decent
25 posts
These are all single pulls - even with a bow.
You need to pull both outside mobs first. We did left >> right >>> centre. You do not need a bard to pull singles ... my momma could pull singles.
We pulled from the ledge. With the DX9 thing fixed you no longer fall through the ledge that happened the first time right when we pulled the name! grrrrrr
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