Sewers of Nihilia, Lair of Trapped Ones

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Level Range:
65 - 70

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This is the instanced zone involving the group expedition "Sewers of Nihilia, Lair of the Trapped Ones" (see this quest entry for expedition information).
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Three Named Mobs
# Oct 10 2021 at 2:01 PM Rating: Decent
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The three named MOBs in this zone are:

Blistering Larva
Rigara the Lost
Sludge-Eating Fly
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I found your three stone shaping tools
# Jan 13 2013 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
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After the 3 emotes informing you that you found the tools go back to Alej and say "I found your three stone shaping tools". Then the task updates and you gain flag.
Raid format
# Mar 18 2006 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
Anyone know a way to get the instance of the sewers to raid format?
Rusty spring
# Aug 13 2005 at 7:27 PM Rating: Decent
I am working on the BiC quest and missing the rusty spring which apparently drops from the named in this instance.

I have already done all the the trials.

Do named spawn in the experience version of this instance? Can I just ask for it?

Because I have already finished the trials, the priest won't give me this instance as a trial. And because they changed the flagging so that you only need Tipt to get into KT, no one I know wants to mess with this trial any more.
# Jul 05 2004 at 12:50 PM Rating: Decent
*A very important note*

Finally I managed to turn in the seal, having fought the entire dungeon to do it. We managed to clear and get the tools with about 2 minutes to spare (The timer is NOT trivial at all, an hour is exactly enough if you have even a little bit of trouble) and I ran to the hail mob. The final room is full of mixed undead/non undead so I had agro when I approached him. Firing off Harmshield, I ran up and hailed at which point he spammed me with some insanely long trigger text: [find my three stone shaping tools] . Needless to say the amount of time I had left on Harmshield wasn't enough for me to type this... I died, we failed and I quit EQ for three days afterwards. If you get to this stage and plan to train to him to complete your flag, make sure to hotkey this little message or you might end up disappointed like me!
Seal of the Nihil High Priest
# Jun 23 2004 at 6:52 PM Rating: Decent
I have a question regarding the Seal of the Nihil High Priest. Currently I have three or four SoS rogues in my fighting pool, but either they don't have the first two trials or they've done the Smith Rondo event to flag themselves for all of the trials already.

Is there a way that a character, who has already completed the trial or has not completed up to this trial yet, can gain the Seal to turn it in for a group? So far my attempts to Harmshield or Divine Barrier to the turn in mob have been unsuccessful but if this is the only way I suppose I will keep trying: the alternative, fighting through the entire dungeon, is too time-consuming and risky when there are presentable other courses of action.
RE: Seal of the Nihil High Priest
# Jun 24 2004 at 11:46 AM Rating: Good
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Sorry, the only way you can get the Sigil is by hailing the High Priest and getting the expedition yourself. If you are already to far into the progression or not far enough, you cannot get it atm.

You could try to invis/invis to undead/pacify your group through this dungeon. Maybe you an skip some parts this way...
How it works
# Jun 21 2004 at 1:07 PM Rating: Excellent
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Since there's till no real, comprehensive walkthrough to this trial in this forum yet, I wrote a quick one for you =)

For easy understanding I made a map (Alternate link here)

So, what's the objective of this trial ? First you have to find Alej Leraji. After you talked to him and turned in the Sigil of the Nihil High Priest the expedition leader recieves when he gets the expedition, he sends you to find his tools in less than 60 min.

You can do this trial with a standard group (Tank, slower, healer etc.), but a SoS rogue or a FD class like a shadow knight or a monk helps alot and could save you over an hour. A druid or wizard could save you a little more time, but not really much. Under normal circumstances you should be able to do without one.

You start at the zone in and have to move to the NPC at (1) first. With invis you can skip the underwater tunnel since no mobs in there see invis and you'll probably get a lot of adds if you want to fight your way through. When you arrive at (1) your leader turns in the Sigil of the Nihil High Priest to Alej Leraji (stuck under a stone slab, hard to notice sometimes).
When you do this, the whole dungeon will despawn and repop again. Now most of the corridors will be deserted. Just the three rooms marked with (2), (3) and (4) will have some more mobs in them. Move to one of these rooms as soon as possible. You could just evac to (3) btw. (2) will be filled with spirits, (3) with sludgeworkers and (4) with different kinds of vermin. To get the tools needed you just have to start clearing the rooms. As soon as you killed the correct mob, which is random, you'll get an emote saying you've found a tool. Move to the next room when this happens. After you got all three emotes from the different rooms, run back to (1), tell Alej that you have found his three sand shaping tools and be happy about your new flag for the whole group.

If you got a rogue/shadow knight/monk as your leader, you can let him run to NPC and just stay at the zone in. He can turn in the Sigil to Alej and the rest of the group will be right in the first room they have to clear. Very handy and saves loads of time. What we did as an added safety was killing our shadow knight in first room, rezz him back in and let him run with an open rez window after this : this way he could just "port" back when things go wrong and could join us faster by accepting rez after hail.

Timer is 60 minutes from the moment you turn in the sigil to the moment you tell Alej you found his tools. You'll get a warning shout when time is almost up and you better be on your way to back him when you hear it because it's under 10 min left then.

That's all there is to know about this trial I guess. Additions are welcome though =)
Good luck !

Edited, Wed Dec 29 06:02:28 2004
RE: How it works
# Nov 07 2004 at 12:25 AM Rating: Good
1. The Stone Tools is a flag for each tool. no physical object exists. Just yellow text.

2. only one person needs to hail the quest NPC and say: " I have found your three stone shaping tools".

-anyone in the group can do it. After its hailed and the proper text is given the quest mob despawns and some mobs aggro you. but you have your flag.

Everyone in my grouup got a hotkey wiht the proper phrase, so that when we got to the quest mob, someone would get to hail the mob even if hell broke loose. (and it did). Although our grp did handle the adds.

Also, when you first get to the quest NPC: DO NOT HAIL to start the timed event

-just turn the seal in. If ya hail the NPC, all the mobs in the room immediatly converge on the poor soul that hailed.

Final Flag?
# Jun 09 2004 at 12:53 PM Rating: Decent
Once you have all the tools, can just one member of the party hail Alej Leraji for everyone to receive the flag?

Or does each group member need to hail him individually?

Hoping on the first one so an SOS rogue can do the legwork like he did in the Crematory :D
RE: Final Flag?
# Jun 21 2004 at 11:18 PM Rating: Decent
41 posts
Only one person needs to say the phrase "I have found your three stone shaping tools" but everyone has to be in the zone to get the flag. So you can send one person just make sure noone dies, or they will miss the flag.

Killane Wolfcastle
65 Lord Protector
Sewer, Lair Trial
# May 12 2004 at 6:54 AM Rating: Decent
Attempted the Lair trial with a group the other night here's what I learned. Group consisted of 65 bard (me), 65 Sk with 7k hp, 65 Cleric with FT 7, 65 Shaman, 2 65 necros. I pulled for the group, I noticed the MOBs have a larger proximity agro radius then LDoNs. Typically the seemed to have fewer hitpoints then any of the 65 high risk ldons I've done. The avg mob hits for 500-1.2k range. The Sludge workers (brute on the EQ patcher with blue lines on body) are unslowable and hit fast. Only got about half way thru the dungeon in our 3 hour tour before both necros went 1018. Spawn time on mobs is around 15 min, everything was vulnerable to mezmerize effect except the named we encountered, pacification series spells landed on every mob we encountered. I'm pretty sure everything has see invis. There was quite a few roamers in there so expect to pull an add even if you get a single. The avg mob level was prolly 63-64 and the named were 65. Corpse pop time in GY is 15 min, and when corpses popped with no one in instanced zone, the expedition ended. We did pretty well for a pickup group, but I think 7k hp on the tank was probably the minimum you can slide by with since those unslowable Sludeworkers seemed to make our tank work overtime.

~Maestro Malorian Harmonybinder,
65 Bard Tunare
Barindu Trials 1-4
# Mar 01 2004 at 1:15 AM Rating: Good
36 posts
There are two ways to get to these instanced dungeons (trials one through four, five-six are in a different area). If you just want to go in and fool around you can hail an npc starting with "G" (dont recall name) thats at the south east corner outside of the Barindu pyramid. If you want to attempt them for success in the trial (and you might as well) you have first to hail the scribe and then the high priest in the large bldg a bit NE of the pyramid. The scribe is a preflag if you will for the priest.

On hailing the high priest your group leader will be given the expdition they're "ready" for. When I did this the first time I was given the first sewer, then later the crematory all without asking for any specific trial. If at some point you win a trial you were not 'ready' for you can get the backflag settled by asking the high priest "what issues". In a couple of the trials its a good idea to have one person only loot the collect xxx items, and have or make that person be the expedition leader as you reach where those items are used.

At that point you can enter the trial. For trials one through four the entry is inside the pyramid up the stairs and click on the hole. That room is a 'safe room' and should never be trained. It is also where your corpses will be sent after you all exit the expidition (ALT Z) should you wipe. In all of these four trials there is semi quick respawn and many things (elves, sludges, possibly more) will see invis.

How hard things hit varies by trial and location inside the dungeon, ranging from a low of about 500 to a high of about 1200 for junk mobs. EQ Toolbox now does have maps for trials one through six. There have been many drops, most from random mobs rather than nameds, generally 1-2 items per trial (2-6 hours to do them). Loot is as good on the whole as tier 3 pop nameds or better. Spell drops so far have been uncertain, and are not triggered by class (as in we've had to let things rot, they're all nodrop).

Sorry for repeating this on all four instance boards. Figured it would answer a lot of the generic questions.
# Feb 24 2004 at 12:55 PM Rating: Decent
Golems are mean in this place triple attacking for 1250 and unslowable. Best to have a warrior tank then with defensive.
RE: Golems
# Apr 23 2004 at 1:34 AM Rating: Decent
They max for about 1.2k, but normal hit is more like 300 (on my beastlord). These golems are much easier than the stonies in purifying plant.
Am I Missing Something Here?
# Feb 21 2004 at 1:11 PM Rating: Good
Well, we plunged into the Sewers night before last. We got 3 drops Mask, Earring and Spell Haste Aug.

Last night, my guild went back into the Sewers (Lair) and got all the way to the end. After wading through mobs that triple for 1250, and the named hit for 1400, the end mob would not talk to us. Now what am I missing here? All in all, it was killer experience (3AA worth), but very disapointing and anti-climactic when the end quest mob wouldn't talk to us.
Is there something we have to do for him to speak with us?
# Feb 14 2004 at 11:10 AM Rating: Decent
Gamesh gives u the expeditions, he is right outside the temple in the cornor near the wall, like NW cornor i think
RE: sewers
# Aug 22 2004 at 11:07 PM Rating: Decent
Ganesh gives you the XP version only. you will not get flagged if you got the expedition from him. You need to get the expedition from the High Priest to get flagged
# Feb 12 2004 at 6:05 PM Rating: Decent
How did you get into the zone? As we spoke with the npc with our group, he wont let us in,, is there a preflag or other npc to speak?
# Feb 12 2004 at 2:18 AM Rating: Decent
We got 2 "Sludge-Eating Fly" in one of these.
1 dropped
Face magic lore no drop
Stonemite Caraprice Mask
10str 10sta 10agi 90hp 70end
5 fire 8 cold 7 magic 10 poison
required lvl 60
monk war rog ber
type 7

other same mob dropped
Spell : holy light
mana cost 660
effect: baths your target in holy light healing between 3050 and 3050 hit points.

Pitted Vambraces
magic lore no drop
ac 28
5 str 8 sta 7wis 7 int 10agi 85hp 75mana 75 endurance
10 fire 10 disease 10 cold
required level 60
weight 6.5
war cler pal shd bard
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