a skeleton wizard  


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Minimum Level: 77
Maximum Level: 79
Expansion: Secrets of Faydwer
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NPC Last Updated: 2019-08-03 22:56:03
Known Loot:
icon Aderirse Bur
icon Animating Force
icon Blue Diamond
icon Bone Chips
icon Carnival Prize
icon Curzon
icon Diamond
icon Dweric Powder
icon Elaborate Defiant Chain Boots
icon Elaborate Defiant Chain Bracer
icon Elaborate Defiant Chain Coif
icon Elaborate Defiant Claymore
icon Elaborate Defiant Dragonrod
icon Elaborate Defiant Leather Sleeves
icon Elaborate Defiant Leather Wristguard
icon Elaborate Defiant Plate Bracer
icon Elaborate Defiant Quickclaw
icon Elaborate Defiant Rapier
icon Elaborate Defiant Silk Robe
icon Elegant Combatant's Shard
icon Elegant Defiant Bow
icon Elegant Defiant Buckler
icon Elegant Defiant Leather Sleeves
icon Elegant Defiant Leather Trousers
icon Elegant Defiant Plate Gauntlets
icon Elegant Defiant Plate Vambraces
icon Elegant Defiant Shortsword
icon Elegant Defiant Silk Pantaloons
icon Elegant Defiant Silk Sleeves
icon Extruded Underfoot Diamond
icon Faceted Crystal
icon Faydwer Diamond
icon Fine Bone Chips
icon Fine Skeleton Bones
icon Harmonagate
icon Peridot
icon Prestidigitase
icon Putrid Skeleton Bones
icon Raw Amber Nihilite
icon Raw Crimson Nihilite
icon Raw Faycite Crystal
icon Raw Indigo Nihilite
icon Raw Shimmering Nihilite
icon Scale Ore
icon Song: Kildrukaun's Chant of Poison Rk. II
icon Song: Vyskudra's Chant of Disease Rk. II
icon Spell: Ancestral Hearkening Rk. II
icon Spell: Annihilate the Aberrant Rk. II
icon Spell: Atonement Rk. II
icon Spell: Aweshock Rk. II
icon Spell: Beam of Molten Dross Rk. II
icon Spell: Benediction Rk. II
icon Spell: Breath of Big Bynn Rk. II
icon Spell: Bulwark of Caella Rk. II
icon Spell: Cloak of Scales Rk. II
icon Spell: Eleventh-Hour
icon Spell: Forbear Corruption Rk. II
icon Spell: Galvanic Ash Rk. II
icon Spell: Jolting Strikes Rk. II
icon Spell: Opalescent Rune Rk. II
icon Spell: Pyrolure Rk. II
icon Spell: Revival of Aenro Rk. II
icon Spell: Rolling Lightning Rk. II
icon Spell: Sharp Eyes Rk. II
icon Spell: Silent Mind Rk. II
icon Spell: Siphon Essence Rk. II
icon Spell: Skin to Mulch Rk. II
icon Spell: Sound of Resonance Rk. II
icon Spell: Spirit of the Stalwart Rk. II
icon Spell: Talisman of Vehemence Rk. II
icon Spell: Viridithorn Coat Rk. II
icon Spell: Visions of Kirathas Rk. II
icon Spell: Ward of Requital Rk. II
icon Spell: Ward of the Resolute Rk. II
icon Staurolite
icon Sunshard Powder
icon Taaffeite
icon Tome of Astral Projection Rk. II
icon Tome of Blinding Flare Rk. II
icon Tome of Tendon Sever Rk. II
icon Tome of Umbral Carapace Rk. II
icon Uncut Alexandrite
icon Uncut Amethyst
icon Uncut Black Sapphire
icon Uncut Combine Star
icon Uncut Demantoid
icon Uncut Goshenite
icon Uncut Jacinth
icon Uncut Morganite
icon Uncut Rubellite
icon Urticaceae

Known Habitats:
  Loping Plains

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Spell Annihilate the Aberrant Rank II
# Jul 23 2008 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
Dropped Spell Annihilate the Aberrant Rank II
# Feb 04 2008 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
29 posts
Immune to Pally stuns.
Drops Siphon Essence Rk.II
# Jan 14 2008 at 6:58 AM Rating: Decent
70 posts
Siphon Essence Rk.II just dropped off of one of these.
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