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He is at 171, -1396, 400. That is the main gnome camp to the right as you land, then all the way thru the camp.
May Karana Bless You with Rains when YOU need them, and your enemies with Drought when you need it.
Missing Task
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Hunt A Spy is missing from his task list.

In fact, it's missing from ZOne Task List and Allah all together excpet in player posts.

It is one fo the tasks required to get the Oculus face aug.

Quest: Hunt a Spy
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The Clockwork Warmarshal also gives another face aug piece quest called "Hunt a Spy".

You may have to have completed another quest or two from him before you see it available when you say to him "accept orders". Suffice to say if you do not see this quest in his task list then that will be the case.

Although a "solo" task you will need a good group to accomplish this. You must repeat it from the beginning for every member in the group that needs it as the final MOB only drops 1 of a final turn-in piece needed to complete the task.

The quest involves going up the elevators in Fortress Mechanotus to the next level. There, eventually you will see "a steamwork spy" (not Mk. XX anything just steamwork spy or somesuch) wandering the right side of the main path back and forth.

While UNinvis, and watching for wanderring agro MOBs, Hail it. It _should_ stop and fall to the ground. Like many quests this one can be buggy and you may have to Hail it multiple time before it responds by falling to the ground. We did it once and it fell to the ground on the 2nd Hail. Subsequently we tried again a half hour later and it refused to do anything after 100's of hails so we gave up that time.

If it works however then do this: re-invis and wait for it to get up again. When it does it'll appear to be trailing smoke as it runs like a bat out of hell yelling "FIRE". Follow it closely (you'll be running full tilt) as it heads to one of the garden enclosures. It will run inside and jump into a pool of water and disappear from your targetting.

You will have a task update at this point.

Next. Head up one more level and turn left. Head to the very end of that section outside of the last garden enclosure (can set up in the opposite corner where no MOBs path. The person who hailed the spy canthen walk inside towards the pool there while INVIS and 5 MOBs will spawn (4 spiders and the spy). Ignore the spy as it walks towards the elevators, but snare, root, mezz the spiders and kill them (they're not too hard).

Now. AS FAST AS YOU CAN (there may be a 30 sec timer on this) the original hailer must run to the elevators and hail the spy once again (uninvis). it'll be standing at the base of the elevators going up to the next and highest level.

EVERYONE then runs quickly to the MMM entrance to setup for the final fight. In short order the spy will be seen making its way towards the door - when it gets there it will again simply fall down. You will then see 2 rather large robots coming towards the door from the left and right (they're a little larger then Cog Maurauders).

Kill the 2 bots. Not sure if they're snareable / rootable, but they are NOT mezzable. BEWARE of pathing - they can fall off the walkways and create a massive train to you.

When both bots are dead the spy will get up and start strolling away - KILL IT.

It will drop a cube of some kind - the original hailer loots this and turn it in to the Warmarshal - done.

Reward is : Azia Clockwise Capping Rotator

Now... rinse, repeat for each member of the group that needs this.

Fanornador of Tunare

This task had already been done by my guildy Hiladdar and it is with much thanks that I post this walkthrough.
Quest: Hunt a Spy
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It'd be very nice to see Hunt a Spy quest written up as a quest on Allahs rather than living only in the comments area. Fanornador's description is fine for this purpose.

The garden area has perhaps four groups of roaming mobs (two per half). When doing this mission, the spy simply quit spawning after a while. It isn't clear if this was a bug or else maybe a matter of the spy having placeholders. The roaming gnome patrols (3 gnomes or sometimes a steamwork and 2 gnomes) will replenish themselves if you don't kill them all off.
Quest: Hunt a Spy
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Found quite a bit more about this quest as well as finishing it off. It is critical that only one PC in your group has the mission at a time. Not doing so can cause the quest to be bugged. You cannot get simultaneous advancement in a group. Don't even attempt this with multiple people simultaneously -- I've wasted hours trying. Here are some hints that will hopefully make the whole thing far easier:

1. Only one person gets the quest at a time, as mentioned above. Follow through, start to finish before completing the quest for someone else.

2. Getting the mission causes the spy to pop. As mentioned previously, you can hail while invisible. You need to be the one who spawned the spy for this to work.

3. Levitation messes with spy and spider pop. Click off lev effects before buzzing the door to the 3rd dome on the left side.

4. To avoid adds in stage 2, fight by the elevators. Let the mobs come to you. The spy will wait around for a good while before poofing. The spiders can be mezzed or split by a puller. There's plenty of room off to the side of the elevators to fight without getting adds.

5. Evac / FM / other memblur effects ***** this up. Don't use these when the spy is up or else you'll likely have to restart.

6. On final stage, fight right outside of MMM. As before, let mobs come to you. Having a spare tank on this stage is very handy. Spy will hit for over 2k when he goes aggro.
Quest: Hunt a Spy
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I did not have to drop invis to hail 'a steamwork spy' for the first update. It did not fall to the ground right away though, it walked on a bit further before dropping.

Its kinda buggy though, one time I had to spam hail it for task to update.

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LOC 167, -1409
GEARmarshall and WARmarshall
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Clockwork GEARmarshal is a NAMED

Clockwork WARmarshal is a QUEST-NPC

Be warned, the Gearmarshal grants a very fast "TL-to-bind" (without Equip) to careless Questers :D

Edited, Nov 23rd 2007 12:27pm by Fayendyr
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