Endless Enemies  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Faction
  • Loot
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
    Related Quests:
    Era:Secrets of Faydwer
    Group Size:Solo
    Appropriate Classes:
    • All
    Appropriate Races:
    • All
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    Modified: Sat Oct 19 15:08:02 2019
    Clockwork Warmarshal may be found at 163.69, -1402.57, 398.13, near the tents where you first zone in.

    You say 'Hail, Clockwork Warmarshal'

    Clockwork Warmarshal says 'Hello there solider. It's good to see so many Norrathians rally to help stop this menace! Since our crash and my [promotion] to the leader of the Albatross' ground forces I've been overwhelmed with necessary military action and underprovided with forces to complete those actions. I know it's unusual, especially since you are not officially enlisted for this action, but perhaps you could [accept orders] from an old clockwork and help out all of Norrath in the process? Or if you and your allies are truly brave, someone needs to make forays into those dratted [gryospires] if we're to have much of a chance getting reinforcements up here.'

    You say, 'Promotion?'

    Clockwork Warmarshal says 'Ah, yes, my promotion. Well, you see, Commander Hugert Tallbottom didn't survive the initial assault. In fact, he was killed when the Albatross crashed. I know it's not my place to speak poorly of gnomish engineering, especially considering that I AM gnomish engineering, but this ship was too hastily put together. Many good gnomes lost their lives before we ever had a chance to engage the enemy. We hold the lines here the best we can, but we no longer have the troops to mount an effective assault.'

    You say, 'Accept orders?'

    Clockwork Warmarshal says 'Ah, fantastic! I have a few things that need to be taken care of before we will be able to advance from this position and begin our assault on the fortress itself.'

    A Task Select screen pops up with the quests:
    Breaking Things Down
    Endless Enemies
    Hunt a Spy
    Switching Gears

    You have been assigned the task 'Endless Enemies'.

    The Clockwork Warmarshal has asked you to defeat a rather large number of Meldrath's Minions. He fears that they will amass sometime soon and come to destroy the crew of the Albatross. He wants you to remove some of them before that happens. He seemed to want hundreds of each type of them destroyed, but will be pleased enough if you can take out what you can.

    Kill 3 Recyclers - Fortress Mechanotus
    Kill 3 Troopers - Fortress Mechanotus
    Kill 3 Consecrants - Fortress Mechanotus
    Kill 3 Steamboilers - Fortress Mechanotus
    Kill 3 Mechanics - Fortress Mechanotus
    Kill 3 Flamemasters - Fortress Mechanotus
    Kill 3 Siege Specialists - Fortress Mechanotus
    Kill 3 Steamwork Mechanics - Fortress Mechanotus
    Kill 3 Steamwork Menders - Fortress Mechanotus
    Kill 3 Steamwork Troopers - Fortress Mechanotus
    Kill 3 Steamwork Strikers - Fortress Mechanotus
    Return to the Warmarshal - Fortress Mechanotus

    You say, 'Hail, Clockwork Warmarshal'

    Your task 'Endless Enemies' has been updated.

    The Warmarshal is pleased with your efforts.

    You receive a Zeka Clockwise Capping Rotator and faction with Ak'Anon Strike Force V.

    Need list of mobs that qualify, any missing information.
    Submitted by: Tanacious, Watchers, Cazic-Thule
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    Factions Raised:

    Ak'Anon Strike Force V +?

    This would be +47
    Oculus Series
    # May 13 2008 at 3:14 PM Rating: Decent
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    This is one of quite a few related tasks that ultimately allow you to attain the Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus.

    The tasks required are:

    I Can Fly
    Construction Junction, What's Your Function?
    Darwin's Award
    Farm Clean Up (any one of the three offered, you do not need all three)
    Forgetful Nanzie
    Mechamatic Spelunking
    The Steamwork You're Looking For
    Getting that Stabilizer
    Creepfeet Theivery
    Endless Enemies
    Disable the Recycler
    Hunt A Spy
    ***** Loose
    Switching Gears
    Disrupt the Workshop
    Supplies for Spies
    A Slave to Grind
    Destroying the Competition
    Power Station Blueprints
    Alloy Sampling
    Stopping Production
    Breaking Things Down


    where they are
    # Dec 27 2007 at 7:50 AM Rating: Default
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    Steamwork Strikers, Steamwork Troopers, Steamwork Menders, Steamwork Mechanics, and Mechanics can be found on the first floor, near zone in actually.
    Siege Specialists (gnomes) are near S.H.I.P. Factory zone line. Some are siting in the siege machines so look up.
    Recyclers are at the most north-western part of the zone (I think).
    Consecrants, Flamemasters and Troopers I found on the second and third floors in the bubble rooms. There are some mobs who wander in groups but they are linked. I snared one and it continued to move with it's companions warping down the path. The roamers are annoying and you need a lot of patience if you aren't going to kill them. I read somewhere that anything with "Shoker" in the name summons but I didn't test that.
    Steamboilers were on the fourth floor I believe, in the area outside the elevators.

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