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Systematic Spell Research Vol. 2  

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Item Lore:Volume two of a treatise on spell research
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Item Lore: Volume two of a treatise on spell research.
Book Text:

Systematic Spell Research
Volume Two: Parchment

Parchments are the backbone
of each spell, and only
certain parchments are able
to hold the power of spells
of a certain power level.
These parchments are not
interchangeable. If you
were to try and make a more
powerful spell with a less
powerful parchment you
might find that parchment
just burns up when you have
completed the spell. You
have enough warning by the
parchment heating up that
you can stop yourself
before it does this, and I
advise that you do so,
because these parchments
are not easy to come by.
If you try and scribe a

lower power spell on higher
power parchments, the ink
will not even leave your
quill, so all you are doing
is wasting your time.

I have so far found five
different parchments, each
of these parchments need a
different parchment
solution in order to
prepare them for receiving
a spell. You will take the
parchments that you find,
clean them with celestial
cleanser, and then
immediately, while it is
still wet with the
cleanser, treat them with
the appropriate treatment.
This treatment will get rid
of any residual marring of
the parchment and give you
a pristine base for your

spells. There are five
different treatments, each
of which works only with a
particular type of
parchment. I will explain
each of these treatments

You will see that acid is
used by the solutions, and
while you might think that
this is dangerous, and that
you will destroy your
parchment, after it has
dissolved the components
that you need for each
parchment solution it is no
longer as acidic. You will
also find that the
celestial cleanser protects
the parchment, and that is
the reason you must add the
treatment while the
parchment is still wet from

the cleanser.

To make parchment solution
you simply dissolve a fire
emerald in aqua regia, add
a vial of pure water and
heat it.

For fine parchment
solution, you will need to
not only dissolve a fire
emerald in aqua regia, but
you will also need to
dissolve two gold bars
along with it. Once it has
dissolved, add two vials of
pure water and heat it to a
boil until you have
consumed four heat sources.

Vellum parchment solution
is made by dissolving a
platinum bar with three
gold bars in aqua regia,

then adding a vial of pure
water, bringing it to a
boil and keeping it there
until you have consumed
three heat sources.

You will make fine vellum
parchment solution by
dissolving a platinum bar,
a fire opal, and a peridot
in a solution of aqua regia
and a vial of muriatic
acid. Once this is done,
add two vials of pure water
and heat it until you have
consumed two heat sources.

The final solution that I
have learned to make is for
the most powerful spells
that I have been able to
decipher. Runic parchment
solution is made by
dissolving a platinum bar,

a gold bar, and a star ruby
in a solution of aqua regia
and muriatic acid, add two
vials of pure water and
heat it.

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