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Celestial Essence  

Quest Item
This item can be used in tradeskills.
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Item Type:Combinable
Merchant Value:1 pp 2 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:rale
Item Updated By:Gidono
IC Last Updated:2022-11-27 19:16:57
Page Updated:Mon Jun 15th, 2020

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Crafted: This item is crafted by players.


This item is used in quests.
Expansion List - Premium only.

Abysmal Sea
Quest Name
Chef Chowderly's Award-Winning Recipes

East Cabilis
Quest Name
Warrior Pike #8 (Pride of the Legion)

Fungus Grove
Quest Name
Protection of the Cabbage (Earring)

Goru`kar Mesa
Quest Name
Ciodaru and Kathryn #3: Ciodaru's Second Gift

Greater Faydark
Quest Name
Blessed Faydark Swiftbolt

Plane of Tranquility
Quest Name
Leather Ornate Tranquility Armor
Silk Ornate Tranquility Armor

Used in 81 recipes.
Recipe list - Premium only.

Uploaded January 12th, 2023 by iventheassassin
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Celestial Solvent
# Jul 28 2016 at 12:39 PM Rating: Default
28 posts
Or you can just buy Celestial Solvent from Darius Gandrill in PoK
Celestial Solvent
# Oct 02 2016 at 2:34 PM Rating: Good
662 posts
Celestial Solvent is solid by him, but celestial essence is not. It is still only crafted by players and the easiest recipe uses The Scent of Marr since it can be purchased in an unlimited supply from poison and research vendors. Celestial Solvent is an ingredient to make Celestial Essence.

Edited, Oct 2nd 2016 4:37pm by Kynsh
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Muertenie Petitmort 350 Master Tinker
Kadcea 350 Master Alchemist
Orelinde 350 Master Poison Maker
Kynsh/Rabon/Atracker and a whole host of additional alts
Povar via Quellious via Rodcet Nife

item drops changed
# Nov 17 2014 at 11:54 PM Rating: Decent
Most of the items listed that drop are gone from the game. "The Scent of Marr" can be purchased from 'Sansus Rasumus' in POK.
Celestial solvent x 3
# Apr 02 2011 at 9:41 AM Rating: Decent
601 posts

The new recipe makes 3 these days

Mixing Bowl, Scent of Marr (3) and Concentrated Celestial Solvent

All can purchased in POK

Morromid (Everquest)
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Sold in PoK
# Jul 28 2010 at 4:18 PM Rating: Decent
24 posts
Sold IN PoK off Darius Gandril
Sold in PoK
# Jul 28 2010 at 9:36 PM Rating: Excellent
6,998 posts
kleeb wrote:
Sold IN PoK off Darius Gandril

Someone likely sold one to him.
Easiest way to make these is
# Sep 19 2006 at 3:21 AM Rating: Decent
Mixing Bowl, Scent of Marr and Celestial Solvent is the absolute easiest way.

Detailed info for where to find in PoK is at


Special thanks to tinamou for providing exact locations/names of vendors. Typically these will sell for 4-5pp in bazaar. I generally sell (on average) 400-500 a night (when I'm actively making these.) Easist way to make money. A little time consuming, but if you find a method to making them, you will do just fine.

Edited, Sep 19th 2006 at 7:31am EDT by sabarazz
Making Celestial Essence
# Dec 13 2005 at 2:09 PM Rating: Decent
You and also get The Scent of Marr and Celestial Solvant off Uiyaniv Tu'Vrozix (Poison vendor) in Abysmal Sea to make the Celestial Essence in a mixing bowl... no fail and don't have to hunt down mobs for the stuff!! :)
baking skill
# Sep 28 2005 at 11:54 AM Rating: Decent
is now made using a mixing bowl. triv at 15. celestial solvent and the scent of marr can both be bought in POK.
Celestiel Essence
# Jul 08 2004 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
on kael drakkal server scent of marr and celstiel solvent combined in mortar and pestle is not working. i have tried all possibilities... too bad
RE: Celestiel Essence
# Nov 17 2004 at 4:20 AM Rating: Decent
Rodcet Nife is having same problem... Can not combine scent of marr and celestial solvent in a Mortar and Pestle to make celestial essence... pissin me off too
RE: Celestiel Essence
# Jul 08 2004 at 1:37 PM Rating: Excellent
6,998 posts
Try a mixing bowl instead of a mortar and pestle.
research comp???
# Jun 22 2004 at 9:24 PM Rating: Default
208 posts
Does it matter wht component???
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New Recipe
# Mar 16 2004 at 12:12 PM Rating: Excellent
As of today this is now made in a mixing bowl with baking skill triv 15
RE: New Recipe
# Mar 25 2004 at 10:26 AM Rating: Excellent
346 posts
They made this into a tradeskill so that it could be made using the new window, it is still no-fail however. I've made hundereds and never failed. All the components you can use to make it are also listed in the tradeskill window I find the easiest to use is the tears of prexus, essence of marr, wings of xegony they are found on many venders especially in PoK and makes the combining alot faster then using a dozen diffrent components.
RE: New Recipe
# Mar 17 2004 at 6:10 AM Rating: Decent
26 posts
anyone know if it is still a no fail?
RE: New Recipe
# Mar 20 2004 at 7:45 AM Rating: Default
222 posts
If there is a trivial, then it can fail.
One nice thing about the new way of doing it, i have more use for a mixing bowl than Mortar and pestle. at least I dont have a slot taken up by an item that i use raely, and cann replace it with a 10 slot bag. Nice, but it sucks that we were notified of a major change in the way of doing things. as if there arent enough things for the programmers to fixing the bugs that they should have caught on test

Edited, Sat Mar 20 07:45:45 2004
RE: New Recipe
# Mar 20 2004 at 2:40 PM Rating: Good
105 posts
It is in fact still no-fail, it has always been. In fact all no-fail items that are related to a tradeskill have a trivial of 15 if I remember correctly, as I remember getting skillups on many different quest combines, such as the Earring of the Solstice final combine (no-fail in the forge) for example. The trivial of 15 is a nice bonus that'll get your skill up to 15 (not a big deal, you can train higher than that with guildmaster).

Edited, Sat Mar 20 14:39:38 2004
Incorrect recipe
# Aug 08 2003 at 1:14 PM Rating: Default
On 8/8/03 I created Celestial Essence in a mortar and pestle using only The Scent of Marr and Celestial Solvent. No research components were required, nor were any that are listed in this thread allowed in the mortar/pestle.
RE: Incorrect recipe
# Sep 01 2003 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
158 posts
Scent of Marr is a research component for mage spells. Always has been.
# Jul 14 2003 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
Words of collection (azia) works
Even Faster
# May 11 2003 at 10:33 AM Rating: Excellent
20 posts
To make the Celestial Essence even faster I found 1 spot where you can buy all the things you need. And all the vendors selling the different items are only a few feet away from each other.
I have been sniffing around in POK and yes....
Where you zone in from any pok book, face north West and run to the building you see.
1. Mortar & Pestle
Name : Ciren Darkbog (-131, 1421)
He's upstairs, first door on the right

2. Celestial Solvent
Name : Darius Gandril (52, 1530)
He's in the little square, between this building underneath one of the tents

3. Scent of Mar
Name : Loran Thu'Leth (-112, 1407)
He's in the same room as Ciren Darkbog.

Now go make that poison...
RE: Even Faster
# Oct 05 2003 at 3:14 PM Rating: Decent
Nice post. Detail is most precious.
Scent Of Mar - Cheap and Easy
# May 11 2003 at 5:19 AM Rating: Excellent
20 posts
Cut all this talking. Just buy these three items at the following location and you will be creating Celestial Essence in no time:
1. Scent of Marr
Location : East Commons
Name NPC : Lyth Spellstar
She is to be found in the hut left of the Inn. That Inn is the be found right after you zone in from WC to EC on your left side. The same spot where that lady is that sells batwings.

2. Mortar & Pestle
Location : Shadow Heaven - +199, -38 - that is building 8 on eqatlas map
Name : Ferusal

3. Celestial Solvent
Location : Shadow Heaven - +326, -89
Name : Sedaitam Cournsian

I hope this will help - Greets from Belgium
Location :
Poisonmaking, actually...
# Apr 20 2003 at 2:33 AM Rating: Good
748 posts
Allakhazam says this is made using non-tradeskill. Technically, it's made using poisonmaking, but it's no-fail and trivial at 0 poisonmaking skill, so you need not be a rogue to make it.
Selling for 3p
# Apr 16 2003 at 2:03 PM Rating: Decent
Currently selling for low of 3p in Bristlebane Bazaar.
Research Components
# Sep 17 2002 at 1:32 PM Rating: Excellent
This is the information available on the EQTRADERS site as of Sept. 17th, 2002.

The URL is:

The following are confirmed to work:

Nitilim's Grimoire pages 35,36,115,116,300,301,351,352,378,379,400,401,415,416,449,450

Salil's Writ pages
left 174, left 282, left 153

Acquisition (Beza), Bidding, Bondage, Burnishing, Cazic-Thule, Collection (A,B, and C), Convocation, Crippling Force, Descrying, Dissolution, Ethereal, Grappling, Incarceration,Obligation, Odus, Projection, Psyche, Requisition, Seizure, Spectre, Suffering.

Al'Kabor, Ap'Sagor, Astral, Conception, Combine, Concussion, Crippling, Embrace, Frost, Helix, Impetus, Infraction, Inverse, Paralysis, Petrification, Rathe, Tyranny.

Breath of Ro, Essence of Rathe, Flame of Vox, Golves of Rallos Zek, Tears of Prexus, Scent of Marr.

In testing:
Salil's Writ, right 282, Words of Collection, Enchantment, and Subordination.
RE: Research Components
# May 08 2004 at 2:25 AM Rating: Decent
Although you can buy some of these components in PoK, I just got done with 2 Mistmoore LDoNs & have 2 backpacks full of runes, words, etc. from the list of components. So it would seem that this is where to get them as drops.

Not sure about other LDoNs. Will check now. =)
See Notes...
# Sep 15 2002 at 1:28 PM Rating: Default
What notes?
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