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Tier One in Secrets of Faydwer consists of Dragonscale Hills and the Loping Plains. These zones have been designed to be about as hard at level 80 as Jewel of Atiiki was at level 75.

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Difficulty Info

T1 zones are roughly equivalent to Atiiki in The Buried Sea in terms of difficulty. T1 zones do not have organized armor sets, but have a complete contingent of weapons and "offslots" roughly equivalent to Katta Castrum vendored gear in terms of HP/Mana/Mod 2's.


T1 is the only set of zones in SoF that does not have a complete armor set. T1 has offslots, but not "main" (wrists, legs, BP, gauntlets, helm, arms) slots.


Name Link Drop Info Damage/Delay Type Proc
Lelluran's Scarred Longsword Here Bloodmoon Battlemaster 27/23 Generic 1hs Fiery Strike II
Wirlem's ArchbladeHere Frenzied Shadowmane 49/34 Knight-only 1hs None
Eldanddor's AvengerHere Shadowmane Beastman 56/32 Generic 2hs Flesh Rot
Lelluran's MaceHere Shadowmane Totemcaller 30/26 Generic 1hb Lifesap I
Flail of RedemptionHere Diddle D 35/25 Priest-only 1hb (spamhammer) Hand of Holy Vengeance V
Faende's Swagger StickHere Debilitated Skeleton 21/25 Caster-only 1hb None
Orrel's War-StaffHere Shadowmane Champion 60/35 Generic 2hb Freezing Strike IV
FearpointHere Overseer Sickletooth and Chief Thundragon 21/19 Generic 1hp Lifesap I
Bejeweled ParrypointHere Fiddle D 24/21 Secondary-only 1hp Ethereal Strike
Steamwork ShivHere Click-o-nik 16/21 Caster-only 1hp None
Dreadfall PikeHere Leafrot 54+1/31 Generic 2hp Freezing Strike II
Dawnlight ZweihanderHere Arachnotron 56+2/32 Knight-only 2hp Fiery Strike IV
Dawnlight FistwrapsHere Arachnotron 24/20 HtH Fiery Strike II
Steamwork Compound BowHere Diddle D, Witchkin 29/24 Bow Improved Dodge I

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