Research is a tradeskill that allows non-priest casters to research and create spells through combining components. Pure casters may pick this tradeskill up at level 20.

Often, the combination of paper, pen, and two other components (such as a word or writ) will allow the spell researcher to create a spell.

The spell created does not have to be limited to the class of player researching the spell. For example, necromancers can just easily make magician spells, wizards may create druid spells, and magicians may create ranger spells. Obviously, only spells that actually exist can be created.

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First of all, if your skill is at 0, be sure to train 1 (one) point in Research at your guildmaster. This will set your Research level to your current character level.

Trivial 262 : Researcher Ceramic Clay
Drake Wing Webbing drops off drakes in Sunderock Springs.
Small Block of Magic Clay is made with Pottery (21 trivial) using Large Block of Magic Clay created using a level 8 Enchanter spell.
Inks, Quill and Thickener are sold at Spell Research vendors.
In a spell research table, combine 1 Drake Wing Webbing, 1 Ink Additive of the Nameless, 1 Ink of Prexus, 1 Quill of the Arcane, 1 Small Block of Magic Clay and 1 Soothing Thickener to make 1 Researcher Ceramic Clay (stacks to 100).

Trivial 375 : Combat Spellbook
Mystic Ash is bought (12.5 PP) from Alchemy vendors.
Piece of Parchment is bought (1.5 GP) from Research vendors.
Writing Ink is a random global drop.
In a spell research table, combine 1 Mystic Ash, 5 Piece of Parchment and 1 Writing Ink to make 1 Combat Spellbook (doesn't stack).

Trivial 402 : Guidestone
Ethenere Essence is a common forage and drop from the Call of the Forsaken expansion.
Stone of Marking is bought (105 PP) from Jimmar Kadd (Wizard Teleports) and Wail Wallet (Druid Teleports) in Ethernere Tainted West Karana, as well as from Tak Whistler at the druid circle in North Karana.
In a spell research table, combine 1 Ethernere Essence and 1 Stone of Marking to make 1 Guidestone (doesn't stack).


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