EQ:Int casters  

"Int" casters, wizards, magicians, enchanters, and necromancers, utilize intelligence as their most important statistic. The base intelligence determines mana pool capacity for these casters. These casters are restricted to wearing silk armors, which have the lowest armor class. They suffer the lowest skill caps for both defensive and physically offensive skills, and have the fewest defensive and physically offensive skills.

Intelligence casters are offensive at their core by way of magic. As thus, receive the lowest return of hit points gained by thier stamina statisic, resulting in the lowest overall hit pointsof any class.

Intelligence-based spell casters can also perform spell research, a tradeskill gained at level 20 that allows them to combine components to create spells. This can, sometimes, be a more cost effective method than purchasing rarer spells in the Bazaar, and quicker or easier than obtaining the spell through slaying monsters.

Shadow knights, a hybrid class of warrior and necromancer, also utilize intelligence as a base statisic for their base mana pool and spell casting.

Bards are a hybrid class that utilize intelligence for their mana yet cast no spells. Their songs emulate spells quite effectively though and normally utilize no mana. However, there are a number of songs that require mana, the mana pool is for these songs.


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