Bethun Brewbeard [ Raids and Mission ]  

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In The Eastern Wastes (ToV): Griklor the Restless:

You say, 'Hail, Bethun Brewbeard'
Bethun Brewbeard says, 'Ah, hail. I would be grateful if you kept your voice down, though. The Ry'Gorr don't like intruders, even less so since they died. If you are ready and willing to [fight] them, then please, shout all you want. Though I suppose if you need a chance to recover I can help. That orc is pretty stupid, and I think I can buy you time to [reset] your efforts if needed. Of course, if you really want to avoid that, then you might want to [leave].'

Bethun Brewbeard says, 'Hail there. It is good to see you adventurers back on Velious again. We could sure use your [help].'

You say, 'help'
Bethun Brewbeard says, 'I've been a scout for my people for a few years now. I volunteered to help out, much to the chagrin of my [uncle]. My task has been to keep an eye on the Ry'Gorr in case they build an army and start to take some offensive actions. Of course, now there isn't any way for me to warn my people and they should be safe no matter what those smelly orcs get up to. But other people out here won't be. And I have indeed seen some [strange things] happening in their fort.'

You say, 'uncle'
Bethun Brewbeard says, 'Grimthor? Yeh, he wanted me to take over his part of the bar when he retired. He assumed it would be the best thing for me. Well, uncle, not everyone wants to stand in sticky beer puddles all day long. Some of us want to go outside and do things. Do interesting things!' Bethun pauses and takes a deep breath. `Sorry, I get carried away. My uncle was pretty mad when I took up working for the scouts. I've learned a lot and they seem to think I'm good at my work, so I volunteered to stay out here after the lockdown. I'm pretty sure uncle Grimthor is still mad about it.'

You say, 'strange things'
Bethun Brewbeard says, 'Well, things other than most of them being taken over and turned into undead monsters by whatever is happening around here. They have a new leader, a very strong orc that has some sort of control over the ice near him. It's scary to watch what he can do. I worry that he might be able to break into Thurgadin with his power. If you are willing to [lend a hand], I would really like to destroy that orc before its too late.'

You say, 'lend a hand'
Bethun Brewbeard says, 'That is a kind offer that I will certainly take you up on. Just let me know when you and your friends are [ready]. You do have friends, right? I wouldn't try to tackle this beast with anything less than a [small] army, though I would prefer a [large] one.'

You say, 'small'
Bethun Brewbeard says, 'We'll make do. Thanks for your help, just let me know when you are [ready] and we will get going.'
You have been assigned the task 'Griklor the Restless'.

Say fight to start the task.

Say 'reset to reset the task.

Say leave to leave the instance.

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Level: 112
Expansion: Torment of Velious
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Known Habitats:
  The Eastern Wastes (ToV)

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