Raid Expedition: Atrebe's Vault  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Expedition
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Loot
  • Money
Success Lockout Timer: 108:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Empires of Kunark
Group Size:Raid
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Thu Feb 9 20:25:21 2017
Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020
Say large force to Praetor Garont in Scorched Woods to trigger the raid. The person triggering must have the Familiar Empires (raid) achievement,including those 4 achievements :
- Di`Zok Royal Seal (Raid)
- Partisan of Lceanium
- Partisan of The Scorched Woods
- Partisan of Chardok

Say ready to enter the raid instance.

This event occurs in Chardok: Royal Assault, after defeating Queen Velazul Di`zok. The event is found in the underground vault area in the northern slaver caves. You will find the Ancient Guardian the Vault roaming around the main vault room, and four untargetable imperial constructs posted at the doors to the chambers off of the main vault. The Ancient Guardian of the Vault has a high-damage environmental aura (meaning it affects you once per second, not per tick) that depletes resources, and he continues to wander while you combat the vault's defenses. The event is started automatically when anybody steps into the main vault room and progresses through timed stages. If you need to wipe the event, all players must leave the main vault room. If anybody remains in the room, even off of aggro (such as through feign death), the event will continue to run.
An unseen voice shouts, 'You will suffer for defiling our sacred vault, Yourname1, Yourname2...'
The empty vault suddenly turns silent. For event wipe.

The design of this raid is to punish you for stacking up on each other, because of various synergistic/viral/overlapping spell effects. You will also need to keep aware of your surroundings, having to constantly dodge the Ancient Guardian's aura. Lastly, all fighting must be done in the main vault room, not in any of the side chambers. If you attempt to fight any mob outside of the main vault, it will: warp into the main room, summon you, strip itself of debuffs, strip most of your buffs with Balance of the Nameless, and reset its aggro.

Weapons Phase
There are three different kinds of animated weapons, and they will spawn in the four corners of the main room. Executioner's Axes are simple melee mobs. Essence Hammers use the Bonk! spell (a frontal cone AE nuke for 75K and short stun) and should be tanked facing away from the raid. Magical Siphons use the Mana Destruction spell (lowers current mana, increases the damage from Bonk! by 300K) and memblurs itself to find new mana-using targets. Because of the damage-amplifying and mana-seeking nature of the siphons, it is recommended to tank them away from the raid and to use Warriors for that purpose. The weapons spawn in several waves, and you have 4 minutes and 30 seconds to complete this phase before the next phase starts automatically.
a magical siphon buzzes and seeks magical power in a new target.

Book Phase
An unseen voice shouts, 'Knowledge is power.'
A Lorenado and several Living Tomes spawn in the side chambers and path into the main vault. The Lorenado uses the Whirling Confusion spell (targeted AE spinstun), and the Tomes use the Hush spell (single target Silence/Amnesia that can viral spread to others). You have 2 minutes and 40 seconds to complete this phase before the next phase starts automatically.

Golem Phase
You hear a hushed groaning sound as the clay guardians spring to life!
The four Imperial Constructs become targetable and go active. They use Golem's Grasp on their main target, which means that the primary tank is leashed to the golem and cannot move it. To move the golem, a secondary tank will need to use an aggro-lock ability to force the golem to chase them. Repositioning the golems is important because all four of them cast Footstomp (large range PB AE nuke for 185K) at exactly the same time, every 20 seconds. You have 4 minutes to complete this phase before the next phase starts automatically.

Dervish Phase
A trio of elemental dervishes descends upon you!
Three elemental dervishes spawn from the same point, on the west side of the main vault. They will roam in different directions, but are aggressive and can attack the same target. The Core of Stone has a Grinding Stones aura (75K DoT, 1K damage to endurance, increases incoming melee damage by 30%). The Core of Lightning casts the Shock of Lightning spell (105K nuke, knockback, 60% snare and melee slow) on its main target every 25 seconds. The Core of Flame has a Burning Ash aura (77K damage and Amnesia effect), and the aura's effects are applied as environmental damage (every second). All three spell effects increase the damage dealt by the other spells by 200K, so the Cores should not be fought near each other. This phase does not progress automatically, but you have a limited amount of time to kill the dervishes or else they respawn. The first window is 90 seconds to kill all three dervishes. Each time you fail to kill all three, the window granted gains 20 more seconds (thus 1:30 for the first attempt, 1:50 for the second, 2:10 for the third, etc).
Because they were not all slain, the trio of elemental dervishes are restored!

The Ancient Guardian
The Ancient Guardian of the Vault regains his vision and attacks!
The Ancient Guardian loses his damaging aura and ceases his aimless wandering, now attacking the raid directly. He casts Rambling Bones (large PB AE 119K DoT that interrupts spells and lowers double attack chance) every 85 seconds and has full damage wild rampages. Rambling Bones can be cured with 45 disease counters.
Your bones start to move, as if trying to leave your body.
At 75%, the Ancient Guardian will go off of aggro to channel summoning a totem.
Ancient Guardian of the Vault chants in a hollow, eerie voice.
22 seconds later, the Guardian will resume combat with his aggro reset.
The ancient undead summons forth a mystical totem.
The Totem of Obedience spawns in the middle of the north chamber at this time. The totem creates a tomb guardian that rushes the raid every 25 seconds. The Circle of Meekness, Circle of Reverence, and Circle of Submission also spawn in the north and two west chambers. An Orb of Meekness, Orb of Reverence, and Orb of Submission are groundspawns that can be found in the middle of the main vault room. Three different people must pick up the Orbs and perform a coordinated, simultaneous activation of them at their corresponding Circles. On a success, the Circles may shuffle locations. Perform the coordinated activation again to completely disable the Totem. If there is a mismatch between an Orb and the Circle it is used on, the Circle will activate and cast an associated spell on the raid, not just the Orb user. Meekness is a 75% reduction in melee damage and a 75% melee slow. Reverence is an unresistable mez for 36 seconds. Submission is an unresistable charm for 18 seconds.
a tomb guardian shouts, 'I am strong!' (add spawned)
The orbs, used together, weaken the Circles of Sympathy. (first success)
The Circles of Sympathy fade and the totem loses all power. (second success)
Every 3 minutes, the Ancient Guardian will start summoning another Totem if you disabled the previous one, repeating the same actions as when he summoned the first Totem, including the loss of aggro and timing to resume combat. Any Orbs in your inventory will be removed, so you'll have to pick up another set from the center of the main room.
The Ancient Guardian will also begin buffing himself with Immaterial Form (70% melee damage reduction) or Skeletal Form (70% spell and DoT reduction).
At 35%, the Ancient Guardian will begin performing mana checks on every player in the event area, regardless of aggro. He performs this check every 65 seconds, and you have 10 seconds to get into the correct range. Mana users must maintain a mana level greater than 30% but less than 70%.
The ancient undead probes your magical essences.
10 seconds later...
The ancient undead uses your excess mana to summon a ghost.
Your mana is too low to prevent the ancient undead from calling a skeleton to attack you.

If your mana is greater than 70%, a ghostly guardian spawns directly on top of you. The ghost casts Soul Drain (99K nuke) and can be killed via kiting. If your mana is less than 30%, a skeletal guardian spawns directly on top of you. The skeleton casts Mana Link (2500 mana tap) and can be killed by offtanking (it self-casts Frenetic Energy if not moving).
As the apparition chases you, it appears to lose some of its solidity.
Defeat the Ancient Guardian before being overrun by undead adds.

Each player earns 10 Ancient Sebilisian Coins and 1 Seal of the Kar`Zok on a win.

The chest drops 2 pieces of Amorphous Velazul armor, 2-4 pieces of other loot, 3-5 Runes of Kunark for Rk. III spells, 2 Ancient Sebilisian Coins, 2 Di`Zok Royal Seals, and a chance for 1 Element of Kunark. "Other loot" includes:
Bond of Scale
Careworn Case
Compressed Copper Stud
Drak, Blade of Scale
God's Eye Amulet
Hornscale Blade
Moon's Glave
Stone of the Xulous

Submitted by: KoryuRagestorm
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Raid Strat
# Nov 25 2017 at 7:09 AM Rating: Excellent
551 posts
"Maedhros, post: 3599734, member: 1829" wrote:
Atrebe's Vault is more difficult than the Queen and arguably the hardest raid in EOK after you complete the Essence of the Dragon 2 ACH for the majority of your raid.
While the Queen is mostly a dps check raid with a sprinkle of high healing and tanking requirements, Atrebe's Vault will test all facets of your raid crew and push them to their limits.

So much of the preparation on this raid is resting on the raid leaders shoulders.
It's important to set the raid groups up a bit differently on this if you can manage it.
I have found the best results by breaking my tanking and healing into four groups as evenly balanced as I can.
If you have four of each tank type that would be ideal for synergy(SK epic, Warrior Aura, Paladin Aura and group armor) but it can still be done with a less than ideal set up.
Spread the talent out so that you have at least one exceptional tank in each group. The rest are backing up the exceptional tank.
You want at least one cleric per tank group, and utilize the shammys and druids to make sure you get at least two total healers per tank group.
Do not stack your two best healers in one group, you need to spread the healing talent as well. If you have a cleric mixed with a druid or shammy, make sure they can compliment each other.
You dont want to put your worst cleric with your worst druid in one of these tank groups, it will just fall. Insolate your weaker healers with a strong healer.
Note: I am sure there are many guilds that are not breaking down to four tank groups on this that are still successful. I had found that when trying to use 3 tank groups on this, if a healer was standing too far away from the rest of their group, the heals would not fire or land on all the tanks. By breaking down to four tank groups, you can prevent any confusion and the groups will move more smoothly as a unit.
Assign each tank group a corner for the golem phase and make sure the healers are paying attention to the assignment as they have to move with the group during the golem phase.

You're effectively going to be losing 1 dps group from what I would call the ideal raid set up of 3 tank groups, 3 melee groups and 3 caster groups.
Try to throw the weaker melee toons in a tank group that has a shammy as secondary healer, or throw a weaker caster in a tank group that has a druid as a secondary healer.
Youre going to need your 5 remaining dps groups to be as stacked as you can make them.
Atrebe's Vault does have heavy dps checks, but you can work around some of it, the first few phases are going to test your tank crew far more than anything else.

User Image
Set up at location A on the map. You want to get your buffs and assignments sorted out without someone pulling a Leeroy Jenkins and starting the event if you prep down below near the entryway.
This is where corpses will pop after a wipe anyways so its best to establish it as the prep spot for buffs.

Assign and coordinate Celestial Regen, Ancestral Aid, Peaceful Spirit of the wood, Auspice of the Hunter, Warcry, AE Paragon and all the circles. Guardian Circle is incredibly useful on Weapon and Book phases.
Make sure players have their good Power Sources on and click their Geomantra everytime its up, and have it on during prep. Encourage use of stamina heavy type 5 augs for players with lower hit points.
Make sure healers have their version of Nature Spirits, Divine Spirits, or Responsive Spirits up.
Make sure healers Alliance is on all the tanks. Most people advocate utilizing Shammy version of Alliance.
Make sure druids and Shammys keep Ferocious Growth on themselves as well as whatever additional targets they need to put it on.
Raid leader should make room in each group for a shammy to hit Group pact of the wolf and then finalize the groups afterwards. Group pact looks to be one of the buffs that cannot be cast on other groups after the November nerf patch.
Paladins need to be ready to twincast Splash everytime its up.
Clerics should be ready to cast Splash everytime its up too, though you can cut them slack on the twincasting.
Shaman need to be casting Glacial Gift to twincast Shear of Renewal followed immediately by Spiritual Swell every time its up. Keep Krasirs Recourse on full time and hit Lions roar every minute when it pops. Be ready with Historians if someone takes a big AE or spike.
Druids should be casting group heals when they see anyone hit 90% or less. Dont wait til a finger wiggler hits 50% to heal, you will often find they are dead before the heal lands.
I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly necessary good AE healing is on this raid.
Casters should keep Shield of Consequence up full time, and use any self runes you can.
Enchanters need to hit every group with Legion, Glyph spray and whatever other runes you can before engage and throughout the event if possible.
There is probably a lot of good prep advice that I have missed that will hopefully get mentioned by the community on their replies.

Once you are ready to rock you can call an AFK check in voicechat* and have everyone move from Prep spot A to Prep spot B. There should be no more afks once you move to Prep B.
At Prep spot B you can get a visual track on the boss. You are going to have to wait for him to be in a safe location before the raid enters the main room.
The boss walks around the room fairly randomly. He definitely has a track and you can get the feel for it with enough experience, but I doubt anyone can predict his next move with 100% certainty.
To my knowledge there is nowhere in the main room that is safe from his pathing but could be wrong.
He has a big purple Aura around him that causes a ton of damage to anyone that it strikes, as well as a significant mana drain.

Phase 1 - Weapons
Gina trigger - An unseen voice shouts, 'You will suffer for defiling our sacred vault = 4min 30sec until Book phase goes live.

My guild runs in and hugs left to corner 1 on the map when the boss is in a good spot. Any corner could work, but this is what I use.
Casters and healers can be facing away from the corner and actively keeping an eye on the boss. If he starts to walk too close to the corner, call out in voice chat so people can get out of there.
Keep everyone in tight and ensure that no one is far away from the corner. Healers, casters and rangers will tend to stay too far back, call them out and get them in close as possible to the rest of the crew.
There are several reasons that you need to stay tight here.
1. You need your AE healing cranked up to max on this. Players that are too far away may avoid some AE's but will most likely miss AE heals. Stay tight, Knuckle up and power through.
2. Siphons will do the same type of AE-blur that Chokidai throughout EOK use. All the weapon types that are present will be looking for a new target after blur, most likely whoever agros first. It could be a nuke, it could be a heal, it could be melee damage. The Siphon is going to likely run directly to wherever that first person on agro is standing. If this player is too far away its a problem.
3. Directly related to item 2, if a weapon gets blurred and runs off, it is now out of range of melee damage range. This is a dps check event, it goes without saying that anything that hurts melee dps is bad. Keep it tight and spoon feed those mobs to the tanks and melee.

Weapons spawn in waves from the different corners of the room and will usually head straight for the raid. Its possible for one to not agro, and just idle in the corner. Be aware of this and pull them right away. Don't get behind.
If I remember correctly it is 4 mobs per wave, 2 Axes, 1 Siphon and 1 hammer. 3 or 4 total waves. Someone correct me if I am wrong please.
Tanks all need to have a target. Unless you have a major stud tank like a Zaknaffein, Fintank or Lyquid caliber, you're going to struggle 1 tanking this with Fort/Deflection and AE agro. You can definitely try this, it was easier before the Harmonious nerfs, but its a challenge now. I still start the raid like this, and have other tanks try to peel mobs off the studs.
Priority for weapons should be to kill Hammers first, followed by Siphons and finish up on the Axes. Hammers cast a big nasty frontal AE DD. Tanks will obviously try to face them away from the bulk of the raid-force, but every time a Siphon does its blur pulse the hammers will be pointing any which direction and potentially hitting their AE's on the squishiest people. Need to get them down fast. After hammers are down, take out the Siphons so the blur nonsense stops. Axes hit hard but are comparatively little threat.
Your dps needs to be using their heaviest short refresh abilities. You want to save any heavy dps abilities that have a long refresh for the dervish phase.
Note: the regen on these weapons is absurd. The raid needs to have high discipline with their /assisting. If you are cranking enough dps and get partially ahead of the waves you will encounter times that you are attacking a Siphon or an Axe while another wave spawns. It is imperative to stay on the Siphon or Axe and finish it before switching to the next hammer. If you have an axe at 50% and leave it to swap to the hammer, that axe will regen back to 100% before you ever get the hammer down. Additionally, if you try to split dps on multiple targets, you are allowing each mob to regen for longer. Kill 1 mob fast and move to the next highest priority target.
Keeping the regen in mind, there is very little value to AEing this phase other than to pad your parse. Any weapon that doesn't have the full combined dps of the raid force against it will be regenning too hard for AE's to cause much affect.
After the Siphons are dead, casters and healers can move back to the entry way in preparation for the book phase.
Keep an eye on that gina trigger for the book phase. Tanks need to be ready to pick up books as they spawn in the room to the north of the main big room and then path to the raid.

Phase 2 - Books
Gina trigger - knowledge is power = 3min 30sec until Golem phase.

Whether you have finished the weapons or not, books are now live. The total number of books appears to vary. There is also a "mini boss book" the Lorenado.
Pull the books close to the SE corner along the south wall so that casters will still have line of sight from the entryway.
Books cast an AE silence. This is why caster, healers and rangers need to be at the door to avoid it. Since the books will silence the tanks, their agro is going to be crap. Casters and rangers really need to pay attention to their agro. You do not want to pull a book off a tank to the door and silence all the healers. That's a fast way to a wipe.
Save the Lorenado for last. Keep an eye on the gina trigger for the Golem phase. Tank groups need to be in position for the golems before the Lorenado dies.

Phase 3 - Golems.
Gina trigger - you hear a hushed groan = 3min 55sec until Dervish phase

Whether you have finished books or not, golems are now live.
Golems are tricky. You are going to want your tanks standing in their assigned corners and using long range spells to pull the golems. SK's are awesome at this with Hates Attraction, Mindless and Terrors. Paladins can get by with Force of Disruption and Dicho. Not sure what warriors can use to pull the golems to a corner, hopefully someone can suggest something. The golems cast a lurch so if a tank is trying to run up to their golem and pull it with short range abilities or Tunare forbid, just melee whacking them, then the tank is likely to get lurched right in that spot. Quickly pulling each golem to its assigned corner is critical. If a primary Golem tank gets lurched in the middle of the room, a backup tank must use an ability like Unflinching to pull the golem to the corner asap. Golems cast an AE stomp DD. If two golems are too close together, you get double stomped and probably die. Until your tanks get good at pulling the golems to assigned corners, and manage to stay alive, this is going to be a major roadblock on this raid. Once tanks are up to speed and golems are getting positioned quickly every attempt, you can start to make some progress.
Kill the southwest golem at corner 2 first then go clockwise so that you finish up in corner 1 south east. You could pick any corner, but you want to be near the entryway when dervs spawn, rather than way deep in the room.
Keep an eye on that gina trigger for the dervs going live. Healers and casters especially have to be disciplined and stay close to whichever corner you're actively fighting a golem in. If youre wandering out in the middle of two golems you might get double stomped.
You're going to want to kill the final golem and have everyone get out of the room right away except the tanks.
Note: Healer and caster classes that struggle at mana expenditure will want to touch the edge of the bosses purple aura to drop their mana down to around 50-60% during this phase but be careful to not die to the damage portion while you do that.
More info on the boss phase portion of the write up.

Phase 4 - Dervishes
Gina trigger - a trio of elemental dervishes descends upon you = 1min 30 sec until dervs repop

Dervishes appear to spawn in the small rooms to the west, X or Y on the map.
Set a knight in the middle of the room ready with deflection. Pretty much a speed-bump.
Have 3 of the tank groups assigned to one dervish each, and the remaining group ready as backup in case a tank group fails.
Pull the Flame Dervish to SE corner, 1 on map.
Pull the Lightning Dervish to NE corner, 4 on map.
Pull the Stone Dervish to the middle of the east side of the room, just inside the Entryway. Do not pull any of the Dervs outside the main room. Tanks should be standing at their final tank location when they pull the dervish from range.
The first few times you do this and your dps is still struggling, take advantage of the mechanics of this phase. After 90 seconds, the trio of dervishes will reset to 100% and any that have died will respawn. As you have wasted some of the timer of the first spawn pulling them to their tank locations, just wait til they reset. They will already be in position and lined up nice for you to kill. Each successive time that you fail to kill all three dervishes, the next reset will be longer and longer each time. If your dps is particularly bad, you might want to just let them reset several times before you go full burn to try to kill them.
The Flame Dervish does an ability similar to the fog that Warcasters cast. The tank is going to need hard and heavy heals. Put one of your most reliable tanks on it.
The other two dervishes are much easier to deal with, but still your 3 best tanks should be used on these 3.
When you're ready to full burn, assign casters and rangers to dps the Flame Derv.
Melee on the Stone Derv. It appears to be vulnerable to blunt weapon damage but was never able to confirm with 100% certainty. When Flame and Stone are dead, everyone finishes off Lightning.

Congrats, you just beat the hard part. There is still more but the boss should be a slam dunk if you can control your mana.

Posted with permission from Maedhros
Orb and Totems
# Sep 16 2017 at 12:37 PM Rating: Decent
240 posts
Killed way to slow but found that he continues to summon totems. I think its actually a 3 minute timer vice % health. As we dealt with 7 of them.

Also seems that if you miss a single click there is no way to recover it and get rid of the totem. The circles say used but the totem is not gone. Getting new orbs does not fix it.
The Power of Hate conquers all foes.
Leader of The Silent Minority a Rathe Guild
Orbs and Circles
# Apr 26 2017 at 1:04 AM Rating: Good
138 posts
Updated with missing info about using the Orbs and Circles to disable the Totem, and what happens if you do it wrong.
Event info
# Apr 11 2017 at 4:06 PM Rating: Good
138 posts
Updated with event walkthrough. This event still needs more information regarding the 3 Orbs and their interactions with the 3 Circles.
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