Raid Expedition: An Ancient Dragon  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Expedition
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Loot
  • Money
Success Lockout Timer: 108:00:00
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Empires of Kunark
Group Size:Raid
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Modified: Sat Feb 8 15:50:13 2020
Say large force to Praetor Tellik in Gates of Kor-Sha to trigger the raid.

Say ready to enter the raid instance.

This event occurs in Kor-Sha Laboratory: Assault on Atrebe, in the northeastern cave off of the prison area, after defeating The Kar`Zok. You will find the Ancient Dragon in the middle of the cave with A Suppression Ward floating nearby. There are fertilized eggs in the northeast corner, the center, the southern end of the cave, and the small northwestern cave.

You say, 'Hail, Ancient Dragon'
Ancient Dragon says, 'What? Who are you? You should not be here. Where are my [children]?'
You say, 'children'
Ancient Dragon says, 'My sarnak, my Kar'Zok. Does lord [Atrebe] know you are here? I do not want to become infected, unworthy of my [work].'
You say, 'work'
Ancient Dragon says, 'My work is eternal. I must be the shining example, the source, the one from which greatness springs. It is a challenge. I am so very old, so very tired. But I persevere. For my children, for the great Atrebe.'
You say, 'Atrebe'
Ancient Dragon says, 'Do you not know the great sorcerer, the one that has done so much for us all? No, you must be intruders. You must leave, now! You are [unclean], unsafe!'
You say, 'unclean'
Ancient Dragon says, 'It is important that I remain untouched by those outside, by intruders. Leave now or I will be forced to [cleanse] you so that I might remain pure.'
You say, 'cleanse'
Ancient Dragon says, 'So it must be!'

The Ancient Dragon is your primary foe for this simple, yet grueling, encounter. His melee range is very large, and he has reduced damage wild rampages. He uses the Tail Slash ability (rear directional AE 189K nuke with a 96K DoT and 90% melee slow) about every 24 seconds, following a 10 second warning emote.
The ancient dragon's tail twitches. (Tail Slash warning)
The dragon’s tail slashes you open. (Tail Slash hit)

The Dragon also uses Everburning Breath (huge range PB AE 139K nuke with 159K DoT and 30% snare). The Everburning Breath spell name is misleading; it is not a directional breath attack, but rather an AE that is not blocked by line of sight. This spell is cast about every 54 seconds, following a 10 second warning emote.
The great dragon takes a deep inhalation. (Everburning Breath warning)
You are engulfed in a wash of sticky flames. (Everburning Breath hit)

The first time that the Dragon uses his Breath in an event, he will announce the function of the Suppression Ward.
Ancient Dragon shouts, 'My apologies, Lord Atrebe! It has been a decade since I tried to breathe on anyone here, I had forgotten the training device you placed here. But I must do so now! I shall endure the pain and your possible wrath.'

The Suppression Ward casts Fire Suppression (huge range PB AE 145K nuke with a 2 second stun) about 10 seconds after every time the Dragon uses his Everburning Breath. Fire Suppression will remove the Breath debuff, but the cure does a lot of damage. 10 seconds after Fire Suppression, the Suppression Ward will also cast Mystical Suppression (huge range PB AE debuff that silences and inhibits combat abilities). Both the Fire Suppression and Mystical Suppression spells can be blocked by line of sight to the Suppression Ward.
The rune glows fiercely. Magical mist bursts forth, boiling as it suppresses the dragon's breath. (Fire Suppression cast)
The glowing rune pulses. (Mystical Suppression cast)

So, the Dragon casts Everburning Breath (which can be resisted, but not avoided). 10 seconds later, the Suppression Ward casts Fire Suppression, and 10 seconds after that comes Mystical Suppression. About 35 seconds later, the Dragon casts Everburning Breath again and this cycle continues until the end of the event.

During the fight with the Dragon, A Pool of Corrupted Blood and Living Corrupted Blood will spawn. These red oozes are non-aggro and will roam around the room. If you come into contact with either, they will infect you with Blood Corruption (a 191K DoT that also drains 5K mana, 2K endurance, and reduces healing by 40%). Keep aware of your surroundings and don’t let an ooze touch you.
Your blood is corrupted.

As you beat the Dragon down, drakelings will hatch from some of the fertilized eggs and the Dragon’s health will lock until all drakes are dead. A trio of drakes will spawn based on the dragon’s health percentage, and 1 drake spawns on a 2 minute timer. The 3 drakes will spawn at 85%, 70%, 55%, 40%, 25%, 10%, and at 0%. Drakes may spawn from any egg location, but will spawn together. There are 4 kinds of drakes: Grounded Drakelings can be controlled with Root and Snare, Unfocused Drakelings can be mesmerized, Confused Drakelings can be charmed, and Twisted Drakelings cannot be affected by crowd control. All drakelings have large melee ranges and cast Breath of Corruption (front directional AE 178K nuke that also destroys 3K mana). The drakes’ breath attack scales up to 3 times more damage the further you are from the drake, and they cast the spell at the same time, so tanking location and facing for the drakes is very important.
You hear the loud sound of a large egg cracking. (at least one drakeling has spawned, same emote for both health and time based adds)
The drake exhales a gust of corrupting acid. (Breath of Corruption hit)

Overall, the punishing but avoidable nature of the spells cast by the immobile Suppression Ward will likely determine where your raid is positioned. There are rocks that your raid force can hide behind at the northern and southern end of the large cave. Other rocks and even some of the eggs can also block line of sight to the Ward. The fertilized eggs are not solid and will not block line of sight. The southern rocks provide plenty of room for your raid, but the oozes do occasionally path through. The northern rocks do not have much space to hide your raid force and also fight the drakes, but the oozes do not path directly through.

Slay the Ancient Dragon and the final set of drakelings to complete the event.

Each player earns 10 Ancient Sebilisian Coins and 1 Seal of Charasis on a win.

The chest drops 2 pieces of Amorphous Velazul armor, 2-4 pieces of other loot, 3-5 Runes of Kunark for Rk. III spells, 2 Ancient Sebilisian Coins, 2 Seal of the Kar`Zok, and a chance for 1 Element of Kunark. "Other loot" includes:
Dral, Edge of Life
Echo of the Void
Evoker’s Veil
Myrmidon’s Guard
Scalewalker’s Shield
Spike, Emperor’s End
Telear’s Patch

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