Raid Expedition: The Kar`Zok  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Expedition
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Loot
Success Lockout Timer: 108:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Empires of Kunark
Group Size:Raid
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Mar 20 18:55:20 2017
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022
Say large force to Praetor Tellik in Gates of Kor-Sha to trigger the raid. The person triggering must have The Lost Emperor (raid) achievement,including those 5 achievements :
- Familiar Empires (Raid)
- Partisan of Frontier Mountains
- Partisan of The Temple of Droga
- Partisan of Kor-Sha Laboratory
- Seal of the Kar`Zok (Raid)

Say ready to enter the raid instance.

All players suffer the Aura of Kor-Sha while in the Assault on Atrebe instance, capping their mana pool at 80% and preventing any critical spells or hits. Up to 6 players can obtain the Essence of the Dragon II (Raid) achievement when defeating this raid, making them permanently immune to the Aura of Kor-Sha debuff.

This event occurs in Kor-Sha Laboratory: Assault on Atrebe, in the western cave with the wooden spike barriers. You will find 3 Frost Assaulters and 3 Flame Assaulters in a circular formation behind the barriers, the Kar`Zok Reaper at the base of the ramp, and the Kar`Zok Snowblaze at the top of the ramp. The Snowblaze has a purple aura (Concussive Barrier) that deals damage and ejects you back into the cave if you enter it. The event can be started by speaking to any of the sarnak.

You say, 'Hail, a Kar`Zok reaper'
A Kar`Zok reaper shouts, ‘You should leave. If you do not, we eat your bones. Go or [fight].'
You say, 'fight'
a Kar`Zok reaper says, 'Fight!'

The Frost Assaulters are buffed with Freezing Shield Barrier (60% melee mitigation and 60% chance to reflect spells for up to 80% damage), while the Flame Assaulters are buffed with Blazing Shield Barrier (80% melee mitigation and 80% chance to reflect spells for up to 80% damage). If a Shield Barrier buff times out, the assaulter will refresh the buff. Both types of Assaulters cast Sarnak Bash (90K nuke and 6 second stun) on their main target.

The Kar`Zok Reaper casts Breath of Atrebe (108K frontal AE cone nuke that destroys mana) every 70 seconds, Lightning Arc (PB AE nuke for 178K and brief stun) every 35 seconds, Lightning Blade (106K nuke and stun on the reaper’s main target) every 30 seconds, and Killing Strike (195K nuke) every 35 seconds. The Killing Strike is preceded by a 10 second warning emote before the Reaper warps to the victim to deliver the nuke, then warps back to his original main target.
The reaper points his blade at Yourname. (Killing Strike warning)
The reaper flashes, as fast as lightning, to Yourname, landing a deadly strike. (Killing Strike hit)

The Kar`Zok Snowblaze casts Breath of Atrebe (same as the Reaper) every 70 seconds, and Energy Shock (193K small targeted AE nuke that also destroys 16K mana and stuns) every 45 seconds. The energy shock ability has a 10 second warning emote and can be blocked by line of sight.
The snowblaze points and an electrical trace flows from her to Yourname. (Energy Shock warning)
You are engulfed in magical power. (Energy Shock hit)
The Snowblaze also gets 2 fire-type spells and 2 frost-type spells. For the fire spells, she casts Emanating Flames (huge range PB AE nuke that deals more damage with distance) every 55 seconds, and also summons flaming auras that explode via the Call of Flames spell (197K AE nuke that destroys 15K mana, 12K endurance, and dispels a buff). The flaming auras are summoned every 35 seconds and have a 10 second warning before they detonate.
Flame washes over you, growing stronger as it moves away from. (Emanating Flames)
The snowblaze focuses heat in areas around the room. (Call of Flames warning)
The snowblaze sets her gaze upon Yourname1, Yourname2, Yourname3. (Call of Flames aura targets)
You are burned by falling fire. (Call of Flames hit)
For the frost spells, she casts Freezing Pulse (196K DoT that roots, silences, and inhibits combat effects) on three victims every 35 seconds, and also summons a Sphere of Frost mob every 110 seconds. The Sphere of Frost paths down the ramp toward an announced sarnak target. If the Sphere is not killed within 30 seconds or before reaching its intended target, it explodes, casting Flowering Freeze (huge range PB AE 107K DoT that snares and slows melee for 60%, destroying 6K mana per tick). The Sphere is susceptible to Assassinate/Decapitate/Headshot.
You are encased in unstable frost. (Freezing Pulse)
The snowblaze causes a freezing sphere to come into existence. (Sphere of Frost warning)
A sphere of frost begins moving toward A flame assaulter. (Sphere of Frost’s target)
You are freezing. (Flowering Freeze hit)

A Disturbed Ancient Beetle spawns in the southern alcove on a timer. The Beetle casts Pernicious Pests (95K DoT that also destroys 3K mana and 1500 endurance per tick, which can also viral spread to others) on its main target. The beetle spawns unannounced and does not roam into the room, but must be killed before they stack up to overwhelm your raid force. The Beetle is also susceptible to Assassinate/Decapitate/Headshot.

The Main Event
The design of this event is a marathon that punishes you for treating it like a marathon. There are many resource draining effects that need to be minimized with positioning, mob facing, following emotes, and killing things quickly. Your earliest victories will be the hardest won because of the Aura of Kor-Sha inhibiting healing power and DPS. If you are struggling to bring enough damage, be sure that you are using the new offensive Alliance spells because they do not rely on crits and trigger Fulminations for millions of damage. If you are struggling to keep everyone alive through all of the AE damage, be sure to use the new priest Alliance spells that trigger AE waves of healing.

Upon initiating the event, all sarnak go active at once. The Snowblaze is permanently rooted in place and does not summon, so does not need a tank (but will fight back if the highest on aggro gets within melee range of her). The Snowblaze will target players for Energy Shock (visible to everyone by a swirling white circle around their feet), and those people should hide out of the Snowblaze’s line of sight. The Reaper is recommended to be tanked away from the raid to avoid blasting everyone with Lightning Arc, and faced away from the raid so as not to hit them with Breath of Atrebe. The Reaper will target players for Killing Strike, and those people should run to the Reaper so that he does not warp into the raid and hit everybody with Lighting Arc/Breath of Atrebe anyway.

Your first task is removing the Assaulters’ Shield Barrier buffs so that you can kill them. The Flame Assaulter’s Blazing Shield Barrier is removed by being near the people who were targeted for Freezing Pulse. Victims of Freezing Pulse can be identified by a solid white ring around their feet, and they can strafe to move into a better position on top of the Flame Assaulters. The Frost Assaulter’s Freezing Shield Barrier is removed by being hit with 3 empowered Emanating Flame waves. The spell is strong enough at the wooden scaffolding in the northeast or behind the rocks in the far eastern end of the room.
a flame assaulter’s fiery shield cracks from the shock of the Freezing Pulse. (Flame Shield distance success)
a flame assaulter's fiery shield shatters from the shock of the Freezing Pulse! (Flame Shield break)
a frost assaulter's icy shield protects them from the weakened heat of Emanating Flames. (Frost Shield distance failure)
a frost assaulter’s icy shield cracks from the heat of the Emanating Flames. (Frost Shield distance success)
a frost assaulter's icy shield shatters from the heat of the Emanating Flames! (Frost Shield break)

The flame shields should break first since they can be hit multiple times with a single set of Freezing Pulse victims. While you kill the Flame Assaulters, the Frost Assaulters are kited or offtanked on the east side of the room until 3 successful hits of an empowered Emanating Flame removes their shield.

The Kar`Zok have a balance mechanic. If the Reaper is at least 10% health lower than the Snowblaze, she will enter a fiery rage that stops her from casting frost spells. If the Snowblaze is at least 10% health lower than the Reaper, the Snowblaze will enter a cold rage that stops her from casting fire spells, and begin casting Cold Rune (absorbs the first 600 melee hits or spells cast). At about 5% apart, the Snowblaze returns to normal and resumes casting both fire and frost types of spells. If the Kar`Zok are ever brought greater than 40% out of balance, they will begin casting Vengeance (huge range 140K PB AE that also destroys 8K mana and 5K endurance, not blocked by line of sight) every 30 seconds. The Vengeance spell has a 10 second warning emote and can be resisted.
The Kar`Zok snowblaze's eyes burn with flame at the harm done to her partner. (Fiery Rage)
The Kar`Zok snowblaze's eyes grow cold and calculating. (Cold Rage)
The Kar`Zok snowblaze's eyes return to normal. (rage ends)
As one of the Kar`Zok is greatly wounded, the other gathers power to strike out in vengeance. (Vengeance warning)
The devastating power of vengeance washes over you. (Vengeance hit)

When all of the Assaulters are dead, you can pick up the shattered fragments of their shields off of the ground. Equip the shield fragment and you may enter the Snowblaze’s aura. When enough shields have entered the aura, you overpower and dispel it to allow free access to the Snowblaze and the room behind her. Each shield can enter the aura a total of 3 times, but breaks on its third use. Shields must enter the aura a total of 6 times to dispel it, therefor you must break at least 2 assaulter shields.
The fragmented shield guards you from the sarnak’s barrier, but it shivers as it absorbs the power.
The shield fragment holds as you enter the barrier, but shatters after absorbing that energy.
The mystical barrier around the snowblaze shimmers, then collapses as yet another shield fragment is pushed into it.

In the southern room behind the Snowblaze, you will find 6 targetable boxes mixed in with the zone’s decorative static boxes. The player who breaks a box open will receive a 5 minute buff called Unstable Potion. That person with the Unstable Potion buff will want to position themselves to intentionally get hit by a Kar`Zok's Breath of Atrebe spell, which will then trigger the Unstable Infusion buff. Acquiring the Unstable Infusion buff is the necessary key for unlocking the Essence of the Dragon II (Raid) achievement, granting immunity to the zone’s Aura of Kor-Sha. Note that the box places the buff on the box breaker, so it is very important that you do not use pets to crack a box open! Also note that the achievement is not awarded until event completion, so you cannot farm boxes. Finally, do not die after receiving Unstable Potion but before receiving Unstable Infusion, or you will have wasted the box. Dying after Unstable Infusion does not matter, the achievement is still awarded on completion of the event.
Something inside the box breaks as it does, spraying the one breaking the box with some sort of liquid. (box break, everybody can see this)
You are covered in an unstable magical liquid. (Unstable Potion spell emote for box breaker)
The potion and magic from the sarnak’s breath meld and infuse. (Unstable Infusion spell emote)
The unstable liquid melds with the magic of the Kar`Zok’s breath. You feel the substance infuse your skin. It tingles. (Unstable Infusion success)

Defeat the Snowblaze, the Reaper, and finish off any remaining beetles to complete the event.

Each player earns 10 Ancient Sebilisian Coins and 1 Seal of Charasis on a win.

The chest drops 2 pieces of Amorphous Velazul armor, 2-4 pieces of other loot, 3-5 Runes of Kunark for Rk. III spells, 2 Ancient Sebilisian Coins, 2 Seal of the Kar`Zok, and a chance for 1 Element of Kunark. "Other loot" includes:
Belt of the Reaper
Broadbelt of the Snowblaze
Careworn Case
Gird of Steelscale
Kar`Zok Scale Belt
Reaper’s Ward

Submitted by: KoryuRagestorm
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Raid Strat
# Nov 25 2017 at 7:04 AM Rating: Excellent
571 posts
"Maedhros, post: 3604180, member: 1829" wrote:
This is the final post I will do for EOK raids. Once you master this raid, the last two in Kor-Sha are not too bad.

For some general raid advice refer to my previous posts:

This post will only delve into details and strats that are specific to this event.
This is how my guild deals with this raid.
As with many other raids, there are sometimes quite a few ways that guilds come up with that can be successful.
Some of the following details and strats are intentionally simplified or alternately over-explained to take into account the intended audience of raiders that have not yet beaten or perhaps even attempted this raid yet.
Raiders that have beaten these raids may find some new ideas that can be applied to make their raids run better, or they may be able to add some ideas that can improve upon my post.
This strat is designed to be an easy way to beat the raid, but does not go into details on how to get the three achievements or how to beat it without breaking any shields.
Some advanced raid forces do not need to break the crates for EOTD2 any longer and therefore can skip shield breaking. That is irrelevant to this post.
Any replies to this post that detail how to beat the raid without breaking shields, or while breaking Flame Assaulter shields should be dismissed as far too advanced for a lower tier guild that does not have the majority of their raid decked out with EOTD2.

Any mistakes or omissions I make will almost certainly be pointed out by others, so I am not sweatin it.


Prep phase.
At the beginning of the event three Frost Assaulters, three Flame Assaulters, Reaper and Snowblaze will be standing around waiting for you.
Snowblaze is rooted and does not summon. It is not necessary to assign a tank for her at the beginning, and in fact her barrier will prevent tanking while it is up anyways. The barrier appears as a purple-ish aura around her.
Reaper is the primary tanked boss on this raid.
Assign a tank to each of the Frost/Flame assaulters. I choose SK's ideally for the Frost and Paladins/Warriors for the Flame.
Assign chanters to place their Tash Totems right in the middle of the Assaulter spawn points.
Assign Shaman to hit each Assaulter with Malo/Slow.
Assign Rangers or Druids to snare each Assaulter.
Assign debuffers and a Tank rotation for Reaper.
Assign a Tank for the Beetle spawns.

Players will be crippled by Aura of Kor-Sha until they complete Eccense of the Dragon 2.
Until you complete EOTD2 your heals, melee, DD's and dots will not crit, handicapping your performance.
This raid does not require EOTD1. Only the final event in the expansion requires it.

Designate 6 recipients for Essence of the Dragon 2.
Berserkers, Wizards, Rangers and Clerics are my top choices.
Tanks bards and monks are my bottom choices.
Some classes benefit far more on this raid from the crit chances than others.
Note: Some of your monks might be elite players and benefit more from EOTD2 than a crappy Berserker would. Use your best judgement.

Make these Audio Triggers or Gina Triggers:
reaper points his blade at Maedhros = run to the Reaper!
pests crawl all over your body = run NORTH up the tunnel- stay there til the debuff fades!!!
snowblaze sets her gaze upon = move out of the auras!
the snowblaze points and an electrical trace flows from her to Maedhros = run south into the beetle room!
Obviously replace my name with yours.
Most of these triggers can also be echoed in Voice-chat. Triggers are great and that's all some people need, but additional call outs in Voice-chat never hurts and often helps.
Make sure your emote caller is someone that can pronounce all the names quickly and accurately FFS.

Position the rest of the raid to the West and slightly North of R2 on the map.

Phase 1.
When you are ready to begin, do a verbal countdown in Voice-chat that goes something like this:
"Tanks prepare to use Fortitude or Deflection in 5, 4, 3 , 2 , 1".
Fort and Deflection will buy Assaulter tanks time to allow their mobs to be debuffed, slowed and snared before they start their kite.
Kite the Frost Assaulters to the east around the scaffolding that's noted on the map.
The Assaulters do a stun on the kiter and will need strong healers watching them. Placing a shaman, druid or bard in the kite groups for Spirit of Cheetah or Selo's is a good idea if you can pull it off.
The Frost Assaulters will sometimes get stuck on the scaffolding while they are kited, which helps the kiters a little bit.
Kite Flame Assaulters in the north part of the room intentionally away from the scaffolding. You dont want any more people near the scaffolding than necessary as the chance for Flame Auras will increase with more people present.

Main tank will pull Reaper to R2 on the map. You want him out of the way so that his AE does not hit the rest of the raid while they deal with Assaulters or Beetles.
Take reaper down to 90% or so. This will cause Reaper and Snowblaze to be out of balance and start the Flame Aura phase from Snowblaze. Flame Auras are far easier to deal with than the Frost Aura's that result from Snowblaze being at less hitpoint percentage than Reaper. Flame Aura's will burst after about 2 ticks and most likely kill anyone standing in them but are easy to avoid. Frost Aura's root the 3 names called out and very nearly ensure the death of those 3 people and anyone standing near them. I have survived it by calling for massive heals while going for the achievements, so it is possibly, but for the guilds that are trying to beat this for the first time the Frost Aura option should be discarded.

Periodically players will be called out to move to the Reaper or run south to the Beetle room. Reaper emote will occur throughout the whole fight until reaper is dead. Lightning emote will occur until Snowblaze is dead.
Reaper will port to whoever is called out and then do his AE. This is why you run to him, so you can control who gets hit by the AE.
Lightning emotee will get a flashing white aura around them. Anyone who is standing in a straight line from Snowblaze to the emotee will be struck for a lot of damage. That is why the emotee runs south, so that there is most likely no one standing between them and Snowblaze.

Once Reaper hits 90% begin DPS on one of the Flame Assaulters.
Pull any Assaulters and the Beetle to the center of the room near the torches.
Insist that people stay fairly tight to the mob that is actively being killed including casters and healers.

When the flame aura hits move East or West as a group just far enough out of the aura.
It is very helpful to have a caller in Voice-chat for the East/West move.
Stay tight near the torches and move no farther than necessary to stay out of the auras

DPS needs to be disciplined and follow the Main Assist.
DO NOT damage any of the other Assaulters that are being kited, they will summon and wreck the tank.

For guilds that are new to T3 EOK you will be doing terrible DPS, and almost certainly the Beetle will spawn before you ever finish that first Flame Assaulter.
The Beetle spawns in the southern small room marked B on the map.
You can time out the Beetle spawn with a GINA trigger but I never felt the need to track that.
Pull the Beetle to the center of the room by torches and apply all dps to it as it is the highest priority mob. DPS ignore any Flame Assaulters that may be at various percentage hitpoints until the Beetle is dead.
When guilds are new to T3 and doing terrible dps, the Beetle will survive for a long time and many people will get the emote to run north. Watch your buff window and do not return to the raid until the debuff drops. This is a viral manadrain and will be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome on this raid.

Rince/repeat on all 3 Flame Assaulters and Beetles.

Assuming your Frost Assaulter kiters live, chances are their bright blue glowing shields will be broken by the time you are finished with the Flame Assaulters.
When the shields break, they appear on the ground or wall or scaffolding where the Assaulter was at the time. Search the area around and in the scaffolding for the shields. They look like the Bulwark of Many portal gate clicky, or the doors in a guild hall that you use to go to the lobby.
While you're searching for the shields, apply DPS to the Frost Assaulters that have had their shields broken.
When you find the shields, be sure that a class that can actually use a shield picks them off the ground. Extra knights that are not kiting are perfect for this.
Find the shield in your bags and place it in your secondary slot. Run up the ramp to Snowblaze and quickly enter her barrier and retreat. Enter and retreat 3 times and your shield should break.
Once all three Frost Assaulter shields have been picked up and then shattered in Snowblazes barrier, the barrier will fall.

Phase 2.
When all 6 Assaulters are dead and the barrier is broken on Snowblaze resume dps on both Snowblaze and Reaper.
Throughout the event it is smart to have whoever is assigned to Beetle tank duty to blow a ton of agro on Snowblaze from range while the Beetles are down. She will not summon and it makes it a whole lot easier if your healers do not have to heal someone that is tanking/meleeing right at Snowblaze.

Ensure that Snowblaze stays at least 10% lower HP than Reaper for the rest of the fight. You dont want any pesky Frost Aura's popping up and ruining your day if you over-dps Snowblaze.

Beetles will continue to spawn throughout the whole event and must remain highest priority to kill.
Because of this, there is a possibility that dot damage can over-dps on Snowblaze while Beetles are up and cause the Frost Aura phase. Avoid this by telling your dot classes to dot both Reaper and Snowblaze fairly equally or assigning dot classes evenly to each mob to stay on.

Instruct the 6 players that were designated for Essence of the Dragon 2 to run up the ramp passed Snowblaze and locate one of the crates in the room behind her.
These players must break the crate open with melee or direct damage spells.
Do not let a pet break a crate, that sucks.
Do not have a berserker run in there and hit rampage and break two or more boxes, that sucks.
Do not let a cleric break the crates with their summoned hammer pet, sucks.

When a player breaks the crate they are granted a buff called Unstable Potion that lasts for 5 mins iirc.
Stand directly in front of Snowblaze so close that you could tank her. You must be in front of her to be hit by her frontal AE.
Once you are hit enough times you will get an additional buff, Unstable Infusion. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you need to get hit once more with Unstable Infusion to finalize the immunity for EOTD2.
Healers do your best to keep these 6 players up. If they die it is almost certain that they will not get the ACH.
Crate breakers must still follow emotes and avoid auras. If called to run to Reaper, do it, but stand in front of him. Both Snowblaze and Reaper frontal DD's can count towards Unstable Infusion.

Players standing near Snowblaze will often get hit by the Flame Aura. I have seen the decal submerge under the ramp so that it is hard to see while standing at Snowblaze. Be aware and give quick warning in Voice-chat when this happens.

Once Snowblaze hits 39% it is safe to call full dps on Reaper.
After reaper dies, finish off Snowblaze.
Easy enough.
As always, I will be happy to talk to raid leaders via in-game mail or tells or forum messages for more specific advice pertaining to the strengths and weaknesses of your raid force.

Good-luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted with permission of Maedhros
flaming auras
# Nov 05 2017 at 3:43 PM Rating: Decent
245 posts
Flaming auras is every 35 seconds
The Power of Hate conquers all foes.
Leader of The Silent Minority a Rathe Guild
flaming auras
# Nov 05 2017 at 3:40 PM Rating: Decent
245 posts
The flaming auras are summoned every 55 seconds and have a 10 second warning before they detonate. This is actually happening every 35 seconds. Makes this much more of a pain.
The Power of Hate conquers all foes.
Leader of The Silent Minority a Rathe Guild
Event info
# Apr 18 2017 at 4:29 AM Rating: Good
138 posts
Updated with event walkthrough. There are suspected event mechanics still not working yet (Cold Rune and Angry Blaze) that may need updated later.
Event info
# May 30 2017 at 12:28 PM Rating: Good
138 posts
Added info for the Cold Rune, having seen it in action, but Angry Blaze still seems to be missing.
Also added info for how many times a shield must be used to dispel the Snowblaze's aura.
Add a Sphere of frost
# Apr 10 2017 at 9:11 PM Rating: Good
209 posts
which casts

Flowering Freeze
Add a Sphere of frost
# Apr 11 2017 at 4:05 PM Rating: Good
wonkabc wrote:
which casts Flowering Freeze

I'll check its level on our next raid on monday and I'll add it then.
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