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Lockjaw Info

Lockjaw is a TLP server that requires an All Access account to play it.

The server was launched May 29th, 2015.

This server requires voting to unlock expansions.


Current Expansion

Secrets of Faydwer

Next Expansion Voting Schedule

Expansion(s) Start Vote Date Unlock Date if Vote Passes
Seeds of Destruction ? ?

Previous Expansion Info

Expansion(s) Start Vote Date Unlocked Expansion Completed
Kunark 11-2-15 11-18-15 ?
Velious 5-6-16 5-16-16 ?
Luclin 11-18-16 11-28-16 ?
Planes of Power/LoY 5-30-17 6-12-17 ?
Lost Dungeons of Norrath Auto Unlocked after 3 months 9-10-17 ?
Gates of Discord 12-27-17 1-8-18 1-13-18
Omens of War 4-15-18 4-30-18 ?
Dragons of Norrath 8-6-18 8-20-18 8-21-18
Depths of Darkhollow 11-26-18 12-10-18 ?
Prophecy of Ro 3-20-19 4-1-19 ?
The Serpent's Spine ? 8-5-19 9-7-19
The Buried Sea ? 12-23-19 1-12-20
Secrets of Faydwer 4-13-20 4-27-20 ?

Experience Rate

Faster then Coirnav. Possibly equivalent to Agnarr.

Experience Rate Dev Clarification

At TSS, slow experience servers become "Normal" Server experience. I.E. the server-wide base multiplier is set to 1.

This is true for all progression servers at this time. (No telling for sure what we will do in the future! What crazy things players want or we decide to do)

Of course, plans can change. But the full "normal" experience is curently what is in the script.
Adam "Ngreth" Bell
Senior Designer, EverQuest

Is Boxing allowed?

Boxing is allowed, you can run as many clients as you want per computer.

Marketplace Items

Marketplace items are generally illusions, mounts and certain potions to gain experience quicker, normally fluff items that will not give you an inordinate amount of player power.


Raids on Lockjaw are all open world raids until instanced raids are available in Plane of Time and so forth.

The max raid size is 72 players per raid tool.

Any Racial/Class penalties?

Those penalties were removed a while ago. Racial bonuses exist however, the XP bonuses no longer apply as of 2-20-2019. Source

Voting on Lockjaw

Lockjaw votes for the next expansion in line when certain conditions are met. Here is a detailed explanation of the voting system.

Lockjaw uses a voting system to determine whether each new expansion will unlock. After all content for the current expansion is defeated, a waiting period is triggered, followed by a voting period. Depending on the results of the vote, the next expansion will then launch.

Voting periods start every other Monday at 12:00 AM Pacific. To figure out when a particular voting period will begin, you need to confirm the date of a previous voting period starting, and count every other Monday on the calendar from there. (Expansion launches always occur at the start of a voting period so you can use those dates to figure it out.) For example, on Fippy, Rain of Fear launched on Monday March 7 2016, so that voting period was March 7-March 20 2016. The following voting period was March 21-April 3. And so on. The voting periods are the same for all servers so you can use expansion launch dates from one to calculate voting periods on another.

When an expansion is defeated, a period of time passes (60 days on Fippy/Vulak, 180 days pre GoD, 30 days from GoD onward on RF/LJ). This period is exact to the hour, and will not compensate for changes to or from daylight savings time. At the end of that time period, one of two things will happen depending upon where the current date falls in the current voting period:

A) If the date falls in the first half of the current voting period (that is to say, the first week), the vote SHOULD launch immediately and last until the end of the current voting period (sometimes it bugs out if the date falls on a Sunday close to the end of the first half of the voting period. Then, it will do option B instead. Because the devs are not working on Sunday night at 11 PM there's not much to be done other than live with it--by the time they discover the problem it is too late to fix it.)

B) If the date falls in the second half of the current voting period the vote will not open until the start of the following voting period. The vote will launch the following Monday and last a full two weeks.

When the voting period ends, if the vote passes, the expansion launches immediately (in theory... Sometimes it doesn't work right and the expansion needs to be manually triggered, especially in the case of option A above. Option B usually works flawlessly.) If the vote fails, a new vote immediately launches, lasting the full two weeks of the next voting period.
Lost Dungeons of Norrath will automatically unlock without a vote 3 months after Planes of Power/Legacy of Ykesha opens.

Spell Research

The January 2017 patch introduced a new change to how spell research is done on the progression servers.

- Many Spell Research recipes are now restricted to an expansion at least three expansions after the spell itself is available.

This seems to be for most spells. We'll need confirmation on what spells can combine in era and which spells can't.


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