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Phinigel Info

Phinigel is a TLP server that requires an All Access account to play it.

This server was released on December 9th, 2015.

This server doesn't require voting to unlock expansions.

Expansions unlock 12 weeks apart for level increasing expansions and 8 weeks apart for non level increasing expansions.


Current Expansion

Torment of Velious

Confirmed Unlock dates for Expansions

Expansions unlock at ~2pm PST on the below dates. The in game /calendar should always have the dates of unlocks, should they ever change.

Expansions Unlock Date Level
Original EverQuest 12-9-2015 12 Weeks
The Ruins of Kunark 3-2-2016 (Wed) 60 12 Weeks
The Scars of Velious 5-18-2016 (Wed) 12 Weeks
The Shadows of Luclin 9-28-2016 (Wed) 12 Weeks
Planes of Power & LoY 2-1-2017 (Wed) 65 12 Weeks
Lost Dungeons of Norrath 4-26-2017 (Wed) 12 Weeks
Gates of Discord 7-19-2017 (Wed) 8 Weeks
Omens of War 9-13-2017 (Wed) 70 12 Weeks
Dragons of Norrath 12-6-2017 (Wed) 8 Weeks
Depths of Darkhollow 1-31-2018 (Wed) 8 Weeks
Prophecy of Ro 3-28-2018 (Wed) 8 Weeks
The Serpent's Spine 5-23-2018 (Wed) 75 12 Weeks
The Buried Sea 8-15-2018 (Wed) 8 Weeks
Secrets of Faydwer 10-10-2018 (Wed) 80 12 Weeks
Seeds of Destruction 1-2-2019 (Wed) 85 12 Weeks
Underfoot 3-27-2019 (Wed) 8 Weeks
House of Thule 5-22-2019 (Wed) 90 12 Weeks
Veil of Alaris 8-14-2019 (Wed) 95 12 Weeks
Rain of Fear 11-6-2019 (Wed) 100 12 Weeks
Call of the Forsaken 1-29-2020 (Wed) 8 Weeks
The Darkened Sea 3-25-2020 (Wed) 105 12 Weeks
The Broken Mirror 6-17-2020 (Wed) 8 Weeks
Empires of Kunark 8-12-2020 (Wed) 8 Weeks
Ring of Scale 10-7-2020 (Wed) 110 12 Weeks
The Burning Lands 12-30-2020 (Wed) 8 Weeks
Torment of Velious 2-24-2021 (Wed) 115 12 Weeks
Claws of Veeshan 5-19-2021 (Wed) We are Live!

Experience Rate

Phinigel is currently LIVE exp.

The experience rate will increase when Gates of Discord, Depths of Darkhollow and The Serpent's Spine expansions open on the server.
Ngreth on the forums: “the exp change points are: "Original Everquest","Gates of Discord","Depths of Darkhollow","The Serpent's Spine" Original is the start setting (it needs to be there to set the starting exp setting) And yes, this *is* at Phiny "bumped" level.”

Experience Rate Dev Clarification

At TSS, slow experience servers become "Normal" Server experience. I.E. the server-wide base multiplier is set to 1.

This is true for all progression servers at this time. (No telling for sure what we will do in the future! What crazy things players want or we decide to do)

Of course, plans can change. But the full "normal" experience is curently what is in the script.
Adam "Ngreth" Bell
Senior Designer, EverQuest

Is Boxing allowed?

Boxing is allowed, however you can only run 1 Everquest client per computer.

Marketplace Items

Marketplace items are generally illusions, mounts and certain potions to gain experience quicker, normally fluff items that will not give you an inordinate amount of player power.


Raids on Phinigel are both open world and have their own instances via a NPC named Agent of Change.

In these instances, the max raid size is 72 players per instance. 6 players minimum in order to request those instances. From Lost Dungeons of Norrath and into future expansions, the max number of players per non Agent of Change instances is 54.

Raid lockouts are 2.5 days for requesting a raid instance and each boss killed will give a 6.5 day lockout. For example, Plane of Sky will give a 6.5 day lockout for each island cleared so if you kill a NPC from another island accidentally.....6.5 days.

Any Racial/Class penalties?

Those penalties were removed a while ago. However there are bonuses for the race Halflings and bonuses for the Rogue and Warrior class.

Spell Research

The January 2017 patch introduced a new change to how spell research is done on the progression servers.

- Many Spell Research recipes are now restricted to an expansion at least three expansions after the spell itself is available.

This seems to be for most spells. We'll need confirmation on what spells can combine in era and which spells can't.


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